Let Yourself Be Known This image presented / a shield / social construction / mother / wife / sister / father / husband / brother / daughter / son / grandchild /… Unlocked This mind / such a beautiful thing / this secret / so strong / the ability to speak / by touch / alone I love your Face I love / Your Face / Though I have never seen it / I have felt it Chase Hair-raising / breath-catching / stomach-flipping / throat-tickles / eyes-tear / sound-distorts / hands-shake / body-vibrates Can You Feel What I Am Thinking? Not far to go / proximity / so terribly near / lips find purchase / nothing more / need be said Midnight Grain All between the telling lines, / where textures live unwilling; / where the blurred star still shines / and the spaces all need filling.… these moments to tenderly unwrap and touch he places this in that part of him / where the most precious of memories he keeps old touch hear the stones hiss, / listen, / listen to this, / o! all the signs / have lead to this, / sweet and idle, / the world revolves / and we a… ‘Swoon (Part II)’ An’ aside the salt I swear I could taste the very sunshine on your skin, your breath came in with the tide an’ went out some ti… ‘VOID (Part IV)’ I awoke this morning thinking about possession. / The image of some raven-haired goddess fading from the fog-bound shores of my fledgling c… One Touch in that splash of brilliant light / and you kissed like fire / and loved like a thunderstorm Esophagus Knot I found parts of you still in my body / at the same time / I found the familiar lumps in my throat. / If only I could iron them out / cares… touch VII we took off layers, / as the night warmth grew / fat and heavy. / pushed down into the fibres / half sleeping / half restless, / the needle… Intensity We begin to feel…! / A little less than real…! / Sparks are flying, / We are climbing, / Higher and higher still…! Touch A loving touch / So gentle and kind / A lyrical arch / Your body and mine / Transcending the present / A song without words / With tender … I like being the bed you lay so comfortably in Cough outside through the cold and the smoke / while I lay in the road and choke on exhaust: / I’m melting / with slush islands in t… Reach Out & Touch Somebody In a world governed by global trade, productivity and the worship of the mighty dollar, it would seem there has never been a time where hum… Alight from the touch of Earth Tredding earthly sod, earthbound creatures glance about. / Those whom by nature are limited by the mystery of gravity. / Some walk, some … Take me away, Love There is this girl I know / with hair, golden, / in perfect hue / like a sunset over sand dreams / of easy east coast beaches / she sees in… as if hidden create. create all you can be. be creative. be daring. be you. i will walk with you, and you will walk with me. touch …… “At first you rage against the darkness. / Refuse to accept that it is where you will spend the rest of your life. / Frustration fo… the touch a touch is all it takes / to connect me with you / your smile is all it takes / to make me smile in return / your look is all it takes / to… sometimes the lightest touch so fragile, this life / of balancing / always teetering / on the edge of the unknown / so easy to lose oneself / to falter / and fall into … touch you want to touch, / to hold in your hands / and with your arms embrace / and grasp, / but perhaps some things / were never meant / for g… Allure Me I like the way / the cigarette caressed / between your desirable lips / dances with the words you speak, / as if your vernacular / has a rh… Bring back the love Bring back the love. / Bring back the song. / Bring back the sweet smelling embrace. / Bring back the sticky delightful kisses of love. / … his warming touch his fingers slowly reach into the dark / and softly brush across her skin / gently she wakes and stirs / offers her valleys and her peaks /… Blue touch paper. Looking won’t do! / without a mirror you are gazing into fog! / turn inwards and create what you love! / it is a place of beauty!… a simple touch of our fingertips As i glanced within the far reaching oblivion / of a late afternoon sky, eye’s tired of restlessness, / a lightning bolt startled my … that in i mixed with you you know that already / you knew all along I’ve missed his touch i missed him, my muse / my handsome, sexy muse / he left me all alone / to dwell in silence / my brain was numb / my fingers raw / from al… A Dream of You Here, on the other side of things / Where the dreams gather to rest / I met a Dream of You To Touch a Lion’s Tail Joyous moments followed by my grief stricken episodes. / Psychotic driven mayhem, I pray you will wake from your clouds of confusion. / Lov… Golden I feel good that he takes care of us / us, with speckles in the eye / not golden / but blue / or green A Touch Away That faceted those mesmerizing beads between succulent / Skin. Find safety and sanctuary temporary in the luscious tendrils / Dangling abo… Embraceable Us Hug " Piccola e fragile . Merry Christmas and Ha… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013. Touch femme fatale, touch will kiss yr mouth for years at a time O how she tastes sweet kiss a death I Want Your Sex . Brown Sugar & Evita KittyCa… Sex . Brown Sugar & Evita KittyCat. featured in The Silky Touch. Mreoww Just want to curl up / Like a cat / In a tightly wound ball. / Don’t come near me, / Don’t touch me, / Don’t bother me. /… Moved I fly now / It is your how / I will not ask why / I like it up high Writing Lies “The best kind of love is one which ceases to end.” / I smell whiskey on the softness in your voice at the nape of my neck, / the words tra… A Touch… A touch of nostalgia / has spoken to me / as I slipped into / the heart of being / a gift it was / this treasure unadorned / while perusi… “Chanson D’Amour – Love Song. b… Chanson D’Amour – Love Song. by Doctor Faustus," was featured in The Silky Touch. touch illuminated by a smile, / or the reflected light in your eyes, / the flickering room, / adjusts and bends time, / beneath your hands. / old… Memory’s Gentle Touch (For Dad) / memory…gentle touch / on the quiet mind / from golden country / of the next life…you come / my dad…my true fr… Title of the day except / perhaps / a symphony / of your smile / I am drawn to Touch of Autumn gulls pulsate insistently… / a beckoning cold touch… / autumn…fallen leaves / frail as humanity pausing / on the horizon … “Jesus Christus Super Star . by Doctor Faus… “Jesus Christus Super Star . by Doctor Faustus …..Amen !” was featured in The Silky Touch Black Jaffa ." was featured in The Silky Tou… Black Jaffa ." was featured in The Silky Touch. Inspiration Be inspired. Kiss me not Kiss me not / Passionately / Nor touch me / Physically / Give me no / Heart-piercing / Eye contact / Write me no / Love drenched letters /… Embraceable you let go / you won’t fall / you’re not alone / there’s me / my arms around you / my heart next to your heart / there’… touch reach me / how you want to / because… / i’m waiting patiently / for the you i’ve never met / to get in touch Another Conversation with Norman You once told me that, “Our conversations are our prayers.” Tender Touch Tender Touch / When the moment was all waiting / When the tender touch was sent / When the work was all lost debating / And wasted paying y… the lightness of touch as the land rises, as we crest, / and as all then is laid before us, / and as we take it in turns to rest, / so i am engulfed by / the eme… Human touch No, not all / it’s way too much / I just need a profile, a wink / A simple human touch time stopped thru raindrops i’ll know you are / here / with me / touching me / with your unknown AN ANGEL’S TOUCH. It was Wednesday morning service / in the church next to the school / and Helen sat next to you / in the old wooden pew / her eyes peeri… Smell What do you see? / What do you taste? / What do you hear? a single embrace as pieces inside of you / are ebbing, are fading, / you learn how to be alive my Heavenly Qi Take me with you / My Heavenly Qi Touched. Convenience, a dream. Through my eyes…a touch of her. She sang like a lovers whisper across my skin, / Bringing warmth and a smile to my face. / She danced barefoot under the moon, / Reminding … Charon I do equations / on your back / solve all our / world problems / with words I’ve / traced into skin In the Dark. (erotic) and i reach for you, / the softness of skin, / in the dark, / i am blind, / but my hands know the way. / From fingers, / to arms, / silk to… out of touch, in touch untouchables i am the second to last / william shakespeare of destiny’s child / the dreams of one / who has never seen the pain / never quite touc… A dream I had a dream / You took me under your wing / Everything feels good now At the bottom of the sea, please forget about me Was it the alcohol? / Working your vocal chords / like a hand puppet, / reaching from your screaming liver / up to your screaming desire / … …[…denial of smile…]… every day I touch something what reminds me of me. yet, I keep forgetting who I am. / it is so easy to neglect abundance of happiness. / i… What is love? A look, a kiss, a touch, a hug? / A laugh, a smile, a thought, a drug? / A pain, a sigh, a tear, a cry? / A sin, a dream, a fear or lie? Her No door can stay closed. / No wall can stand in my way. / From loving you. / Shoving out the bad. / Digging up the good. Silent Touch Perfection Ocean Sun Eyes Twilight as crazy as you imagine me / as crazy as you / in your forest / that smiles with your sound / i see you / don’t go / touch me again / in only a second / …i… same wind connect with me now / in your mirrored / reflection / where a thought / can send / just a ripple, / transfixed / send me a part / of you / … Always From an invisible / Intangible, internal space / From the frameless depths / Of your Soul / You See / You Heal big brother can’t touch this The interconnection / thing is definitely for real. / I can’t believe it. It’s so fantastic! / But it’s also / nothing sp… Breaking our Eyes My fingers as bright / As a butterfly, / Feathering and slight, / Slow like a soft sigh / In the moon-glow night. / The white of your thigh… Before You The way you hold, it offers me a light / A brilliance, strong, that serves to give so much TOUCH It was you / The Gypsy’s mark / So many years ago / In innocent times Touch my face Touch my face / feel as i rest / against your palm / a woman’s / neither young nor old / balanced between / maiden and crone / soft y… Intimacy of Touch and Dreams Of my left hand I place its palm upon my heart / Of my right hand I place its palm upon yours / Our hearts beat, you give a start; / You b… simple as this all i want is to feel loved… / to be felt by someone again / and kissed / like my lips / were the last / she’d ever / taste. In Touch with Reality! Reality, a face of life that I sometimes deny / Trying to ignore what daily comes somehow / With mindset to flee, and leave what’s … Two worlds bridged A lifetime shared / Though fleeting / Is profound. / At the very last / An echo / Is that shadow / Where once two worlds / Were bridged. You Better Touch IT… … by barely touching IT. / :) touch across distance So many people, so close / I feel a thousand miles away / All things being relative / There must be another who feels what I see? / Approac… Impossibly Much You gave my heart / the Midas touch. / How is it possible / to love this much? OCO (OCD) Books lined up / like soldiers of Rome, / they need to be ready and fit. What becomes of love? I long for his touch / And his tenuous first words / With skin cocoa brown / Eyes black as night / His body caresses with gentle delight / … virgin love, the royal touch He, the royal bloody in Beijing. I love him and Beijing… last touch she traced the veins on his arms / a gentle sadness settled into her heart / her sorry eyes were downcast / as her whispered words tore him… Ripples Your touch dissolves me / liquefies me / makes me melt against your skin / and I fall like honey flows / upon your flesh / filling in the c… Dearest, My friend…If …I have heard those times where we knew we were not alone… Human Touch See me / with your fingertips / each curve / every line
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