Music I heard The music / I hear constantly, / I know, you compose it for me exclusively. / I hear its tones morning and night, / as an answer to my hea… Orchestra The loss of you is a minor key, / The silence is just a sympathy / Your violins of derogatory / Are a symphony with a eulogy. Music Of The Wind And Waves Spice / To tantalize the tongue / Tempting / Lips open, tasting mist. / Eyelids low Lyrical This music / inside my soul / directed / in and at me / is this what I need? / singular focus / time to gather / towards / propel / recon… Dance Lost in the music / no space / no time / my hand in yours / the knowledge / our connection / sensations / muscle memory the prodigal returns i loosed that fire / the room exploded opus the rhapsody of our desire Cosmos White Each flower fold / like and angels wings / curved / graceful / delicate / precise / visual poetry Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer. I made a Sale : ) I Just Sold A T-Shirt: / Storm Thunder hunted somber clouds on high that winter morn / Froth flew wild in a restless squall to gather at the fore / Gusting flurries swi… And that wasn’t enough She found herself on the ledge / And that wasn’t enough music pieces – part 3 (Mature) pearl forged of forked lightning / flung across barbed wire / your voice shattered the senses song of the morning paper i read the news today / oh boy Disco Fever Sweeps The Nation Lit up balls sparkling bright / Hanging like a big bright light / Over a dance floor like a stage / People dancing a new craze / Disco is … My other half (Mature) My Apology (Mature) Martial law (Mature) (M.I.A) (Mature) Listen to me I promise to always be yours and not let anything separate us. I am desperate for you. When I am around you I can’t breathe or stand still … Dust 6X (Where are you? I wish I knew because I love you and still do. Now where are you?) / I love you baby, I’m almost there. I’m with you. Cure for the Sorrow I’m in a cam-a-tose, because I can’t let go. This fear is all I have ever known. I’m in a cam-a-tose, because I can’t let go. This fear is … Carry on I will, I will, I will carry on. (Till the last day) I will carry on (nothing will get in my way) I will carry on (carry on) I will carry o… Big Chill I was betrayed and back stabbed by my best friend. I can’t promise you that I will see you again but I will promise you this is the end. Cu… Anti-Current Crisis Protect our Country! Die for your rights, for your loved one, for your family. Die protecting what our founding fathers established for us,… Angle Cake We care (We Care) we love (We Love), nothing can tear us apart, we dance (We Dance) we sing (We Sing) together forever we’ll do everything. 2 days later (Mature) Country Artists Rule My Heart There’s a contest I will enter / Who’s topic is to center / About the artists I like best / I’ll put my poem skills to th… water for the crickets slumber mouth people puppet thing strings They’re responsible for the collapsing of happiness too. Variations I would love to hold your hand / Just before you start to play until the gentle fall of my tumbling life curtain… holding Galilean binoculars Happiness in Music Prends les choses qui te fait de la bonheur. / Focus on the ones that make you feel happy. / Tourne la page, fait un nouveau récit. Venus de Milo Now is now darling, / you’re killing me softly with your words. Music for no one at all You hold tightly to this, / the grip is comfort / when it’s all getting loose. / Warmth is a soothing elixir / seeping through the f… Music jobs join our team and take one of our tracks and change it into a different style that suits your own Particular Skill and Artistic Talent Soundtrack to my life Ya know how kids do that whole lemonade stand outside their house to make a little money? Well I also did it… I was 22. when my toes knot themselves around your tongue I feel you boom through me Andante Slow, flowing love / Right in time. On Hearing Bach in an Unfamiliar Church In a plain white church / we gathered, waiting for music. Nature’s Musical Composition The colors of sunsets sing their notes / As Nature undulates with the ever-changing drama / Yellows and pinks deepen / Oranges and reds fli… grave music almost kidnapped by sleep / i heard it / hanging in the kitchen / a note ode to a stranger A stranger showed me the Face of God. Take Me Take me in your arms / Show me how you feel / Inside. / I want to spend the whole night / By your side. Lose Control I’m not really one / To act on how I feel / But with you I lose control / Coz you’ve got so much sex appeal / You bring me to m… For those my heart breaks for I’ve protected all that I could, time to face it alone/ / If home is where the heart is I’ll live my days on the road/ Such Is Life If you were here / right now, / you’d see the / furrow in my brow. / If you were here / right now, / you could see the / slump in m… Employment, tv commerials, extras in movies, musi… / / / your the rose and im the seed / terrileigh belle chwasty… The Lady on His Knee Years ago I had a lover who loved his guitar more than he loved me. WWW.Zen I sit as a spec on my mountain; surrounding thunderheads roil on a deep blue sky as the earth slides slowly round again. Untitled 2 she let the music flow from her fingers… She transposed her anxiety, her frustration, her hope and fear into the passion of the piece… MAMA ( I think i found my girl) a RAP SONG BY RAS… ANOTHER DOPE RAP FROM RAS KDC re Unforgotten – The Music of your Laughte… the wonted haunting song / the now lara my theme / pinging thoughts that wouldst flow / . / j ’darwin / xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx / Unforgotte… As Winter Approaches welcome .. come on in and have a seat … chilly night out, yes? … I started a log in the fireplace .. should warm us up a bit &#… Blue Fiber Blues At the close of day / shadows across the sky / deep blue unraveling / spinning into black / and the peace of silence / draws us to sleep / … The Old Crone Smoke laden dreams come to the crone as she sits before the fire warming her old bones…dreams of times long past …the fire is n… Sweet Rememberings festival mud encrusted The Passion is Gone… the words of a passionate woman healing from heartache.. Dancing With The Moon Dancing away in the night wanting to be very far, far away from the light… his music I ask him how can he play such music / how can he sing love songs / when all around us the world is dying / and we won’t be here all … the music plays on there was a time / when he amused the boy / with the music he played / the stories he told / a time when it was he / who made the boy laugh… hell’s orchestra there’s an orchestra in hell / that plays for Satan’s amusement like a moonbeam hey…thanks for checking out my latest, I am often inspired by rap, hip hop…it’s the beat that gets me…it’s th… while waiting for the orchestra i sit / awaiting music / to flood my soul WHEN I AM GONE! You will grow old my sweet. ah yes my dear grow old, / And I shall be no more! MUSIC FOR MANIFESTING! MUSIC is a powerful ally on your spiritual path, as it serves to boost your manifestation powers. MUSIC is part of the invisible realm, and… Opium Curls url: Now Baby Baby / … Just / … One / .. Night This Is The Way It Has To Be How did we ever end up this way / Both alone, both feeling astray / I’m sick and tired of thinking of you everyday / I’m corner… Adam & The Bow 25 minutes a day. a vanishing face I would drown in a moment of fear every day~color my love with your smile and say~I love you today & yesterday too~only tomorrow will k… blessings of phaedra why don’t you take me out walkin’ until my feet are under water~my eyes are full of sand~I’ll look down & wonder~all gritty~where the h… Out All Night Moshpit steaming / Teens are screaming / Lights strobing / Appendages probing / This is what we have become. A Dream of You Here, on the other side of things / Where the dreams gather to rest / I met a Dream of You ending with only one pouring into my mind like / that of a fountain of honydew / i can taste your lips Get Used To School Shootings You harm every person you interact with. La Belle Sonorité. Flooding our minds with stories and melodies, / Shining light upon our darkest hours. / Taking us away from the world, / Bringing us to our… The Wondrous Man of Music The man of music tuned his guitar, / ready to play to empty hearts who have needs. / Those who pass by put coins in his jar / and right nex… Dark Horse A dark horse rears on a stark white moor. / I envy the power of this beast; wild and free. / My own dark horse needs reigning in, / as it&#… Models Light tricks and lipstick. Magazines. Chick Flicks. / Holsters at hips, quick. Glamour girls. Camera Clicks. / A snap-happy chappy with a c… Whistler Girl The only thing she had with her were the flowers in her hair and her pretty white flute. At the Winter Concert But still, to lift one’s voice in song, / whether in pure and flawless rill or rasp of midnight croakers, / is to twice praise: affirm the… Back to the Dark Cave I can control this / I have a darkness I harness / I am not depressed / I am human Embrace (lyrics) my cells are filled with a brilliant light / I shiver and tremble in mighty fear / electric veins run thru my spine / might you just leave… building from the sky down it’s at least sort of about madison. Devil thru the gates (Lyrics/Poem) a smile to you and a knife to them, can’t be held down but I will drag you behind me as I step higher, just a devil playing her way t… Demon in need of an angel (Lyrics/poem) Clever little twist on lies, riddles that no-one grasp, a smile to hide the monster inside, inside my head caught in-between of loving to b… That music in our brains! Lets dance to music in our brains / Lets fucking drive the whole world / insane New Beginning (Lyrics) I feel the deeper pain / that must have struck my heart / I will rise above this sorrow / and make a brand new start The Break (Lyrics) I am so low and don’t know why / you chose me as the torture guy / my open heart must be the prize / a victim in your web of lies Despair (Lyrics) I was dancing at your funeral / and I tossed a thorny rose / and it landed on your coffin / as they lowered it in the hole Unrequited Love for a Man of Music Music Man in hollow room, / steeped inside your private gloom. / You sing your songs. I feel your pain. / Because my sorrow’s… music where all of the tar, all of the stuff inside of you, holding you together or tearing you apart…it slowly melts away. and you feel light. Moon Guitar There you were in your purple sing song dress / and your yuequin joining in with it’s perfect tones / the vibrations of your voice ag… Music Those with no instruments / used their bodies / to tell the story / the notes wrapped around / from the strings of his guitar / and we …
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