A Letter for a broken Heart. You see all I need is a whisper in a world that only shouts!!! there’s always hope i treat them special Heroes Hiding All Around There are people everywhere / Showing signs of how they care / It could be an angel hiding / In your life and there providing / Help when i… Alone The word alone means so many things, / but right now it channels out a painful sting / I am without much help and suffer mutely absent / My… Free to Be Me Let nothing keep me / From roaming free / In this world of fences / And bars that I see / The pasture / My pleasure / To stop and ponder /… Ecstacy’s Call of the Wild The sacrament that was you, / fed into my mind and gave me recompense. / My sins you absolved in the Holy Mother’s name, The Wise Maiden *All unexpected in the spring appeared / Baskets of blossoms left at the back door, * wishing if there was still / love in my heart / I’d give it to a poet / to do with as he will Malfunctioning Once more without sleep / all dreams exhausted / Neurotransmitters on high alert / rekindling furious flames / that lap hungrily through mi… ‘Facilitator’ What we want, and what we need, are not what they always seem to be. / Though delineation of such, always feels so clear, we’re often… Praying For Homeless Help With no shoes upon her feet / She searches for food to eat / In garbage cans and dumpsters too / Each day trying to get through / The bruta… i hope you got wet when it rained I hope you got wet when it rained / my heart is breaking and I can feel the pain / so I hope you got wet when it rained / i’m feeling… Your Heart Shutting down / You create a reality for all to see / But none to feel At Arm’s Length If you let me I can try to heal the scars with love / I can try to heal the broken pieces with my touch A New Beginning Problems in life / Commonplace occurrences / Challenges that can be / Disruptive to the soul / Yet answers are just beyond / Open eyes / S… that meaningful sin take cover, my lover / this book is bleeding / it’s the raping season The Dance Of Hope. If all the worlds a stage then the stage can go to hell! Happy Sometimes I see you / As a different person / Not a person / At all / An exhausted soul / Battered by the fall / You had no idea was comin… The Merry-Go-Round Some were naked! But with so much fun who would notice? / I screamed your name, my eyes blurred – I couldn’t focus! My Guardian Angel Walks Beside Me You came with Hope with open Arms .   / In my life , was filled with Intention . Memories Always With Me You came into my life ,You gave me hope . / You came into my life . / You loved me unconditionally. Coloristic An empty glass / holds no hope REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS PRESENT – A Poem With Pictu… You live from now ’til all time hence / In a constant present tense. I see us in the earth It was sunny today. / For the first time it was nice / and from deep inside this body of ice / I thawed like the river / in the rays, / and… The Red Balloon My eyes wandered the heavens to gaze upon a red balloon journeying into another life. It hitched a ride on a breeze. Gently it seemed to d… I hope anywhere of u / makes my life / happness Cancer Hope Her curly hair was long and bright / Until that sad and scary night / The cancer took it all away / Leaving her sick night and day / Doctor… Stand Strong Stand strong / In the dark don’t allow your knees to grow weak The Bottle Top Collector You collect bottle tops / and as you do you tell me things; / Pint-sized preachings on custard creams by the coffee machines / and how yo… A Circle Of Love That Won’t Break There’s a circle that surrounds / The trust I’ve recently found / In your friendship that is strong / I’ve been waiting r… Your My Statue Of Strength The Statue Of Liberty / Has a torch to help us see / the flame of freedom that is bright / Letting peoples dreams take flight / A symbol of… Rays Of Light Shine On Your Pit Of Darkness When your sadness comes around / And your world is crashing down / Way faster than you can stop it / And your in a deep dark pit / ThatR… PRESS ON …betwixt mine soul…. My Motherhood Time Is Slipping By I can hear the tik tok / Beat of my maternal clock / Springing forward way to fast / It is putting a hard cast / On my chance of motherhood… 4 Little Words To Change The World Peace, love, joy and hope / Four words that can help us cope / If we use them everyday / Bad things will soon go away / Peace needs to be w… just imagine sitting in the dark / I dream of blue skies / and the warm sun on my skin Something Greater We acquaint our hearts with bended knees / As prayers take residence in flight / The darkest cloud of apathy / Collides and breaks with li… Reason For living Protect what you love and believe. Passions Flight this unquenchable fire / will not consume him / he has walked in the white heat / and licked its flame / felt its purity / imagined himself… Your Toll Of Love Is Overdue I must have a bad concussion / Or in some kind of confusion / Giving you another chance / At supplying me romance / Sending new feelings in… FOREVER FOREVER is a word that is / Loaded with a lot of bliss / For those couples who will not / Separate and fall apart / But for me it means the… Surgery Success For Happiness She was lost and so afraid / From decisions that were made / To go under a sharp knife / And change her quality of life / A very long time … Runaway Dreams Of Love And Hope My happiness has run away / My heart is so lonely today / All my dreams and hopes are gone / Now I’m in the dark and mourn / For them… Summer I long for the beads, / Of sweat upon my brow, / And sweet kisses of sun on my skin. / I long for the knots, / Of burrs on my laces, / As I… Hope So many hurdles and hoops / Performances to upkeep / Mortgages to maintain and that dance / For your life’s blood I Hope He Dreamt In Colour I Hope He Dreamt In Colour / I have this picture in my memory / where my father is standing on the / front verandah of our house and he / … Breath of Hope Stoically he stands / In the light of the moon / A hush falls / As he reaches upwards to the heavens above / Stars twinkle all about / A mo… As I burn. I haven’t played with fire but it feels like I have / I like the burn, is that bad? hope youre ok She meant something to me / Back then / She was my entire world / My one and only, always girl / I wanted to be in her photos / I wanted th… Hope They say time heals all / but what say they of hope lost / so many alone / hearts ache / bodies crying out in pain Silence in the Forest Except for the voice of the cricket or hoot of an owl, / Silence is welcome where the wild ones live. / Wind rustles leaves in trees ove… I Hope It’s Not Hatred, I Hope It’s W… This is not a happy poem. The Smell of Mandarins Her breath caught, and the cold seeped through her, clutching her heart with fingers crooked with age and squeezing, spreading its sobering… Blue Sunshine The words have fallen silent now / And dreams passed away / The pills have taken over and / I don’t know what to say / My bags have all bee… Mercy The stars that fill the midnight sky / Or single grains of sand / Cannot compare to all God’s works / Too vast to understand / What number … The Thin Line A thin line extends to divide faith and fear / And so often the side you are on isn’t clear / For despite every effort to keep holding on /… So Many, Too Many Years © The pain gets stronger, / With each passing day, / She is fighting with every ounce of strength, / Determined to be okay. Entwined Open your eyes / My darling / You can finally / Awake / Coasts and caves / Are calling / Go chase that / Sweet escape / The secrets in the … The Power of Hope Gaze to the stars / Hope filling your soul / May celestial auras encircle your heart / With a web of positive threads / Weaving a net of st… Bitten by a Black Dog I’ve picked up a knife from the kitchen and pressed it to my wrist a few times. I imagine that I’d just bleed out, I’d fa… Emancipation Here, my being bare / a naked reservoir / ajar in anticipation of / your reverent exploration / as this body weeps the elixir of life secret stars a smile on a rainy day / light on the darkest nights / hope when there seems no / rhyme nor reason Now There’s no time like now. It is the present. / Not the past. That was yesterday. / Not tomorrow. It hasn’t come. / It is here. Where we… You and Me The stars beckon. Every night. Upon the moon. We hang our dreams. / Dawn breaks. And we smile. It’s a gift. A new day. Follow the Beat This time, the road is harder, / Yeah, this time it’s going to hurt, / But, you have this one last chance / To prove what you’r… seeking stars like so many other dreamers / i am more comfortable / in moonlight languishing the landscape drear / in sullen shades of graphite / uninviting Hope Still Dear heart, do not revel in the disappointments, / holding onto the dissatisfaction of how things turn out is the / cancer that eats away… Shapes and murmurs appear / Like branches grasped / When swallowed in a mire Surrounded by His Love We are surrounded by God’s love, not by enemies. / I call and you love me - / I fall and you love me. / God, you love me just as I a… Dreamers Dream At times I lack the courage to scream, consumed by fear and doubt. / I treble, shake and cry, as my insides bleed out. / I find myself, … Choosing Lonely To be left alone / A fate that some could not face / Yet others seem to eagerly embrace / The living engage, you yearn to get away magnetic retention on the carpets / there’s piss / stains / we only hope / is from / the dog My Way to Stay Sane © Showing him the shattered pieces on the floor, / Showing him my pain, and how I was stuck there / With no windows or doors. Savoir-faire Savoir-faire / written work by Karin Taylor / Copyright Karin Tayor Nov 2013 / In all my torment / the birds still tweet their song / the c… awaiting your ghost sitting here with a brandy / blowing smoke rings / nonchalant / killing time Hope and Despair Hope and Despair / copyright Karin Taylor 2013 / written by Karin Taylor 31 Oct 2013 / are you aware / that you widen the distance / betwee… I feed my heart addiction and hope it doesn’… the bruises keep it punk The song of Hope For / The fire is such / That all oxygen / Has been sucked / From my existence / And I am that / Flailing fish with / Pursed lips / Lef… Inner Empires As disposable as the desirable / A distant sense of home / Running against the forces / As she leaps onto the throne / Time is all but a … I should have worn my mask Vulnerable / Unclenching my fists / I was able to breathe, what seemed like the first time in years / The knots from the ropes were looseni… Be Genuine Greater than kings, our actions do not simply put on a show, but are genuine and have meaning. The human mind. Seeking not to destroy. Will of God verses will of men Our Father… I Struggle (For Cathy) / I struggle with arms that are no longer there. / Your phantom arms still wrap around me / So I can breathe. / I imagine you s… disbelief you are in there, / and yet you are not, / i know you are there, / and yet you are not. / i know that i watched / as they lowered you down,… The Next Task © So I just figured I better… / Just shut the fuck up and think fast, / Nothings slowing down for me, / So I gotta prepare to tackle the next… Lack of Vision What is this thing God hath done… Clouds of Hope Up above mountain tops clouds gather to reveal the morning shine, / Every ounce of sunlight that penetrates their surface is like fine wine… I Pray for Answers I was given a life to breathe / I may smile to you, / but inside I cry to be free / In spite I find hope that is true. / I search for subst… My Demons © I will suck up this pain and fight, / These demons will be back… / But at least they will leave me alone tonight. THEN DUST (CHAPTER THREE continued) COMMUNICATION IS FINALLY REACHED ‘Continuity’ The howlin’ maw loomed o’er; a tearing in my chest. The stars I’d not seen brighter; I’d no hope to confess. / The … Man of Eden Broken hearts once made of stone, / Change to gold before His throne. The Sailor He knows through the storm / One greater than he / Will guide his frail vessel / To shores of relief. My Friend in Heaven And in His land / We’ll meet again
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