Poem – My Life – Three Score and ten My wife says that I am bragging / When I tell the things I’ve done / But I am proud of my achievements / So why not tell someone. ten twenty thirty today i have ten years distance / between now and the last time / you placed her in my way / when i sat on the edge of your / hospital bed … Artist of the Month, Top Ten Winner, Permanent Fe… Art Installation – Artist of the Month – Artists Universe / Going Home – Top Ten Winner in Colour Blue – WOmen Pain… j’darwin re donna 19’s ’’… life always rewards / appreciation / always there as well / . / juddarwin What is Christianity? Christianity is not a religion. / Man made religion to boast about his goodness. / In the Beginning God created the Heavens and / the eart… A poem is a lone rose surrounded by the beauty o… A poem is a lone rose surrounded by the beauty of ten thousand dandelions! / ……………………̷… Ten Fifty-One to Eleven ’s a hum-drum thing now, being ten fifty-three / when I don’t know what do with eyes, now too blurry to see The Bloodaxe Saga Book Three: Chapter Ten Chapter Ten / (Unlikely Allies) / Arnaald prepared to dismount and the stranger held up a staying hand declaring, “Hold. You’ll be told whe… BALI – ten years on Sleep / sleep / sleep / so I can awaken / behind these weeping eyes / to find you again. TOP TEN Placement in the Heroes & Villains Ch… TOP TEN Placement in the Heroes & Villains Challenge. / A World Of EOS Misspelled Word Turned Into A Joke The typo incident did get me a little irritated , but gave me a idea for a short joke. The Promise: Chapter Ten (Mature) Ten Commandments According to George Here is a list of laws that are necessary as I see it. / 1. You may own and carry guns, but you may not kill me with them. / 2. I may have … The Ten Steps to Recovery… i think it doesn’t end with hope because ten years after i’ve been holding on to this feeling for 10 too many years / bottled up the fire till the cider and the smoke cleared / and i, i , i … Hallucinogenic Soundtrack with things going on in the world ten years we were married, / the blossom of cherry / was blown and collected / snow and spindrift agains the old / town walls. / history played host … My Ten Best Friends Hand – some. Ten Year Run I am at once inquisitive and afraid, / I want you too. THE TEN COMMANDMENTS-Gods Laws and Eternal Charac… 2. Thou Shalt Not Worship Any Graven Image / Sins of Speech / 3. Thou Shalt Not Take The Name of the Lord thy God In Vain / See Dt. 19 … Ten Flight Fall You were the question to an answer / Before the yes became a cancer / And so began this fantasy / A tortured dream that could never be Ten Pound Tourists Hundreds of migrants line the rails like thousands have before, / Wondering what awaits them on this vast and unknown shore. ten feet my expectations are ten foot tall / so catch me before i hit the wall / and fall / my standards are ten feet high / ready to move past the … I am thrilled to be a Top Ten Finalist in Urban C… Thank you so much year ten enigma Yellow headed girl / who are you really? Why’d your mama send you / out / on your own / without her? / … 9/11 – ten years of recovery well it hasnt been ten years for me. / it still seems like 5 miserable minutes ago. / high up in the air / all of a sudden, paralyzing fear… Ten years Gone Ten Years Gone / Mothers/ / in picture frames/ / and fathers/ / honored in absentia/ / sons and daughters/ / athiests and priests/ / red ba… TEN YEARS…A RIVER OF TEARS Has it really been ten long years, / Since the whole world stood in tears? / When bodies burned amidst confusion / At first, it seemed a st… ten tin fingers ten tin fingers / stab my woolly mind / jarring me to seek out / what I forgot to find, my life / in the falling leaves / reflected in poo… Top Ten Challenge Winner Placed in the top ten in Squirrels and Chipmunk “Tails Up” challenge. I am so honored, my thanks to the people that voted!!!!!!! sunset ten doubt always clings to the high parts, / the final finger place / the last part within reach. / before we tip ourselves over / into the new… Ten Minutes One minute for a long lingering hug / Two minutes for your hands to touch / Three minutes for your fingers to lock / Four minutes to be pul… Of ten thousand tomorrows Would you lay with me / through the teeming night / sweet with angels and rain / until the sun streaming dawn / sings in every open windo… James (this makes chapter ten) question status: My Ten Cuts My ten cuts / Most people don’t know my pain, my agony, my depression, my hate, and / most of all my cuts.. I cut to feel alive, to … i forgive you for months i lay prostrate / my weeping face given to God / plastered eyes / against the dirty flesh of my hatred / the joy i should have f… Ten paces Ten paces, / then turn around, / Ten paces , / feet touching ground, / if i look back, / look into his eyes, / i won’t be strong enou… My TOP TEN + CHALLENGE WINNERS IN 2011 Horse and Rider; Avatar Challenge: / Cee’s Fun Nikon Group – High Quality Photography; Nikon – The Color Purple: / Down … The Chosen Ten by Roman Krimker, Artist and Philo… The only eternal thing in the universe is… a quick ten word romance A look… a smile… a moment… a connection of souls Polaris smite Dark, Lonely. Four+Ten. Proceed with your way and I continue mine; if only we met. FEATURED ART and TOP TEN challenges in the YEAR … Featured art and TOP TEN in 2010 Maybe When I Wake Up please do not bother to worry with the i won’t tell you, a choice between amounts of sleep and don’t let ‘em tell you fic… excerpted from Ten Days On The Cape Hold me. Love me. I am your forever. / But only if you sound the depth / of your dreams with the voice / of your past. What do I hope to achieve in ten years time? In ten years time, everything will be different. In ten years, I will almost be thirty years old. / In ten years time, I’m going to have a… One’s Dysfunctional, Unhealthy, and Indirec… A short, heartwarming story about one becoming ten, only for ten to wish to be one. Silent Soldier- Chapter Ten The drive back seemed to take forever; faces flashing through my head- no sleep… Every damn time I closed my eyes, all I saw was her face… … Ten Thousand Hearts As I look in your eyes / When that feeling starts / That I couldn’t love you more / If I had TEN THOUSAND hearts! Nine and Ten (Mature) Two Thousand and Ten Longing for there secret knowledge am i… Ten Minutes out of Today I went to the supermarket today. / I listened to the Radio on the way. Triple J. / They were talking about lazy eyes and were describing a … Ten Years Across The Limpopo …he talks of / getting stung / in between the thighs / of beautiful / money squandering Mzansi women… Three Score and Ten — The Power of Modern M… “Threescore and ten I can remember well: / Within the volume of which time I have seen / Hours dreadful and things strange; but this sore… Ten cardboard boxes and a jilted bride. She’d taken several things that didn’t belong to her but she wanted them anyway and besides, he owed her more than just a few expensive gad… Saw My Soul Mate At Ten My story started 1956. / She is now married, (1978) with two girls / My Love for her is a part of me to this day. Eight Nine Ten Shun / Our intelligence / Bleeds a ………. a….. a…. / Bout time / The wall / Shook up??? Awkward times ten *So here comes the mother-load of all no no’s on a date…he says, and I quote… “I get erections easily”… Six and Ten I feel you too. ‘What I Am [Yet to be Seen]’ It took ten-thousand lifetimes / to piece this back together. / The final shard I only found / within this fleeting year. / Memories and dr… ten til 11 Lips slightly parted / exhaling a little / as hazel eyes slowly close / and unadorned fingers slide / into the back pockets. Ten things I thank my Dad for on this Father̵… 1. thanks Dad for marrying mom….you made a great couple the 60 plus years you were married…and you and mom produced 4 pretty co… Top ten placements until April 2010 Hi folks! / Not to brag, but it no longer fits on my homepage! / Most recent first. Please click on image to view / … Day ten How all the bad things have become a friend / So lost and lonely it becomes day ten / It’s all i know these dark mind days / I’… MY TOP TEN WINNERS Shapes & Patterns; Patterns in RED ,GREEN or RED & GREEN combined: / EUROPA; NEDERLANDS AUTUMN: / The Weekend Photographer; Reflect… Top ten placements until March 2010 Hi folks! / Not to brag, but it no longer fits on my homepage! / Most recent first. Please click on image to view / … Jainus Sinclair (part eight, nine, ten) Jainus sat on the flight unsure of what to expect. The weather was pleasant enough but there was something in the air. First thing this mor… 3 Features & A finish in the Top Ten I would like to thank the people who voted for Dargie Looking Beautiful in the Challenge run by APBT for the March front Page. / Also thank… Ten Past Tomorrow I told them the truth; / they called me crazy / I begged they would listen; / they called me crazy / I warned them of the world; / they cal… TEN KINDS OF TEMPTATION YOU TALK SO HIP GIRL, YOU TALK SO COOL / I SEE YOU ALL THE TIME HANGING AROUND AT SCHOOL / I WAS THINKING I MIGHT, I WAS THINKING I WILL / … TWENTY TEN Back in one thousand nine hundred and ten / the people got lazy and chose there and then / to call that year by a simpler name / so ninetee… Ten Seconds and Counting She had a dream / which woke her up / it made her weep confused tears / for a while / till she realised / there was time for grief. / She … before the clock strikes ten drowning in a sea of forgetfullness / this is how i choose to live / blinded by the sands of time / there’s a tiny little line / draw… Ten cent pride Pizza box lay across your lap / Half drunk bottle of wine / And a satisfied smile / But I’ve got to ask / What are you celebrating for? / T… “SHADOWS TIMES TEN” A head-ache … / A loss of breathe … / A mid-night sickness / Is coming to town / With his friend / Madness … / Beyond ens… top ten albums for the 2000’s My Dying Bride – The Lies I Sire / DarkThrone – Dark Thrones and Black Flags / Slipknot – Vol 3 (The Subliminal Verses) / Porcupine Tree – … What keeps me up just ten minutes longer No one has ever been more in love. No one ever will be. Beware the Coven (Chapter Ten) “Edna, I was there that night of the fire so many years ago. I watched the school and the church burn…I was the reason it burned to the gr… Year Ten English Essay Romeo and Juliet Tragic end? Is death not the greatest act of devotion one can perform for another to prove their love for them, if not, then what is? The Ten Commandments of Marriage 7- everything is hers / 8- nothing is yours / 9- she can go wherever she wants / 10- you can go wherever she wants Top ten and feature A top ten and a feature this week. / I’m very honored and it’s a great pleasure for me to share my pictures with all the member… Unfolded Blood Unfolded Blood / “Linda”. / “I’m terribly sorry, Linda. Are you alright?” / He helped me get on my feet. The ache suddenly wrapped me. / “W… In the top ten I’m very honored to be in the top ten of live and let live group / Keep on going and many thanks you for your excellent work, withou… Thank you Friends For The challenge Win And Ten … Thank you for the winner in Barns And Grist Mills And Covered Bridges “Autumn Barn” ! in the top tens 1. in Carousel Enchant… Ten apologies Push me out of an aeroplane / And I will still love you so 5 Days, 9 Features and a Top Ten position..Thank … I really have no words to express my gratitude to the hosts of the groups who featured the images shown below, and to the folks who voted f… Placed in the Top Ten – Cuties From The Zoo I’M JUST A TEDDY BEAR placed in the top ten the challenge “Cuties from the Zoo” in the All Soft and Cuddlies Group…… got a feature and ( won )“seasons contest on my c… got a feature and ( won )“seasons contest on my child’s art” top ten winner!… my top ten horror films The Exorcist (US, 1973, William Friedkin) / The Shining (US, Stanley Kubrick) / The Thing (US, 1982, John Carpenter) / The Descent (UK, 200… Yah…" Color and Curl, Made the top ten in Extreme Close-up group challenge . Thank you to all who voted. The Ten Days of You Ten days ago I saw your charming smile at the subway station, / You were talking to some friends and I too felt your sensation. / I stood u… ten years ago ~ what has changed … what has… It is on this day, ten years ago, that I was dancing … dancing with blissful abandon … dancing in celebration / Celebration &#… Apart for ten years, the reunion. Feelings almost seven years old, / Still together today / Very much in Love. Another Top Ten! Have just found out I have another “Top Ten” with my picture of a Miniature Shetland Foal. This was entered into the Pets Are U… Wow Another Top Ten And A Feature 8-04-09 Thank you all of you who voted for “Sliding On The Water Slide” in Your Accepted ! Thank you hosts of the Trees Group for f… A Top Ten and A Feature On 7-22-09 Thank you all of you in Happy Have Photography That voted for my “Flowers In A Vase” ! Thank you hosts in Statues And Such…
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