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Original Sin.

I am induced into the drunkenness / of a world of lies.

Of: Original Assumptions Regarding the Mulberry B…

So they tell me / So they tell me / That I should be ashamed / Thus I offer grin, / Say “So I’ve heard, friend” / Then the naming begins / …

At ten o’clock.

“It was the first time she wanted to move in with somebody and that made her feel feelings she didn’t know how to name.” …

The Origins of Passion

He mounts the stage, ‘neath the glaring light / thund’rous applause fueling his stride / addressing the crowd with a weary sigh…

My Brother’s Feet

My sister’s eyes are stinging from the cold wind blowing tonight, wind she can’t escape.


The dancers are filled with laughter and color. A warmth comes from them that creates a longing in me.

Transformation Daydream

Who was I to judge this man’s life? This was myself if I had made different choices.

Only a Ghost

The face of homelessness is not mine alone. Half-glimpsed in a mirror, you can see yourself in my world.

Soap and Tears

No one wants to be in my position; I certainly don’t. And believe me, I never expected to be.

Live + Love + Know + Grow

Live Love Know Grow

Pig’s Ear

It is said, / “ You cannot make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear. “ / This has not stopped me trying though / Accepting has not stopped me c…

The Word

Just hanging off the hook / That homed my coat / My pocket / My secret word


Like slaves we become chained to it / Respond only to it / Dull thumps upon a drum

The Real Original Killer Amongst Men

To whom it may concern, / This is a rebuttal to Donna19’s write titled “The Original Killer Among Men ….” It is taken from the woman’s per…

Artist’s Lament 2

EJCairns/Cairnduff Circa; 2000

Artist’s Lament

EJCairns/Cairnduff; Circa 2000

On Painting with Inks

Inks do not as a general rule forget.

The Gates Volume One

An original screenplay.

An Artist Against the Arts

Hundreds of poems have flown from my chest / And yet I cannot pinpoint a single one as “the best” / Or any that make me feel relatively at …

Teddy Bear

I’ll be your teddy bear

Original Monologue: Louis from Angels in America

Scene: / Minimal set, black backdrop, two chairs sit side by side, looking like a waiting room in a doctor’s office. Louis should be dresse…

taking cover, an original version

don’t judge a book by its cover / judge it by its title and the meaning of the author’s name / and a cross between number theor…

Separation Anxiety

I’ve been thinking about breaking up with / Myself.

Mixed Media

I don’t know much about anything, / but I do go to an art school. / I’ve been learning about the trends / and ground breaking m…

Time is the Enemy

Time continues to ravage / All of what is left of me. / A bitter and heartless savage. / We live just to die, just to die. / Time is the en…

La Melodía del Diablo

Alexis se detuvo al escuchar la melodía, era embriagante y placentera; se desvió de su camino original… no sabía qué le provocaba, pero era…

Fate Conspired

Distinguished in your affection / Fate Conspired

The Original ‘Digital’ Folk Artist

The more that I paint, / The more I can’t wait… / To see what it is that I’ll next create.

The Original Thought/Vibration…

… I would imagine… / … is/was somewhere between ‘I am’ and ‘hmm.’ / ;D

my new page

my new miniature life drawing page

the original bastard soul

come hither and dance with a stranger said edgar allan poe / hidden behind the mask lies all the things we didn`t even know / close to you …


A lot of people are looking for signs to validate their next move. Wear this shirt and you could make someone very happy ;D

The Treasure [Original Prose]

A growing child investigates her mother’s closet / and in the corner she finds a treasure.

My First Love [Original Poem]

And as the waves cover the sand for a moment / before the undertow,and as they pull away from the beach, / some particles are carried away …

Walking In The Mist [Original Prose]

The haze, the mist / made the world a strange fairyland / where the outline of reality was indistinct and clouded.

My Grey Stuffed Cat [Original Prose]

Looking back now it is unclear. / What I thought was love, was not. / What I thought would last, is gone.

Little Bird [Original Poem]

Against the wide expanse of turquoise sky / You dart and sway / and seem like a loose paper blown in the wind, / skidding madly through th…

Ivory Keys [Original Prose]

Leave the monotony behind, enter a domain / of expressive tones, harmonious intervals / They entice this soul to abandon all / to escape th…

Harmony [Original Prose]

Each person has a melody inside of him. / For some it is a light, lifting air in his heart, / for others a loud, resounding symphony

You Are My Inspiration [Original Poem]

I want to lay down, close my eyes, with your voice in my ears / your music playing loudly and flowing through me / filled with your voice, …

A Snowy New Year [Original Poem]

January is passing and I greet the new year with hesitation / What hope is ahead? what mysteries will unfold? / I will not face the cold wi…

Candy Apples [Original Prose]

Last night I had a dream / And you were with me. / We sat in a boat and there was water everywhere. / I saw no trees, no mountains, no buil…

I Feel Art – Spoken Word

Art is taking everything inside, regardless of the reactions, and personifying it- Giving it a beating heart

“Not Too Late”

You can get fresh and I can scold you / Then we can laugh and I can hold you


To all my dear’s friend’s whit Love / [Video]

Azure Dragons Lair Edited Original 2011©Andr…

Have a pure heart and soul, / Don’t steal cheat or do any wrong or harm any living thing on Earth, and you will go to the Valley of The Azu…


the original fragments / of continuity / become magnets / you dread to pull apart / * / how to speak the truth / with a language of lies / …

-Original Sin-

What he will give is the incipient -bare minimum- / of his heartbeat / -He’ll reveal just- / the washed out clamoring of his horded des…

The Original Artist…

… creates/works with / THE Original Thought-Vibration.

re VampireLily’s “Original Sin”

and the koran has four / if four were gardens of / one, eating, banana / early australia had / titons rove, name, tell of / (they named fru…

Original Sin

so, / i found the apple and just bit… / juice winding down my wrist

Art Show “UnUrban path” – Abstract spirit o…

Abstract your Spirit and take a full breath of Russia during Toronto lunch / Downtown lunch is the best time for art – The way to a m…

The Original Illusion…

… good-bye.

Some kind of original

You’re some kind of original. / Too cool to understand, / so here’s what I don’t get. / They have girlfriends / but act l…



The Fall; Passions and alienations

These days it seems so inescapable, I feel changed, so blatant, so vulgarly obtuse. / Inescapably obtuse. / Sticking to a group of hundred…

The Petal’Philes original comment thread

I apologize to the groups that originally accepted this work, I am planning on removing them from the group storage, and adding one chapter…


Her hair, that waves like the ocean / Meets with her shoulders, relaxed

The Language of Mudawups

They’re better than science fiction chameleons.

T-Shirt Designs

Some of my Original T-Shirts…

Something Original

Let’s talk over tea, / about art in our schools, / and declining literacy. / Adjust the atti"tube". / “Channels are s…

Since The Original ‘Blip’…

… ‘Everything’ is synonymous with ‘Nothing’.

The original World Wide Web…

…is Love.

The original idea III: Eleni’s elegy

A jasmine scent echoes your skin / And your smile lightens the moon / When you walk, a horse to a mule, / Beside me. / And your smile fades…

The original idea II


The original idea



…all you want to do is cover up the person you see in the mirror…

( therapy session) silence of the scream

….why do you cut? he asked. / she shakes her head and whispers softly to herself…don"t scream, answer calmly.


Looking at the world / Through the eyes of a child / Renews the wonder and excitement / Of the things we take for granted / Its a…



the original matter

The light that gleams through the tunnel turns hollow / The peak of my words makes less sense

Where will I fly my flag ?

Developers want to buy her out / here she makes a stand

The Flirt

Just smile…Tilt your head and say / Thank You…but I’m taken

P.S. I wrote this just for You

Did you know YOU are in a book / just as plain as plain can be / And WE are also in there / in this famous book

My Best Friend

Doing better then playing I’m asleep / I’ll play that I am dead / No one will bother me / I’m an unborn child in the womb

The Original/Source Thought/Vibration…

… is a dreamer!

A Fountain of Youth

My heart raced with passion at the / picture I took that day…

Mothers Gems

131 VIEWS AS OF 04/19/10 / Then at the end of the day / She can gaze at her children and say


Not good enough for Heaven / or bad enough for Hell

Now This…is Awsome

I have the urge to write / And tell the world what happened / just the other night

The answer is “yes”

AS OF 05/08/10 – 103 views / Did you get to see some action / and this is what he said

A young hearts confession

You didn’t close the curtain / or ask me to go away / instead I saw you smile / and you left me stay

Original Print

When will the irony be seen? / That the individual is copied and has become routine

A Little Joy

He was having his own party / a party of just one

Living Life Like This

Fear of failure? Loneliness? / I’m unsure of what. / Or why.


Necessity is the smother of intention.

Original Cliches by Simon R Gladdish

ORIGINAL CLICHES / 60 NEW POEMS BY / SIMON R. GLADDISH / INTRODUCTION / Original Cliches was mainly written in Istanbul and contains an /…

Miss Terrie

What you need…

Tears of silence

The tears that run down my face / block my point of view


Was music with no lyrics, just a few vocal utters. / Original / Was leaning against the wall playi…

She Knows

she is breathing, rhythm, pace, giving touch to comfort / learn a thing and perhaps not blow your load in 1:34 seconds / give her what she…


100 views as of ( 05/09/10 ) / Divorce, many have been there done that, are you thinking about it ? / A must read for the love of life / …

The Tiger and the Hare

The air ballon was lowered and the tiger ROARED “Your Mine” (04-19-10 181 views)

A New found friend

105 views as of 05/18/10 / The intellect of an animal / and what a real man is like

My Christmas List

} A Christmas Gift for unselfish Lovers { / as of 12/18/10 286 views


What constitutes a beginning? / And what justifies the end? / Originality’s quickly growing sparse; / And we just pick up where other…
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