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being human (Mature) LOVE KNOWS A PRETENDER I cant let go, I wouldn’t try / I found something magical in your eyes / oh you thrill me time after time / I don’t wanna share… Waiting silence at last / person frail like / leaf fallen…lost / for a moment / free in holy quietness / peace not like the world / creation … Late summer Garden Just when you think She is done / Certainly past her prime / Leaf drop and desiccation begins / A new bloom defies the time / Shouting out … to the night to the night, goodnight / I know you well, but let / me rest with peace / The rain falls, I can hear / it on my small space / of corrugated… Lilting Voice Morning bends the soul to answer / Eventides the lilting voice / Soft the wash upon the toes / Kisses sweet the day awakes / Gripped by sun… Slimming meals help you shed weight wholesome and… I positively appreciate these zi xiu tang weight loss! I checked out the website certainly not pondering i would very own them and that i f… Day-to-day habit let you lessen bodyweight Weight-loss can carefully hyperlink with daily life, so long as you may create a superb residing routines, fat loss is not a problems any f… Crimson bean diet program recipes to lose weight Recipe: red bean milk sago Components: little sago one hundred grams from the honey red beans a hundred and MEI ZI TANG http://www.buxmzt.c… Respiration method treatment to lose excess weight I’ve never been one to believe in these types of things. I’ve tried SO many different weight loss and ‘get fit’ pro… Diabetic issues And Weight loss Did you know which you can be ‘just slightly little bit diabetic’? The situation is technically named ‘pre-diabetes’… Type great habits, effective weight-loss with out… These botanical slimming are extremely lovable and match genuinely great. Have a single considering the fact that Xmas since they ended up … Food can cut down physique extra fat Plain yogurt will help you shed bodyweight, for the reason that yogurt includes milk sugar, protein, extra fat, it could stabilize blood su… What Everybody Requirements to understand about H… I missing body weight quickly due to the fact I have tried using bee pollen zixiutang. Hope has returned and achievement is in my long term… Chiropractic Services: For the Well being There are many different approaches that people today can protect and even market the health in their bodies. There are greater than adequa… Atkins Diet regime 101 Who will not wish to possess a match and formed up physique? Possibly all of us do. Obese will be the biggest enemy of our overall health. … Lose fat in Autumn Fantastic customer service – pretty pleased and will buy Botanical Slimming Soft Gel once again ! / I’ve to create new method d… Ideas and Strategies for Encouraging Healthful Co… meizitang botanical slimming Wonderful service via internet / I decided to test the meizitang botanical slimming soon after observing my s… Meals will not result in weight problems Greens Such as fresh, canned (without the need of sauce, unwanted fat, sugar and other additives) vegetables; tomato sauce. The vegetables … Apple cider vinegar allow you to shed weight rapid What Apple cider vinegar is? Apple cider vinegar towards the unique to create apple juice tastes bitter and sweet, sweet with bitter, uncoo… Weight loss With Hoodia Nobody understands for positive, but it is thought the San Individuals of South Africa employed Hoodia for many or all the 27,000-plus many… White meals to lose bodyweight In an effort to diversify the meals, you may try a method that is recommended in the French scientist’s latest research results: cons… western culture has different opinions about the … In addition, make sure you take in within the pretty the very least one,two hundred energy should you be a lady and one,five hundred should… a lot of folks go browsing to do this It Fda accredited, continues to be around for over 30 years and furthermore, it includes a 30 day money again ensure. Be happy to call me b… many people appear to consider The entire world of science is large and continually evolving there are actually a ton nevertheless to substantiate and to discover. I am c… dropping weight is a challenge for many for the r… Seriously, I’ve no clue exactly what the bee pollen weight loss reviews does, particularly, but I am aware that I have been applying … pace in weight decline just won’t be a fant… At this time you can effectively BEE POLLEN CAPSULES WEIGHT LOSS give up and you als… Positive Self-Esteem for Binge Eaters When you really feel at your cheapest stage, meals turns into your very best pal. Meals tends to make you really feel greater in the hurtfu… Stomach therapeutic massage slimming system to el… I commenced employing the botanical slimming a pair months in the past and also have shed weight even without the need of getting with a st… Get honey to lessen weight Should you like to eat sweet but was concerned about unwanted fat, then you definitely can attempt honey diet program! Why eat honey can sh… Shed excess weight by consuming white rice: Very first stage: weight loss stage The initial day of the first 7 days: Standard rice food (800 energy, fifty grams of salt) two starchy m… Acupressure therapeutic massage, weight-loss tech… Skinny waistline massage Continuing lack of exercise and a well balanced diet will lead to four months lag abdomen fat, water metabolism in… get your entire loved ones associated This item will help me keep heading in the right direction at get the job done and persist with what I need to be taking in. and that i mig… The best way to drop excess weight with eating pl… i totally lovvvee these chinese bee pollen for weight loss.they’re just best.Their thoroughly diverse from everyone elses and all my … Small Adjustments within your Eating plan Can mak… I am about fifteen to twenty lbs . obese, and that is not lots. I am hoping to fall the remaining ten lbs . by continuing using this item a… routines not just speed up your rate of metabolism Most cities or towns can have an area boxing club giving courses to newcomers and boxing conditioning courses. You dont need to put up with… several people today go online to achieve this It Food and drug administration authorised, has been around for more than thirty a long time and furthermore, it comes with a thirty workin… Thanks Dad This is my tribute / To our beloved Andrew / A chauffeur’s son / Born to Dan & Mima / With his brother Davie he grew / He moved to Aust… L I E S wasted and worn out by five pm / I cant wait for the day to end / meetings, business, top executs / they haven’t gotten to me yet / … The Man The man who openly mocks / The magic of my body the tram ride We will go with the bunnies, / cocooned from the night / cosy and warm inside the tram’s glowing light / and we’ll laugh and w… Morning within the sunroom / grey thoughts rerun the night / restlessness straying / from beds comfort / tea warms the hands / . / in early morning… MANTRA OF HOPE All of that is concrete, hard facts and immutable….. 5 seconds of summer lol you’re not ashton Irwin tricky things calcified memory / sparkling / glimmering / shimmering / in rose hued light A Gentle Rain The pigeons are loud / This morning; pruning / And cooing—there has / Been a gentle rain / All night (eternal optimists, / Knowing the clea… 我最近嫽绚妖娆缱绻的养植欣赏靓丽璀璨的花卉的情操雅趣 Continue / &&&&&&&&&&&& / 我把肠子都悔青了。前年春天我购买的另外一盆奇特美艳靓丽的起源于南美洲安第斯山脉的荷包花带给了我猛烈强劲的视觉冲击,它的绿叶是巴掌大… today at the office…. Today / I feel like / my wings / have been clipped… / my sole / stripped… / I feel / empty / almost / stupidly / and / selfis… Born Again Virgin (Mature) generated similarities Naked man in a mask / I can see all of your past / I can smell all of your fear / I can sense when youre not here. / Silly clown painted bl… when she returned When she returned / I was prepared. / Kids rooms made up / Posters on walls / Toys poised, ready to play / Treats in the pantry, for movie … Early Evening Early Evening / a moment here / with shadows / lengthening / across the quiet grass / bird songs gentle in / the present moment / happy … Lay me down beside you Lay me down beside you / Like a book beside your bed / you’ve already thumbed its pages / Now take in what you have read / Whisper … the cherub that fell “Goodnight, cherub,” I whisper / kiss his tousled little head / watch him as he drifts away in sleep / the sweet smile of an… Road Trippin’ . . . road trips are not the time to bring up marital issues. This is not the forum to complain about how he folds the bathroom towels, or … On the Fence The word graffiti comes from the Italian graffiato, which sounds like a really tasty sandwich, but actually means “unemployed vandals who b… Insert Inspirational Graduation Phrase Here I graduated maxima cum laude from the University of Hard Knocks back in the ‘80s (our mascot was a bruise), with an advanced degree in Sarc… Happy Mother’s Day, Mom What I wouldn’t do to be able to pick up the phone and give my mom a call on Mother’s Day. Grounded Love (Mature) Just for You Laugh, it’s good for ya, :) his little lamb (Mature) Bottoms Up! You know I wanted to ask / But I surely dare not / Of a man who was sitting / With his chalks and pad and the lot! / In my head I screamed… Cerberus The land lies barren, no seed can grow / newborns come in mutated form / her child died before it could be called a freak / while the bitch… Sandy Places Below the gardens, beyond the dunes / Sat red the flowers all dressed in blooms / Sun was setting it’s merry way / One two three Acti… Unspoken Law I see Vultures and clowns / I see puppets and the / Mechanics of / Being human turning a corner i turned a corner yesterday, / though things are unresolved, / i felt kinship with gravity, / how it leans and pulls on me. / the milky way… The Process It is darker than you think. / It came out from under your bed. / Ever faithful in its seeding, / Whilst germination defiled your head. / A… Anthill Mountain Even anthills can become mountains / When there is pain involved / Where vast pools of emptiness / In caverns chiseled from sorrows many / … Unearthed Petals sprouting from my skin / And all the words that lie within / All the images / I keep inside / Are erupting to be alive This Life, So Lame What is this game that we play? / Day by day we slave away Growing Older getting’ on a bit / still try to keep fit / growing older / cold is colder / as i pace along / aches pains / again and again / growi… New poem perhaps called " Path " This is not a confession / I need no absolution / Or confirmation. / Nor Icon. / I have a mother / I had a father / A human one. / Learned … i will whisper I will whisper my heart / to the river / sail a boat my soul / on wishing winds a note in a vacuum of silence a note / in a vacuum / of silence / empty of wings / there can be flight my room full of words my room full of words / my heart but branded / my soul riddled with / nothing but words the razor that is my spine the razor that is my spine / has a voice / “drag me into the bottomless pit / that has become your heart i walk again the forest of no shades i walk again / the forest / of no shades my marrow sings of freedom my marrow / sings of freedom / from bone / my heart yearns for ash this blind edge this blind edge / that binds the / marrow to the soul / is narrow she (Mature) Break Out Stumbling from base to the summit / He falls through rifts from a height / Judges will make their own judgment / And entitlement forces its… Cease Falling into the reflection of the sky / Snorting different lines to find a serene high / The syringe feels right / Embrace the scars on yo… Astronaut Freedom is disguised as a prize / Pick-pocketed ideals- / Two arguing birds / A dandelion disguised as a herb / In passage- / the ocean is… ‘Reveille’ Lain entombed in light of grey, I wonder where I’ve been. It seems convictions flagging low, in mis’ry had me draped. / Mine is… monsters and cherubs (Mature) ‘Cursed’ As if I were one of these insane people who feeds seagulls; I keep fucking up in spite of the fact that I know so intrinsically how to bett… Derr… Stuck fast / The seat in which I sit / Has developed a compound that seems determined / To not release me / Throwing myself forward / I now… untitled dawn, unguarded / comes at will / the heart / empty, aching / a vast chasm of grief / blood soaked thoughts / of darkest night / seep… White But I refuse to see / The purple and grey Eyes on eyes (Poem and song) A city in the lake / I learn to drown / Just so that i can breath MUSINGS ON THE ARTS Too many individuals are made to feel embarrassed by their reactions if they are not readily acclaimed publicly THE REVELATION SHE TOLD HIM STORIES TILL 1:45 AM Journey Beyond Gazing through a window of here and now / I stare beyond to a floral fantasy of dreams / Layers upon layers of blossoms and buds / And oh s… Light (For Mum) / now… / outside time / you are free… / unhindered as holy light / a candle / f or you here / where creation / finds … Set Aside …indifferences…… Somehow, the screen tore a hole. / A frantic bird may have been the cause. / It’s irrelevant actually. The tear is. Relevant. / The p…
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