play play with tha cray cray, have a go princess. / .side note. / every child winz a prixe. Blithe Spirit is a poem for non-musical musical adaptations adapted for television play of light and shadows still sleep drunk / vaguely yearning / my mind is groping / for the last vestiges / of that dream to hold onto Snoopy And Linus Play Blanket Tug Of War Snoopy is a crazy dog / His heads always in a fog / Thinking of some fun new ways / To steal a blanket each day / That Linus loves very muc… A Jacob Wolf Lady I Want To Be If I had a chance to be / Any book celebrity / It would be easy to choose / There is no way I could lose / Twilight would have to be the on… The Game Of Beauty I Don’t Want To Play Why do we play this competition / Is it any indication / How bad the world has become / Image used to judge someone / On their outward appe… Let’s Play Dress-Up I guess this long winter is getting to me because yesterday I looked at my male Boston Terrier, named Bosco, and said, “We are now go… Variations I would love to hold your hand / Just before you start to play play your own dreams i would bend the universe if i could only get there first / the bitter taste of no mercy listened to0 deeply long ago / paralysis or claust… play beat / wOrds / pULSe / thi rds / i like falling / i like falling / i like falling / test / EdgEs / l i m i t s / in it’s / un-pr… You Can Keep the Stage Lights On Lust and The Director Time Tricks It’s not even ten. / My mouth is dry / and I’m laying in the dark / on a cheap spring bed. / But it feels more like / I’… I Just Wana Play I Just Wana Play. Brandy, My Dog I kept Brandy company, and she kept me company, and we had a wonderful summer together. Once There Was a Little Boy Ships that float through fields of grass, trucks that climb the trees, / Horses racing over clouds, and people riding bees. I’ll Play you like a cello I’ll play you like a cello / take you from behind / And play you gently / With my bow / ‘Til the right note in you I find / Y… play re diane’s death: MAILER WAS HAVING … (Mature) ‘Islands’ Rain had me at an impasse, or so I chose to believe, subscribed the notion of keeping dry; garrisoned a bar. / Measurin’ my dispositi… Work, Rest and Play Street photographer, New Brighton, Homeless, Inner City Life, Social documentary. (The Last Poem Before I Die) i’ll remember you I will always I want to play coy, / brush your hair back with one hand, / hold your skin in the other. / I shall welcome the timidity / that envelopes o… Honour We fight to live and die / Dying through eternity Oh, You Found Me play time AT PLAY Your stories to share focus Laughter…for this is how I do it. Can You Come Out And Play? So you don’t have to play it safe . / You can buck against the hypnotic beat that is echoing through the radio and the television sta… Make Your Child Build Play With Educational Marbl… In the world of rush people think that the toys are the most frivolous object of mankind’s creation to engage a child while their parents. Where Hobbits Play They cool their feet at water’s edge / Hide and seek played amongst the trees / they cook up mushrooms that are found / that leaves a scent… “Shalom , Aleichem ! Gesher Galicia. Harcik… “Shalom , Aleichem ! Gesher Galicia. Harcikn Dank ! A dank ojch zejer ! i beg you, let me out to play! as the clouds float above / ever so slowly, my inner child / whispers ever so softly, / he whispers "it is time to let me / be free, f… Check Out My New Crystals E-Books For Sale on Goo… Check Out My New Crystals E-Books For Sale on Google Play Books / Crystal-Light’s Earth Stones / Crystal-Light’s Crown Chakra C… Play With Fire Let me bring you closer to the edge / I can feel you - / Giving, / Giving, / Giving into me. / My fingertips trace lines across your face -… Life Doesn’t Play By The Rules… … there (really) is no finish line. come out and play do the birds wonder, I wonder, / why this human is in the tower all day? PLAY UR GAMES MERCY….PEOPLE WANNA HURT ME / I WILL TELL YOU KNOW SOMETHING HAS GOT TO CHANGE / I’VE GOT A NEW RELIGION, GO FORTH AND GET YOUR… ‘Play It Back (Ready)’ Soul o’ mine’s gone burnt a hole, in my vocabulary. Feel myself empty-in’ out, washed ashore; eerie tides. / Instincts ig… Career Day you’ve got to believe me THE OBOE WEEPED AS I SAT TO PLAY I am here, I will catch you, go Power Play © 2012, by Ellen Hecht, All Righ… Another original short story in Ellen Hecht’s 55-word series. Flowing Words The music starts to play, / The words get mixed up, / The words of the music, / The play is so mixed, how to play with demons losing your hat, / missing a leprechaun salt shaker, / feeling home in an empty turtle shell / less play than tango / with wind or snow and… The Masquerade Curtain Rises (center stage) / Watching from afar yet feeling like i’m in the center / of a brilliantly colored picture / Almost per… Wanna Play? I remember, I reminisce / Upon sitting on a dusty old couch in the back room / Of some college frat party / Three losers half-alive, all de… You tell me to play (Mature) Shalom , Aleichem ! Gesher Galicia. Harcikn Dank … Shalom , Aleichem ! Gesher Galicia. Harcikn Dank ! A dank ojch zejer ! Shalom , Aleichem ! Gesher Galicia. Harcikn Dank … Shalom , Aleichem ! Gesher Galicia. Harcikn Dank ! A dank ojch zejer ! Again the Nuance: play in 4 acts “What, ye so understand the beginning ye now look toward the end?” Jesus, from “Reading Judas” by Elaine Pagels and… Half a play. Act I / Scene 1 / [Enter Aldo and Dalton] / Dalton: Ah, dearest Aldo, rarely can a man brag happiness as great as mine! / Tonight the moons… Laughter. to let loose / like a wild goose Pedestrian Eyes: (Little Black Book) at the speed of already been seen think outside of the box go out and about / up and out / outwards / over and out / to achieve the goal Kids will Play while Parents are Away I see that little mischevious smile / I hear that sweet utter of denail Children of the Cloud Fluffy cotton ball Cloud / Travelled far that year Important Things You Should Know Before Learning … CAUTION…Please read carefully before attempting to play the piano fish / Keep in mind these guide lines were made for YOU!!! / Be sur… child’s play …the reminders of the monsters so brutal…and then I killed them one by one… To Play A Heartstring… … simply touch it. / :) DON’T PLAY WITH FOOD A burglar came up to my door / And asked did I lose my cat? / I don’t steal little kitty’s / And so I’m bringing her back. / A spotted leop… AT PLAY Off come the mittens, / The scarves and the coats. / Little girls collect sea shells, / Little boys building moats. / Here come the seagull… Play Me Not False So make no pledge, no deathless love imply, / Unless your promises be writ in stone. / From sly deceit I evermore do shy, / Because this he… The games we play Nightmares unrelenting / Confirm what the / Heart secretly knows… / The day is a / Parade of / Parody. A / Flight of / Fancy. A / Comedi… ASK NOT FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS Elusive Muses / Wandering, gypsy souls / Today one was / Forever lost / The deed will not go unpunished / THERE WILL BE / Death in the A… The Greater Malefic Part. 1 (A Rough draft/outlin… (The scene is a strange room that seems to exist out of time and space, there are four metal grates or posts that delineate the corners, it… play this bitch! fuck em twice / cause sunday’s coming / and i’ll be dipped in shit / if they’ll catch me running I’m a Play Girl To a Fault I’m a play girl who’s never been caught…. Or at least until him. THE GARDEN Above the mist, behind the storm, beneath the rain. / Together in a thousand moments. The Mighty Penis…..let’s play it safe a fleshy pink chunk of / blood pumping love / sent from Adam / or someone above / the power you exemplify / leaves us gals all mystified … play " maybe / the / way you / recognised / me / inside / was always / the difference / between us -" Paranoid Romantic did i miss the album? the devil’s game play Even , within the words that have been so gently placed upon this page , there is a total self , need to escape , be gone from this regur… play answer me . . . i asked ~ / so who do you think / loves who MORE? / do you think you love me more than I love you? / or do you think you love me . . . mo… I cant come out to play…. I cannot simply walk away… / as the days fade into nights, and sure enough, / into weeks, / this lure has had me by the throat, / sin… Play my pain Play my pain as raw twists my heart around a pole of discontent. Looking for nourishment in the spaces between the faces who do not connect… Let Them Play A sweet game of tag behind the house, / Two children laughing and giggling in the chase. / No silly rules to ruin the fun of it all, / Unti… Work & Play Slow down my friend is what they say / A little less work, a bit more play Mad Burnt Candle Fluttered ! The deeper I peep the shallower the reach / The play act decor shows ugli lies n breach ! Imagination of Children’s Play Blue green sky’s / With pink butterlie’s / Fluttering every where / Children’s music playing in the back ground / As we h… Game on. Driving along on a winding country road one sunny summer afternoon, I chanced across two boys standing on eiither side of the road. Pre-tee… Take a Sad Note, and Play it Under the Moon take a sad tune, and play it under the moon; / that way, it’ll sound less sad, and you won’t feel so bad. / so, you see? life is hard, it’s… Solitaire (Mature) play the game wandering without direction / working this puzzle without instruction / playing the game that knows no rules / follow along to your secret … Dolphins: The Spirit of Freedom You never let us forget how to love / How to laugh / How to smile / How to be light-hearted Play with me Play with me / and I’ll play / with you. / Cheat, / in the game. / Then I’ll / have to sue. / For I’am / sick of, / havin… DEAD MEN DON’T PLAY GUITAR! (Mature) Night Orchestra The summer has flown. / Calling the day; it is only 8, / But it is already getting dark. / The night songs have begun… / Watching th… Were I the Emotional Type I’d tell you all about my family. / More often than not I’d be bragging. / Recounting tales of Unga Bunga or Marshmallows, / Wh… Not Going To Play It Safe I bow my head and pray to you / My heavenly father in the skies / My last confession is way overdue / Since the last dawn of the sunrise / … easy to live with . . . . ? we’re all gonna die someday / might as well enjoy some time to play Life in Acts Life, act one, in the midst of confusion. / Life, act two, in the midst of revolution. / Life, act three, in the midst of reality. / Life, … Play it Again, Jack ") jack in my heart of hearts you babe are MY / SUPER deluxe fantasy Play with Me ? Looking down / On a little boy’s world of / Dragon’s, fairy’s and car’s… / Bright eye’s looking up, / D… Let’s Play Oh no, temptation awakes in me! / Grasping my mind in a whirlwind. / Your laugh it’s spinning me around. / Like youth we play around, once … That is in which the cheaper Louis Vuitton handba… That is in which the cheaper Louis Vuitton handbag arrives in to play. There are genuine handbags that come going http://www.linkslondon-je… Her November Looks Good Nineteen until i can get up on the roof How They Play I cried today / On moral decay / And who am I to judge / Sitting in my darkness / Sulking with a grudge / I twist and turn / And look to le… Chiastic Anatomy The top ends at the bottom / And the bottom ends at the top You Live In Me Walking along these streets / Where you used to walk with me / Where the sun would always shine / Now I walk along those same streets alone…
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