riding the wind his body shows the wear of years / life has taken its toll on him / bit by bit it gnaws away at him / it gnaws away at everything / but th… A Soul’s Flight A life deserves some kind of reason for it’s existence. Rhapsody in Gray These are days, numbing days when times are changing / Hours are fleeting, cold, gray and my human heart racing / This won’t be more diffic… Tears On The Wind Her life was getting too complex / As she is feeling more perplexed / Holding that sharp razor blade / A tough decision must be made / If s… Storm Thunder hunted somber clouds on high that winter morn / Froth flew wild in a restless squall to gather at the fore / Gusting flurries swi… west wind a stray breeze brought him into my life / a breath of fresh air in cowboy boots / he was one of those men you know you can’t hold on to Flags in the Wind Or so it seems to me the black soot of her clit the cunt of her frame become tangled by the smack of fuck me, fuck me hard Masshiro (Pure White) I shuffled across slickly paved sidewalks cracked and shaded with a variation of white and clear tones The sun was dangling on a string in… Masshiro (Pure White) I shuffled across slickly paved sidewalks cracked and shaded with a variation of white and clear tones / . / The sun was dangling on a … Silence in the Forest Except for the voice of the cricket or hoot of an owl, / Silence is welcome where the wild ones live. / Wind rustles leaves in trees ove… When the Wind Blows When the wind blows / it signals a change / something stirring in the air.. COMFORT IN THE WIND There will be music / Notes strung together / Like the tears it’s meant to thwart breath of wind and when I hear / hear something so / hauntingly beautiful / . . . / it threads / threads / . . . / weaves / . . . . / a tendril / in… chasing the wind (Mature) Gemini – A Perfect Day i have seen the breeze of a summer’s day caress a field / free flowing corn swaying as ocean waters / if i could but see the spirits that d… Ode to my country I love the sounds of the weather in nature / the sound of rain on a tin roof / wind sweeping through the trees / lightning flashing its … to fly with the wind the wind I hear calling / it’s calling my name / it says I must go with it / it says this I know / it feathers my hair / wraps me in … Feuer In Deinen Augen ‘Solitary’ A warmth was awash in the world of the night, shadows cast flickers from within my eyes, heady the scent of bloom ’pon heavy wind, sc… Deafening Quiet groaning branches break The Wise Wind Whispered The Wise Wind Whispered / by Karin Taylor © / I felt myself sink into the pillow, wilting like a flower who’s face once turned t… Behind My Calm Sometimes I don’t have much to say. / Sometimes I’m silent / to push you away. / Behind my calm is my hurricane. / I talk with … wind word sadness wind word / loneliness flew away Love Story That’s when I knew I was in love with photography and everything my camera captured. DUST IN THE WIND We are all dust in the wind when the wind calls she runs through the trees / bare toes barely touch ground / and the trees drop their leaves / a desperate attempt / to hold her and keep … The Wind Changes (It’s Mind) like water turned into wine? / in through sliding doors / the east wind changed the evidence / for the courtroom of honour / to see inside … Euphoric Breaths Euphoric breaths / whip like canyon winds / through my hollow frame. / I feel free / at the top of an evergreen. / I grew up loving / the … Fleeting Wind I’m going to take this heat / And put it in my pocket / I’m going to bring it back out / When you’ve gone cold / Take what you want … the calling of the wind she couldn’t hear it calling / it never called her name / she never felt its passion / never played life’s game / never danced… Fly Talons spread / Fluctuating feathers / Cast a shadow shimmering / Across the salt plains Kona Wind Words found in the wind supreme telling boisterous antagonistic they form in the great ocean they / Come they challenge everything and muc… Bend In The Wind take over South Wind Sonnet She blows on in from the South, / In leaves her dress complete. / Full bodied, round and sensuous. / Her passing song loud but sweet. / She… You are the wind within my hair You are the wind within my hair / you are the wind whom surrounds / my awaiting body, / My eye’s closed, / feeling your presence wit… ‘Threshold’ The line between bravery and stupidity really is absurdly marginal, and a defined sense of conviction only serves to obscure. But with the … Aandlied van die wind stom luister ek vanaand / na ’n aandwindlied / soek jou stem in sy melodie, / mis jou vingers / strelend, spelend / oor snare van my… She, the Wind, and I She was on a first name basis with the moon / sometimes had private conversations with the wind , / especially at night when it was col… how many dreammiles to where you are. the smell of olive leaves on the wind, of white linens baking on clay streets. i send you the sea mist with the memory of christ’s hands, … Crazy Wolf The wind is howling like a wolf / going crazy with a hunger / of pure desire, calling out / within the wilderness / falling upon deaf ears … The Wind Ripples The Water I felt inspired as air might be when she sees the ocean. where the buffalo roamed and ruled rain drops begin to fall slowly before the thunder spread lightning / bolts astray, i knelt down before you, as the onslaught of rain best… Andrew’s Patio The weight feels heavy / like dense snow / I cannot breathe. / I sat on the patio / with God. / The dense snow falling, / my soul flew up… Changes In The Wind wolves are coming closer to the flock / suggestions to reload are offered to the ones with the guns / promises drip from the sharp white … the grocery boy. He owns a smirky teenage smile while he bags all the customer’s grocceries. / I casually glance at him and study his movements as I s… North Wind I turned South / Followed my heart to hotter regions / Was broken by it’s warm betrayals, false promises / It’s sundrenched smi… Silent Thunder thunder past my windows …silent black thunder, …thundering, thundering past for getting sick the wind blowing / leaving icicles on tailpipes / freezing the puddles as we walk into the wind It is a beautiful day , the breeze within the air / feels so cleansing and free against my skin / i feel your fingers touch the palm of my … Of Red Dust and Wind But I have remembered now!. listening to the wind in darkness, / listening to the wind, / scouring the earth, mountains and seas, / restless as tired limbs / tossed and turned / in the bed … A Boy King A child sits / On a distant rooftop / His eyes wide / Smile bright / As he looks across the town / And claims / His right. Healing Rays …..As I am warmed by it’s gentle heat / The facade I consider to be my defence for survival, melts. whispering i once loved you so the words i would have written / were only fond memories along on the way / to this place i now am tittering from / high above the grou… These Remain The summer songs are all but gone / As winter mist ensnares the sky / Breathe, the angels whisper now / To still the thought that I might d… ON LUCKS WHIM It may present as a cool breeze / Or roar in devestation / But every once in a while / Even the wind gets lucky Die Erde. Öffnet sich. Florale Landschaften. / Erscheinen. / Aus dem Nichts. / Im Licht. / Eines ewigen Werden / und Sterben. / Durchbrechen sie die Kruste / de… Whispering The Wind. ushering whispers of meaning / onto the wings of eagles Wind off the Ocean Come sit and hear a sober tale / Of how the wind and water meet / Though neither force shall e’er prevail / And neither shall admit d… Within the wind as the sun spread hot sunbeams along / my back ,from nowhere a cool wind wrapped itself / around my naked legs and arms,goose bumps / su… wind memories i am climbing a ladder / a rusting gutter falls / something else extinct / where fingertips / touch another hexavalent substrate / but my e… the wind has the wisdom i was listening / as the wind rocked the rooftops, / and pulled the stems / from the stakes. / i was listening, / as the end of season bean… Some Futile Minute Grey-brown clouds smudged across the sky / The bitter wind, it tastes of ash / Something stings my nostrils / A breath through my mouth / C… The you I knew Will your sparkle ever return / And smile the way, where my heart burns Begin to Dream Begin to dream / Eyes wider than before / Feel the wind blow / There is peace here. Whistles on the wind That Turtle Mountain Rugaroo. / The Rez’ Grim Reaper. / Coming to collect his pay because she whistled loudly at the lights. Amorphous me I don’t know. / Maybe it was the dark / that twisted my brain / into a thundering cloud, / but I couldn’t see anything. / It w… Wind of Change Buying their Pheasant and Venison, from Waitrose or another shop, / they think it’s killed humanely, without the firing of a single shot. Catching Waves … “Here and there, and back again, catching waves as they roll in with a greeting. / Unfurl them selves with story” ‘n Koue front Snerpend stoei die wind / bolwang straat-af. / Gekreukelde koerante / wapper en klou aan beton Another Conversation with Norman You once told me that, “Our conversations are our prayers.” Passionate Desire burning desire into a storm of / which i cannot control, as we / make passionate kisses into Within the shadows of oness revolving hands of time and circumstance / preparing within the sea’s of adventure / as i dance amongst the white caps of fury / i w… Elysium Change is inevitable in the eye of the knowing. a whiff in the wind Have you ever just caught a scent in the air and in a instant, / just for a split second, / you are immersed in… You are my candle within the wind……&#… For when you have this melting feeling / you will feel the warmth ,radiating / from my heart to yours. / You are my candle within the wind Everything enveloped the wind. It’s not a race / But the excuse of learning / The lessons within life / It pours out from your inner beauty force / Oozing out the r… Calm As Dusk As dusk sets in / and the light sinks back to the sea, / / quiet feathers flutter. / The wind catches white, black. For A Moment For a moment / We were together / Building a life / Happily / But it was all in my head / Just a day dream / A small hope / An easy picture… precious heart you have p r i c e l e s s time / on your side Friction Field The wind, on this blue night, / is howling like a banshee, / sad voices carried on it. As the Wind blows Below your feet is a spiral of waves, / ready to entrance you into yet, another dimension, / life is pulling you back into the hive of ever… Sanctuary Ants, earwigs, crickets hide behind blades of grass, / Find safety and seclusion under the fallen leaves of trees Butterfly Kisses ……. dancing from one red petal to the next. / I wonder if you will meet me there, / “how would i know that it would be you” And the Wind Sweeps Through …The light of early morn / does paint / it’s foothills dark, / it’s summit faint… Warm wind Just the warm wind / Like a kiss / From the childhood / Makes it all good Walking Into the Wind i go into the gentle wind… / a feeling of holding / hHere, where nature wears / autumn quietly, seeming to beckon / to spiritual refl… Hallucinogenic Soundtrack with things going on in the world Fighting Gales …Because we’re here? / Quite high up here? / On slanted slate / from earth below. / (Quite far below) / That I hold my fear / l… The breeze from the wind i ask the wind"would you please do me a favor" / the wind replied and said"what could i possibly / do for you on such a glo… The Truth about the Wind A boat sits / on the Hudson / teething the water / that’s as soft / as a baby’s cheek, / clinging to / and longing for…… Intercession In twilight of night I understand / The sacrifices time demands / As the sun sets upon the land / Close I my eyes and fold my hands / Soon … The Gull Below the wand’ring gull, atop yon bluffs / Doth lie a man, a hermit, beard and all / Recumbent, propped with hand on cheek, he looks / Wit… The Sea Breeze upon my skin Gazing at the evening glory / I smell the breeze upon my skin BLOWING IN THE WIND I have driven Harley’s most of my adult life. / But when I think of days gone by before I met my wife, / I remember the first bike I built,…
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