Roses Are Red

Roses are red, / Violence is too, / I have a bullet, / Just for you. / It’s lasar-guided, / Makes its aim true, / So that it gets the…

The Eternity of Dreams

The almighty and final nothingness / The quietus of our soul

I Want to Be

A tree in the woods, / branches swaying in the stormy wind / roots digging in the soft moist earth


…Broken promise, shattered glass…it beats yet never mends….

The dark wood – The concrete stream

And so i creep through the darkened forest, treading carefully, / Tree branches lay on mulchy earth, leaves above like a sea of green,


I wanted YOU to all know

The edge of hope…

In the desert landscape / of my life. / Sits a grave / reflecting my sadness. / On the edge / I sit. / Giving life / and sustanance

Silence Is.

Silence is eraser shavings. / It is the space in-between a smile and a goodbye. A word and the page it is no longer on.


in the desert / the mirage / of might-have-been / in the shadow / the nightmare / of those / that went before

Inspired by ‘Night reflection in Brussels C…

we do not see them but you do / they live amongst us but with you / shadows of the past / reflected through the glass / a murmur your ears …

The Dove

She nestled amongst them / And like a dove / She bred acceptance / For attainable love


they tell me the ocean is too vast / and yet i float surprisingly still / in this satellite-observed nowhere

It Is Not About Me

It Is Not About ME

When The Moon And I Collide

On a quest for a twilight miracle, / The journey has begun, / I search for a benediction, / Sweet like honey on my tounge. / On the horizon…


I went down to the beach last night / And drew a circle in the sand. / I don’t know why I finished the circle, / Or why I ever began.…

It Is Not About Me #2

about me and choice

Pond of Reflection

Casts not its gaze on me / For there within, there’s no perfection

Such Is The Way

A blade stabbed deep into the snow, / Near vanquished hero’s hand, His foe / absent of life’s tender glow: / Such is the way I love.

reflecting rapture

you stand me in the light / for you to reflect / on how much / money you have spent


Lying alone in bed at night / warm and quiet away from light

Quaint In Love.

What now you howl and say / at crazy shadows dancing still / when kneeling trying to pray / then swallow your deadliest pill.


how many cold tiled floors will i befriend before i learn?

Glass Prism

My artistic talent are received from One source of pure light. / Passing through me like a glass prism, expressing them in diversity of…


Yet fluttering in your brain, / like a silent apparition, / there exits untapped / reserves of hidden strengths


And i can’t seem to find, / the answers as i’m scanning my mind, / scrambling for time, / I speak for both the damned and devin…

Time for reflection

They are the ambling walking dead / mind numbed / blinded to the carnage / is this evolution / where the demise / the extinction of a spec…

Lakes and Elegance; Today and Tomorrow

Lakes Seem Much a Part of Our Lives / Lakes Represent One of God’s Most Complex Creations / Lakes Play a Role in our Society / Lake…

Lady of the Forest

I’ve seen the ravaged earth / Being reclaimed by the greenness of nature, / The charcoal of burnt trees / Disguised by the bright, flowing …

It hits me / with the force of a million butterflies / fluttering in disjoint-unity against / every surface of my skin.


Twinkling eyes, wrinkled hands / Reach for her precious gift / To touch a newborn sleeping babe / Gives her old heart such a lift / Marvel …

Puddle Gazing

Oh liquid light / You show / Me / The world / In reverse / Your beauty fleeting / Caressed / By winds / Your talent unrehearsed.

The Aftermath of the Great War

I once lived here and broke bread with friends / That seems eons ago / The river of life now flows past these parts / And many ghostly memo…

Surface introspection

This mirror / That shows how we appear / Is but a surface reflection. / Do not be transfixed / By this glamour.

Trust Me

Trust me with your love / I’ll handle it with care, / I’ll be a friend in want or need, / No other will compare.


I have a dream of you and i / Glancing at a perfect sky / Holding hands and just `being` / Absorbing all that we are seeing / Feeling feel…


Look, / Deep into your heart and see, / Everything that you’ll never be…

Reflection of the Past

I turn around / And see myself walking away / A reflection of the past / That didn’t last

Sadness of the Setting Sun

As I sit upon the deck the sky dances before my eyes in a blaze of glory / the last hooray and the final bequest of the day – the end of an…

A figment

These thoughts / Keep rolling around. / But wait! / What if the’re not mine? / This reflection says it’s me… / But am I?


I see my reflection in you / I am hollow as your throat / I am sharp as your cheekbone

‘Beholding as in a Glass’ 2 Cor 3:18

I said ‘I could tell you stories that would make your hair curl, / If you had any !’

I’m Sorry

I’m sorry for what I’ve done to us, / What I wish I would’ve said.


Now I’m confused… / Re-frame / For / Perspective after all is just a point of view.

Reflection – a short poem

My reflection in the mirror / Shows the other side of me / The dark side, the wild side / That no one else can see / I step into the mirror…


So comfortable, this trap we made…

Upon reflection

Adoration had a thing for / Anger… which made / Disgust laugh. / Anxiety felt only for / Neglect… But it was / Compassion who spoke. / So …


The dark and starry night gave way to light, / A day not long ago. / And you walked me down the path to a brighter tomorrow.


…Everything is Everything…

My Reflection

you don’t see the pain / that runs right through me / when you look in the mirror / do you see my reflection? / everything that was s…

My reflection

Her bleak soul / A black hole / A miasma / Inescapable / A contagion that / Permeated my very core / Until I was but a small pile / Of …

Mask In The Mirror

mirror / mirror / of / the / past / bloody / me / with / broken / glass / mirror / mirror / shed / light / on / truth / am / I / real / or …

Another Night Reflects (A Sonnet)

Another day, another night reflects / An emptiness and so has been the norm / And in this time I feel my heart defects / If tears could fal…

It’s A Small World

in a world that fits on the head of a pin


Will it be like that in the dark? / Will it simply fade? / That beautiful thing.


Lovely in parts / Drab and patched here and there / With determination it holds together

Life Is Like A Slinky

Life is like a slinky / With its circles / Going round

In Reflection

It’s like reaching the last page / Of your favourite book / To find there won’t be a sequel

Children of the Sea (Sand Sea and Sky)

Sand Sea and Sky / blend to perfection / children of the sea need it to be free / its for everyone to see / including you and me

‘A Poem for April’

I have walked the shores of night for seeming endless ages. I’ve not seen its’ beauty in more radiant a bloom, than by the divi…


Time is a waste / A rotation of nothing. / This is it. / The tumbling down / And down the drain. / Locked inside. / Bars and mud / A darkne…


The mirror reflects / Reflections always object

Reflections (Haiku)

Written to be combined with a 6 photographs of stream reflections, taken in the Metro Parks, Columbus, OH

Reflective of Thee

Open your eyes so you can see / the me in you is / the you in me.

Spring Break

I mark the passing of the darkness / swallowing my sobs, / unable to give voice to the inkyblue despair

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