Interior Landscape Inner beauty is a lotus / tethered to the pond that is the soul Hollow Tree Here stands a hollow trunk / Still near the river / Over looked by mildly curious hills / The few who remember a sapling youth / Vigorous… the beginning of the end colorado grasslands / empty wideopen / moon shining behind us Heart hard as rock pale blush, white mas,cara / on the face of the earth / tracks of tears / cried and dried / by a land that knows / it will outlast my love… Turner Prize 2013 The Turner Prize 2013 Gallery walk gallery walk, photography, art Winter Landscape beneath greyed light / fields… naked trees / silent with snow… / looking up convulated / tangled branches / vein the sky…… Jarland The air is now icy and bone-chilling, the wind is relentless in its ferocity, and the landscape is nothing but a sea of white blanketing th… A Found Poem Prostrate pilgrims lie beneath a long / Queue of cagoule clad ramblers / Support subterranean wierdness Matilda’s Golden Kiss It was a cold winter morning and Matilda had just finished putting her breakfast dishes away for the day. Matilda was excited about a book … perhaps in california, someone dreams of the snow. he used to call you aurora, for the first time you saw the northern lights. it was on a projector, in a museum. the month was april and the… How using a tripod will help you to create better… One of the key benefits of using a tripod is that it slows the image making process. The Goddess She Awakens The drums and chimes pick up, pushing the sitar to a point of shrilling laughter. I feel life in all of its beautiful celebrations as the b… You sold a photographic print of “VSOP. 6 ★★★★★★ … You sold a photographic print of “VSOP. 6 ★★★★★★ . Lappland Night Landscape . Sweden. Brown Sugar Story.Featured on the redbubble Explore P… I Am Asking We hope for a future / but only see the past. / A past that is so lost in lies and manipulations / that it is almost ethereal, like it neve… Elation – The Poem … it feels / so very good / to rise up / and fly / free / in the wind. Perfection shakes the earth I wait in anticipation for soon his powers will touch my soul The View He had seen the sign on the side of the road, “For Sale” on one of his trips to find a great place to set up to allow him to paint the view. free painting for new updates Dear Friend, / I would like to let you know that is now fully upgraded and modified to all recent internet standards. The site … ‘Wildflower_II’ The reverberations cast by The Anomaly, caused a fracture in the universe housing this particular Frame of Instance. / A splinter in time. … A Heritage for the Earth “The desert air pushes my back, urging me to decide. My eyes faintly water, irritated by the stroke of steel in the air. The steel ma… “Wakey Wakey” Plunge goes the old cobber as he dives in, popping up like a penguin with delight and sinking into the ocean as if he was quietly taking a … Geelong Photographic Exhibition – opens feb… Exhibition at Boom Gallery, Newtown. Opening night February 24, 2012 The Light Of Angels, by NatureGreeting Cards ©cc… _The Light Of Angels, hasn’t been one of my most popular images so far on Red Bubble, / but for me it is my favorite image I took … The Field General Returns (Mature) Internal landscape So allow them to be; / These / Feelings, / Look at them to / Understand / A little of / One’s inner / Landscape / So that one can /… Sunsets are Overrated The wind howls like a tortured soul, while the rain pours from purple clouds in a yellow sundown sky. Beyond the Shores of Lovless The waters of Loveless Lake lay still as glass, but a mist clung stoically to it with fading fingers. Trembling, begging, it reached vainly… Thank you for the purchase/s October 23, 2011 To Unknown Buyer/s / I hope you enjoy your purchase, and I appreciate it very much that my images are enjoyed enough to purchase. Oh joy, j… Landscape It’s getting colder. The rain begins to fall, and the air feels like ice against out soft cheeks. Life becomes slow paced, and the warmth o… The Butterfly Effect Be ‘mindful’ of your thoughts and what you bring into existence. :-) Hope Blossoms! An unfolding of beauty, depriving none Moonlit Night – An Ode to Night now I know like the roots it holds, they gave me strength to last another day in another way Travel Photography Subjects Explore the exciting genre of travel photography. Landscape, architecture, people, wildlife, special events. I TRIED TO BE DISCREET… When is a hard-on ever discreet…? The call of the wild I am a pebble rippling in the pond, / My thoughts and intention reaching / Beyond the beyond. Landscape of a Dream We lay in the garden watching / a ladybird leaning on a stalk of grass / Our eyes full of wonder count the spots / admiring the outrageou… A Birthday Prize David was a 12 year old boy who wished to see the Matterhorn in Switzerland. dreaming in the daylight dreaming / of sun-washed fields and windswept grasses / lonely open expanses and summer-brown pastures / grazing cattle on a far hillside /… Past, Present, Future My Father, Myself, My Son / We’re all but three, we’re one The Beast inside Oh yes, there is a beast out there / Stalking us all Goodbye Can’t stay here / Have to go A brave new world Close your eyes, Close your ears, Close your mouth, Open your heart. Invent a Life… When I was born I was a king, / but years from now I’d know the sting / of being born a human being / and all that this would mean. Unmapped Landscapes (Poetic Minds) I spend so much of my time / Trapped in my head; / Dodging the speed bumps / Left in the road’s stead Seeking Tomorrow …(thoughts on “Overb… “a beginning of newness stretches / transforms the vastness into a marvel / the eye, and all other senses celebrate …” Perception vs Preconception Majority of the city’s population doesn’t know the definition of rain anymore. The Human Stain It’s the scribbled lines on the paper, / Showing your thoughts, / That leave a mark still. landscape (Mature) My Features Images of mine that have been featured in various groups on RedBubble. / • MEMBER FEATURES • / (featured one or more times) / ► Albino̵… They don’t care out here I always breathe shallowly when I pass and hope to myself that the spirits don’t notice me. The perfect getaway Looking to get away from it all without breaking the bank? Then pack the camping gear and head for the border – the QLD/NSW border th… Forgetting to Breathe in Kathmandu Nepal. It’s all about mountains, isn’t it? I think as I step off the plane in Kathmandu. But today the Himalayas play hide and seek behind … “A beautiful day” How to tell the day… Colours Of Creation Colours Of Creation / Oh Lord , how I love the colours all around me , / The colours of the many flowers in my garden / With their elegan… Oh Majestic Tree Oh Majestic Tree / Oh majestic tree / How elegant you stand , / With your thick barked trunk / Standing high into the sky . / Your branch… Snow Blanket “Snow blanket”…pureness Yield to Pedestrians I now walk with my eyes wide open in order to view as much around me as I can-always looking around-always looking at the people who I pass… functionalism 21 And so flowed the trials of word… (Mature) Chewing a root © Initially NO I did chew on grass roots, that tasted like blood. There were also onion bulb roots on some of the wild grasses and meringue mushrooms that… On Reading a Secret History. Paint everything but the water, you teach. But no one looks. Rachel’s Landscape I want my hands to wander / Across her gentle curves / Rising and falling / Along each undulation Yin Yang wilderness This is our untamed wilderness / the yin-yang of our landscape / our day sighs while evening creeps / sunny warmth turns dark and cold The Backyard Being My Home Closing my eyes hearing the ripping and dropping of wood bark and pine cones, a bird not native to the place terrorising the trees. Toowoomba Japanese Garden Toowoomba Japanese Gardens – a sanctuary for all seasons Helios Sparks fly as the surface of the sun seems to course across your silent white delicate frame… From your mother with love A happy moment in my life! the peach delicate folds spread wide & manhandled. / probing licks & savouring of such landscape. Bird Fly, Fly Away But a home, / A nest, / In a high gum tree, / Is not for me, / I will graze the skies till I can no more, / Looking for that one place that… Untitled The sun broke through the Torrid charcoal clouds bringing hope and light to the war torn sky. It’s forgiving warmth blazed across the sodde… Go Fly A Kite Once there was a young boy / He sat on the floor playing with his toys / How sad he looked in his eyes / There was nil that could relieve h… PLENAIR IN NIKITSKOYE / SEPTEMBER-1982. DAY II Second Day of en plain air. Morning was foggy. / The first working day did not bring abundant results, but turned up a two-week plan. Then … taking cover on the punctured whiskey landscape fred looked / over at me / and asked / “i don’t think / i ever did / introduce you / to cynthia / now did i?” / “no.” / he refilled / both … taking cover on the punctured whiskey landscape fred looked / over at me / and asked / “i don’t think / i ever did / introduce you / to cynthia / now did i?” / “no.” / he refilled / both … Are You Prepared steep climbs and rough terrain can be involved, while weather conditions can change during your hike. Your fitness has to be lifted to a hi… C H A N G E By then, my feet were frozen and numb, / the chill preventing me to overcome / the fear of waiting for spring A Summers Trail On ward climbed the two young explorers / To a place of good and blessed gifts, / This rich soil of Swiss escape can never drift, / For tom… “Red country” is featured in the grou… Thank you to Acrylic Painting hosts – very exciting! You Lie Beside me You lie beside me, my darling, / While the waves gently lick the sand, / They are aroused by the touch of moonlight on their tips. Landscape Beloved lady, sprawled naked across our cot, / Arms akimbo, legs athwart soft pillows, / Calls me with signs / Like some hailed cab. Circli… BALD ROCK BUSH RETREAT A few onlookers (wallabies) were watching us taking possession of our house for the weekend abandoned abandoned / desolate / empty streets / pathways unwalked Your two new parties Change is coming, The Tea and Crumpets party and the Coffee and Donuts party, or as we say the TACP and the CADP. / Please pronounce Tac-p… Isnala his shadow reaching out, / whispering / Yaku Kta hwo? / Are you coming back? Poem: Descansos I have carried you too far / Troubled too much / Rested too little Pompeii or the Landscape of My Heart Petrified memories / excavated and on show / for gruesome excitement and titillation, / distilled tears of pain, / a spectre still lingeri… POEM- ‘THE HANDS’ THE HANDS (40) / He, she, / Travellers from different parts / Stand, hand in hand / Basking in the morning sun / While all around / In … POEM- BOTTLE TREES (NORTHERN TERRITORY) BOTTLE TREES (9) / Ancient monuments / You sprout around the countryside / Your bloated trunks / Like drunken nine pins / The sun&#… A COUNTRY LANDSCAPE IN FALL Beautiful blue flowing water / reflects the sun with a glow. Velvet Dusk As my day does draw to a close, / I know the moon and stars are / but a heartbeat away. Not from your tribe Forgotten paths…alert and knowing…in control without exploitation / She has chosen her path keeping the nomadic cadence Fear and Blind Courage of the Heart Once there was a frightened and very fearful dragon. He roared at anything, from a falling leaf, the blowing wind, the falling rain, Location Advice Needed Virginia shooting locations, need advice and help, ideas, insite, advice To Live A Dream For me…… PHOTOGRAPHY has been a wonderful journey of self-discovery…. Landscape Photography Allow me to take you to a place on earth that has majestic mountains, rolling hills, lakes, waterfalls, rugged rocks and colorful flowers. Art of Travelling Gaze This makes me believe that the reason for, or the result of traveling, is to open your eyes; to explore and see what is not normally seen i…
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