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My Pearly Whites

Tonight the mirror didn’t shatter… / Maybe one day I’ll look even better.

Story of the mirror

Once upon a time / (what else) / There was a mirror / Perfectly reflecting everything / Yet none really bothered to see it / As they all ad…

The Real


Mirror and Reflection

Though the mirror / never lies, / it is often overruled / by personal reflection— / Self—no objective / oculist… / No sta…

Live Through This

Let go of all the pain you feel, / I know it hurts, it seems unreal / Hold onto the things you love, / Face yourself, and rise above

Sort of mirror site to my art :http://www.paulrom…

Sort of mirror site to my art, Should RB, be off line for maintenance or something…

The Colour of a Storm

Shapes shift / the light / impresses upon the mood / dark / shadows / reflect grey / a hint of blue / cotton wool white / a feverish hue

The Devil Is in the Mirror

Stick to it like glue / Your faith / It will get you through / When trouble comes a’knocking / Upon your door / You blame the devil …

in the mirror of the moon

the moon was calling / in its silver voice / from down in the marsh / so i headed there

Reflection of Beauty

mortality… / she hides in the mirror / pretty face reflection / strangely tinted of rose / within such vanities / . / each visit tain…

Walking Not Alone

We talk, the air between us shrinking and expanding, a lung or heart kept alive by our path through the city and our swaying steps around o…

The Magic Mirror

It is a moment of enchantment. / A little girl gazes with approval at her image in the mirror… / Wearing a crown of flowers and tend…

The Image On The Mirror

In the master bedroom a giant mirror hangs from the wall, / Once your face often visited to see the image of an eye’s call. / Beauty …

The Mirror Of The Sea

Everyday seems to begin as silhouettes along the shore and perhaps beyond. Those moments just before the sun opens that one eye over the ho…

Magic Mirror, On the Wall

A mirror of light / On the water so bright / It beckons one to look / At the image in the water / Looking up from quivering / Yet serene wa…


Did you ever leave yourself in order to find me? / because if not, you don’t deserve me! / I know that you did!…. / Although yo…


Trying to still the surface and achieve some inner calm / Trying to still the surface and bring an ending to the harm

watchin’ your soul depart

was watchin’ your / soul depart / from the earth / and it didn’t even stop / to pay the handling fees / as you slipped away

Glass Prism

My artistic talent are received from One source of pure light. / Passing through me like a glass prism, expressing them in diversity of…

The blood in the mirror!

As we look, so shall we see. / There are no short cuts, no added swell, / Just you , and the blood in the mirror! / All other selves escape…


she stares at the mirror / the mirror stares back / once it was fun / now it makes her feel bad / once she loved the mirror / and the mirro…

the astonished mirror

the date for the crucifixion was announced in advance / leaked from innermost circles / creating a mythical symbol / for rebellion with fo…


Darling is sitting at the vanity / light globes glowing up her skin / dead eyes in the mirror / and the glass she drowns herself i

Mirror thoughts

The bitterness of my tea washes away the melancholy lingering on my tongue

Talking To Me.

i like u. do you like me too?

Soliloquy to the Mirror

I have forgotten how to lift my eyes / to the beauty I am told is out there.

The Mirror

… Enter that mirror-world and see here-after / This world is much the same forever after…

man in the broken mirror

This mirrored image I stand before / Stares back in curiosity / Unrecognised / Alien. / Look deeper / And we do / In sync / Still… no…

Assembly Line

there you appear in all different colors

Objects in the mirror

We are objects in the mirror / The strangers walking by / We are closer than it seems / You and I


Like a mirror / Folded in on itself / We are infinite / We are the I am

The naked alien

I can still read the saved text messages / And they seemed real enough

The naked alien

I can still read the saved text messages / And they seemed real enough

you pretty little sunshine whore

shock me / you pretty little / sunshine whore / your blond hair / turning gray

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Who is the fairest of them all? / What a load of crap! / Consider… / Mirror, mirror on the wall / what level of stress will maul / my…

What’s behind the mirror?

You look at yourself in the mirror / “What do you see?” / “I see me”. / With a single glass tear / That rolls down …

The House

I sit there, in the middle of the dark, cold, dead grass… Waiting… For what?

The man in the mirror

When you get what you want in your struggle for self , / And the world makes you King for a day Then go to the mirror and look at yourself…

blackboard mirror

whats wrong? / nothing I say, / but the endless struggle of every fucking day, / builds up after weeks, and after a while, I feel this way.…

Man in the Mirror

“And they say men like / sex / more than women…” / her voice proud and clear, / my startled breath spilling / from bet…

Circle of Trust- (State of Mind).

‘Who am I?’- I ask, seeking an answer / But the stale look of grim reflects my inner mind / Casting shadows upon my shoulders /…

Hiding From My Face In The Mirror

today i learned that people still worship the sun

mirror images.

I could tell you wanted me / when you told me I looked pretty under the sun light.

Mirror, Mirror… What truth do you offer?



Mirror, mirror on the wall.

Girl in the mirror.

If you really wanna know me / Look at yourself in the mirror / Where you can clearly see / The vision of you / The vision of beauty / It…


Following, it’s a massacre / Of my own death / Cradled inside / Where I wake / And fear to deem / Inside is deep / Where I scream / L…

Natures Make-up

Alarm clock ringing, 8AM…


I see myself, reflecting back / My guilt,pain, and misery / Being played like an unknown instrument / Born for destruction / I see myself, …

Vanity Mirror

Speaking into the mirror, / Your flaws screaming back out, / Twisted expressions, / Damaged skin, / Too thin / Too fat, / Nothing’s e…


Shadow selves dance around in circles

The Flower in the Mirror

Let me turn your tears into roses / Let me turn your scars into daises / Let me turn your frowns into tulips / Let me show you yourself / I…

Mirror on the wall

Mirror on the wall, / here we are again. / I see the pain in your eyes. / I see the scar’s that still remain. / Mirror on the wall, /…

Mirror of her mind

She once was / an innocent child. / Then she turned / into somone wild. / A different person / with a different character. / Ruined and d…

just give up dog

just give up

Nature’s Way

Please little children / Please be aware / This Earth is our haven / We all need to share.

Broken Mirror

Look in the mirror / And i see what used to be / The reflection of a woman / With pride and intellect / But many stolen moons have passed …


i hate you, / i cant help it. / your playing me on / and you dont even know it / your shoving evrythign down / hoping nothign will show th…

punching my knuckles into a mirror

and they sink / and i drink / and eat / and not fuck / but worry

and then…

and then / it’s you, as you pass by… / in your hair / i’m not sure / but i think i see / an object of you / reflecting / burning your light…

same wind

connect with me now / in your mirrored / reflection / where a thought / can send / just a ripple, / transfixed / send me a part / of you / …


There is no rest for me, the turmoil in my mind spills chaotically into my soul,


She was nude looking in the mirror, / In the master bedroom of our home. / She did not appear to be happy, / But I was, Hey, she was nude! …

A Hopeful Lamentation

Translucent verbal expressions of honesty ebbed into a colorful palette of exuberant abandonment; only when I had become intelligible enoug…

Looking in the Mirror

unscripted / unaware / distant / …

Poet Whisperer

Gentle now / whisper for the poet steeps

Mirror, mirror

Look in the eye / of the one you love / and try to see more than “I”

Take a look in the mirror!

As soon as I get close to you’s, / you push me away. / With the thing’s that you do / or the thing’s that you say. / Dism…

16 Divine Law of Reflection

Step into the mirror / There you are, there I am / Holding my reflection / In the palm of your hand / Way beyond immortal / In a glass that…

Mirror Lies

“Leave me alone, I cry! / Let me hide behind my silent cries and mirror lies! / This face I hide behind.” / It helps me get th…

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror / on the wall, / I’ve searched my soul, / I now stand tall.

Lose the Mirror

Lose the Mirror / Time is a sandstorm / ankle deep / images blow by / sometimes real / sometimes not / I lose the mirror / therefore I lose…

A Living Looking Glass

I can see into your soul / If you let me… / Because your body language betrays you / With a nervous laugh / A shifting gaze / An innocuous…


You want to look how Mother looked. / Makeup she used to use lies on her / Dressing table in the room father has / Had locked up. You ha…

Surface introspection

This mirror / That shows how we appear / Is but a surface reflection. / Do not be transfixed / By this glamour.


is it an image in reverse or a whisper of some past event slightly out of focus or compleatly bent one could say they reflected while looki…


The mirror never lies, / Your mother said. / You look in it now, / The mirror reflects / You in the midst / Of half way dressing. / Y…

The Mirror of Reality

Absorbed in The Mirror – / Who do I see? / Is that you, precious friend…? / Or could it be me? / The Mirror Knows, / And can n…

Mask In The Mirror

mirror / mirror / of / the / past / bloody / me / with / broken / glass / mirror / mirror / shed / light / on / truth / am / I / real / or …


Please don’t touch me. / I’m going to lay down a while. / My mind is fermented / in images / bathed in electric blue from the television…

Haiku (mirror)

in the mirror / I see reflected / an empty vessel


when you look in the mirror / does it look back at you / what is your sin / does your face hide it / to the world / but does the mirror / e…

Her Beauty Sat.

Her beauty sat / uneasy on her, / it knew / the crow’s feet / and lines / would come / soon enough / and the skin stretch / until the b…

Mirror Masked

Two separate lives / One heart beat / mirror, masked / in a world of denial

Untangled (I missed me)

Stumbling on the vacant page / I saw an empty mirror / Bleeding

~ The girl in the mirror ~

She damns the mirror for the story that it tells / she damns her past, her present, the future, herself…

Speak the Truth

Speak the truth / See YOU / Live Out Loud / Be Proud / Embrace Freedom / Be true / Embrace You!

The Woman in the Mirror II

That woman in the mirror, / haunts me occasionally…..

97th in the rear view mirror

97th in the rear view mirror / Going fishing, / driving through the city, / on a sunny day, / I see,I see,I see, / the world / is full of o…

The Mirror I

Who is the woman that I see / looking back at me / staring from the mirror / just as plain as it could be….

Mirror, Mirror

I’m leaving! / No! Don’t go, you know that I can only walk as far as this glass stretches / Well, you’re lucky that I hav…

Face in the Mirror

It’s a tenuous thing, / that desolation can bring, / in a Sisyphean quest / to pass fountain of youth’s test. / As you look in …

Mirror Image of You

Take another piece / Though there’s not much left. / I give 110% of myself / When there’s only about 30% in tact. / The easy st…

Dwelling in the mirror

Deep in the swirl of the mirror I’ll dwell / looking out ever witness / to the dream of existence preferred

A shooting star…

If only in your dreams… / —The Dark Knight

Mirror of God

People disappoint, people compromise on values. The things that matter they cheapen. In the face of all I look at God Who never wavers in a…
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