Silly boy

I walk the edges of reality, / where the master’s never seen; / beyond ritualized fields of / legality— / superimposed onto my…

Sensualities of Ormo

Let us moan and mumble together, / Under a blanket, from the box you opened, / And hurry to your satisfied end, / Before the security gua…

Betrayal of the Ormo


Silly Cow

I really wish they’d do something / ‘Bout that silly cow next door. / She’s really getting on my nerves. / I can’t …

Blue da bleep, with Me.

Bleebleep, blue blue bleep. / As I blue bleep along the bleebleep. / Blue da bleep, so wonderful, / blahda bleep. / Bleebleeping bloo da bl…

Blue da bleep, with Me.

I wrote this, because I haven’t been with you for a very long time. / I miss my friends here. I haven’t opened up RB in over 8 …

Secret socks

Sexy socks? Shocking socks?


dust waits with rabbits as they die, / neither as father nor even mother / but as loving, reluctant vulture-brother.

Epic Proportions

“Oh, but all the hells! / Tell the priest to ring the bells!” / The people heard the mayor yell, / As her shadow passed his doo…

Don’t be silly

On occasion I find myself sitting / at a stop sign waiting for the light / to turn green. Actually, this is more / the rule than exception…

Recycle Bin

Oh Recycle Bin, / How you taunt me so. / Plump from my ideas, / With none for me to show. / Your mouth always open, / Waiting to be fed / T…


There was a girl named Tillie, / Who was a little silly. / She wore hats for shoes / And marvelled at loos / And would only ever eat cold C…

What Is In Chaos…



There once was a little frog / and he was very sad, / cause no one would come live with him / upon his lilly pad.



the grocery boy.

He owns a smirky teenage smile while he bags all the customer’s grocceries. / I casually glance at him and study his movements as I s…

Anything You Want To Be

You can be anything that you want to be, / But an astronaut’s a bit farfetched, / If you live in the middle of the Amazon / And keep crocod…

Robot Population Explosion

A cyber robot race has always been a risk in this game. / I’d say we’re heading for destruction but you’ll call me insane…

The Beast

In every cabinet there lives a beast / He eats the old bread, sour milk and the yeast

Chasing Lightning(Something Silly)

Same story / as the ones I’ve told before: / once again, I find myself / simply chasing lightning. / Never touching, just reaching /…

Kleptograbitz, a Fairy Tale

The people in the Haves’ side of town married each other. I don’t have to tell you that on the other side of town, the Have-Nots were marry…

The Boyfriend Song

Do you mind conversations about zombie ninja pirates? / How about debates about the newest things in science? / Do you like Monty Python? A…

When am I? (Ironic Prosetry)

When am I? / I know WHERE I am. I’m home. I’m in Pennsylvania…on Earth. / I know HOW I am. I’m well, than you very much. / I K…

He’s a blond!

Men with long fair hair are probably my favourite thing.

Bitty Batty Betty – The Nit Nosher

Bitty Batty Betty / grows hair on her belly / because she eats / too many lice, / she toasts ’em

A Poem Silly


In the middle of the noit.

Do you ever get scared in middle of the noit?

There is much to love

There is much to love / about Christmas, but as I / gift wrap for children, / sprinkling stars and glitter / or tying a red bow, / all I co…

Silly season

Shopping lists, / forgotten gifts, / a Christmas wish - / joy to the world… / Do we have the time? / Or a tick-tock ho-hum / mentalit…

My Silly Side

She didn’t have to hide / Whatever was inside / They loved her for who she was / Most of all her silly side. . .

Mr. Fishstick MunkyGoose

bar the windows, lock the door / he’s insane, insane to the core! / he’s got scissors! he’s running! / what danger in thi…

Don’t try to make up with me now . . . .

have you got game? / play. it’s what’s fur dinner.

think manly thoughts . . . . argh.

argh. / manly thoughts.

My Trip To The Hair Dresser

It would soar with each twirl / It would fly when she danced / It could wind through her belt loops / And hold up her pants.

Limerick – apologies to Ogden Nash

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It’s so silly to be willy-nilly in love

Easy we ride. / Always on stride. / We keep the rhythm easy. / Oh my love, my lovely love / Oh my lovely love. / Like jungle drums / Our b…


A bat wants to be a cat / And a cat wants to be a hat / But then a hat wants to be a mat / And the mat wants to be fat / But it can’t…

Questionable Wisdom

Take all these things I taught to you / and write them on a test / as to how well your grades will do / Well I wish you the best

Senryu…or me


Bells for Her

Beauty is in the eye & heart / Not only of the beholder. / If we love ourselves as we are / Our growth will not be hindered.

Chocolate Prick


Hide and Seek

They used their bright minds to create for themselves / An imaginary world of fairies and elves. / I’ll bet if you tried you could think up…

The Gathering

Do you know what goes on / When you go out of town? / You think you left your home quite safe / But let me give you the lowdown!

The Fickle Winds of Passion

Their passion was a burning fire – until Everett’s eyes fell on the creamy bosom of Vivienne DuSolais, Natalina’s tutor.

And it made me think of you, so -

But yes, I’ll tell your ghost, / because I must tell you somehow / but if I tell the you / which is now, / I think you’d find i…

12 Phrases that Prelude Death

It’s called RAT poison, Roy. Rat poison kills rats. Not. People.


Mrs. Gertrude Elvira Elsworth Willickers took ill in the winter and died in the spring.

a silly one

“And that’s when it hit me” / “I don’t believe you said that” / “Well it did, it did hit me” / “So you say but you can’t prove it” / “Oh c…


Witches and ghost roam the land.

Personal Ad

Armadillo overlords seek killer Rabbis.


One drug-free / User friendly / Spiritual Guru / for slightly disillusioned / Sagittarian artist. / I have all the questions / If you have …

Publish Your Own Pottery

you probably / wont / believe this / but it’s absolutely / true / i’m a bloody / poet / oobee / doobie / doo!

What if?

if up was down and down was up / then you’d be a mug and i’d be a cup

Silly… Huh?

They keep saying / Sorry / I wish I didn’t have / To worry…..

Bad Betty – Mission Impossible ( A sequel …

Monkeys were all reading Shakespeare / The big rats were purring and mewed / The sloth ran faster than rabbits / And lawyers were all getti…

Bad Betty

Suddenly things started happening / The hydrants were spraying the dogs / Husbands were doing the laundry / Insomniacs slept like a log

2 degrees and cold

Well this morning i was asked by my wife how to remove ice from the windscreen of her car, gathering my thoughts as i had just awoken from …

Who’s A Silly Billie?

A simple Gillie / Turned around / One day / Facing a sound / Tearing down a / Barrier of / Fortunes wear / And figured / If up / Is down …

Francine & Francesca

-Francine and Francesca- / adored Casablanca / -fed on fish in Alaska- / became hippy backpackers / -exploring Australia- / they toured Sri…

Fish n chips

The fish / swallowed / a ship / which / turned / out to be / veree / unlucky / for he… / It turned / out to be / a floating / potato…

Eskimo in a kimono

The dark seemed warmer and kinder / I felt like an Eskimo in a kimono / rubbing noses in the desert / while the butterflies were pleasant /…

the world is falling apart…

Dishes to be washed, / socks to be darned, / dogs to be walked, / rellies to be yarned.

Wet Dreams of a Narcaleptic Poodle

what currently is my thought? / drawing blanks literally, damn it’s gettin hot / why the hell am I writing this, part of my self to e…

Judy or Alice

am I more like Alice / who got curious and more / or perhaps I’m more like / Judy who brought Oz / to her front door / do I sound lik…

All Hail the Atomic Monkey!

Behold, the one glowing in green! / Quite a sight, but not so pristine / With his mind he did tinker / Stupid primate, you’ve set off a bli…

Splitting the Atomic Monkey

I’m not light and I’m not dark / I’ve had it together and I’ve fallen apart / One hand reaches out, the other back it will pull / Am I the …

PornJuice Boil


Fuzzy EggSalad Midnight Ballet

In need of relief from the infernal burning / The sun’s midnight reflection draped in spider web cotton clouds / Hundreds of tiny whispers…

Origami girl

Origami girl / I’d like for you / to fold me a pearl / for wisdom / fashion a gondola / for my journey / create a paper heart / to w…



A Solution for Soxy?

If you don’t eat toast for days / They say your brain will shrink

silly girl

The abundance of overwhelming stubbornness, it’s a roadblock and an emotional killer.

Little Monsters in the Night

They sleep all day / At night they come out to play / They run around and cause trouble / Double…double / Causing things to fall, bre…

Sir Tom’s Quest for Love – Part 1

Sir Tom is a gallant soul, an unusually gentlemanly gentleman of his age…and boy, it’s a biggun! His age that is. His journey t…

Come One! Come All!

Come One! Come All! / Organic Sunshine!


Thingies? No problem, young man. We have more thingies than you can poke a stick at. Shelves and shelves and shelves stacked full of thingi…

Good Morning

That’s what they all say. Please accept my apology. Blah, blah, blah.

Silly Game

She planned not to feel / Only live in the moment / Then things turned real

mair rubbish frae joak

i ken ma writtin is probably no fit for this page cos most folk that put stuff oan here are awfy clever but ach who cares i hope ye enjoy i…

beyond you

beyond you / there is me / the light in your heart / the flame in your eyes / you smile as i approach / that silly smile / as if you can n…

a silly memory

his mattered hair / and careless clothes / made her smile / the smell of patchouli / lingered on her skin / after every visit / and she b…

Silly Little Limerick

What joy should be held on ones wedding day / But one this said occasion, all has gone astray

my friend liz

“shes always there when i fall, and she doesnt care at all . . . "

Wine Flu – A silly Rhyme

Oh my gosh, / I really shouldnt drink, / My puffy eyes are saying, / “Really? Do you think?”

To Do – A silly Rhyme

The ‘To Do’ list keeps getting bigger / Its creeping up on me / I dont think its ever finished / I’ll never really be free

Mister Sunshine – A silly Rhyme

Sunshine? Cloud? Whatevers the point? / For shining bright behind a haze / Break free my friend and warm me up / With your radiant lushious…

Happy People Have No Noses – A Silly Rhyme

Happy people have no noses / theres just a gap where it should be / They smile very widely and twinkle thier eyes / it is a very strange th…

The Lucky Fart

…He stops, he lifts up his left leg, and holds it straight out sideways perpendicular to his body, and then he farts…

An Ode to Tinned Meat

The carcass carved of all the best, / What will become of the rest? / Bone and sinew, eye and brain, / That is all that does remain. / Fear…


04/19/10 111 views / Reality of politics ? / I put three cups of water in / and got two cups of coffee out


And when it’s time / For someone to sleep, / Then into your pillow / Is where they will creep.

why not

better to just toss it all to hell

it’s not a silly little song

you’re saying maybe there’s still time for me / to see it all in the right way / but you are a study in hypocrisy / so you don&…


gunning the motor, and running his mouth / DON’T GO THERE / It’s O. K.-I’ll untie you to day / I’ll see you in Bell…

Sounds silly coming from me, sounds weird coming …

I’m writing a letter to where I used to stay / and all the moments frozen, and you / would say “What are you doing”, / no…


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