Life’s Change Of Plan… My Tribute To … Reflections on a tour of Duty in the US Woman’s Army. Dusted Darkness In this moment, society’s isolation strikes / me. I am alone, like a starling / peppered from its flock in flight, now / dropped ashore to… Feeling Fifty Today is my 50th year ♥ Rain in Abstract Deliberate / Like the soft patter of glistening rain / Against glass / The rippling pitter patter / Becomes an announcement / The world is… Meditation i am on the / outer reaches / of consciousness The path in which we walk… Hesitation breaks concentration / Losing direction in countless dreams / Taking time to ponder thoughts / Stopping briefly to hear the str… Sweet breezes In the youthful spring of sweet breezes, when nothing seems to matter much and life is like a brightly painted carousel; the impetuous hear… reflection in the desert / the mirage / of might-have-been / in the shadow / the nightmare / of those / that went before There is a love… …It burns with passion and consumes all – for a time. / And that is the problem… Daydream of Reflection Change,I vow! / I will regain my freedom and find my measure of happiness These are my Days “What’s that? Oh no, no I can’t give you any of these, even if I wanted to. Circles I went down to the beach last night / And drew a circle in the sand. / I don’t know why I finished the circle, / Or why I ever began.… THE REALMS A poem about the realms of this life and our afterlife… Pond of Reflection Casts not its gaze on me / For there within, there’s no perfection Do you remember the clarity? it is astonishing because it communicates with our inner child linking directly back to a time of freedom, clarity, and happiness. It takes… Reflection Lying alone in bed at night / warm and quiet away from light The Watermaids The Watermaid could be any girl, at any time, in any emotional state. She stands at the water’s edge and watches it gently lap at the rim … INSIGNIFICANT And i can’t seem to find, / the answers as i’m scanning my mind, / scrambling for time, / I speak for both the damned and devin… SUDDENLY- IT IS ME Yesterdays gone and / tomorrow is here. / I catch myself waiting / for that man to appear. Lakes and Elegance; Today and Tomorrow Lakes Seem Much a Part of Our Lives / Lakes Represent One of God’s Most Complex Creations / Lakes Play a Role in our Society / Lake… Through the Eyes of Love each raindrop was a mirror of each tear that rolled down her cheeks Speak to yourself Voices are only words, and words are only voices. Why don’t we speak out when we need help? Until my eyese close…. forever. / until my eyes close. Silence Silence encapsulates / the infinite possibility / of the unmanifested… 5 Miles Off I’m driving past the police stand / and notice my speedometer is 5 miles off / most likely the result / of driving on a donut / for 3… ‘The Dark Star’ The woman’s a living goddamn nova. She radiates beauty, charisma and charm, infused with a sultry brand of good old-fashioned sex app… SUGAR BABY Twinkling eyes, wrinkled hands / Reach for her precious gift / To touch a newborn sleeping babe / Gives her old heart such a lift / Marvel … MEDITATION Light the candles / Make no sound / Meditate / New life found / Say your mantra / And relate / Bow your head / And contemplate / Feel the r… ‘Adept’ I’m in the relative ( see common? ) position of being a man who has known exactly what he wanted; but was completely incapable of nai… Enough Give me a moment. Give it to me now. / Silence the thinking. Let me hear the silent sounds. your reflection if you look at your reflection / is that all you want to be ‘Clot’ It seems such a strange thing, the fashion after which we met; your voice painting strokes of light upon the tumult canvas of my mind, from… ‘Felix Theory’ Your eyes are the only thing that ever gave me inclination to believe that the rumour of heaven could be true; and that is cool with me. / … Sadness of the Setting Sun As I sit upon the deck the sky dances before my eyes in a blaze of glory / the last hooray and the final bequest of the day – the end of an… ‘Worn’ ’Minds me of all that time I spent tending hope, in that desert garden outside of Solace; ’neath the rain of falling stars. / I… An island to ponder Stepping on the shore / I hear the sprites in the forest Our Life… …Life’s dealt it’s ups and downs / lots of smiles, lots of frowns Change Why is it that I looked and did not see / All of the things that have been weighing me down / Why did it take so long / To realise the thin… ‘HEIR (Part II)’ As I tepidly edged further into uncertainty, it occurred to me that I’d left the right jacket on the opposing coast. / A short time l… The Dish And The Spoon i’ve got a feeling that something’s wrong / i haven’t seen you, it’s been too long Self Reflection She is strong now as she looks upon it, she even smiles / Realizing, she is not the reflection of life, but the self within it An interview with Red Bubble… I was never taught that. I had to learn myself and it took ages and I wasted so much time eating Safeway Sausages instead of “Oh My God Wh… Glass Prism My artistic talent are received from One source of pure light. / Passing through me like a glass prism, expressing them in diversity of… No Name the end of the journey, or is it just the beginning? ’What He Said ’ A reprehensible state incurred by the likes of what known else; than violescent sentiment, spurred by far too soft a touch. / As in, the so… ‘Fleeting’ I draped myself ‘bout a downpour come to check summers’ heat. / Reign-ed once again o’er a secret little courtyard, hidde… mirror mirror i liked her clumsy laugh-she didn’t know how to do it cute and cocky.. / i liked her baby tees and chuck taylor sneaks-fashion just … ‘Manifest’ Pursuant to our transit West, the Sun advanced relentless. / Advocating the return of rumoured en’my fire. Contemplating my unlikely … ‘VOID (Parts II & III)’ Near to ne’er a day in my life has there been; I’ve not walked the line. The lofty ascension or the deep plunge unto oblivion; … Life So comfortable, this trap we made… You are what you eat… …yesterday I was a Moroccan chicken… The Stranger Do you recognise the man looking back at you from the mirror? / Is it just a stranger you now see before you? / Where has the man that was … ‘Summit’ I always struggled with the notion of being here, heir to the relentless search for a thing that cannot be defined; that hides inside the l… Reflection Shells of an empty soul looking. / A voodoo doll with expressionless eyes. / Engaged in an intentional emotionless struggle. / A twisted gh… Untitled …Everything is Everything… Take your time You could have it all, / if you took your time ‘Kingdom Of Sand’ Like the heat of this night, / in my kingdom of sand, / I am plagued by the shadow, / of my own heavy hand. / But tonight I was free, / my … ‘Strange’ Air most-temperate was radiant; set the world a-shimmer. Deficit of sleep and great exertion had me buckling, waking world afore me became … ‘And…’ It became more apparent the whole thing was just an elaborate improvisational scenario; either you’re bearing witness, performing, or… ‘Absolved’ ‘..You know I’m no good..’ / Negligent of the obvious. / Funny the way life imitates art. / Years later and I found mysel… ‘Breaking The Loop’ I’d always felt homeless. / All the half glimpsed / memories, dreams and visions, / seemed to serve to illustrate; / the feeling was … My Reflection of the Supreme Being… Reflections are subject to change at a moment’s notice… Will I live or die? – A time for reflection What place is this that I am at? / A place I had not planned to be. / A place where death and suffering prevail. ‘Transcendental’ It is quite something to extricate oneself from the wreckage of the past, to battle relentlessly and against all odds; find a way to move f… ‘Shade’ How could you but resent anyone you were placed with, against or at least irrespective of, your own volition? / This was that; was framed-i… ‘L***’ It’s a bit like standing; / resolute in the sweeping tide. / Smashed in the chest, / again and again. / You wonder why it feels so go… ‘Alive’ I felt suddenly permeated by the thought that we’re all crowded into the same instance; together, alone. / Staring ourselves blind in… Comedious Commentarious:Junk In The Trunk At the bank a tell and a customer are having a friendly discussion about how much they weigh, while the transaction is be conducted. ‘Wasted Much?’ We disparities of the source ARE the divinity. [Extrapolation of ‘We are one.’] ‘Volley’ Like bodkin-tipped-cloth-yards loosed en masse through the night, toward targets on the same field; our trajectories carry us seemingly so … ‘Betwixt’ There again and now I come unto a frame in light; where resolution seems to shine upon all that’s behind. / Feel as though am well an… ‘Unexpecting’ Given up, on expectation; / It never got me by. / Contrarily, it saw me hanging, / left me out to die. / Missing out, on fear of what IR… ‘Ready / Able / Willing’ That yes I am unstable <too damaged to function as others do, and this compounds; taking not only further toll on myself but also inadv… image this melancholic feeling washing through my body, / leaves me feeling empty and lonely. / sitting in this dark room looking for excuses to … Reflection on life musings on love/loss Progression of Happiness and the Worlds Reflection With stars above and souls below, / The Passion of life and love is difficult to show. 27th Street Young as milk just beginning to / curdle into cheese, I always felt on the / outside. I have a core Softened by numerous bruises. ‘Faded’ The sun is but a front for this one truth, / your beauty’s what illuminates my world; / but far across the night in depth of thought,… Children of the Sea (Sand Sea and Sky) Sand Sea and Sky / blend to perfection / children of the sea need it to be free / its for everyone to see / including you and me @29 Expanding The Bubble. There are so many endeavours and adventures to partake in and experience in life that I have yet to. At nearly thirty the window is not qui… ‘Separated’ It’s all quite unbecoming, though I’m gone beyond vexation. These modern means that were so meant to bring us all together, I f… ‘A Poem for April’ I have walked the shores of night for seeming endless ages. I’ve not seen its’ beauty in more radiant a bloom, than by the divi… Age It happens to us all one day I’m afraid, men and women. We age and none of use can stop it happening! ‘By The Waking Days’ The atmosphere was a mercurial ordeal, the tone bleeding through to colour the mood, the very emotions of the largely somnambulant masses; … Lessons Learned. I had to fight a war so that I could learn to pick my battles. / I had to have my heart broken so that I could learn what it feels like for… Ode To Myself – The Only Miracle Out of the infinity of non-existence I emerged; you emerged; we emerged, and in the confusion of consciousness that hit us…we somehow… Unknown …is it that I am only eager for confetti lips and rhetoric? ‘Admission’ Might be ironic, but infinitely true; that most often ’tis I, who condemn myself so inexorably, to the loneliness that at first glanc… ‘Delayed’ I’ve forged lives and too walked from them, with a seeming frequency I freely admit renders me surprised; though I swore to take the … ‘Hypnotic’ It was never about the things I saw at the bottom of the glass; frankly I couldn’t have cared less about theoretical futures. For me … ‘On The Way’ Laughter roared as if from hearth, / warmth became our souls as / a shy glimpse caught of cavalry, / rode past in a coupling. / Lances carr… The Quest for Contentment- a Reflection What is life? / Really, why are we here? ‘Another Son’ I’ve spent a lot of time adrift it seems, complacent given shelter in the harbour of tomorrow. / I came to in a serene courtyard, dre… Magic Heart Blessed Awakened In Time, / My Innocence, of Dream… / Tender Sweet, in Innocence… / Beautiful In Memory, / Magical In Dream… ‘Brother’ I marched past monuments to violence, exhibited plainly for all in dedicated civility; I thought about my brother. To be fair, I’d be…
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