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red sugar Some girls just stick in your throat, and you can’t wash them down. scorpio Today you will dream in Russian and wake with the smell of vanilla. RB tutourials – How to write Poetry on Red … How to write poetry on Red Bubble / Great tips for new players The Ten Red Indian Commandments Treat this earth and all who dwell thereon with respect. Red Bubble Addiction Check 1 – Do you spend at least 1 hour daily on RB? / 2 – Do you regularly go to bed very late at night, sometimes past midnight, bec… red poppy song We know better. Tony Middleton’s panoramic photography © A sample presentation of my true panoramic photography available for viewing and purchase on RedBubble. Oppression This is a poem every one thinks about but few are brave enough to write. The Girl with the Red Hair The girl with the magnificent red hair with an absorbency of rich clarity declaring war against cardboard greys, road worn blues a… For a girl with a heavy heart, I love you I don’t know what to say, / so I feel, / I wanna say something is brewing / but what? / climbing vines / nostalgic need / stranglin… Six hour intervals, blue, red, white and me Blue / Love / would not hurt if I had a wooden heart / splaying sunlight permeates the air with / my dreamer’s frankincense / coming to r… Passion of Love: Part one chapter 1"Left Beh… “You really want to know what I’m grinning at?” he asked. “Yes” Jean said. “Ok, I’ll tell ya, see when you get past this belt buckle darli… red bub …an idiots guide 34 try an get aw yer family tae share in yer wifes great ..when we go awa for the day tae take photys she carries aw ma stuff an … The Soap Bubble – Episode 14. Diversion the… First was the Rumble in the Jungle, then the Thrilla in Manila! Now the BBC Brings you Brackstone vs Chapman for the Seascape Heavyweight … Biography of Red First foot on land and the candy is pink / Here the packages are right to left / There they are left to right / Here they too came on boat… the growling goddess of chinatown For one red moment she thinks she might kick the door in. Photographer’s Guide: Eden and surrounds, N… For photographers who enjoy landscapes, fauna and photojournalism styles, you will be spoiled. GREEN SHOES Dressed and sexy / Looking fine / Took out those / Green shoes of mine / Slowly I put them / On my feet / Oh my goodness / I look mighty s… RUBY RED ROSE If you can find me a RUBY RED ROSE / I will lock you in my heart and never let you go / Hand it to me with your love and kisses / It is the… The Hay River, Simpson Desert, Australia For the 4wd adventure traveler the Hay River is a remote wilderness area to explore in the Northern Territory Australia and relatively unkn… Daddy’s Little Girl What would it be like to be Wolverine’s daughter? What would your life be like? What would your friends think!? / Those are the is… Stalking the Red Fox An article written for NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY ONLINE MAGAZINE Swine Flu Virus – H1N1 – Alert, Treat… Swine influenza (swine flu- H1N1) is a respiratory disease of pigs caused by type A influenza but if you survive you will lose at least 10… fell to the red room It does things to me that I don’t understand. Shocking Sex (Mature) Colour Of Skin What the colour is your skin / What the colour is mine / And what the colour is God’s skin? Cheeky..Bum — Wow a Bummer! by Sunil Sharma Are you a Bum or Bummer !! Glad if you are ….. Keep reading, if not come back later when you are.. / A very houmrous melody….to… red balloons. sleep in silence / lose in silence / stroll in silence / wake in silence / squander in silence / dissipate in silence / waste in silence / … THE DAY THE GREAT BIG RED BUBBLE BURST Swastikas and Hipster Hitlers / Baby wear for big brothers and little sisters? / And a Badly drawn grape / So what does that have anything … Mind Reading What will happen when comes the / Time we can read each other’s thoughts? Adult Art Material – Celebrate the Love, R… (Mature) The Circle of Life by Sarah Taylor (16 yrs) I often find myself gazing out my window, oblivious to my surroundings, watching the crystal clear water roll up the sand, it’s what … What is reality? Darkness subsides and a dream-like effect / Takes over my being, in every aspect. / So light, so free and yet so confused / As to where I a… Radio Red Bubble – I Wanna Be 2 I wanna pretend I am only 2 / And say and do whatever I please / I wanna talk about things like green snot / And things people think you sh… Seeing You something gave way in his heart to me / today / I admit, / I had been waiting / I want him to know I love him / like a sister / a lover eve… the star anise room I’ve already done worse, she told herself, and for a moment she believed it. In the red Red was everywhere she looked, a stuffed picnic of red in this and that. / The right red was so hard to find to compliment her skin tone… The Soap Bubble – Episodes 1, 2& 3 The … The start of a story and a journey into danger, hijinks, tom foolery and lots more danger. hold onto your hats the TRUE story of REDBUBBLE … Red He knows… / about the knife / of his love, / and the cuts / of domination / Touch me there, love / Only there… / Briefly licking, / never m… tie a yellow ribbon around my dancing feet ̷… I ‘m not the same person since I met you. / I believe I’ll not see my world quite the same way again. / There’s been a … I came across this Thought I came across this thought.. / “did I do something?” / “Are you mad?” / … / What can I do when I don’t … CARVED TABLE OF DREAMS so sit yourselves down / at this carved table / of dreams / and share in the fruits / laden in between BLOOD-RED MOON ONCE UPON A BLOOD-RED MOON / I WHISPERED FORBIDDEN WORDS / INTO THE BLAZING DARKNESS / AS I CLIMBED THOSE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS / TO YOUR PA… House Cat I ate in silence / The screech of the mouse in the corner made Cinnamon Dust Afterward, I sleep, and the beating red dries. All too soon, small crumbling grains fall freely like cinnamon dust. The satisfaction is d… My Holiday Blessing My Holiday Blessing / ©Jay Ryser / / It’s the day after Christmas as I write this, but the event happened yesterday,… FLAMING RED HAIR Flaming Red Hair hung around her shoulders / She looked into the night saying a prayer / A beautiful young girl with gorgeous green eyes / … Red, Swirly and Pointed Alien fingers? How the hell would she even know what alien fingers look like? / “Daddy,” she continued, “everyone knows that Alien Fingers… Coin Tale Ohh…I hope she steps into the sunlight for me. I think I will sing close to yellow days are NOTORIOUS / As wire connects me to bird songs in yellow / I can’t sing them / I can’t really hear them / but somehow I can be th… Shadows of the Mind Nightmares plague my sleep while memories of lovers fill my senses. / My heart pounds at the thoughts of their touch, then stops cold with … AS YOU STAND As you stand / We swirl around you / You stand strong, firm and with purpose / We yearn to cling to you / To be part of you / To be blessed… THE ROAD TO VALHALA Come travel with me down this dark lonely road / The is the road to Valhala / A road littered with 50 million corpse of young brave men / F… Butthead Don’t stare at me Roses Are Red Roses are red, / Violence is too, / I have a bullet, / Just for you. / It’s lasar-guided, / Makes its aim true, / So that it gets the… Red Blooms The Oak Possibilities are endless, a squirrel picks a scarlet hibiscus and paces hand over foot along wires to an oak tree and sits on a branch jus… the taste of red The red snakes are the most delicious. Soap Bubble – Episode 15. Lost and Found. the soap bubble saga continues, no girl to save, baddies closing in and I’m running out of ammo! who will save the bubble now? RED AND COOL BLUE [Video] / I ……PASSIONATE RED / YOU MY LOVE SOFT AND SERENE / A PERFECT COOL BLUE! Devil’s Little Red Box He is out to get you too. The Soap Bubble – Episode 6. The Opposition Somethings rotten in Red Bubble, the powers of darkness start to plot Ode to Fight Club I am on a road to nowhere A Daughters Farewell Revisited It was then that I saw clearly I was no longer the central man in her life, but just her loving father RED HIGH HEELS The sweet street sweeper / Disturbs the silent pigeons / and sin will raise her head / from the gutter memories of last night / The sun is… Confessions of a Red Bubble Addict Here I sit on a Friday night. / On this lovely Red Bubble site. / Just one click of the mouse was an instant hook. / I just opened some pic… The Soap Bubble – Episode 12a. The Outer Ed… More Soap, lots of Bubbles, a scary ride with Woodsac. The episode number… look I’m not superstitious honest, touch wood, finge… Red high heels Relaxing, / The pleasure of / Rocky Rhodes / Entices me, / As I sit and enjoy / A taste of / The world, / A lady walks by / In red high he… Soap Bubble 17, Jo and Peter sitting in a tree… Peter, head of the Blackfriars decides it’s time to act. It’s time to release his secret weapon! send for Jo ‘No Clothes’ Soap Bubble – Episode 16. Red Bubble Blue What if Red Bubble was more than just a website. Come look through my eyes, all is not as it seems! the true story of red bubble is here! r… My Boneyard is a Place of Hearts I used to be a flesh monger / I used to bury bones / in causeways of ecstasy fade endless cycles of disarray orthodox The heart was half empty / the soul was hollow inside / like it’s having a hole / empty space inside / hollow eyes / empty words we… The Red Bubble Effect my kitchen is messy / dishes piled up high / the kids cry im hungry / just one moment i reply / i’ve found something funny / something terr… THE RED ARROWS I witnessed mankind’s ability to reach beyond the physical world in an effort to convey the heights of our soaring spirit. Blood Under a brooding blood red sky / I drink my fill of sweet red blood and fly Charlie Chaplin, The Great Dictator Closing Speec… “The kingdom of God is within man” / Not one man, nor a group of men, but in all men; in you, the people." Passion of Love: Part two -chapter 2 “Morni… His mind was not open to her at all and when she tried to read his thoughts she got a peacefulness sense of empty bliss that compelled her … 2 Years on “The Bubble” Bad lighting-Mind losing-Super lighting-One chancing-Jaw dropping-Sun shining-Lucky shooting-Moment catching tender color tenderness has a color, / the color of kissing / eyes meet / heart races / magnet begins / face to face / just below the ear / sweet and sl… The Girl in the Red Leather Coat (Mature) Whale song Drop one more salty tear / into this already bountiful sea / sail me further or simply / consume me / so that only heartsong I hear / as th… You can’t Hold Me Down Lord , Lord, tho I may drown, can’t no one hold me down. / Lord ,Lord ,tho anit no one here to hear my words, can’t no on hold … song of a rhizome “life plunks tunes of winter today” Her red enamel teapot Mother carried the art of compromise with a sapphire sparkle in her eye. She conceded that to survive marriage and my Father’s Mother, a te… Skin so Soft Skin so soft , hair flows freely. / Hard ropy muscle that ripple from left to right when the body is in motion. / Harsh, brash and crude,… Passion of Love Cahpter 16 “Haert’s D… “You want a woman, I’ll give you a woman… 265 now 305 views an’ stull goin’ str… Wan specshul name a’d like tay mention, / He has proportions of gigantic dimension. / He’s gote funny legs an’ this enormous erse, / But an… The Things Nice Girls Miss Out On (Mature) photo boxes and red leather shoes your entire life / reduced down to small flashes / kept in a box Red Water Birthing she still entangles casuistic red-water birth / she still swims in the mote of her mother’s eye / grasping upward the pure waters release /… Substratum Substratum / Beneath the surface there are blocks of time / a keep ticking ticker / investments in soiled identities that are loosing / clo… An ordinary day Love came waltzing in on a very ordinary day, a whimsical step that was easy to learn, a chance meeting, a calling-card of confusing cravin… It’s Evening 2008 03 30 I touched you not as I returned / Nor did I look back as I gazed / As your scent perfumed the air / and no one closed the door… / Tav… Andy Reeve’s Excellent Arizonian Adventure However, the regression to one of my past lives was quickly over. I was back in the bus, in floods of tears, with one thought going through… What I LOVE most about Tigers list. 1). Big floppy paws, the size of dinner plates. / 2). Large rounded head with eyes of fire and topped with white tipped round ears. / 3). L… My Love is a Red Rose Love is a beautiful rose / Red, the fiery passion thereof / It belongs to the heart of my love / Whose passions I long to behold / She live…
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