It Doesn’t Come Easily Thoughts flit / one to another / try to reach out and grab one / make it stay / mull it over / let it go Why Life is an Illusion This is a serious piece of writing, non-fictional and researched paper on the illusion of the every day life. Brown Paper Package. Day after month, month after year / a scribbling psychotic clown, / some story kind of appear. song of the morning paper i read the news today / oh boy Paper-Cup Porsche: True Tale from the Mental Ward True tale from the mental ward and the most lovable, endearing loon that ever existed who’s trojan horse, whose?WrITING IN PROGRE… like how i’d oo now now / i’d run over tngo you / bang bang the keys in & fly to yr / bedside / ’st… 2sides The Outside / You see / The tough , hard headed , Athlete / Who you think looks forward to nothing / Cares only about his social… Jaws Under his control / Viciously they rip A map to your heart Time passed so fast i got lost / in the origami of your emotions / Found myself torn out of your story On Painting with Inks Inks do not as a general rule forget. paper crane I think I’ve been flying through our roof. paper-ships and you know what some people say about her / how she lost her mind that night as well as her love / and you wonder if it’s true as y… Paper CuTz …ensue providence divine……. Blue touch paper. Looking won’t do! / without a mirror you are gazing into fog! / turn inwards and create what you love! / it is a place of beauty!… Three little paper boats A cool breeze within in the air of solitude / rays of sunshine showering a life giving energy / along the waters edge, / finally reaching a… I’ve missed his touch i missed him, my muse / my handsome, sexy muse / he left me all alone / to dwell in silence / my brain was numb / my fingers raw / from al… Paper Growing A short story about how one thing folded can gain wings and fly. Paper Tigers Love is a Temple, / guarded by paper tigers / Love is a gift, / delicate and treasured. / Love is fire, / a slow felt burn, / Love is a dr… Coloured Paper No one noticed the loss of the living / While the coloured paper kept on giving / But when the last piece was spent / They couldn’t h… The orphans I’m not Haley Mills, / blonde and perky / screwing an older man / For years I believed Ryan / loved Tatum, / when they acted in Pape… silver paper solitude silver paper solitude makes me smile all over you / brown paper elephants no-one can subdue / I think like a waterfall and sink like the su… Blank Paper. A pill to help me remember / A pill to take to help me forget / A pill to swallow down with pride / A pill to stop all the cries / A pill … Paper Maché You’re amazed. / Shocked when you reflect upon the pool of yourself. / Because you see the person you used to be / Looking back at y… sketch skech Between white paper sheets Between  white paper sheets / Thoughts press their ink  / Embossing leaf  love’s library  / As Autumns letters tumble / From our mind… Broken I fell, / in love. / I broke, / my heart. / I climbed, / back to luck. / Fell again, / in love. / I was over, / over love. / Forgot it, / a… I Believe in You The old attic, though in semi darkness / Was warm and welcoming in the Spring / A place of trash and treasure, it was full of kindling / O… paper planes and aching pains i bend and alter this piece of paper / contort the corners / break the rules / paper plane in my palm / it soars to your home / scoping the… Release these doves We can scrawl our miseries on these paper boats / But the ocean just brings them back. Writing Madness I Lunatics writing in the night / Drinking in the night / Oh magical night / What else will unfold. How to Procrastinate Writing a Paper According to the playwright, screenwriter, and novelist Paul Rudnick, “Writing is 90 percent procrastination: reading magazines, eati… How Litter Gets Made She just stood there with statue eyes. The Origami Girl The origami girl does not live her own life, / others live it for her. / Others choose what color paper she’ll have. / Indigo for moo… Portia – Paper thin Paper thin / She’ll never win / It’s not enough / Neither is love / A cup of grapes irritates her / She has lost self control /… Plums (The very first book of Plum & Rose) rescued to serve the purposes of art Roses (The very first book of Plum & Rose) Every single petal was kept. Paper Chase You called; / I heard you with my mind. / You called again; / I heard you with my heart. paper heart You’re the chaos in the night / So sing for me / Within such an embrace / Please pray for me / Naked soul and scarred / A paper heart can’t… beating blood In the beating of my blood / In the momentary pulse / that bursts and dies They said she tears like paper in the right hands It is one of those days the air binds my arms together / And it would not matter if someone were in / Them / Because / I could never look… Poet Whisperer Gentle now / whisper for the poet steeps in-between the paper and the pen © in-between the paper and the pen © / BY:Hector A. Encinas pieces of paper I’m happy to let the wind / blow me away paper corruption is systemic / you might cheer it on / with a gush of oily sand / unable to conduct the unusual / accountings / it is all fraudul… PAPER. Paper promises, Dunstead said, / paper cups, wallpaper being stuck / up on the wall for the next to last / time, paper tigers, paper to w… Encouraged By Thought Inspiration taking its hold on my world / That is what I am / That of what I am is all that needs to be / Thoughts so confusing before but… My Finest Muse I mop my tears of ink with sheets of loose leaf, / attempting to staunch my bleeding psychology. / And the carnivore inside all of us licks… The machination of words They spew forth / Like a gout of my blood. / These words / A raging torrent. / Where i struggle / To stay my course. / And amongst all / Th… Paper A blank sheet of paper / Is just so plain / Until all your thought’s come together / You write something down / You might want to tak… Paper Cut.. exhaled: / my breath, blowing out all / the edges / of the words / you’ve ever said / that cut - / leaving you, / a blood scent / on the pa… Paper Cut The wind picks up my life / on pages made from rag / My secrets and my thoughts / hidden in a plastic bag / But now they’ve blown awa… Paper Cuts Paper cuts the earth / Dividing mountains in half / Impossible dreams Paper Cut Boy I mean I shelled out a lotta bucks for this suit. Paper Cut(outs) I believed I needed to clip these things of old, / needed to extract these intricately woven fibers / from my soul in order to remain in th… I cannot compare or compete I cannot compare or compete with you PAPER CUTS liberating the tattered pages / between leathered layers of denial / protecting paper thoughts / scrawled with Time’s fading ink; Paper Cuts man littering canyon paper litters the riverbed / hints of inorganic chemicals paper cut rising above him / one sheet at a time / days of his life / encrypted in silver / boring and uneventful / in the corner / of the first shee… Paper Cuts Deepest When It Is Empty This is a story of toil and dedication. / Of a young marriage and hopes and dreams. / Of sacrifice from a young man for the woman he loved,… Paper Cut Torn to shreds / I spill… my thoughts / for the world too see / without regret, / I write… upon my soul / one last time, / casting into the… Paper Cut each word / a prayer / a code / carved / in ruby red / blood / on pristine / paper aura peace an enigma a paradox of improbabilities / love a mystery that teases all sensebilities / graduated friday the 13th in 1969 / oh yeah I… A piece of paper paper went flying all / over the place / with a gush of the wind / a little boy was waiting / to cross the tracks / he reached to grab / a … PAPER CUT WRITE OUT ALL YOUR FEARS / ON ONE LARGE PAGE OF ANGER / TEAR AND THROW AWAY! Origami I’m past the point of fear / and you’re past the point of trying Paper and Pen If I don’t keep writing, I’ll die. Its my only means of surviving the pain that dwells inside. As long as I write putting pen t… Paper cups and the Milky Way. He stood silently behind me watching as I tried to scoop the entire Milky Way into my frail paper cup. / He cleared his throat quietly as … Paper I learnt today the emblem for one year: paper, bare and simple. It made me want to fill your letter box with little folded cranes, simple, … IT ENDS WITHIN! I am a condemned man; / condemned by religious bigotry, / condemned by political agendas, / condemned by social class, / condemned by racia… Parchment Paper It was a saturnine day in the Afternoon. The sky was gray, and it was raining. How in the world, throughout the wet grass, did all of that … Blackest Ink on Whitest Paper My love, My only Love… / My Black and White Prince… / My Dreams, My Hopes, My Imaginings, / Captured and Immortalized /… Raw -A love story Sleep. / Dream / Awake? / And the story begins / Of the first and last time she ever loved… Amaranthine Settling paper hearts, dyed red with frail edges / Fluttering, twirling / Butterfly ballerinas skipping across summer light / Glory’s delic… Unheard Words of Mine… you cannot help…. / But still feel lonley and lost…. Pencil to paper An ‘outsider’ you say? / Pencil to paper, / racing away… A Conversation People speak to me / The dialogue / A fluidity / Like writing, / Which weaves across the page / A cursive river / That blends together… paper cuts…side effects “Archetype flawed…full risk of failure…experiment…FAILED” / paper cuts…side effects… Tasty! The lovers quarrel, / walls paper thin. / The crash of plates / on the floor, / knick-knacks being / tossed about the apartment. / Shouts o… Song collab paper boats Paper boats song collaboration (new slow version) / Paper boats song collaboration (original YouTube version) / . . . . . . . . . . . . . .… Words on Paper …to him their just words on paper and i’m unsure if he’ll ever get that I love him… Paper-lover To write of love / On paper is fear / Therefore my mirror / A mere Paper-lover; / I write a paper / Part of me my dear / That when you rea… The Refuge of Paper and Pen I hide within the refuge / of paper and pen. / The secrets to my soul……….. / are hidden within. / My family has no idea /… PEN, PENCIL, PAPER, CRAYON (HAIKU) Just a click away / All the colors of nature / Flow into beauty Fly Paper High Planes Five minutes later she came running out of the house five gangsters running after her guns in hand. Losing sight I’m starting at 22, / ending at 27. / How sad is that? Paper Talks Waking up to a day you haven’t made friends with, / Facing another blank piece of paper. Paper Burns The darkness of creeper dancers against cold stone walls / Tigers crouching twilight syncopated monsters from the pit / Brush aside like th… A thousand paper cranes Standing that the bottom I’m the lowest of the low and / When it all comes down / A thousand paper cranes are looking really good right now Paper Made. Don’t trip on the rug, don’t turn off the light / Because we live in paper homes / That burn down in the night Paper Dolls The wooden cabinet creaks, / your scissors, / dull, than at once sharp, / cut into winter, / like the taste of branches, / I’m blinde… The ONE in the MIRROR Who is that person in the mirror; / looking back at me? / That person in the mirror, / Is that really me? / Though I’m getting older / on t… Long Time Ago Minds all in quite the simple sign of back and forth. hello, as space alludes the filling of itself. a body waits and practices for coming days. Paper Boats One paper boat… / Two paper boats… / Three paper boats… / I love you… / Wasn’t that how it always goes? paper heart I have reached in and grabbed my heart, / easily taken and pulled apart, / i throw this paper heart to the sky, / in hopes that it flies so… Paper Boats Tomorrow when I wake / I am starting something new / I will make some paper boats / and ready them for you / .. / I want my tears to be / w… Paper Snow A magical event in my life; a magical man in my life; a memoir to keep the memory safe forever.
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