Night Ocean We, sailing by the stars, never asked any questions / Our vast night ocean, a love blind to its own depth / A mighty, Graceful fleet, steer… little red boat hear him feel The Sea Took You Away From Me Whenever I see a boat / My heart sinks and doesn’t float / From heavy pain being caused / The day a huge wave has tossed / Your love … Planet For Sail… :) Sail Away With You Sail away my darling / Take steadfastly to the seas / These shores await your return / And won’t let you go with ease / The waters wa… Sail Away Come sail away with me / across the bluest sea. / We’ll take port upon an island shore. / Happily Ever After will be home forever more. / W… ‘Brigadier’ I set me sail cross the vast gulf of the great divide. Spanned the Verses ne’erending, veins aflare with light. / Garrisoned upon the… We Sail Filling the knowing darkness / the effervescent space /              &nbs… Sail the Seas Youre such a beautiful writer / Your words speak to the fire in me / I wish being with you wasn’t a dream / I just want to ask you what eve… “Out To Sea With Dill” ©2012 Sharon M… Another story never told / Of a handsome man, not young, not old / He took to sea with a sail of red / In search of dreams without a bed Sail On Over the horizon she flies, / A tangled breeze filling her sails, / One quick cursory glance aft, / Will confirm the waves, / Of deaths doo… The evening sail~ Prose Poems, for e M p T y /co… The Daily chores have been completed for today~ / So much disarray, as I look around I close my eyes / The bedroom door is closed for the e… Soul Need Drought’s first rain breaking free from the topaz sky / Falling into your everyday, soul searching self… sail if only my arms were longer / if my skin were alive, / i would sail along forever / until i met with the one i love. Wind Yesterday / a wind rose / out of the still / to heap confused threads / against the street. / A herald / that wrestled in the trees. / A… Emotions/Soul…"currents sail into the … [Video] / Anger is a mighty force. / The inner sail vast and pale..and steeped in anger’s delight, / No plain sailing….. inside… A world of wondering It feels fitting today to wonder / the docks are full of slumber / sails are resting on the boats that keep / waiting to engage once more /… Lost windy weather Who knows where the wind blows / where it comes from / where it goes / where balloons and kites will drift ‘till gone / Planes will f… The Illustrated Man You could see the scars / where coloured ink sank deep, / making patterns in his flesh; / deeper than a love / which prompted the first cut, The Set of the Sails My boat set sail some years ago and at the time I wasn’t even aware of it. I was too busy taking in all the practicalities of life and di… Pilgrimage ` SAIL AWAY WITH ME If we leave now we’ll catch the wind …. pirate, i am your mutiny I want to trace your lines with my fingers dripping. Half Day Sail The tide is full, the sun lies fair / Upon the straits;- on Cei Bach Bay the light / Gleams and is gone; the cliffs of New Quay stand, / Gl… Cloud Connected A beauty so pure and bright, / as radiant as the sun’s light. Sail on Each and every afterthought, / Let them be your guide. / Be it known to anyone / That you’ve no need to hide. Mine One day you got on a ship and left. I wasn’t even there. I didn’t get to wave goodbye while standing on the pier, but I was still left behi… Come Sail With Me… Come sail with me… / Pull up the anchors, take the wheel and set sail / we begin this journey, as our ‘true self’ prevai… Canvas Wings Gliding briskly, atop white capped waves, / Seemingly floationg through the sky. / The cool refreshment of the constant spray. / On canvas … setting sail the horizon tips / a wide brimmed hat / to sails out of the past / heading home to capture / majik that was cast / out among the dragons / … Lovers How do lovers stay afloat / When waves of fear break o’er the boat? / What magic held in store do they / Dip into when they’re led astray? … Drifting bang a rang drifting notice rain teardrops from heaven / heaven gives us these forgotten teardrops forgiven tears from old heartbreaks / ju… Conquering The Great Blue I step into the water to meet it’s icy hold, / Finally, I have been released from the earth, / Letting my mind float away with each new wav… For WaterMedia’s Sake ! Suzi McArdle Watercolour sketches lend themselves to those who can’t sit still… / Standing while painting in short segments produce my great… Sail A sailboat without a tiller, is called adrift. / for it cannot be steered, cannot chart any course to be reckoned; it is subject to the wh… A Stronger She. Once upon a time there lived a girl who went to sea. She packed her bags and bought supplies to ensure no surprise upon the sea. / She sail… Loves Sail. Come with me, / to sail away, / on blue and frothy white. / Just you and me, / Across the waves, / enjoying days and nights. / Hold my hand… Motor City Mayhem 1982 A gang of black men came running with chains and clubs. We were out numbered… Let’s Sail Away Let’s sail away / come with me / we’ll ride the bough / trusting the sea / in dreams we’ll stay / to chart the way / let come what may / Le… sail on When you are a mess and you hate life cant you just not think straight well thats how it is for me but anyway this poem is just to tell all… SAIL AWAY Seagulls, / Doves, / Whale, / Dolphins, / sail away, / leave behind your sins. / Crisp blue water, / bright golden sun, / your vessel is yo… Extract from " Mark Twain" “Twenty years from now …… We All Sail Into Troubled Waters We all sail into troubled waters, / Once we have entered, / the idea now is to keep afloat, / Maintain the course, / and don’t be distracte…

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of sail writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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