The Road to being a linguist

I am sure this is the year that you should make make up your mind and just dive deep into learning a new language of choice


Poetry is the language of Life, / the way trees would sing / if they had human voices, / the sound of a stone’s silent soul,

Carcinoma (swearing/language alert)


The Meteorology of Language

We wordsmiths, / molten to the core, / spill truths in black and white / into others’ souls –


i caress over soft white rolling hills / into and through crevasses of pink / pleasing fingers trailing slowly / around the landscape of yo…

The Language of God

Money is not / the Language of God— / Wealth is! / kissing and hugging / are not the Language / of God—Love is! / not to say /…

The Opportunity of Adversity

[Video] / by Aime Mullins (TED TALK)


tristeţea vestită se avântă spre nori, / atunci când zambeşti …, eu cobor / spre un alt infinit, spre o altă cale, / înapoi în trecut, alun…

The Politics of Body Language

‘What made you want a career in politics? And don’t give me that, ‘’I just wanted to make a real difference’’ bollocks.’


This mind / such a beautiful thing / this secret / so strong / the ability to speak / by touch / alone

street language

You better dig what I have to say / you may get hurt in every way / because we all shoot high on friday / cause we dont care if we die by m…

Reach Out & Touch Somebody

In a world governed by global trade, productivity and the worship of the mighty dollar, it would seem there has never been a time where hum…

Contemporary Linguistics

My speech holds so much meaning / Thrown, inflicted, pushed, attached to terms / that have always been endlessly open / but how they have b…

A Different Language

Glazed look and a frown

facebook poem

moments of bliss … internet and interplanetary and ongoing end.

False Snow

A language breathed / And seized by man. / Carve tracks of rain / To monstrous dams.


The victory of truth is L O V E.


Can you re-find the power of language / so you can say your soul in such ways / that trees recognize you; / that birds somehow stop singin…

Second Language

i walk throughout the hours of the evening alone

Body language

Hands / Storytellers / Look at them / as they point out / short and long stories / all over the body / Layers and layers of eventful, mean…

No Speaka Da Language

Higher up, the scenery disappears behind a veil of mist. Suddenly we squeel to a halt at a chain across the road. Three scruffy children, b…

Peep Show, a Tango


The closest term in this language, is ‘Knight’. But even that languishes in want of accuracy; falls short of true equivalence. …


I tussled of olde with the insolvent notion that I am a cantankerous anachronism; to draw neither sound conclusion, or eventuate personal a…

The Oddity of Psychiatric Language

Upon being diagnosed with Bipolar Two, I was struck / …by the oddity of the psychiatric language,


… dann werden Liebende / die Liebe verstehen.

they have words for sadness (but not in this lang…

say: “can you feel this hollow / in a regular body”

mim or all – ha all

twins tea too / this aim wonss / ass yew

eye tea

eye dea deis / with id i.d.s / eye dents and eye teas / i den n tee

Between the cracks

The art of letter writing has fallen between the cracks; / yet I admire the messiness of hand printing chaos / and a signature for more tha…

I’m not breaking our language..

…I’m fixing it.

The uncomplete works of Love

Love is a lot of things.

beloved immortals one by one reborn

beloved immortals one by one reborn…love found love lost joys and sorrows


Lorna had decided to to seduce him; a seduction, the way the French would; something subtle, something that would unfold suspensefully, tha…

Another Language

[Video] / I should like to find some other language, / an unknown breathing language, / where sound falters on the breath / like a string…

The Language of Love

I see I watch I follow / How the lips caress each syllable / The pause the swallow / The scanning movement of the eyes / The cock of the he…

The language of Love

The language of Love / They finished a dinner by candle light the darkness just beyond the candle light created the / Elusive hard to capt…


I wish for linguistic smoothness


the echoes of the sunbeams are shot dead / Or when the autumnal leaf / Tinted orange-gold and ruby red, / Having fallen to its death,


Shipwrecked now, / Upon the silent storm, / Where the sunshine once danced, / Shadows now loom.


I am starting a new language. / It just came to me today. / No it isn’t Haiku, / We’ll call it Lo-Cal if we may! / The words will be just k…

A Living Looking Glass

I can see into your soul / If you let me… / Because your body language betrays you / With a nervous laugh / A shifting gaze / An innocuous…


Oh well, never mind, less said, / Sooner mended, Mother said, / Placing the ironed blouse on the pile. / Gloria studied her mother’s back…

universal language of love

after all ,music is the universal / language of love / we all can listen to music / we can feel the emotions / of music even if you do not …

Love Needs No Language… Chemistry Cooks The…

Blah blah blah / She said / Blah blah blah / Was his reply / No words were ever needed / After sparks shot through the midnight sky…

Fallen Star

Until they fell to their knees and kissed the flower.

 / Until they returned to that one solitary hour,

language and illusion

I let the words mean nothing, / until the cycle moves, / in the way the currents move. / the silence surge / feeding the swell / where deep…


A whole community / Tasted the sound / And smelt the meaning / Of those words

Book of Changes

Everything in life could be simplified into a straightforward scheme. There were two choices waiting for a certain sequence at the red ligh…

All I Want Is…

Not a place to call my own.

Sound check…déjà vu.

…perhaps locked away in all of us and hidden, are the first sounds or words ever spoken and every language since then, a compilation.

Breakfast At Elderberries

and silent, i suppose i just want to chat

Five Minutes to Spare

The Cat Is un Gato

In my asylum there are no words classified as of the lexical variety; / Neither words to give away nor any to steal from myself. / There i…

MY INK IS THIN…(a valentine offering of sor…

my quill is blunt, / dipped in holy water / from heart’s inkwell

The Consequences of Disobedience

There are, I am told, rules. Guidelines. / A set of instructions as to how to do it. / Do what, I hear you ask. / Well, how to write poetr…

The Language of Mudawups

They’re better than science fiction chameleons.

If Smoke Could Speak, What Would it Say ?

The crematoriums, / The wildfires, / The back yard Bar-B-Ques, / The cigarettes……. / What would the smoke say, / if it could sp…

Under Dylan Thomas

Under Dylan Thomas / I am reincarnate fool in love with words

functionalism (CC: a special poem) He said ‘Go” b…

… how to prevent the tsunami of death is / not a reading into reasons …


Maybe its time to undress your voice: / to take off that sheer gown of ingratitude, / to slip the panties of squeamishness down your legs.

In the Language of Women

Shoulders down / Forward / Modifies / The knitted brow

Holiday Meal

alot on how we count our days, with someone still staring and so we had hoped they’d keep their promises. all off in the room of rare…

Poem 3 of The Alchemy Series:The Meaning of Life …

Who are we? Where are we? Why are we here? / Discuss. / I. / Back up; / in full reverse. / If you fall and nothing catches you / but the wi…

My Mind (strong language)


Body Language

What I like / Is how you favor my cracked ribcage / Over the intoxicating banners promoting / beauty in the shape of twisted dolls. / My d…

Stories told … (impressions of “Lan…

“a blade of windblown grass is found simply waiting / with a gentle breeze at its back, it bends, the words dripping it yields to all…

The unspoken language of Poets

People speak many languages, / languages spoken by other people, / from other lands where / the other people speak / the same words, / in …

misconstrued body language

blatent disregard / you take me by the arm / stronger than my will / my ambience your thrill. / i pull away, your eyes growl / i could show…

Call IN Out

“No one is near to hear”

Es ist Herbst / It´s autumn

A photograph from Lena Weisbeck was a wonderful inspiration for me. / Here come´s a poem in German language. It´s the second poem in my lif…

Notes on the development of language

“Uh.” / “M.” / These are arguably two of the very first utterances by our early ancestors … Let’s imagi…

Language of Love

Perhaps it’s her special look with sparkling eyes…

V IS FOR VENGENCE, BITCH (Oh, language warning.)

“If there be devils, would that I were a devil. To live and burn in everlasting fire, so I might have your company in hell. But to to…

Playground toys

Words are my toys, / Language is my playground. / © J.V. Clarke, October 2010

The Mirror.(explicit language and triggering lang…


No Place Like Home – The Dream Language of …

’There’s no place like home.’ / ‘If I only had a heart, a brain, some courage’. / Do these phrases bear any s…

Now I talk

Question your thoughts / Never your feelings

The Code Within the Code

It is a story written using a common alphabet, a language shared by everyone who has ever lived, and who will ever live.

`Árdei graschi – a work in romanian language


And I don’t know how to squawk

We are birds. / Me a sparrow / lowly. lonely. / Yet lofty in dreams / of you / some parrot

a lesson in language

drown in my language

Who is love?

Love is life. / Love is our lesson. / Love ignites passion. / Love speaks to everyone, / Love is our language,our mother tongue.

You Bitch (language advisory)

This verse is for me / A reflection of my day / I write this piece blindly / ‘Cause I CAN have it my way

Lost and Found

Lost, I am found, in the liquid language of your labyrinthine eyes, / Deep, dark wild, Wilderness eyes, I‘ve come inside / To drink from th…

17. language

We find corners in language / We find spaces in which to hide our precious words / For fear of discovery / For fear of… / Letting peo…

Silent Whispers


Love’s Unspoken Language

Love’s Unspoken Language / I could never say enough, just how much I love you / never enough to make these feelings I have real. / N…

The language of truth

I know the plan / Loquacious / I see the point / Capriciously / I understand yet I don’t. / Dubiously I bite the futility / The bat…


A whisper / Caressing, touching / More than any flesh could touch.


My mind does not think in lines of metered / verse / Rhymed with what went before, one / WORD

" Heart Talk With Language "

There was no enemy that can not be conquered by love. / There was no disease that can not be cured by love. / There was no hostility that c…

The CH one (language alert)


I love alcohol (language alert)



I took their lips for my mask / And played their words / like new dances for my breath. / Their garlands rooted in my throat / spoke a wh…

The language of love?

Profusion / Of colors, / Each having an individual voice— / We are also / Bass and soprano— / While the heart / Proclaims a hidden flux /…
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