the price (Mature) Children Paying The Price For Addiction Sad or happy / Mean or nice / Children always pay the price / When parents argue, scream and fight / Because addiction grabs them tight / L… The Price what price / the price I pay / the price we pay / the price you pay / do we ever pay the price / why is there always a price / the price of… The price! Freedom is a suit of honor / And I wear it well / It’s not a second hand suit / I paid top dollar for it / It was tailored made / To fit ju… The Price Some things never die. / I’ve sat here longer than I care to remember, / Thinking of what life would be like on the other side of the… the price of treasure would you have / a thornless rose? / i advise against it The cost of the price the necromancer had demanded / A foretelling / And / All manner of promises / Were made to entice / But it was the return of / Their souls… $10 price-off package tool- Watch MKV, WMV, Blu-r… (Mature) Turner Prize 2012 – Thoughts and Reflections A few people sit around me, all is dark and silent as we wait and, before the film even begins, I feel as though it’s starting to speak to … The Price of Living (Mature) the price you pay for falling in love …. It’s like we’re programmed to suffer ….. Fragment #2: The Price of Beauty Artist Tai Chin fingered his rice bowl appreciatively, and found spiritual release in the food within its fine porcelain. / Once emptied, h… Wave City Center Available at Best Price by RajNa… Wave infratech’s is presenting ‘wave city center’, which is not only residential project but also unique combination of studio apartments, … Wave City Center Available at Best Price by RajNa… (Mature) You can’t put a price on love. That says we belong together / I’ll wait for you, there’s no hurry / You can’t put a price on love. Manufacture’s Price The famished man almost faint with shock ,of hearing this price of the potato chips,and ask the Cashier," what are you trying to pull… the price of falling in love she was having an affair, on-line at first, then in the real world of hotel rooms AWAKENING AS THE PEARL OF PRECIOUS PRICE I am learning that there is an entirely new biology that starts to transform us — body and mind. It is the biology of bliss… of freed… we pay the price for proximity when the path part… I / think we / should hang out / from different continents next time / [not that we crossed some proverbial line] / but the closer you ge… A Price Worth Paying Although…it’s what happens after, / Why people attend buildings so beautifully built, / With a beauty inside, / To resemble their heaven i… 4 for the price of 3 the Don is out and about / the hopscotch kids are wagging / the tail of a bulldog is lengthening / their skipping rope, too / oops a daisy,… Silly season Shopping lists, / forgotten gifts, / a Christmas wish - / joy to the world… / Do we have the time? / Or a tick-tock ho-hum / mentalit… LESS. Less the money you / owe me for the coffee / I bought Jezebel said / and the man nodded / and began to undress / and she said Wait there… Official Notice price change – july 17 2011 What price for Freedom He saw their suffering mindfully / And with kind words he showed them a way. / I watched this robed man often, / From the window of my offi… one more day one more night you pay the price what once was glorious incorruptibility…my youth / my beauty beyond words and alluring radiance / picture perfect my very being invincible…… MYFANWY PRICE AND HER DARK DREAMS OF 1959. Myfanwy Price plopped in the armchair; sipped at her drink; gazed at the ceiling with a slight squint; spotted a drawing pin that broke up … Price Tag Money. / It’s not really that important. / It’s not about the money. / We don’t need it. / Forget the price tag. / Money … The Price of Beauty long-lasting-super-thick mascara The Price & Value of Truth The truth is not free / It must be sought out / Bled for, worked to the bone for / Then, it must be devoured / Learned inside and out / An… The Price of Passion I dominate / Your every move / Loom above you / In my stance / It’s all / Part of our / Romance What Price, A Soul? Could you ever put a price / On another living soul? / And if you could / What would it be? / How would you sell the whole? / For souls do … Perhaps perhaps perhaps Perhaps this is the price I must pay? / I fear there is no way to break free, / When I need to push you far away. / When I succumb to your … The Affair (1) Does it end with me? / Do you forget when I leave? / Does the accumulated sense, / the intense throaty humming / the shadow of touching, … ☼ A Priceless Bubble is Born! ☼ Bravo to the both of you for creating a priceless masterpiece unique and one of a kind !!! The Price of Freedom, Epilogue The cool breeze swept over Aefion, like a girl’s touch on his skin. He sat on the edge of the smooth, wooden jetty, his legs dangling… The Price of Freedom, Chapter 12: Finale The cries of war echoed upon the winds. The earth shook with the thunder of hooves. The ear-numbing clash of steel rang out, the violent ha… The Price of Freedom, Chapter 11: Power Aefion hacked and slashed wildly with his sword. Streams of black blood sprayed where it cut into tough, sinewy limbs. Numerous fanged jaws… The Price of Freedom, Chapter 10: Feelings They emerged in a small clearing within the southern border of Darkroth Forest. The instant Aefion dashed up the sandstone steps, with Cass… The Price of Freedom, Chapter 9: Liberation Cassandra looked around her small, dismal prison. There were no ways of escape. Her legs were aching, and her wrists were raw. There was a … The Price of Freedom, Chapter 8: Satyr Gold Its head lowered and its horns pointing forwards, the minotaur stampeded down the passage like a raging god of war. Its axe was forgotten f… The Price of Freedom, Chapter 7: Treasure Another tunnel ran deeper into the earth, twisting sporadically left and right. This one looked like it had been dug out from the rock. Its… The Price of Freedom, Chapter 6: Cassandra’… ‘Just a bit higher,’ Aefion told Malgareus. Perched atop the wyrm’s head, standing between the magnificent, golden horns,… The Price of Freedom, Chapter 5: Clash The young elf gazed up coolly at the scarlet-scaled wyrm. His eyes were glassy, revealing no fear or other emotion. One hand rested on the … The Price of Freedom, Chapter 4: Wyrm He was trapped, buried alive deep beneath Darkroth Forest. It didn’t worry him much. He was sure there’d be another way out. Ev… The Price of Freedom, Chapter 3: Blood Aefion sauntered nonchalantly into the satyrs’ lair and seated himself at one of the tables. The single satyr already sitting at the … The Price of Freedom, Chapter 2: Satyr Cave Aefion sat cross-legged on the green, grassy plain on the outskirts of Vigilance, his brow furrowed in concentration. It was the day follow… The Price of Freedom, Chapter 1: Initiation The sound of sudden cheering broke the king’s boredom as he stared across the grounds at the horizon. Accompanying the applause were … The Price of Freedom, Prologue The blare of golden trumpets accompanied the thunder of hooves as Lord Jasper Tenegrin made yet another circuit around the tournament arena… How to Sell Your Photography …a plethora of sites that need careful reading before you decide if you want to take a risk with emails asking to use your artwork on… satan whispers satan whispers / in the still of the night / she wakes heated / and panting / she dresses / net nylons / mini skirt / her breasts / half e… Price Check Stand on the corner, / prostitute your soul. The Price of Flowering Tangled up in pooh, the flowers of / Existence left unpicked, seed a burden / To the scattered vine. Indulgence turning / Over, soiled eart… The Price Why Me? A Price To Pay A Price To Pay / I didn’t want to mention it / even thought deep inside of me I know I must, / My heart was yearning to tell you / … the price of my soul is -000.00 (Mature) The price …Is very high / The benefit is very low. / Time is running …life is stunning. / Somtimes is bad. / Somtimes is nice. / Sometim… The price of a good mans life I know you loved your country, and for this you gave your life / I dread tomorrow because you see, we bury you at first mornings light ETERNITY WHEN WE ARE THE MOST UNLOVABLE / HE LOVES US ALL THE MORE / HE DOESN’T UNDERSTAND THE HATRED WE SHED / WHEN PREJUDICE WE SEEK TO WELD The Price to Peep All the glorious sights you could ever behold / From when you were young til when you’d be old / Is shown on display for you, so I’m told /… the price of love love is not paid for in cash but in installments… The Price of Living I am but a man who goes about their days in normal fashion and daily routine, I am not noticed, but those who have, have found a friend loy… Cheap! Put my Mark up down, save 20% on my normal… So i’ve whacked my markup back down for an indefinent time! I figured if I want to share these with you guys then why am I making the… An OLD YORKSHIREMAN IN NEW YORK.(9) The Price of … “I am a stripper.” She said turning to face me. The Price…. I have stood as the Morrigan’s hand maiden. / I have been the War Valkyrie. / I have listened for the drums / and helped them arm.. /… The price of a lie I may have bought your lies / But you’re the one who paid for them. To Dennis; a poco con amor singer, beauty, price, old,strain, failed, love, abandon A SOLDIER OF GREAT PRICE Our soldiers deserve more than they get. The Price The price of that old feeling Price Honour pays nothing / but a price of soulmates / torn by war. Pearl of Great Price I came to the field / the one rich with promise / where the experts had set up shop / had taken on the unlearned who show promise… What Will You Do? What you could have had without a price, / is something for which / you have paid for dearly. What price war? How can we say / ’we’ve won the war’, / when all around men sleep? / No prize is gained / from dying man’s eyes / … Sample price of Russians in Chechnya More than 1,000 men, sometimes women / forced to clandestine detention centres. / Relatives mystified as to there whereabouts. / Some Russi… SOLD MY 8TH PICTURE! now i’m up to 8 photos sold, and 3 calendars! thanks for the support everybody! Winter’s Price The survivors all huddle, quiver, and shake / They lay down to sleep and most never wake / Mother Winter lovingly covers you in a blanket o… The Andy Price! I can set you free The Price of Kissing Morgan Le Fay The Templar, gawping at her woman’s sight / Flushed by emotions newly felt unfolding / And the world did spin the stars and moonlight… Price Tag The smiling blonde assassin now wrenches my mouth open even wider as she peels off the pink chemical explosive she has had drying inside my… price of peace I saw and evil man today, his cobra fangs were filled with hate, so many lives were lost that day, our innocence was ripped away. / I heard… The High Price. you bid. our freedom. A High Price To Pay A High Price To Pay / Why does it have to be this way? / It’s not how it should be, / Instead of being far apart, / You’re supp… No Price In Awe. he said. we saw. Beyond the Price Tag Like life, the lapping waves broke on the shore, only to have another precede it, ever onward and always ending, but with an infinitesimal … The Exclusion of Others And from the whorehouse / Your daughter will travel / To pay her convict father a visit / And to absolve your sin / For her mercy is greate… The Price of Flowers The flowers of existence left, unpicked / Seed a burden to themselves / Turning to indulgence, in earth inherited / While the price of exis… Courage is the price he car came to a stop, broken and shaken he looked at his little brother , he had the face of tragedy ,in the broken wreck Bronson carried … Merideth Ann Price “Well a quite simple reason. She didn’t get good grades,” Mrs. Ciamness said. With a smile on her face, she turned to face the police. “Of … I Give You My All I was traveling down the dark and lonely halls in my life / with the glimpe of Paradise flickering far in front of me His Story Unfolds – - Ray Rus – - a… Price is paid ‘Pay The Price’ Now you’ve chosen solitude / To try and dull the pain Liquid heaven for a price Liquid heaven for a price / Come on now, it tastes so nice Civil War Graveyard Everyone cried when they laid me down / Underneath this hallowed ground / A preacher said a prayer / All my family and friends were there /… Price of love The tears and fears of giving your heart away / Knowing when to go and when to stay / Weird feelings flooding your heart and head / Always … THE PRICE How would you see me from the chains of oppression / bound around your hearts and minds? The Ultimate Price At a table in the corner for two / Sat Harry with his secretary Sue / They sat looking in each other’s eyes / Jenny walked in and to…
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