‘Altered’ When not concerning himself with the alter ago fighting an epic, insane war across a swathe of parallel universes and alternating realities… ‘Windswept’ every blank page that lay before me, was cast aside into irrelevance. I saw my pen enveloped, buried, beneath the press of the metaphor unf… ‘The Dark Star’ The woman’s a living goddamn nova. She radiates beauty, charisma and charm, infused with a sultry brand of good old-fashioned sex app… ‘Adept’ I’m in the relative ( see common? ) position of being a man who has known exactly what he wanted; but was completely incapable of nai… ‘The Sound Inside’ Twilight wrapped her sultry arms about the land, and something in the configuration just clutched at my soul. Of course at once I realised … A mirrored reflection… It’s surprising how some stranger’s, / can seem to understand. / Far more better, / than those who are supposed to know us so … ‘Clot’ It seems such a strange thing, the fashion after which we met; your voice painting strokes of light upon the tumult canvas of my mind, from… ’Wait ’ I seemed as though garrisoned in stoicism and as I sat there attending the storm, it occurred to me that I was becoming slave again, to nee… ‘Felix Theory’ Your eyes are the only thing that ever gave me inclination to believe that the rumour of heaven could be true; and that is cool with me. / … ‘Solitary’ A warmth was awash in the world of the night, shadows cast flickers from within my eyes, heady the scent of bloom ’pon heavy wind, sc… ‘Worn’ ’Minds me of all that time I spent tending hope, in that desert garden outside of Solace; ’neath the rain of falling stars. / I… ‘Alone’ It might seem unfortunate to those with a differing disposition, but I’ll always require some measure of the beauty and warmth to be … ‘Fractal’ Sick and fuckin’ tired bein’ ever torn in two, at a loss for Love and thinkin ’bout the likes of you. / Interstitial. / I… ‘Gravity’ Comes a point where I commit all my resources to the evasion of eye contact, damn near to incapable of remaining composed; well too far ind… ‘HEIR (Part II)’ As I tepidly edged further into uncertainty, it occurred to me that I’d left the right jacket on the opposing coast. / A short time l… ‘Next’ ‘Tis a strange thing for one person, to feel as though they are defined, by another. I would erase existence for her. That might soun… ‘Never Fail [Who Knows Reprise]’ (February 2007) / It’s like being lost; or bored, perhaps some amalgamation of the two. When attempting to commit the feeling to pape… ‘Keeping Occupied (In The Infirmary)’ The war was over. But here I was, bound by some unseen cosmic adhesive to the damned infirmary. Wherein my two favourite councilors-self-de… ‘VOID (Part IV)’ I awoke this morning thinking about possession. / The image of some raven-haired goddess fading from the fog-bound shores of my fledgling c… ’What He Said ’ A reprehensible state incurred by the likes of what known else; than violescent sentiment, spurred by far too soft a touch. / As in, the so… ‘Fleeting’ I draped myself ‘bout a downpour come to check summers’ heat. / Reign-ed once again o’er a secret little courtyard, hidde… ‘Manifest’ Pursuant to our transit West, the Sun advanced relentless. / Advocating the return of rumoured en’my fire. Contemplating my unlikely … ‘Observation 421’ A man who loves his country, is an ambivalent premise. / A man who loves a woman, or indeed any person who loves another; a thing of wretch… ‘VOID (Parts II & III)’ Near to ne’er a day in my life has there been; I’ve not walked the line. The lofty ascension or the deep plunge unto oblivion; … ‘Incandescent’ Fire blossoms in the skyline, bright new days a’dawnin’ / Vibrations compress transmit’ sound, the air but charged matter… ‘Passing’ Seem at times to be pulled taught ’cross, ‘scape of some vari-able; found feeling as though you’re part of, merely just t… ‘Saphire’ Darkest depths devour dissident doubt definitely. / I’ll not see hesitancy, lest this be compromised; the campaign hence to escalate,… ‘Flicker’ I surveyed my seemingly immeasurable foolishness, from some hollow mid-night hour, far afield of brighter days. Terms akin ‘unparalle… ‘Summit’ I always struggled with the notion of being here, heir to the relentless search for a thing that cannot be defined; that hides inside the l… ‘Letting’ Bound to the unravelling; reverberations rode out to the tranquil embrace of the void. / Cast an unimagining, forged in the fortitude of al… ‘Keeping Faith / Leaving Normal’ Beneath ancient light / in flame adjacent, / like incense smoke, / or chanted chorus; / that wreathes my spine, / in sheets of ice; / I fee… ‘Kingdom Of Sand’ Like the heat of this night, / in my kingdom of sand, / I am plagued by the shadow, / of my own heavy hand. / But tonight I was free, / my … ‘Strange’ Air most-temperate was radiant; set the world a-shimmer. Deficit of sleep and great exertion had me buckling, waking world afore me became … ‘Lapse’ There come every so often these moments in which I feel so comprehensively dislocated from any tangible point of reference; like no place, … ‘And…’ It became more apparent the whole thing was just an elaborate improvisational scenario; either you’re bearing witness, performing, or… ‘Been and Gone’ I drew upon my many scars, to orchestrate this map. Plotted out a path to take me far beyond the stars. ‘Breaking The Loop’ I’d always felt homeless. / All the half glimpsed / memories, dreams and visions, / seemed to serve to illustrate; / the feeling was … ‘Exchange’ The heat gave up on the cause; as the firmament took to sulking. / It couldn’t be helped to feel like there was something apt hidden … ‘Sun-Shine-In (Oblivions’ Wake)’ Am I a prisoner of my own freedom? / Bleeding at the seams and, / losing my convictions? / Or on the verge of revolution again? / The simpl… ‘Transcendental’ It is quite something to extricate oneself from the wreckage of the past, to battle relentlessly and against all odds; find a way to move f… ‘Shade’ How could you but resent anyone you were placed with, against or at least irrespective of, your own volition? / This was that; was framed-i… ‘Seamless (Part I)’ The hues below a wildfire, splashed across the land. I dabbed my sight in deepest blue, to elucidate the vision. ‘L***’ It’s a bit like standing; / resolute in the sweeping tide. / Smashed in the chest, / again and again. / You wonder why it feels so go… ‘Alive’ I felt suddenly permeated by the thought that we’re all crowded into the same instance; together, alone. / Staring ourselves blind in… ‘In Passing’ Each day passing I seem to be less like that I was the one previous. / Lately I tend to provoke almost universally, the same kind of disdai… ‘Eras’ Scale of population irrespective, the world is uniformly empty at this strange hour. / Eras keep ending as I walk away from the critical ma… ‘Tirade’ You know what I’m trying to say, I just can’t get it out. You do do you? I doubt it. Severely. / I should always have more fait… ‘Seamless (Part II)’ All the rest had gone to war, stars were long since fallen. Nothing you had known-since had ever kept you safe. ‘Seamless (Part III)’ Breaking through translation, defying any logic; tearing free from your restraint to touch what’s truly real. Comedious Commentarious:Junk In The Trunk At the bank a tell and a customer are having a friendly discussion about how much they weigh, while the transaction is be conducted. ‘Resolution’ It always washes over me so abruptly. / The tide inevitably shifts away and in its’ wake I find it, / still standing; in resolution. ‘Terms’ As I paced out the nightly vigil, gaze drawn as ever to the veil; it occurred to me that we hadn’t as of yet, properly addressed the … ‘Wasted Much?’ We disparities of the source ARE the divinity. [Extrapolation of ‘We are one.’] ‘0208M212_RNT’ Straight to the lopsided, misfiring, chemically imbalanced electrical storm that occupies the otherwise hollow chamber where my brain shoul… ‘Rainfall’ A scattered hiss. / my attention caught; / a damp breeze, / dances seductively through / the open window. / Falling from the ashen canopy, … ‘Eternitys’ Waiting (Room)’ When all that’s left for me / is the beauty of your likeness, / I come to know that finally; / the well has now bled dry. / Patrollin… ‘The Long Road’ A way away from furthest shore, I learn what I had known; that which had seen me compromised, come revelation dawned. / The sapphiric soft … ‘Eva’ I’d not ever intended to be so uncouth; has the roster of the unappreciative garnered one, or ’ave I always been so out-of-line… ‘Transition (Drawing Close)’ Transitioning through negative space, the way is made toward home. / Sound-off at the reference-point to verify my course and, furnish out … ‘Volley’ Like bodkin-tipped-cloth-yards loosed en masse through the night, toward targets on the same field; our trajectories carry us seemingly so … ‘Jasmine’ The journey unfurls and I find myself about a day the likes of which there is fond precedent; that I’ve rarely taken to memoir. Cloud… ‘Betwixt’ There again and now I come unto a frame in light; where resolution seems to shine upon all that’s behind. / Feel as though am well an… ‘Unexpecting’ Given up, on expectation; / It never got me by. / Contrarily, it saw me hanging, / left me out to die. / Missing out, on fear of what IR… ‘Inheritance’ Every morning I rise, to find the blade is hefted. The first of all my daily orders is one of evasion; to reposition that I might, effect u… ‘Rmembr2/4get (Part II)’ I marched out of the picture. / It remained to be said that I should be investing time into making something out of myself. I had declared … ‘Twenty-two (Missing In Action)’ I was always miles away. / generally speaking; / waking life left a lot to the imagination. / I grew a little older, and the dreamfall beca… ‘What I Am [Yet to be Seen]’ It took ten-thousand lifetimes / to piece this back together. / The final shard I only found / within this fleeting year. / Memories and dr… ‘Evirneaux’ I marched out of February, come whatever may. / Nothing said, no feeling could, com-pare to what I’ve come to know. ‘Razor’ I can’t articulate it. / I’m too busy throwing up walls. / The fortification of the absurd habits I created to deliver me sound… ‘The Loop’ Something from somewhere much earlier. / I sing it now as it was then. / There are times i’m so completely posessed; / That it’… ‘MIA’ Imprisoned by my frustration, / in a cell exempt from time; / I glared into a dormant screen, / and thought on you a while. / Even my vaunt… ‘Ready / Able / Willing’ That yes I am unstable <too damaged to function as others do, and this compounds; taking not only further toll on myself but also inadv… ‘The Rise of Ever After’ What became of happily ever after? / I feel so ill-equipped to deal with such brutal loss, with the colossal intensity and vast implication… ‘Forty Two’ Ambling through the space / between tomorrow and the now, / I wonder at you, love. / Is yours merely a role to play, / to be conveyed by se… ‘The Ascendants’ Anthem’ Familiar echoed light is cast; / upon a brave new sound. / The de ja vu is running thick; / my blood is flaring; now! / I’m charting … ‘Evasionary’ Partook of allevi’ation long enough that, just barely: I found myself freed from the trappings of my Miseria. / Then I came to the ac… ‘Rain Dance’ These collosal office tossers; / Bait you on with their coffers. / Would not be wrongly employed, / In spending themselves up large on; / … ‘Faded’ The sun is but a front for this one truth, / your beauty’s what illuminates my world; / but far across the night in depth of thought,… ‘Three Days (in Five)’ Avast this roiling doubt. Mantled in the darkest bloom, the nightmare consumes me. Insidious in its fluidity, and yet so viscous in the sta… ‘Bloom’ Night. / Continents drift. / The universe expands. / Wonder at the bloom. / Light filters through my window. / Prevents the complete domain… @29 Expanding The Bubble. There are so many endeavours and adventures to partake in and experience in life that I have yet to. At nearly thirty the window is not qui… ‘Love Me Some Walking’ Through TV-sets, with vacant stares, they idolize the monster. Taking great comfort from the hypnotic calm they find in its’ worship.… Desert (A Reflection) I could throw myself hard against the thorns and let them draw me into death; but death held no promise of release. ‘Victory Prime’ I am gladdened ever so by these recent events. This sojourn here five months passing, through transitory space. Against and through adversi… ‘Separated’ It’s all quite unbecoming, though I’m gone beyond vexation. These modern means that were so meant to bring us all together, I f… ‘HEIR’ How often is it that I am ever really here? On nights this temperate, I always seem more likely else. / Waking consciousness binds not, eve… ‘A Poem for April’ I have walked the shores of night for seeming endless ages. I’ve not seen its’ beauty in more radiant a bloom, than by the divi… ‘Vale’ I sat upon a simple wooden bench, in the garden of my beginning. / Marking my objectives, the forces set against & for; hid in a way fr… ‘Flight Path For Off Days’ Flight path for off days. / Observations from the couch of my sobriety. / Nothing is making any sense. / And I’m still frustrated abo… ‘Elusive’ That’s all she wrote, that’s what she said, these phrases are so common; but I know I’ve stopped caring ’bout what … ‘Convoluted’ I tussled of olde with the insolvent notion that I am a cantankerous anachronism; to draw neither sound conclusion, or eventuate personal a… ‘Tide of Evening’ Little else drives men mad, with a voracious consistent expediency; like beauty. / I walked the world of night beneath the cold starlight s… ‘Taken’ Sentimentalities obnubilate; I love so clearly blind, to the truths of reality; my mind is compromised. / Logic irrefrangible is left in di… ‘By The Waking Days’ The atmosphere was a mercurial ordeal, the tone bleeding through to colour the mood, the very emotions of the largely somnambulant masses; … ‘In Difference’ Two trees traversed the road to the sky; grew into each other, embrace eventuating in amalgamation; realised, one. / The moon was well and … ‘Bay of Roses’ If you stand alone at night atop the hill o’er bay of roses; you can hear a-shuffling, a-cross all of the world of night. / The birds…
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