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an old love letter reflection on the surface of water was drowned / to go down into another substance through the surface / The little boat of love sank benea… Feeling Fifty Today is my 50th year ♥ Sweet breezes In the youthful spring of sweet breezes, when nothing seems to matter much and life is like a brightly painted carousel; the impetuous hear… reflection in the desert / the mirage / of might-have-been / in the shadow / the nightmare / of those / that went before There is a love… …It burns with passion and consumes all – for a time. / And that is the problem… Daydream of Reflection Change,I vow! / I will regain my freedom and find my measure of happiness The Reflection The candle flickered / a subdued light / upon the surface / of the mirror / as the eyes didn’t / even notice, Blessed Be the Children Strive Of Example Teach / To Walk To See …To Give / The Heart That Was Given / Lives In You And Me…. These are my Days “What’s that? Oh no, no I can’t give you any of these, even if I wanted to. One final tear Remembered passion flickering through her mind on an internal silent cinema, her face remains frozen in time. Pond of Reflection Casts not its gaze on me / For there within, there’s no perfection free to love another day shimmering rays of light through the mist / which dances upon the gentle / waters of the lake, mirroring Such Is The Way A blade stabbed deep into the snow, / Near vanquished hero’s hand, His foe / absent of life’s tender glow: / Such is the way I love. This Past Year in Reflection Shed a tear this past year? / Yeah, I’ve shed a couple. / But the tears don’t matter when you’re in love and lust / and … reflecting body of liquid love refractions of our antimatter of dust from above ,the moon in a hazy light / reflecting before our very eye’s, taking us into a deeper Why do I do This to Myself? Sometimes my self-denial, rationalization, justification, and forgiveness work against me. Just Muckin’ Along… What more can you learn of oneself through the mirror of another’s eyes? Last Night’s Red Dress I’m on my own again- / And that’s nothing but a good thing. / On the way to Amsterdam and I feel / Like a little girl. / Thank God. / I th… Escape the World Her heart beats in my body. / Mine—always so distant from me—feels / It has no beat. / Maybe she feels mine equally close to her— / And her… ON THE SHORE I have been thinking of you / Your love is reflecting in my eyes / And reflecting the sun’s heat upon the waves / I’m walking with t… Through the Eyes of Love each raindrop was a mirror of each tear that rolled down her cheeks SUGAR BABY Twinkling eyes, wrinkled hands / Reach for her precious gift / To touch a newborn sleeping babe / Gives her old heart such a lift / Marvel … Who I Wanna Be In this out of focus world that we live in, / people’s dreams get shattered every day. / They spend their whole life searching / for their … ‘The Sound Inside’ Twilight wrapped her sultry arms about the land, and something in the configuration just clutched at my soul. Of course at once I realised … Dark Of Night now has his spirit sprinting on all fours, nose to the earth smelling the familiar sweet perfume that is her very essence. Reflection The Sun & Moon both illuminate the sky / But the Sun’s the only brilliance that’s true; / The Moon can only reflect the Sun / As I am a… Reflection I have a dream of you and i / Glancing at a perfect sky / Holding hands and just `being` / Absorbing all that we are seeing / Feeling feel… ‘Clot’ It seems such a strange thing, the fashion after which we met; your voice painting strokes of light upon the tumult canvas of my mind, from… Man In The Mirror Revealed Directly in front of, my image only, on full display. / Writing paragraphs, mine, much to my dismay. ‘Felix Theory’ Your eyes are the only thing that ever gave me inclination to believe that the rumour of heaven could be true; and that is cool with me. / … ‘Solitary’ A warmth was awash in the world of the night, shadows cast flickers from within my eyes, heady the scent of bloom ’pon heavy wind, sc… looking glass curiouser & curioser… REFLECTION IN A STREAM. I can see your magic every where I go / there’s no mistake, your a strong ruling force / but when you rest / what is it that you thin… ‘Worn’ ’Minds me of all that time I spent tending hope, in that desert garden outside of Solace; ’neath the rain of falling stars. / I… An island to ponder Stepping on the shore / I hear the sprites in the forest ‘Fractal’ Sick and fuckin’ tired bein’ ever torn in two, at a loss for Love and thinkin ’bout the likes of you. / Interstitial. / I… ‘Gravity’ Comes a point where I commit all my resources to the evasion of eye contact, damn near to incapable of remaining composed; well too far ind… ‘Next’ ‘Tis a strange thing for one person, to feel as though they are defined, by another. I would erase existence for her. That might soun… The Dish And The Spoon i’ve got a feeling that something’s wrong / i haven’t seen you, it’s been too long Upon Seeing My Reflection In A Double-Pane Window There are always two, / images split, the air / between joins them. I’m Sorry I’m sorry for what I’ve done to us, / What I wish I would’ve said. ‘Keeping Occupied (In The Infirmary)’ The war was over. But here I was, bound by some unseen cosmic adhesive to the damned infirmary. Wherein my two favourite councilors-self-de… Which is Better? The Impossible Choice So which is better? Suffering through a weekend of torturing myself all so I can have that one moment, or not seeing him, and not suffering… Waiting How long has it been since I’ve seen your face? / How long has it been since I’ve felt your embrace? ‘VOID (Part IV)’ I awoke this morning thinking about possession. / The image of some raven-haired goddess fading from the fog-bound shores of my fledgling c… ’What He Said ’ A reprehensible state incurred by the likes of what known else; than violescent sentiment, spurred by far too soft a touch. / As in, the so… You Aren’t the One You weren’t the one who lost the only person you thought could ever know you. ‘Manifest’ Pursuant to our transit West, the Sun advanced relentless. / Advocating the return of rumoured en’my fire. Contemplating my unlikely … ‘Observation 421’ A man who loves his country, is an ambivalent premise. / A man who loves a woman, or indeed any person who loves another; a thing of wretch… ‘VOID (Parts II & III)’ Near to ne’er a day in my life has there been; I’ve not walked the line. The lofty ascension or the deep plunge unto oblivion; … ‘Incandescent’ Fire blossoms in the skyline, bright new days a’dawnin’ / Vibrations compress transmit’ sound, the air but charged matter… Life So comfortable, this trap we made… ‘Passing’ Seem at times to be pulled taught ’cross, ‘scape of some vari-able; found feeling as though you’re part of, merely just t… Time of reflection I am just a man, and an old one at that. / When you touch your lips to mine, fire ignites inside of me and I feel twenty five again. Adieu The dark and starry night gave way to light, / A day not long ago. / And you walked me down the path to a brighter tomorrow. Reflection Feed the unfed, / Clothe the unclothed, / Love the unloved. / We are all one, / When I see you, / I see me. / When I’m kind to you, /… sing Let me tell you about / Love. / It breaks open / Rib cages / Hides / And sings / Please / Release / Me. / And I was driving / And I know … Because of One Second I wonder if not for that one second, how different life would be. ‘Summit’ I always struggled with the notion of being here, heir to the relentless search for a thing that cannot be defined; that hides inside the l… ‘Poet’ ’Tween tumult and the flux, I sought a constancy. I cast my vision deep, and found it within me. So here in the twixt, abridge the wo… ‘Breaking The Loop’ I’d always felt homeless. / All the half glimpsed / memories, dreams and visions, / seemed to serve to illustrate; / the feeling was … ‘Transcendental’ It is quite something to extricate oneself from the wreckage of the past, to battle relentlessly and against all odds; find a way to move f… ‘Shade’ How could you but resent anyone you were placed with, against or at least irrespective of, your own volition? / This was that; was framed-i… ‘Seamless (Part I)’ The hues below a wildfire, splashed across the land. I dabbed my sight in deepest blue, to elucidate the vision. ‘L***’ It’s a bit like standing; / resolute in the sweeping tide. / Smashed in the chest, / again and again. / You wonder why it feels so go… ‘Tirade’ You know what I’m trying to say, I just can’t get it out. You do do you? I doubt it. Severely. / I should always have more fait… ‘Terms’ As I paced out the nightly vigil, gaze drawn as ever to the veil; it occurred to me that we hadn’t as of yet, properly addressed the … ‘Rainfall’ A scattered hiss. / my attention caught; / a damp breeze, / dances seductively through / the open window. / Falling from the ashen canopy, … ‘Delirious’ It’s a little like forgettin’ how to breathe. Every time I attempt it, my instincts overrule. / I’m pressin’ forwar… ‘Eva’ I’d not ever intended to be so uncouth; has the roster of the unappreciative garnered one, or ’ave I always been so out-of-line… ‘Betwixt’ There again and now I come unto a frame in light; where resolution seems to shine upon all that’s behind. / Feel as though am well an… ‘Inheritance’ Every morning I rise, to find the blade is hefted. The first of all my daily orders is one of evasion; to reposition that I might, effect u… ‘The Loop’ Something from somewhere much earlier. / I sing it now as it was then. / There are times i’m so completely posessed; / That it’… ‘MIA’ Imprisoned by my frustration, / in a cell exempt from time; / I glared into a dormant screen, / and thought on you a while. / Even my vaunt… Today I remembered your love today and the way you cuddled close. / I remembered your love today and the way it reflected in your big brown eyes. ‘Forty Two’ Ambling through the space / between tomorrow and the now, / I wonder at you, love. / Is yours merely a role to play, / to be conveyed by se… Happiness is a Place Happiness is a place I want to know. / Happiness is a place I want to remember. / If Happiness is a place, can I go? / Happiness was in Sep… Progression of Happiness and the Worlds Reflection With stars above and souls below, / The Passion of life and love is difficult to show. Reflection It’s been years / But don’t forget / The way you felt / When you first met / Lips were dry / Palms were wet / The thinks you thought / Just… The Sun’s Reflection I fell over the top with moon on my shoulders, / And was brought back to the beginning of a nightmare. / I laid still and watched it pass b… ‘Love Me Some Walking’ Through TV-sets, with vacant stares, they idolize the monster. Taking great comfort from the hypnotic calm they find in its’ worship.… ISOLATION Time is a waste / A rotation of nothing. / This is it. / The tumbling down / And down the drain. / Locked inside. / Bars and mud / A darkne… Sigh… You know you smart, / so you can outsmart people? / You know you are beautiful, / so you can get anybody spouse? / You good at writings, / … ‘A Poem for April’ I have walked the shores of night for seeming endless ages. I’ve not seen its’ beauty in more radiant a bloom, than by the divi… Age It happens to us all one day I’m afraid, men and women. We age and none of use can stop it happening! What if we cared? All these capabilities are dormant within us / Within you! ‘Flight Path For Off Days’ Flight path for off days. / Observations from the couch of my sobriety. / Nothing is making any sense. / And I’m still frustrated abo… ‘Tide of Evening’ Little else drives men mad, with a voracious consistent expediency; like beauty. / I walked the world of night beneath the cold starlight s… ‘Rant 0604M212’ It’s twelve-thirty AM and I must be over-caffeinated; the world is silver, black and blue. Sleep had been forecast but when did the w… ‘Taken’ Sentimentalities obnubilate; I love so clearly blind, to the truths of reality; my mind is compromised. / Logic irrefrangible is left in di… ‘Bay of Roses’ If you stand alone at night atop the hill o’er bay of roses; you can hear a-shuffling, a-cross all of the world of night. / The birds… Unknown …is it that I am only eager for confetti lips and rhetoric? ‘Admission’ Might be ironic, but infinitely true; that most often ’tis I, who condemn myself so inexorably, to the loneliness that at first glanc… ‘Brigadier’ I set me sail cross the vast gulf of the great divide. Spanned the Verses ne’erending, veins aflare with light. / Garrisoned upon the… ‘Evade and Seek’ The notion of imprisonment by negativity, one that escalates my blood pressure. / I do not care for this frustration, nor can I seem to unc… Accepting Love …and as you do this you will discover your most natural, knowing, innate state: to be giving and receiving of love with another.
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