My Mama Told Me

Don’t let anyone change you. / You are who you will be. / And that’s the best I can ask for. / That’s what my mama told me.

Mirabella H. Lugubrious

She grumbled, groused, and griped. / Her demeanor set in stone, / Old Mirabella H. Lugubrious / Destined forever to be alone…

Dragonfly Girl

This little one, she had the touch. / Yet no one knew just how much / Her gentle soul attracted love / Of living beings from up above.

Time is the Enemy

Time continues to ravage / All of what is left of me. / A bitter and heartless savage. / We live just to die, just to die. / Time is the en…

Roxanne’s Veil

She could not go on, / her grief did swell. / She would spend her life / behind the veil.

I Love My Pink Shoes!!

Every girl feels / She needs Pink heels / To complete her glory / Her womans’ story. . .

Dreams of Children

Such a wond’rus way / God has given / For our Love / To be Shared.

Come Down in Time

The time had come for her to go. / He waited there for her to show / If this was truly what she chose / To stay with him wherever he goes.

Nature’s Way

Please little children / Please be aware / This Earth is our haven / We all need to share.

Kind and Generous

Live and let live. . / Always trying to give. . . / As the karma of living / Revolves around giving


To all my dear’s friend’s whit Love / [Video]

need some basic photoshop help

this is embarrassing. / i did everything right, it took me a week. / but because i have to use 3 different programs to get one piece of wor…

I’m Here

Does this mean that / I no longer matter? / As my light begins to fade, / And my memories begin to scatter. . . / Do I no longer matter?

My Silly Side

She didn’t have to hide / Whatever was inside / They loved her for who she was / Most of all her silly side. . .

Neon Porcelain

Questions seem to follow me, / With answers just ahead. / I reach & try to grasp just one / Grabbing empty air instead.

Dirty Pretty Things

So now I will pull the trigger / Feeling the pleasure that it brings. / Knowing that I tricked you / With my dirty, pretty things…

Vintage effect in Photoshop CS5 – mishesblog

Nice Tutorial! / Enjoy:)) / [Video]

Photoshop Tutorial: Dramatic Effect using High Pa…

Nice Tutorial, hope you enjoy it too:) / [Video]

Wayward Son

As the twilight of his days / Darkens into the night / Will he be remembered / As one who brought some light?

Past, Present, Future

My Father, Myself, My Son / We’re all but three, we’re one

The Beast inside

Oh yes, there is a beast out there / Stalking us all


Can’t stay here / Have to go

A brave new world

Close your eyes, Close your ears, Close your mouth, Open your heart.

Invent a Life…

When I was born I was a king, / but years from now I’d know the sting / of being born a human being / and all that this would mean.

No Way Out

He had been alone for so long now / He wasn’t sure if he could allow / Himself to trust another human / He didn’t know if he e…

a little help wi photoshop (the scottish version)

50 things tae help ye wi photyshop / I have recently become an expert oan photyshop an wid like tae help ye understand whit the tools are a…

If Only They Really Knew Me. . .

I smile, I pretend / To my own end. / I play their game / They think I bend.

Don’t You Say I Told You So

It is as if I am still jailed. / My heart & soul have been impaled. / My wounds did heal but left a scar, / A constant reminder is what…

Hide and Seek

They used their bright minds to create for themselves / An imaginary world of fairies and elves. / I’ll bet if you tried you could think up…

I Listen to the Rain

If wishes were granted / For one single smile / I’d wish to hold you close / For just a little while.


She could not choose one / For she loved them both. / Yet they each wanted her / To take an oath.

The Gathering

Do you know what goes on / When you go out of town? / You think you left your home quite safe / But let me give you the lowdown!

Languishing in the House of Desire

I prefer the silence of forgotten pain / No longer will I allow hurt to gain / A hold upon my head and heart, / I will stop that aching bef…

The Cacophony of Being Otherwise Engaged

Blind to the pain / Of ill-gotten gain / I hold on in the mire / As if nothing is stained.

When the Wind Comes Down the Mountainside

It seems as if all is breathless, / For the moment the wind is still. / No life is seen a’stirring / As you gaze above the sill.

Breath of Life

Your bloom is short lived. / A brief moment in time. / Yet it brings such great joy; / Your beauty sublime.


Apathy turns empathy / Into just another word. / To just pretend it does not exist / Is pretty damn absurd..

Possibly Maybe, Probably Not. . . (the poem)

Oh how I love the feel / Of that sacred one first Kiss. / Can it be the start of / A love that should not be missed?

Never Just One Rainy Day

I thought that I knew you. / I thought we‘d come so far. / I thought your heart had softened. / I thought now we’d be more.

To Wish Impossible Things

This was the day they all loved best. / All year long the children would sing. / For this day gave them the power / To wish impossible thin…

River of Deceit

My demons still follow. / They stay to behold / The pain of my sadness, / The ache in my soul.

What Do Dogs Dream?

Once upon a time, / Or two times it would seem / There was a little dog / Who lived only to dream.

Don’t You Love Me Anymore?

Yesterday / I had a home, / Today I am unsure. / Was I bad, / or even worse, / Don’t you love me / Anymore?

The Mermaids Tale

This may sound like loves one true goal / In reality future hopes is what they stole. / The falsehood offered up love and a happy life / Th…

My NEW interview is posted!!

I did an art interview with Rasmus Rasmuson on his website “Another Passion” and here’s the link for you to read the whole thing… actually …

The Knighting of Sir Peanut

From this day forward / All would know by this act / Daring, brave, old Peanut / Was a royal, and that’s a fact!

The Child in Us

The Child in Us by RestLeSsD / Oh to be a child again, / If only for one day. / No worries, cares or troubles, / Just thinking of games to …

New version of Photoshop

Would you believe there is now Photoshop CS5 to tempt us – and who wouldn’t be tempted by some of These features / Anyone got a…

One Moment in Time

One moment in time / Glimpsed from afar / An eternity away / Measured in tears / Reached on bridges of dust / One moment in time / A shimme…

Black Magic Woman

You tricked me into believing / And now my soul is consumed / By this Black Magic Woman. / My heart can never be exhumed.

The Secret Keepers

Once upon a time, only yesterday / There was a secret only told / To those who could really keep it / Until they did grow old.

StarKatz Cute Child Brushes for sale :)

Want some cute brushes for Photoshop?

I need someone to join an image on photoshop!!!

Any takers…it’s a funny one!!!…Super Obama, need to join 2 images…….



AmsterS@m the wicked Reflectah

Welcome to my RedBubble site, have a look around, maybe you’ll find something you’d like printed. Don’t forget to visit m…

some Adobe illustrator & Photoshop problem so…

Many of you already know these sites. If not these are great sites. / Choose this site If you want to learn to draw a smooth line for adobe…

Photoshop and Manipulation

I have just viewed a dvd about photographs and how much they are manipulated in photoshop. The story being that 99.9% of magazine and celeb…

TEXT ENGINE error showing in PS CS3

I noticed that recently I began having some problems with my text engine working in Photoshop CS3 so having solved the problem I thought I&…

Photoshop tutorial for making smooth cutouts

…the magic wand tool SEEMS LIKE the perfect way to start. It is merely a GOOD way to start…

Sharpening in Photoshop. A quick and easy tip

We all have our pet ways of sharpening photos and with most new cameras having in built anti shake capabilities we perhaps don’t have…

Photoshop tip for increasing photo size. 3724 vie…

At the risk of being accused of “teaching Grandma to suck eggs” I would like to share this tip with fellow Photoshop users on t…


Wow, I just found out that “The Two Of Us” won the cutest bouncing baby challenge for the Days Gone By group. This is also bein…

Is Photoshop Necessary?

Purists these days talk of not needing Photoshop. Most of them, talk as if they were a slide shooter in the earlier times trying to feel g…

Photoshop tutorial for making smooth cutouts

If your cutouts have edges that look rough and missing bits, or have some of the background included, this tutorial is for you.




sharpening thoughts.


Wow, CARVED PUMPKIN is the Avatar for a Day and featured in Extraordinary Fractalius. Thank you, so much. I just had so much fun working wi…

How I Create Psychedelic Photographic Images!

Photoshop has a huge laundry list of commands, most of which one may ignore to their hearts content.

Tips for Still Life Photography

I generally angle my main light from 30o to 60o above and from 45o behind to directly in front of the subject (depending upon the amount of…


Thankyou so very much to DAWN DAVIES & DAWNSKY for featuring ‘’ SPHINX ’’ this is truely a great honour. / So v…


Thankyou so very much to DAWN DAVIES & DAWNSKY for featuring ‘’ SPHINX ’’ this is truely a great honour. / So v…

Color Printing & Why I Do It

The darkroom is nothing to fear. Even less so now that you can keep the lights on and work using a monitor and computer.

Readers Profile in Photoshop Creative

Great Surprise !! :)

A Photographers guide to Photoshop.

I was once told that the camera never lies. However the person saying this had clearly never used Photoshop. The following is a guide to he…

My Photography Gear

I am using a Nikon D90 with several high quality lenses.

Photoshop Sensations

When I look at your image, I long to touch you, and paint you / Your curves are so exotic, in how they can be manipulated / I love to creat…


And every now and again she finds something she can relate to, something starving for flawlessness

To Edit or Not to Edit in Portrait Photography


Photoshop actions and tutorials

…if you normally have to do 15 things to change a photo the way you would like to change it… have Photoshop complete all of the…

The Ethics of Photoshop.

Thoughts of the day. / Before using PS, there are some things to consider. Your aim. Since I’ve been using it since I was 10, there wasn’t …

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