Just To See Her Face I had seen her on a Wednesday, / Red shoes crossing the wet street. / Blonde hair, blue eyes, red shoes, / Long raincoat down to her feet. The Red Rue How do write without being so direct ? / How do you create sentences to help them not figure you out. / I wonder what God is up there sayin… Hat Now, when I wear this new hat, I will feel my sleek steed clopping along at my right side, his velvet muzzle sometimes blowing on my arm. The Red Balloon My eyes wandered the heavens to gaze upon a red balloon journeying into another life. It hitched a ride on a breeze. Gently it seemed to d… little red boat hear him feel Red Riding Hood I dressed myself in red / tricked my mother it was white / She said the world is dangerous / Don’t stray from the path tonight / Don’… Be Careful, Snow White In this land, so vast and green / A palace stood as far as the eye could see / Honest and kind and full of grace / Was a King who ruled thi… a flower died a flower died / at the end of the road / her petals / lie quietly on the ground / unnoticed as she once was / strangers stepped upon her /… black to red …evident…. Passions Flight this unquenchable fire / will not consume him / he has walked in the white heat / and licked its flame / felt its purity / imagined himself… re marcus harvey’s painting of the red nine… re marcus harvey’s painting of the red ninepins (put real title in comment box, if known) / yea I see the ninepins / the red ninepins… My Love is a Red Rose Love is a beautiful rose / Red, the fiery passion thereof / It belongs to the heart of my love / Whose passions I long to behold / She live… Love You To Death. A tragic and gothic love story. A Glow of Red The moon glows red… / It lives for us / Nurturing our dreams / As we sleep / Inspiring our essence / To reach deep / Finding the new… Red. There is Red in my life. / The Red is Love / The Red is sometimes danger / The Red is my powerful intuition / The Red is caution & whe… POEM – “Red Tears” I don’t understand why you chose me to harm? / For I am just the wrist connecting your hand and forearm. the red stuff a ghost is trembling / in my blood / travelling bitter sweet / on memories ~~~death~~~~~ standing between the flaming red dancing light of life / and the narrowing black door slightly opened / death smiles for a moment and knows… Vines of Conviction Works of art / scribbled across vacant and unnoticeable / surfaces / <i>Passion</i>… / put into the words / “David … To all my fellow red bubblers…. To all of the beautiful souls out there who became aware of and offered support to my best friend Heather King. With your help she IS getti… the red rose we were so young then, you and I / we thought this first home would be our last / and we would grow old together here THE RED GHOST I was laying in my bed thinking about rust. When h2o meets iron and I guess frees up that oxygen, leaving that familiar red residue. And … falling for red Hurt, anger, regred, red, love, romance, poetry, original works Red Lady foxy eyes / always seducing me, / heated kisses / burning in my chest / melting my stony heart like ice. / slowly I take over you / but do … September Girl falling into your baby blues / I see you / outstretched / waiting for me / I let the moment linger / just a little longer / focusing on you… Your Red Rose …Tu Rosa Roja translated in E… amor, Rosa Roja, declaración de amor Blood Red Blood Red / In quick patterned showers / the clouds rain blood / red upon us, we are told / the cuts are not deep / (The rain gauge / stain… Red Balloons Red Balloons / Red balloons fly like lovers / cut from paper shadows to / hold hearts of fire and wind / Porch light late night kiss / will… Dry Storage the asphalt ocean Red Blooms The Oak Possibilities are endless, a squirrel picks a scarlet hibiscus and paces hand over foot along wires to an oak tree and sits on a branch jus… Red wine and a good time. And They say nobody sees how a heart breaks / And They are wrong. the red hood IX (Mature) the red hood VI “Little Red Riding Hood?” he said / a deep growl to his voice, / but he sounded amused. / “You’ve gotta be kiddin … the red hood I – IV (Mature) the red hood I & II oh, they warned her / not to go into the woods / but their warnings / just intrigued her more / and the stories they told / of those who ne… Red tailed fox Red tailed fox running along / the greenest hills of the English / countryside, / Outsmarting the huntsman / riding high upon their steed… Lost what to do…… I joined Red Bubble a few weeks ago, but did not really do much with it, but I have spent the past two days looking through what Little red Robin……… Little red robin glided upon / the air before me, gently / landing on her feet, / “Good morning”, she chirped / as she went fo… RED and willing ….. his warm hand the myth of the red wolf he could never say another tree lined street / another leave strewn path / learning to savor / the feel of bark / the fingerprints of anoth… 1. Lover For Hire – 2. Doll House no one saw the kids growing up OPEN CALL FOR FEMALE FEMINIST ARTISTS The “ISM ART F*FEST” “From Feminism to Feminist” celebrates the creative contributions women make and the influence it had on the Feminist … Eventually Blur Vacant with denial, tainted and redeemed, / Flattered in yellow, then shrouded in deceit. Judgements A quick, frightening adventure for two very different people. Messy But at night / when there are no voices around to drown out the sound / of my heart / crumbling to pieces. A Red Crayon Blood spilling / Crayons killing butterflies / A for assault / B for battle / C for country My Red Rum Slouched and defeated against the wall, my supporting friend. / Resting my eyes on this empty shell, a soul I’ve drank dry, and my to… RED DOT SALE GANG VIOLENCE MIXED WITH HIV Thanking You………… I miss you, and haven’t forgotten you. rose red i am a red rose – love triumphant lives! – / my velvet petals curl around your heart. Big Red Too much for me was that gum…and that girl… Scientific Ocean (King Of Cloth) “gazing at / emerging from” We are the species of red blood Listen to them bleeding out the woes of a few years, the long hours and stillborn seconds. / A bloody fine drop of mistakes and emotional … Illusions The red fills / and rushes in, / a once clear space / once white on the floor, / now pooled along / flushed, splotched tiles, / and I opene… Red Rage The recesses of my mind / Are a mystery to me. / Come step into the wake of my mind. / I shall make you quake. / I do not control thee. / … in MinE MinD Believe in Yourself… My Red Babe But I can give you life. / Attaching your umbilical cord to the mains. / Receiving electricity as important to you and oxygen is to mankind. Big Red Button How long have you stood there confounded, / Placed in a room that has no door, / Just a giant red button, / Waiting patiently in the middl… Of Red Dust and Wind But I have remembered now!. the pain implant turn it up until the black becomes / white / agitation levels are at a max / the battery is at full charge / your life is spinning out of … big red apples beauty never fades… / just gets more beautiful with age / it’s not what’s going on with you / it’s what’s goi… BEEN THERE LET me IN…. Does anyone hear me? FILL the EmptY How hard is it to fill our empty lives ? ? ? The lady in red. She captured, / his imagination. / He captured, / her motives. Red the lips Red the lips of true love / Stories from them bled / That danced a twirl / Like a leaf around, the / Ballroom of my head . / The fruit t… Little Red Light He supports himself on one elbow and looks down at me. / ‘What’s the matter?’ I say. ‘Are you worried that I’ll fall pregnant?’ / ‘Very fun… Memphis Design in the 1980’s ::: NGV Memphis Design at the NGV The Dream Maker honeyed hair all goldened by the sun / shoulders kissed n freckled sienna brown / silken locks frame fuschia lips beneath your little crown… An interview with Red Bubble… I was never taught that. I had to learn myself and it took ages and I wasted so much time eating Safeway Sausages instead of “Oh My God Wh… dog days,red lights and blank faces….. I’m sitting at a red light, / on the corner / of 118th ave and 149th street, / minding nobodies business / but my own, / of course! / im li… DUSTING OUR MELANCHOLY SHELVES……̷… I watch her / How carefully she walks up the steps / Tenderly holding her urn / For valuable precious and personal dusts of her memories / … indelibly inked there’s a mess inside my head / where my hair is threaded thru / the birds are living there / …without a care, without you ther… New Halloween/Autumn iPhone/iPod cases for sale N… New Halloween/Autumn iPhone/iPod cases for sale NOW! HELPFUL LETTER FROM THE DEPT OF OVERREGULATION IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THAT / YOU MUST HAVE A VALID LICENSE ON DISPLAY WHERE YOU / WILL BE DOING NOTHING AT ALL WITH… RED BUBBLE BURP * " RED BUBBLE BURP " We can’t do it alone, We need your help (The Aliv… “If you are reading this, you are dead” That’s the sign my Girlfriend read in the OR ceiling during her Near Death Experience on August 3rd… Red Bubble Boxers. please join me and enjoy this tasty dream / share in all this glorious wealth of imagination / I can’t promise you I won’t have… Silence Screaming ( the writing) Your greed and need / Sowed its ugly seed / The only friend left for you is……. / Your own / Silence Screaming……………………………………. Difficulty Level staring off in other directions This is crazy! Reply me. Maybe… I waited 5 days before I attempted to write her back… is kindness red and tastes like metal? Someone leads me to a bedroom and takes my dress. Liquid red………….. giving a feeling of power / explosive enough / to shatter a million / forgiving hearts ‘The Red Letter’ A battalion of colour, salient through my window; brings about the rain. / As all potential and actual realities, past, present and future … Celebration of Red Wear red / the color of power / you will feel alive / wear the power of red / for the girls / its the power / of the little / red dress / f… What’s With Red Bubble? Dear Friends: / Many of us Moderators are terribly disappointed with the New Red Bubble Format when you sign in and then try to navigate. … POST CARD SALE TODAY..JULY 9 2012 THANK YOU ! to the person who bought my ART today. When this happens I feel grateful and want YOU to know how much it means to me that YOU… Reunion of Fire I find myself seeking others of my kind. / Others that have the ache of not belonging / to anyone or any place or any time… / But ha… True, false and floating I reached inside and / broke open / three people today Silhouettes in the Night When I close my eyes, I see naught but shadows, / Silhouettes, shades from long before I knew you. / They dance before my eyes; a constant … My Red Dress Sassy, Spicy, Sultry, Hot! / I put my red dress on and / give it everything I’ve got. ’Donna’s Dream’. (‘One Sh… He encrusted her beauty into his formed cup hands he placed alongside her cheeks, their eyes connecting in a glanceful manner and adapting … intoxicating purity of love As our souls / are cleansed / with the spirituality / of pure love. BLOOD-RED MOON ONCE UPON A BLOOD-RED MOON / I WHISPERED FORBIDDEN WORDS / INTO THE BLAZING DARKNESS / AS I CLIMBED THOSE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS / TO YOUR PA… Sunrise, May 12, 2012, Lake Champlain Beside me, the lake otter swims purposefully, / easily. / We keep company. Cannes 2012: Kirsten Dunst Kristen Stewart and li… The glamorous young couple Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson was expected yesterday on the red carpet. Came to present his film “O… I bleed Red She is not like me.
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