Click for Adventure I did close my eyes at the last second but when I opened them I was no longer 70 million years in the past but on a grass covered hillside,… ‘Spacing’ This here place we find, is where gunfighters come to fly; sinking streams of velvet gold an’ howlin’ pon the rise. / Advanced … Star Crossed There were reasons for the rules…. ‘Volley’ Like bodkin-tipped-cloth-yards loosed en masse through the night, toward targets on the same field; our trajectories carry us seemingly so … ‘Devotion’ I traversed the bridge across the sky, conviction in my stride. No divide I’ve come against has lived it’s reputation. / The th… dream diary -poem from another time and place looking back in all the years too far to know…. when and where / breathing in life to the grandest and all the fresh air / a sea goe… the astronauts prison side by side / whispering lovely words that would / grow into song / moans and growls filling the cathedral walls / with our devotionals… Another Night Reflects (A Sonnet) Another day, another night reflects / An emptiness and so has been the norm / And in this time I feel my heart defects / If tears could fal… Career Day you’ve got to believe me ‘Eras’ Scale of population irrespective, the world is uniformly empty at this strange hour. / Eras keep ending as I walk away from the critical ma… Dr. Then Renounces Professionalism cotton dark nerve damage Within a circle of time within the blasphemy of / the worlds politicians / travel at the speed of light / within a matter of seconds ‘Leave of Absence’ Took myself out the equation; / Let it work itself out. / Oriented North, / In the cartographic sense. / Endless thousand moments spill / u… Chronocavia (Time travel short story) ‘Hah! Wednesday? Wednesday? We left Wednesday downstairs by the door! It’s Saturday, brother!’ He marched right over the red line fro… Helium Balloons In The Sunset or candles kept lit in huntington apartments i want to sleepwalk with you that maybe you were real once / or maybe you were only my dream / or something that invades / our reality from time to time / just to fu… exit wounds if i squint my eyes enough / and discard my articles / i will be naked enough not to freeze Favorites up and down fourteen stairs, but i’ve landed thirteen. ‘Recon’ We came in under cover of the rainstorm. Echoes flaring brightly in the vapour; lightning surges immolate, the shallows of my mind. / I sto… Empty Winter a brief return to the cinema Journeys Spluttering in the rain, James stood to gather his breath. It was late and the streets lay silent, apart from the whirr of flickering stree… flightless birds they still see me / through the portal of time / maybe they can travel / beyond death ‘Tripping’ We soared into the firmament, to chase the fleeting dark. The dice now thrown we surged forward, away from breaking dawn. ‘The Transit Measure [iT.1]’ Far above and well below. / Dark as deep and clear across, / pressing forward through waking light; / to permeate our dreams. / I was lande… Time And Again (a screenplay) Henry is on crowded train station waiting for train. The train begins to enter the station when suddenly a young, pretty girl grabs Henry b… A STEP OUT OF TIME I first saw you in Timbuktu / Then in a poop bar in Katmandu? / Travelled to Cairo in a Jeep / I saw you lying in a colourful heap. Doctor Who Fan Based Short Opening Chapter Opening for a fan based short for Doctor Who. What time is time? There’s never enough time. / And the timing’s always wrong Freedom’s just another word That’s a pretty scary thought, What if this is it and I’ve spent my whole adult life striving for this? Time Travel They say / In time travel / To be fair and just / Do not tamper / With history / Do not be noticed / Or be a catalyst / And what of the act… Inventor of World’s First Time Machine Dies Dr. Bryant Jeffers, inventor of the first working Time Machine®, passed away last Monday in the year 1519. Flowers can be sent to the year … restless the church clock chimes / reminding me of the hour / it falls out of synch, / out of time, barely noticed, / so / gradual. / the day remai… ‘Seamless (Part III)’ Breaking through translation, defying any logic; tearing free from your restraint to touch what’s truly real. ‘Seamless (Part II)’ All the rest had gone to war, stars were long since fallen. Nothing you had known-since had ever kept you safe. ‘Seamless (Part I)’ The hues below a wildfire, splashed across the land. I dabbed my sight in deepest blue, to elucidate the vision. Life can be very tough !!! The down sides of moving away from the country you were born. Time Travel Last night we time traveled / I closed my eyes / And fell asleep in my bed / You closed your eyes / And fell asleep in your bed / I woke u… Time travel with proof!!!….. Click to view He Was there All The Time (A true story) Sometime in the mid 90’s my wife and me along with her brother took a trip to Montana. / I built one of those put together trailers f… ‘Forty Two’ Ambling through the space / between tomorrow and the now, / I wonder at you, love. / Is yours merely a role to play, / to be conveyed by se… Around the world in 80 days… My creative imagination at work. / This is my first shot at creating my “own” Power Point slide presentation. Travelin’ To You. Traveling,rising to where the eagle waits to guide me. Time travel I am in motion. / Time is an illusion. It is I, the consciousness within this body that is moving, not time. Measurements of time exis… Mine One day you got on a ship and left. I wasn’t even there. I didn’t get to wave goodbye while standing on the pier, but I was still left behi… Sir Ralph Beef Wellington and the Incredible Loop… ‘You’re insane Ralph,’ Charlie told him. ‘It’ll never work.’ / Two years later and he was half right. Charlie knew the man was bonkers. Cra… Not Where but When * note form the author: this is a work in progress, if you could read it and tell me what its missing that would be great orriginally writt… Stepping out of time This happened in ‘97 or ’98. This happened when i was laying in bed. I had a very intense feeling of euphoria. It was light a… Poor Hank Fish The portal back to her own time would be closing soon. Ben had stressed the impossibility of being able to come back and get her if she mis… ‘One’ Could it be that I am found / in the path of duality; / leading to union? / [External correlation follows.] / My darkest hour, / came not a… The Hill-Go-Boing Man Our time is just part of a great circle and we can never really own it. To think we can is just an illusion we choose to embrace. The best … A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN.(14) Time Traveller It made me think that time must have gone much slower back in History. This was History, I felt a tingle inside my head, I felt different l… ‘The Leaving’ It tears at my heart, / but I can’t heed it. / I have to turn and run. / I cannot ever stand / the thought of a retreat, / but some t… ‘Simultaneity’ “travel is the spanning / of two points in space. / time and space: / around the center, / curve the points into ‘as one’… / no space; no t… In the courtyard stood a smallish statue In the courtyard stood a smallish statue, roughly of just the right size to be best abused by children and dogs, which had, at one time, b… this time We work in seconds not hours. / We think it’s all chocolates and flowers. Time Travel i was a cloud hiding from the sun / wanting to melt / under its unbearable gaze / wanting to lay / on the bed of nature below / wanting to … The party Is Over…. You have been traveling down a one way street. / That will only take you to your personal defeat. / It all starts out having fun with your … Free verse account of time in Fremantle It began with a dress… / Patterned and adorned with flowers, buttoned and braced. Broke; on the plane to the West. / A companion. I s… Orwell That Ends Well… Toward the back of the lecture theatre a figure fought to conceal a smile. It was a losing battle, and James O’Connell, second year arts un… Black Rock Cave One day a man was going to camp in a cave. in death vally. He set up his sleeping bag. Then it started to rian, and then lightning struck i… The Dress Lace. Silk. Tiny crystal beads. This dress had everything. / Belle eyed the ornate antique dress in the shop window, a soft sigh of delig… Third Time Plucky (Show of Hands at the Albert Ha… The gallant band, the motley crew / Gathered over days / Thinking of those things to come / In their own endearing ways. / The Tonkins all … The Will of the Watch Part 1: Murder, Mayhem and … THE WILL OF THE WATCH: PART 1 / MURDER, MAYHEM AND OTHER FUN ACTIVITIES / PROLOGUE / With a thunderous clang the mighty hammer struck a sma… The Monkey’s Truth Okay. There’s this chick who works for NASA. / she looks after the monkeys there. / Names one ‘God’ because she’s r…

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