Civil madness This life she leads / Must present the front / Where nobody / Would ever know / That inside / She screams / And shouts the rage / That sh… My Finest Muse I mop my tears of ink with sheets of loose leaf, / attempting to staunch my bleeding psychology. / And the carnivore inside all of us licks… Bone/Back~Broken/Bent I am fucking finished. / Finished with your excuses, / your bullshit / and your matching and well thought out words… / just luggage&… Idle Minds Venting Five steps forward, / and the sun is shining on the right side of my face / bracing me with warmth / that becomes unsettling like an awkwar… A River Runs through Us Throw us in a room and lock the door. Let us hash it out / in our feline ways. No batting of eyelashes to win favour. / No crying on shoul… Venting thoughts and feelings Does honesty of thought cause irrevokable emotional damage? / I feel the need to express sometimes, / although all my thoughts don’t … bring your life jacket the wind is blowing between our secrets, / and the time we could have shared. / the breeze here carries all that I’ve given, / it’s p… practice what you preach so how am i supposed to rise above my mistakes, / when i can’t see through the smoke swirling about my head / as i smolder here, teth… Escape somedays i get overwhelmed / all the things / i must / should / want to do / yet never get around to / too busy / too tired / too stressed… Before its All Over and Done With You Shall Feel … Drag me to hell / So I can fuck the devil up / Piss in the lake of fire / And put to rest the demons that keep me up Emotional bulimia Have you ever realised / that everything you miss / is not all that special / or good to begin with? / Vomiting away my days, / it feels l… Venting Empty platitudes, ideology and rhetoric ◘ ANGRY!!!!! ◘ Zigs and Zags / chokes and gags / ban the cheer / serenity is not here ‘Rmembr2/4get’ If this is, ‘just life’; / then, well you know what? / Fuck life. / This tale of two cities / is getting a little old. / These … VENTING Just keeping it real bad news Only yesterday I was talking about wanting a big family / About how I’d keep going until my body gave up / I never thought it would g…

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of venting writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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