Desert (A Reflection) I could throw myself hard against the thorns and let them draw me into death; but death held no promise of release. ‘Victory Prime’ I am gladdened ever so by these recent events. This sojourn here five months passing, through transitory space. Against and through adversi… And He Comes He come with a sickening grin / And syth that cuts paper thin. A broken reflection I roll out of bed / Not really awake but not really asleep / I trudge to the bathroom and look in the mirror / I see the overgrown, unkemp… ‘Separated’ It’s all quite unbecoming, though I’m gone beyond vexation. These modern means that were so meant to bring us all together, I f… Hide and Seek Tall people are never much good at hide and seek; / it’s hard to find spots large enough for our physique. / The intelligent are quite good… morning reflection Photographs are such simple yet amazing time machines, able to transport us back to the moment they captured, bring back the feelings of th… Reflection Pool There is a price to pay for everything… ISOLATION Time is a waste / A rotation of nothing. / This is it. / The tumbling down / And down the drain. / Locked inside. / Bars and mud / A darkne… Society They bend me and break me ‘til I conformed, then forced fed to you ‘til your soul is completely gorged… ‘HEIR’ How often is it that I am ever really here? On nights this temperate, I always seem more likely else. / Waking consciousness binds not, eve… Sigh… You know you smart, / so you can outsmart people? / You know you are beautiful, / so you can get anybody spouse? / You good at writings, / … ‘A Poem for April’ I have walked the shores of night for seeming endless ages. I’ve not seen its’ beauty in more radiant a bloom, than by the divi… Age It happens to us all one day I’m afraid, men and women. We age and none of use can stop it happening! Reflection The mirror reflects / Reflections always object What if we cared? All these capabilities are dormant within us / Within you! ‘Vale’ I sat upon a simple wooden bench, in the garden of my beginning. / Marking my objectives, the forces set against & for; hid in a way fr… ‘Flight Path For Off Days’ Flight path for off days. / Observations from the couch of my sobriety. / Nothing is making any sense. / And I’m still frustrated abo… A Reflection of Who We Truly Are Is he ashamed to be part of me? / Is he ashamed to understand my pain? / And now don’t you see… Masquerade My mask is perfect. Each decoration on my mask is specifically crafted to keep people from knowing the truth – and with it, I can dance th… ‘Elusive’ That’s all she wrote, that’s what she said, these phrases are so common; but I know I’ve stopped caring ’bout what … Could We Remember A fast food joint where the service is slow / A place for children where the mood is low / A deceptive environment in which to grow old / I… ‘Convoluted’ I tussled of olde with the insolvent notion that I am a cantankerous anachronism; to draw neither sound conclusion, or eventuate personal a… ‘Tide of Evening’ Little else drives men mad, with a voracious consistent expediency; like beauty. / I walked the world of night beneath the cold starlight s… Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror / on the wall, / I’ve searched my soul, / I now stand tall. ‘Rant 0604M212’ It’s twelve-thirty AM and I must be over-caffeinated; the world is silver, black and blue. Sleep had been forecast but when did the w… In Reflection It’s like reaching the last page / Of your favourite book / To find there won’t be a sequel ‘The Transit Measure [iT.1]’ Far above and well below. / Dark as deep and clear across, / pressing forward through waking light; / to permeate our dreams. / I was lande… After 4 Years no pain to explain Reflections (Haiku) Written to be combined with a 6 photographs of stream reflections, taken in the Metro Parks, Columbus, OH ‘Taken’ Sentimentalities obnubilate; I love so clearly blind, to the truths of reality; my mind is compromised. / Logic irrefrangible is left in di… ‘By The Waking Days’ The atmosphere was a mercurial ordeal, the tone bleeding through to colour the mood, the very emotions of the largely somnambulant masses; … ‘In Difference’ Two trees traversed the road to the sky; grew into each other, embrace eventuating in amalgamation; realised, one. / The moon was well and … MOONLIGHT (1996) Ripples, indistinct as lost memory, / Flow out from the intuitive mind leaving bright shadows ‘Bay of Roses’ If you stand alone at night atop the hill o’er bay of roses; you can hear a-shuffling, a-cross all of the world of night. / The birds… Tormented As messy as it gets. She wanted to climb the walls – paint them, smash them. She wanted out – escape. Tried to cry to free the torment ins… Death of a Human – Prologue The door shut with a bang and locked with a click. The sound of his sobs could have been heard by anyone in the house, if anyone had been h… Lessons Learned. I had to fight a war so that I could learn to pick my battles. / I had to have my heart broken so that I could learn what it feels like for… Last speech When the decay starts, and the existence is gone, the memory is all that shall remain, / For mother nature will take back what was tempora… Radiobiology (Crumpled Theater Tickets) And I wait for empty trains to arrive / Alone in salt lit stations / At the apprehensive side of my universally insecure soul / Counting da… Ode To Myself – The Only Miracle Out of the infinity of non-existence I emerged; you emerged; we emerged, and in the confusion of consciousness that hit us…we somehow… Unknown …is it that I am only eager for confetti lips and rhetoric? ‘Admission’ Might be ironic, but infinitely true; that most often ’tis I, who condemn myself so inexorably, to the loneliness that at first glanc… ‘Delayed’ I’ve forged lives and too walked from them, with a seeming frequency I freely admit renders me surprised; though I swore to take the … Somber Reflection Praying to the darkness, / That is this windswept night, / Filled with asphalt starkness, / And dismal streetlight. / I find myself petrifi… SunFlower MoonGrowth There is this part of me / That just wants to expose / An expression of complexing yet simple / Reactionary and visionary symbolism. / Yet … ‘Brigadier’ I set me sail cross the vast gulf of the great divide. Spanned the Verses ne’erending, veins aflare with light. / Garrisoned upon the… ‘Evade and Seek’ The notion of imprisonment by negativity, one that escalates my blood pressure. / I do not care for this frustration, nor can I seem to unc… Solitary Echo I shrink back from my own reflection. / But I can’t stop looking somehow. / The disappointment is still there. / And slowly it fills up my … The Last Hour of Summer Why have the crickets stopped bleating? Oh, no, there they go again. Despite what the burger ad tells me I don’t think there’s time to fa… Spring Break I mark the passing of the darkness / swallowing my sobs, / unable to give voice to the inkyblue despair ‘Hypnotic’ It was never about the things I saw at the bottom of the glass; frankly I couldn’t have cared less about theoretical futures. For me … Who Is My Reflection if I smash the mirror will I find / the pieces of me I left behind Hiding From My Face In The Mirror today i learned that people still worship the sun ‘On The Way’ Laughter roared as if from hearth, / warmth became our souls as / a shy glimpse caught of cavalry, / rode past in a coupling. / Lances carr… The Quest for Contentment- a Reflection What is life? / Really, why are we here? ‘Another Son’ I’ve spent a lot of time adrift it seems, complacent given shelter in the harbour of tomorrow. / I came to in a serene courtyard, dre… Reflection It’s been a day or two, / Since I’ve known you. / I see your face every day, / Looking back at me, / Staring in the same old wa… I am a Mouse quivering whiskers bravely, / a coward, hermit creeps into the light Why Write Why write? / … Accepting Love …and as you do this you will discover your most natural, knowing, innate state: to be giving and receiving of love with another. Inner Empires As disposable as the desirable / A distant sense of home / Running against the forces / As she leaps onto the throne / Time is all but a … Something Greater We acquaint our hearts with bended knees / As prayers take residence in flight / The darkest cloud of apathy / Collides and breaks with li…
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