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RB tutourials – How to write Poetry on Red … How to write poetry on Red Bubble / Great tips for new players Red Bubble Addiction Check 1 – Do you spend at least 1 hour daily on RB? / 2 – Do you regularly go to bed very late at night, sometimes past midnight, bec… red bub …an idiots guide 34 try an get aw yer family tae share in yer wifes great ..when we go awa for the day tae take photys she carries aw ma stuff an … The Soap Bubble – Episode 14. Diversion the… First was the Rumble in the Jungle, then the Thrilla in Manila! Now the BBC Brings you Brackstone vs Chapman for the Seascape Heavyweight … Cheeky..Bum — Wow a Bummer! by Sunil Sharma Are you a Bum or Bummer !! Glad if you are ….. Keep reading, if not come back later when you are.. / A very houmrous melody….to… THE DAY THE GREAT BIG RED BUBBLE BURST Swastikas and Hipster Hitlers / Baby wear for big brothers and little sisters? / And a Badly drawn grape / So what does that have anything … The Circle of Life by Sarah Taylor (16 yrs) I often find myself gazing out my window, oblivious to my surroundings, watching the crystal clear water roll up the sand, it’s what … What is reality? Darkness subsides and a dream-like effect / Takes over my being, in every aspect. / So light, so free and yet so confused / As to where I a… Radio Red Bubble – I Wanna Be 2 I wanna pretend I am only 2 / And say and do whatever I please / I wanna talk about things like green snot / And things people think you sh… The Soap Bubble – Episodes 1, 2& 3 The … The start of a story and a journey into danger, hijinks, tom foolery and lots more danger. hold onto your hats the TRUE story of REDBUBBLE … tie a yellow ribbon around my dancing feet ̷… I ‘m not the same person since I met you. / I believe I’ll not see my world quite the same way again. / There’s been a … Soap Bubble – Episode 15. Lost and Found. the soap bubble saga continues, no girl to save, baddies closing in and I’m running out of ammo! who will save the bubble now? The Soap Bubble – Episode 6. The Opposition Somethings rotten in Red Bubble, the powers of darkness start to plot Confessions of a Red Bubble Addict Here I sit on a Friday night. / On this lovely Red Bubble site. / Just one click of the mouse was an instant hook. / I just opened some pic… The Soap Bubble – Episode 12a. The Outer Ed… More Soap, lots of Bubbles, a scary ride with Woodsac. The episode number… look I’m not superstitious honest, touch wood, finge… Soap Bubble 17, Jo and Peter sitting in a tree… Peter, head of the Blackfriars decides it’s time to act. It’s time to release his secret weapon! send for Jo ‘No Clothes’ Soap Bubble – Episode 16. Red Bubble Blue What if Red Bubble was more than just a website. Come look through my eyes, all is not as it seems! the true story of red bubble is here! r… The Red Bubble Effect my kitchen is messy / dishes piled up high / the kids cry im hungry / just one moment i reply / i’ve found something funny / something terr… Charlie Chaplin, The Great Dictator Closing Speec… “The kingdom of God is within man” / Not one man, nor a group of men, but in all men; in you, the people." 2 Years on “The Bubble” Bad lighting-Mind losing-Super lighting-One chancing-Jaw dropping-Sun shining-Lucky shooting-Moment catching Whale song Drop one more salty tear / into this already bountiful sea / sail me further or simply / consume me / so that only heartsong I hear / as th… 265 now 305 views an’ stull goin’ str… Wan specshul name a’d like tay mention, / He has proportions of gigantic dimension. / He’s gote funny legs an’ this enormous erse, / But an… The Miracle of the Bubblemail I login to RB / First thing I do, / Look at the right top corner of my screen. / Lo and behold, a beautiful thing, / There’s this marvellou… I DREAMED I SAW HITLER FALL INTO THE SUN I dreamed of life consuming death / and children laughing in the place / where selfish darkness once was done / so there was nothing left t… Collaboration…… with Red Bubble Artis… If anyone out there loves my sense of style, wit & humour but are struggling with their own ideas or Tshirts designs, enquire here for … A Red Bubble Interview I’ve been spotlighted, quizzed, interrogated, had my brains picked and my innermost thoughts extracted. So here’s “The Skinny” A New Artist to Red Bubble I Want to Introduce t… Ben is a Sculpture and a artist of unique abilities pass it on to see more art for all ! comments favorites watch list for all red bubble The world according to Red Bubble because we can uplift each other and make the spirits soar / with these nice and simple words-“your art I just adore”! salt from the sea Salt from the sea / or paint for me / Salt from the sea / or paint for me / I’ll have them both / or three for tea / I’ll have … My 1st RB, Birthday Hello Friends / How are you? / I am good and today my 1st Bithday in Redbubble. / I would like to say all the Team of Bubble and All the B… Red Bubble as a Cure for the Blues New Blues Cure red bubble before you / i was forever in search for beauty / now beauty finds me / © siki dlanga Victorian Bushfire Relief Fund – RED BUBBLE… I’ve just had confirmation that Red Bubble will match my donations from sales – dollar for dollar – Yay! / Naomi X EROTICA She danced around wanting more / Full length gown touching the floor / No shoes on her feet / Tall but dancing petite / Colors filling eve… Whatever I am, I just accept The grains of sands I dare compare / To the stars above to which I stare / The mind assumes it comprehends / Although it only makes amend Every Penny made on Redbubble Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep / Red Bubble Boxers. please join me and enjoy this tasty dream / share in all this glorious wealth of imagination / I can’t promise you I won’t have… YAY! FRONT PAGE!!! FRONT PAGE!!! YAY! Stone The battle’s sole observer / Speckled with blood, the fighting’s over / Glory dead, with nouveau honour / Bestowed upon the fal… Thanks for the Feature Mixed Media Group! Feature, Mixed Media Group, Jewel Foundation, Open Door Gallery Colour Capture Red bubble Love – a human emotion To hug, to hold, or merely kiss / Just thoughts of you are simply bliss CORE Group Interview Red Bubble: Sunil Sharma – … Love , Romance, Respect, Service will impart Peace, Energy, Happiness and divinity across the globe…. Its more fun to share your bead with … I AM IN THE RED BUBBLE HOPE / MY RED BUBBLE / DOES NOT BURST….. / Because… / I want this / Safe Haven / to last! / Simply, / it Really HAS / bee… OKAY – NOW I AM JUMPING FROM TREE TOP TO TR… OH MY GOSH I AM SO THRILLED – I NEVER IMAGINED I WOULD BE ON THE ART PAGE OF REDBUBBLE! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE &… Owl of my heart Sunflower’s seeding / while bristle brush slow / aloe is weeping / why, nobody knows…. / Heartwood has frozen / while sunbird i… Red Bubble Rules!! Red Bubble / thankyou / for friends / treasured indelibly inked there’s a mess inside my head / where my hair is threaded thru / the birds are living there / …without a care, without you ther… Shame and Guilt The `triangle` to structure an idea, in mind I am referring too, the beginning of formations and mathematical calculations, evolution sugge… Origami girl Origami girl / I’d like for you / to fold me a pearl / for wisdom / fashion a gondola / for my journey / create a paper heart / to w… Wow, Wow, Wow! I am so Thankful to all of my Red… FEATURED WORK: / 1. “Sun Kissed Storm Cloud” featured in: “Mood and Ambience” and “Out of the BlueR… STICKERS?? red bubble should produce stickers too Al One who played with his children as one of them, taught them to swim and play music. He was also the same one who paid your hospital bill.… Passing clouds A brother, a sister, a friend in you / Or parents so treasured and dear to you / A life may cease in shape or form / But love remains after… Little friend This Message im writing is too you, my “Little friend”, so that you will / find your way home, back into our lives where you be… and the tide came rolling in …and the incoming tide speaks in whispers of times past / of times to come, of the universe and the shell dwellers / and of all the m… The Little Dreamer unfortunately instead, she slapped two ants simultaneously in the head, knocking them senseless in the vortex New Red Bubble site… Did I mention that the new version of the site is really, really, really SLOW????!!!!! RED BUBBLE HOME PAGE WOW I signed on and seen that my photo “Red Poppy” is on the Red Bubble Home Page. Now that is thrilling. Red Bubble Calendar Pricing. I am sure your new pricing will see the demise of calendars sales through the site. / I will not be handing out my Calendars for X-mas pres… sowing seeds and sifting souls your song soothes my soul / it is the honey that runs smooth as silken sails / over all my grazes, bumps and bruises / your song, it soothe… T-Shirt Problem SOLVED Some of you may remember that I designed and purchased a T-Shirt for my mother of our Star Baby who passed away in September. / When we got… Gods at War Bolts of lighting , thunderous hurricanes, volcanic eruption. / Emptiness, the abyss, swords of despair and wounded souls, / no spirits lef… Funny Farm (Archaic Evidence That Supports My The… All poets are mad. / Robert Burton, The Anatomy of Melancholy (1621). ADDING LINKS ON Red Bubble I hope this helps. / Missy Jennifer B, Taught me how. / Its a fun new dimension to be able to add links to others sites or to particular im… Red Bubble Rules Red Bubble / thankyou / for friends / treasured BUBBLE GIRL Here I am on the Bubble again / You guys have become my best friends / The dishes are lying in the sink / My cheeks are no longer a pretty … Fish n chips The fish / swallowed / a ship / which / turned / out to be / veree / unlucky / for he… / It turned / out to be / a floating / potato… The Sounds of Comfort Driving across the moon / Weathered Roads and tethered wheels / Ice-cream Bells of rolling rhythm / Ring like warm ice sings, like real / … RED BUBBLE WORLD This may be the best forum for artists I ever seen……….anything and everything is possible. Selling your work is nice but… Scientific Ocean (King Of Cloth) “gazing at / emerging from” Bad habits – True nature Bad Habits – True Nature. / Get away you scum , you unrefined animal, my god what a gambler with BAD intent,. This is not me, who hav… thank you red bubble i used to be afraid to be seen / i mean truly seen / i would hide my words / my thoughts / my hurt / lock them up in my heart / or a little… If I was a bird! I would sing like a nightingale to calm your woes and moods / I would fly with you into the night and seek to reach the moon Eskimo in a kimono The dark seemed warmer and kinder / I felt like an Eskimo in a kimono / rubbing noses in the desert / while the butterflies were pleasant /… Dare to touchmy fire there than in that cold, unprotected, naked doubt out on top.Or at least come dow A light hearted look at bubble addiction Bubble bubble / Red haze / Is my map through / The mind maze Red Bubble vs Flickr? Red Bubble vs Flickr? The Paper Chase I can only see snippets of recognition What’s With Red Bubble? Dear Friends: / Many of us Moderators are terribly disappointed with the New Red Bubble Format when you sign in and then try to navigate. … my princessa her with kisses in the spring, thats just her exuding aura and presence / through Featured in #1 Artists of Red Bubble Thank you for looking – here is the link WHAT A DAY 2 FEATURES ! What a day its been,but very productive for me, i have just baught a second hand computer that was a desperate sell for the previous owner … New Mix 09 Sinners and Saints Whores and Theives………….. Urban Myths Passion ,love, spirituality is the key…… arristic point of view art is life water is life no matter Alienated ” Humph! Look at him!” – Ann says to Sam -“What’s wrong with kids nowadays?” Tim keeps gaming. A Ratty Christmas Once upon a Christmas evening, as the tinsel and baubles caught the flickering light from the log fire, the humans dozed in their armchair,… The Magpie’s Song I heard you / calling / just a little time ago / and i thought / what is that noise / it’s so sweet / I must find the owner / of t… " All the people, my friends on Red Bubble&q… Being tired out Iwill say good night / love you all / till some time / tomorrow / all tmes sre differnt hey / 2/5/10 A Happy Christmas to all here at red bubble Happy, happy Christmas, that can win us back to the delusions of our childhood days, recall to the old man the pleasures of his youth, and … Hi all at Red Bubble I have not forgotten / Anyone / It’s that I am down in health / I was better today but male / Nursing here is too much for me / Nag, nag,… Red Bubble first, a drop / then / a river; / apple river / skin covering / the inner flesh; mocking / the mad jesters / in post-crash vests / second, … her, she, woman ,soul, female amazing Redbubble women / As the process I have just mentioned’s come’s to it’s final sta Thank You! Artists of Red Bubble Thank you for not only featuring my “Sky Over the Beach” print, but also listing it as No. 1 Art of The Day! What a surprise a…
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