The Lullaby of the Descending Dragon

I’ve traveled half my world and half my life / Just to hold you as you sleep / Tonight / Here in the moonlight

Sleeping Dreams

What a shallow fool I am / Expecting others to be more than man

politics \ strategy / drugs / death 2 \ p…

seeing indonesia on its own it be / witnesssing an oddity seeing both / not only reforming themselves but worse / helping reforming the oth…

Night has desended

a nutty neighbor-the idea of a log sleeping

Sleeping Beauty

so, truth is, I, not she …….

Sleeping with Treasure.

For Tony Wilder

Sleeping Beauty

The moon trails ghostly fingertips / across your skin / as you lie there / breathing slowly / in and out / lips curving / in a sleepy pout…

Sleeping With The Alien

Sleeping in the same room as others is another route to insight and understanding of how the aliens live.

even while I am sleeping . . .

Even while I am sleeping . . . / at rest / quiet on the surface / moving slowly / incrementally / scouting out / in small internal disturba…

A Taste of Stew

I flick a BiC as if it gets easier to remember all the shit I forgot. / Man, I get caught in thought, / locked between pages of my own boo…

sleeping angel

who says there are no such things as angels / one slept just across from me / warm and soft in a little cradle / and I believe she can hear…

Some Nights – Home

“At first I choose a sensible colour like cream or a clean beige tone; something not like us at all.”

While You Are Sleeping

While you sleep your thoughts are mine / Along my skin lips seek and find / Nothing like our slumbered sweets / Moments warmed in beautifu…

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping beauty melts / Softly across living sand / In search for her home

Longest Yawn

trying to room with the truth

Sleeping on the Streets

i see them… / strewn over the streets / alone on hard pavements / frail like fallen leaves… / eyes gaze upward / streams of hum…

Machine Dreaming.

..dancing in development

in dreams (poem)

the girl / who / woke with a vision / of a sky blue with clouds / that went on forever

‘Rain Dance’

These collosal office tossers; / Bait you on with their coffers. / Would not be wrongly employed, / In spending themselves up large on; / …

Where Stars Collide

Adrenaline surges, Heart pounds - / Chest heaves, Palms sweat.

my bones are dancing

and darling / i don’t even remember your name anymore

and lay

making shapes out of / the darkened floral wallpaper

sleeping with the enemy

dreaming spires of moments afraid to wake up / suddenly someday unfurled in another direction / a glimpse of desire eyes of moisture unfocu…

Dreams of Children

Such a wond’rus way / God has given / For our Love / To be Shared.

The Sleeping Dragon

he had no real story to go with it. He was not a complete loss however. He had did have a great name for his sleeping dragon.

Sleeping With the Devil

They say, “No heart holds the Devil of disguise! No heart will you ever see! As you crawl upon your belly cut raw, trailing blood across hi…

Sleeping On A Couch

Little beast of wood and leathers / filled with staples and not feathers


When talking dogs upon their birth / Come out as Democrats, / It’s when their eyes are opened, / They realize it’s not where th…

Sleeping Giants Part 7

Marcus sat and watched Marie sleep, he slowly walked around and over the giants and picked her up. He took her in his arms and laid her dow…

Fear of Sleeping

The colors of rain reflect the dreams that all humans ponder on. Dreams of floating through the black abyss, and dreams of falling off the …

No doubt you are sleeping now ……̷…

“Love will come to me / whilst you sleep so comfortably”

In Silent Places

Last night I heard a song. / A new song when the world was sleeping

by drugs i only mean sleeping pills

the drugs, the wine, the / better emotions are / false and mutually / divorced of feeling

sleeping season

cloud cover is the ceiling low / that softens us, dampened / in all my misty thoughts. / footpaths lead on through it, / destined to be al…

“While U Were Sleeping {Sarah}”

“While U Were Sleeping {Sarah}” / I read you a story, that gently laid you to sleep…. / And while you were sleeping, I sk…


It’s times like these, / I wish I stayed asleep, / when past attempts,

sleeping patch on toast

in a trunk call, Long John / pack me with your memories / in the state of realty, / i’ll pop up in / the interim; / the necessity of …

Bring you a comprehensive understanding about out…

The Internet is actually very easy to find a lot of outdoor knowledge, but here are more personal, said some small experience, was original…


He loves to watch her sleep. / Likes to hear her breathe in / And out; see her breasts rise / And fall like sleeping giants. / He likes …


languorous, laid back leisure

sleeping with the lights on

find myself lost in a straight lined maze / twisted and buckled with the cure in my hands / convulsing in joy and writhing in love / not at…

While you were sleeping

I went for a walk and contemplated our life / About that glorious day I became your wife / I thought about our hopes, and all our dreams /…

Sleeping Angels

Should I crawl / Craven with some filigree foot / Hidden forever / In the shadows of my own / Innocuous phantom / To spend the hours / Amo…

Snoring of my sleeping cat.

The snoring of my sleeping cat, / Comes as muffled snippets of chatter, / Of ladies in an old tea shop, / Rattling round in her skull.

History is a strange thing

That’s when I met Les Murray. / Les had a red nose and a bottle. / We recited rummy rhyme / Between shivering.

while you were sleeping

once upon a time, we turned out this way / a tangle of everything we always thought we wouldn’t say / my nails tracing the outline of…


I can hear you breathing, / Feel the warmth of your skin brushing mine.

Of a sleeping sun

The shadow path / One death to feel / In which time slowly / Condemns me to oblivion / By the touch that stroked my hair / One last time …

The sleeping bride

A band of ancient warriors / stormed your sacred vows.

Sleeping Beauty~

Lavender is the color of his scent / Of the Satin he touched / He most liked. / The cloth of a women’s breast. / That would lie gently,…


she followed the graceful curves and contours of the hills surrounding her home, tracing the lines of the dry stone walls and hedges that d…

Nightmare, but I’m not sleeping…

entranced with her as if they are tethered by invisible heart string..


…and in my dream within a dream / we are out among the lilies / and dancing by the light of the moon

Sleeping n’ Dreaming

As I lay my head / down on my soft pillow / After a long day / I close my eyes / then fall into a deep sleep / As I wait for my dream / I…

Sleeping Under the Stars

..i stood-eyes locked upon the glittering night sky… / lost in the heavens of a trillion diamonds,sparkling ceaselessly, / I had know…

Pillow Talk

I don’t talk the way I write. My voice catches and stumbles at the angles of letters, as if the mouth is frozen by the thought and th…

I married Melancholy

melancholy, sorrow, fatigue, hope, thrills, sins

Sleeping beauty

A new sun blossoms / The universe basked with light / Streaming from her eyes

The Sleeping Enemy/Lover

…A mirror glares in disgust / Blue and black and gray…

Sleeping In A Graveyard

Hobo_ing across / The western counties; / Delivered to smalltown / Yobos / The safest hotel / For a transient / Stay / Is the local …


’It is better to live one day as a tiger, / than a thousand years as a sheep’.

I Found You

Sheltered by the waters / Delivered by the waves / Who are you that has forced me to face myself? / So silent in the dapple-gray sleeping /…

Nearly Midnight

…I will go to her and I will hope again / tomorrow…

Sleeping Beauty

When will he come, her Prince, to kiss her loyal lips

the baby is sleeping

it’s quiet in here now / the baby is sleeping / i sit in the corner on the floor / i still feel the echoes / of you slamming the door…

Sleeping Beauty

Asleep in her castle / surrounded by high walls / and pink thorny roses

Into the Sleeping Mind of the Bizarre

Leathery eyeless bodies, ended in twitching, white speckled, scorpion tails.

LIFE ~ by Lex

It’s love, / It’s Laugh,

Sleeping Love

time could not touch her / life could not hold her / beautiful innocent / i saw my love asleep

Watching you breath

Your name is a whisper / the slow serpentine hush / the almost sound of breath / like breezes or brushes / ocean breakers gushing / in a…

Sleeping Beauty~

My body trembles in the night. / Trying to awake from a deep slumber. / At first there is a Lack of luster in its movements. / Refusing to …

like sleeping beauty and the spindle, except Mali…

there / is a garden in my heart. / beautiful and peaceful, inviting and fragrant. / the wind chimes call you forward and / before you noti…

Sleeping with Enemy

We did not met last night in dream / bcz my girlfriend could not wink of sleep / she told me / sorry i did not meet u in dream / i ask i be…

the sleeping tree

the ground rested and was dressed / by a warm orange light / that sprayed its wishes / over and into the land. / these were not harsh shado…

Before You Wake

A moment broken / Voices arc in the dark dawn / The stars fade, leaving.

Evening Train

Evening train / impossible to sleep / - fucking cell phones! / If You like this kind of poetry :o), You can freely dowload my new eBook: BL…

Sleeping With A Dream

there is a bottle / in the night stand / raise your hand / roll call is underway / don’t admit anything / in the interrogation / she tells…

sleeping in blood

bruised again / biting the eye of the maggot apple / wall to wall in corners / sleeping in the taste of bad blood / saving for a tic…

Sleeping Softly In The Shade

your cheek / velvet / you rustle / softly

In Heaven

Weep not for me my love, my dear, / I am not dead but sleeping here, / I’ve gone to where I’ll feel no pain, / I hope in Heaven we will mee…

Sleeping Beauty

I am sure you have / Heard the tale / Of a maiden / Locked away in her tower / The story is told / That her father / Sentenced her to / T…

in the house of sleeping beauties

tis free to dream in a magic sky / dream catcher catching me / no one tells me who you are / however near however far / in the house of sl…

Within My Arms

They have no mouths yet I can hear them. / They speak supple words longing for the warmth that only your body can sustain me with. / so as …

A prayer before sleeping

My beloved / I’ve never forgot / the feeling that I got / the first time I saw you / All my wishes / my unfulfilled hopes / all of t…


Why were you sleeping / And were you when I fell asleep too?

Does life get any better than that?

Snuggled / into / the nap / of your neck

Sleeping Beauty

You graced this world for but a moment / And kissed the earth

Sick Little Boy Sleeping Was Featured

Thank you so much to All Soft and Cuddlies for featuring my work. Very much appreciated and honored.


Stuck in this mental ice age / Where evolution is far from tomorrow / And he …. is just …. confined there ….. Chilling …


have u been here before / i feel as though / im blind / being led by / the ignorant / such a boy / with all your anwsers / being wisked aw…

Wake Up Sleeping Beauty


the sleeping doll

remembering Lot’s wife / irrational numbers follow me / when i’m on a roll / the upper crust stack on / my next cup of tea / as…


I observe you sleeping, / I smile and wonder, / What are you dreaming of?

I should be sleeping

Yes / sleeping / thats where I should be / instead / of dreaming / across / the empty night

Aye Chihuahua!

When I tried to respond he stuck his tongue in my mouth!

Well, She’s Got Hiiiigh Hopes…

Well, with a MOVIE under my belt, Hollywood should be welcoming me with outstretched arms and big budget contracts GALORE!!! When I look ba…
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