morning meeting your flame-red cloak – it taunts me! / i am no bull prepared to charge / at anything that stands before me. / i can’t; i am a coward of th… Casting the Cards The doctor’s child is sick, / the shoemaker’s unshod / and the prophetess terminally ignorant of her own fate. tarot card reading I said I needed some guidance / and wondered if she remembered / me from my last reading. She seemed / flustered, just as she did before. B… and I shall see the wings of birds and I shall / see the wings of / birds / as gossamer / leaves Bewitched by Tarot I looked to the centre of the room and saw a woman proudly displaying a clay vagina she had just made. Another Turn of the Wheel (Mature) y2k according to tarot y2k / vv/b/k (according to the tarot, torah, hebrew letters) / 66/2/11 (corresponding tarot numbers) / 12 + 1/2/2011 / 13/2/2011 / or / 7/4… Techno-Age Divination! (or How to Use Your Mp3 Pl… You listen and regularly interact with [your music library] because the music is the collected soundtrack of your life. A Fool and Her Money Every time Terry turned a card, Lana felt a rush of adrenaline. This, she thought, was what it must be like to be high. On top of the world… FREE TAROT READING A Whole bunch of Tarot Card Types with some interesting Graphics / CHOOSE YOUR TAROT DECK My Friend, Alejandro Jodorowsky Alejandro Jodorowsky is a revolutionary of the creativity. His vital trayectory shows a cultivated man, passionate for Man and his develo… The Rap Of The Tarot As she turns and manoeuvres each card of charm enchanted by healing balm. / The truth, the lies, the smiles, the cries, are there for the v… Tarot: Vital Code and Archetypal Journey *For enterprising my own deepening and study I make use of the Tarot of Marseille, restaured by Philippe Camoins (direct descendent of the… Played She saw him come for her. She lay in bed with widening eyes and saw his shape fill the doorway, knife extended. Tarot: Social Aspect Of The Self No one can submmit another person’s soul…not even that of a community…unless during a long time. Life is like that…… Tarot: Meeting the “Cosmic Man” The “Self” is not just an entity related with the spiritual issues, but that it recognizes the Spirit into the Matter, in its f… Gemini With a fondness of life, / jest and pleasure / You’re a lover / of unmeasurable attention as ever / In the third sign of the zodiac… Tarot…Soul’sEvolutionMirror When talking about the water, we really imagine a well at the bottom of the being, Tarot……Symbols and Archetypes Reality, this is a sudden sparkle. So… at once… we find that we are the union of the “flesh” and the “spirit”…. Matter and Spirit. Tarot..World’sTheatre The Theatre of the World shared roles. / And then became.. The Fool, The Pope, / the Empress, The World…. Call of the Star She will infuse your cells with the glow of a new dawn / She will flow through your veins as would a mountain stream / She will open your m… Tarot ~ Map of consciousness New Group Descriptive poem All In The Numbers She loved everything mystical / they were attracted / His ceaseless tapping / She believed in preordained love / a woman wearing rhododendr… Goddess of Moods The Goddess of Moods has come to you at this time to remind you and your sacred body to rest. Even if you are … Goddess of Individuality Choosing the Goddess of Individuality is bringing a message that you must not be afraid at times to stand alone, especially … Goddess of Confidence The Goddess of Confidence is making a very important visit by coming to you at this time. She is solid… Goddess of Gratitude The Goddess of Gratitude comes to you specifically at this moment to / remind you to be grateful for the abundance and all … Conversation Are you there? / Are you listening? / Are you me? Fool’s Gold My measure of these quick thirty two years, / Written on the tiny page of my lids, / Is safe from the bailiff … Tarot The old gypsy woman was blind: her eyes were whitely opaque, yet Jim felt like she could see right into his soul. Free Spirit? Spirituality outpours / Lost in own thought / Playing hocus pocus / With life / No knowing / If spellbound deeds / Are coincidental / Or re… Dark Tarot Teaser II Kelly stared intently into Erin’s eyes. She finally caved in. / “Vampires.” Dark Tarot Teaser Kelly snapped awake with quite a start. There wasn’t a single sound in the building. The air was still. Something was definitely wrong. Ke…

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