Potent 2: Listen (Mature) Spine Bound (Ink Spill) The phantom’s touch, the semblance / Scything through aromas of dust and mold / Blotted skin, hot air through winded veins, / Dashing… REM I walk quietly / back and fourth / two steps times four. / As if not to wake you. / Behind doors. Wanting to / join you in your / Sleep Gar… Invisible think, invisible ink Invisible think, invisible ink? Love Puppet ink dripping / tangled remnants / of helplessness / a puppeteers toy / she is ripped wild / torn to the shreds / suspended in a solitary pa… On Painting with Inks Inks do not as a general rule forget. stars, moon, black ink sky stars, moon, black ink sky / © karin tayor 2013 / stars, moon, black ink sky / more heavenly, than apple pie / stars, moon, black ink … disappearing ink My brain tries to chase this / into a corner, to see it again, / to define it, but it’s far more clever / as it’s written in disappearing i… Out of ink My pen had gone dry while my mind continued to write words inside my head, / Silence had worsen the taste of their definitions because my t… Tears of ink “To my Love”… I start the letter / Which I know will be a curse, / For we said we’d be together, for better… / And for worse. A dream of you (illustrated) You are different / Distant, attractive yet unattainable / Like a sailing ship at the horizon My pen weeps ink My pen weeps ink / Spurting from its well / seeping into pores / Of parchment skin / It stains my fingers / With blue nicotine . / Nibbli… ‘Nine’ Black ink blooms, in cloudy fields of white; as my heart breaks asunder, five thousand miles removed. / I am the light that fell, through a… SHADOWS WITHIN THOUGHTS … if darkness be your companion / then you be the light., / … if chaos be your path / then you be the guide. WITH AN ODD AND AN INK feathers dipped in red / dripping birdsongs / on daisy skipping fields egged by ‘’INVISIBLE INK…. (f… . / . / . / that slow catch up of fast enough / e’en though the constant re births / the ink baskings of creation / the glows of h… INVISIBLE INK…. (for Lisa’s birthday) where stories yet to be told / are written between the imprinted lines / with invisible ink, / seeping behind her eyes she washed me in her watercolors she washed me in her watercolors / but my black ink bled back through… ‘Swoon’ A melancholic rush, I am vexated to a calm. A reign serene that lies o’er the far side of abandon. / High upon the swoon, the fragran… Self (continued) so I’d sit, with a quill from a feather bleeding out ink that formed storms of clarity when I needed to think ink soaked blues! the great artist and poets, / all gather, / at the pro verbial ink well, / spilling words and thoughts, / upon the tear stained parchments,… Promises You sold me the promises / that you couldn’t keep / all those beautiful lies / you laid at my feet. / the glimmer and the shining / Were to… The Flower She grew wild in the garden of innocence. / A blossom amidst the daffodils and tulips. / What a strange seed she was, / Firmly rooted in he… Letting The Ink Fade Away I’ve notice how you have let your ink in the well fade away, / It’s been dry for sometime as it seems you have nothing to say. … Wrap the bones around it Don’t let the bastards get you down. A Psalm in the Silence I long to write her poems of love and revival / I write just to breathe my mind groaning for survival #16. Ink a dink baby Gotta say this one out loud like a marching song!! / Inkadink a diddly doo / Inkadink a diddly pink / Ready? / READY?? / 1 2 3 4 / Now go g… invisible ink he closed his eyes and / asked her to read to / him the story that beats / from her heart to his Rhododendrons You took me / shielded by the / rhododendrons / and I think / you stole my soul invisible ink control / the fire / and it becomes / a star / * / tied into an organization / locked up without habeus corpus / who chooses who’s wh… The Ancient Art of Copywriting: Never a Truer Wor… One day, he just arrived in the village from places unknown. He made his home in an old abandoned hovel, where sometimes …. ink My thoughts don’t stick to ink, / and they are not the shape / (these words) / of dreams I’ve had, of memories; / the word “woman” does not… Rabbit bones and dirty feet Since you ask. pages in a book All my love / fades and dies / You are the page / left alive Swallow She couldn’t stop if she tried. ~ Take from me my pen ~ Take from me my pen / and I shall mourn as though love is lost / as though my bed lay empty Poet Whisperer Gentle now / whisper for the poet steeps Cave of the Dragon-tongued Tendrils Sitting there now, in the shadows of the giant evergreens, gave the aging man an unsettling feeling of wild primordial danger. ink pot It was a snow white day when the mirror first exposed the life altering sign. The pot was invoked. She is not a writer after all, had been … Between The Ink And The Eye… … lies the best part of the story. / :) INK Blackening finger tips, / Reflected in soulful eyes. / Like atypical blood, / Spilling a tale. / A heart with many shades, / Imprints a pag… Mud in your bucket I just knew the clouds today were saying "Ahhhhh that’s better”. / ………….. / “Move out of the way…… Double Double, Toil & Trouble – August … Oh you sick witch, your poisonous cauldron bubbling before me. / Inside of it float my heart and my hope, / And everything I hope that I’ll… Atomic Gunshot Shuffle – September 2k11 Silent whispers in bass throbbing cacophonous explosions of necrotic dancing in windswept honeycomb beehive / Giants ebb and flow in the d… Sing Your Lullaby – September 2k11 Respect the incoherent self through ritualistic self-mutation / Collect the insect vigor in strenghts of fire-induced migration / Roll over… Red Ink. Her many suicides. / Scrawled writing / on the card, / its ink / is bright red. Invisible Ink I really do believe in words. / I can communicate to you / any sort of feeling should it have / the words / to satisfy / but / my problem … Blackest Ink on Whitest Paper My love, My only Love… / My Black and White Prince… / My Dreams, My Hopes, My Imaginings, / Captured and Immortalized /… How long can you hold your breath? In a neon sear, tattooed ink… The Writer’s Curse Cut your past emotions from your skin / and you’ll bleed ink / Across these blank deserts of despair let me go with ink stains on my fingers I know what it feels like to go crazy from love…. / My skin doesn’t feel the same / Anymore / And I blame you / For taking all my me… Circles Within Circles Tears dripping onto my tongue / Like bitter ink onto pristine paper / writing songs of indigo / foamy waves crashing splashing Unheard Words of Mine… you cannot help…. / But still feel lonley and lost…. The Storytellers love… On the quietest of days, / When the silence comes, / When thoughts are visions, / For storytellers. / When page becomes love, / When pen be… Blood and Ink – Haikus The vein is tapped, / the crimson liquid rolling / across the page. Ink will find a hole to seep through Lily tucked two mousey brown wisps of hair (that had escaped the roughly styled french twist) behind her ears. She had woken to a morning… The Ink Spider The nurse realized I needed some privacy and snuck out of the room. / Amazingly…dried, old ink still runs when wet! More Ink. all the chaos was aligning, still there, still feeding him, but more manageable. we ink each day I draw a line between what was / and what is, between what was, / and what might have been. / i draw this in thin tattoos, / like… INK DEAD YET ALIVE. The dragon symbolises strength, / The fire is heart and desire, / Warming burning and all consuming, / The carp symbolises longevity, / The… frozen ink? my muse, / no longer safe / within the confines / of my misery / as abandoned me / for fear / of retribution / from my / bewildered soul, /… blue ink in water.. Melting like honey into butter / Like a hot summers day / Where sweat / as sweet as sugar / Creeps down unseen limbs / Underneath transpa… Ink Spills Ink spills across a dream / Of who I am or who I seem / To be inside their questioned gaze / A body blue inside the haze / Tomorrows promi… MY INK IS THIN…(a valentine offering of sor… my quill is blunt, / dipped in holy water / from heart’s inkwell Secrets A secret to be told / Just in ink Anaconda Ink Snakes and Ladders Ink Spots and Cherubs They took him to the doctor to fix him up to be good / “Now young man” the old man in the white coat said / “Please tell … Spilled Ink The beginning of poetry / so little time to live / an eternity to die / burning castles in my mind. The Hidden Moon Moon Oh moon, / looking down upon us. Your Favorite Moment opinion, honestly. still dreaming, perception. and i’m not exactly sure about this water. which is why sometimes it’s best if w… Parts of Poems I spread the words everywhere I go – I leave a trail of frantic inky scribbles in my wake. / Follow them and you’ll know where I am. Petals of ink in the Autumn breeze This earth tastes bitter in my mouth, like poison seeping through my veins. Ink Me Let the ink cover my skin / And tell its story with / My body as a blank canvas, / Roaming around the place / Until its finally told the … Ink Runneth Over From silent suppression / Or childhood regression / To constant depression / A lifetime’s oppression Onwards Mysterious wanderings and moonlight tendrils in this collaboration with artist LisaMM All that glitters is not… The gilded word of the golden goose / was given to the masses with the hand / of King Midas himself… / Given unto them is the burden … a carrot made of ink little carrot / is actually a little boy / like ink on the end of this brush / trembling towards the page / fearing the water Ink it was live, with organic form, / strong in its delicacy Inspiration from the Little Ink Bottle When we wished upon a star heaven sent you, our little ink bottle. Pen, Ink and Paper You inspire me to write; / even when we fight; / your words are my pen and ink; / now all i need is paper and time to think. Sleep versus silver ink Sleep knocks on my door / Claiming entrance / My tongue stumbles / Over goodnight words Oceans, tears of ink Drowning in an ocean of memories Fresh sheets Seductive ink flows / over silken sheets / shifting as you move over them / smudging their appearance / spoiling crisp clean surface / B… My Written Words As quill doth soak the parchment, white / My hands employ their script to write Blue Thoughts in Red Ink I wake up, I might be screaming / Exhale sigh in relief, was only dreaming Ash As the wind whisked you from me / I welcomed the freedom of being alone. baskerville old face I like your font. Invisible Ink My love / written with her finger / in the dark of night / on the palm of my hand / I LOVE U / How strange the ink / i cant see & can… ‘Been and Gone’ I drew upon my many scars, to orchestrate this map. Plotted out a path to take me far beyond the stars. There’s a Hole in My Heart Part II There’s a hole in my heart / and that’s fine / no it’s better than that / it’s all mine. There’s a Hole in My Heart There’s a hole in my heart / the sunlight shines through / and sometimes the moon does too. THE BONES OF POETRY (part 1) I paint with words, / watch the ink / meander, Ink covered Fists The shouts / the people wanted / freedom / they begged / cryed. / sacrificed / all just to be heard / they smashed / looted / they w… Silent Ink It came to me in silence / while I slept with opened eyes, / Staring from moisten lens / into a window pane that never dries. / Clear was t… lovechild of the bale time for the quiet Haiku 76 waiting / in the inkpot / haiku
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