Shattered Time Over a cold blue sea time fractures, / Blistering into silver shards, sinking / Into unknown kelp, lost depths and sand… The Necklace I hear keening. / As The People are herded / Along the Trail of Tears, / Dying from exhaustion, / Hunger and despair. Reveal The President surveys to damage. The giant statue of Abraham Lincoln, severed from the left torso to the hip. The arm is fractured. The MLK… Talk to the hand because the face ain’t lis… It is perhaps the most obnoxious phrase to ever grace the human oral tradition. Many of us have said it at least once in our lives; whether… he should have been an artist i wonder now that you are gone / did you in silence hate your life / prevented as you were / by chains of obligation World History One struggles neath the ever bearing hand of tyranny / One rises up in revolution, wanting to be free / One gives his life a soldier so the… The Silent Guard Seated alone / An equestrian of years gone by / Watching over the world’s / Deterioration / Decay / Demise / Wondering why / So many… 西域和东土 Remote West Land &The East 母亲补充道: she was the tall lady wearing the wide flower hair board on the picture(板儿头) though she seems not knowing her mum’s name, obv… The First Fleet Spend some time with those least fortunate / walk the streets / play in the park / look at all that is beautiful around you. Echoes Centuries inescapable / Undercurrent of time and thought Click for Adventure I did close my eyes at the last second but when I opened them I was no longer 70 million years in the past but on a grass covered hillside,… Remember The Date they don’t play us the screams from the blood encrusted tongues / they never let us see the torso’s missing limbs The Give Everything From Rock History KeithK: “Hello, I’m calling to report an accident.” / 119: “Where are you?” / KK: “Corner of Huai Hai… Isolation Like ants, we built this colony. / You could be hung for any new felony. / We set to work, clearing land. / And built our prisons with our… wind word sadness wind word / loneliness flew away Forever More Feel cool hands / Body rise, you’re lovely / Heartbeats dual bands / In sync, con I love the ancients So, I love anything to do with history. The ancients are one of the biggest loves in my life. / …I’m sure you history buffs ou… Discovering the deep A vast ocean / our churning seas / sit within Earth’s bowl / containing historical treasures / within murky depths / Secrets settled … The Witch of Erice: A Cautionary Tale In this way the villagers knew that she was a strega, a witch, most likely one who specialized in the domestic magick of love and fertility… ‘Threshold’ The line between bravery and stupidity really is absurdly marginal, and a defined sense of conviction only serves to obscure. But with the … In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb Now you know the origins of in like a Lion and out like a Lamb. Turtle Egg Dreaming Turtle egg dreaming design by aboriginal artist kane nelson in digital media. Kanes original dot artwork is found in many galleries, vic go… Fort Rock Falcons Fort Rock, a huge lava rock edifice rising out of the Oregon desert some 70 miles south of Bend, resembles the ruins of a Roman Coliseum wi… THE STORYTELLER: AN ESSAY This prose-poem is a personal analysis of some of the ideas of Walter Benjamin(1892-1940). Given Such is the way of the gods. consider lascaux. crude buffalo singing to the rough maned horse of wintertime, the sound of hooves / beating into the stone, that sweet damp perpetual night. Wait… The faded paper conceals broken boards of elapsed memories that were repositioned on prettier garbage. FULL CIRCLE History will divulge the conduct a former president’s son / If not in this life perhaps in another one. Roots fifty lives ago / we met in the sacred olive grove / our roots have touched Late Night Musings of a History Student Call me Copernicus, for I am consumed with the revolutions of your heavenly body. Japan’s Living Treasures “Laughing boisterously, all the divers were thrusting out their chests, boastfully exhibiting their breasts. …. Everybody laughed. They wer… Black History Black History / The cradle of mankind / Evolved within the mind / Forged, created bind / Travelled, foraged, find / A history so traverse /… When Dream’s Sleep. to have dream t while you were not asleep. Throughout even resent history “roaming for whom it “may” devour, and shall be overcome in the pure heart of those willing." Map of Destiny. Of an emptiness / my journey is born Slavory To Memory Duchess’ point of view A name, is that all I am? Is that all I’ll ever be? Forever forbidden to enjoy the fruits of my stolen youth. A sugar coated history History, I’m told, is written by the winners, / Who distort facts, erase them, make their dirty deeds cleaner, Addicted to Education I pour myself a shot of English 101 and taste proper sentence structure, / feeling the sting of predicate nouns in my throat. / I chase it … The Pioneers Of Color (about Black cowboys) There were Black cowboys. It ain’t just some rumor. / Your teacher won’t tell you, but we were there all along THE MYSTERY OF HISTORY edit IV (THE AGE OF EXPLORATION Chapter VII number 9) / 7.9 a land of myth and mystery, / a brave new world begging conquest / open to any settler… THE MYSTERY OF HISTORY edit III (PROSE & CONSECRATION Chapter V) / 5.1 France’s influence was weakened / throughout Europe by the Black Death, / the church’s ranks… Curiosity + a whole lot of ingenious might = / “We are wheels down / on Mars. Oh, my God.” / Unreal. / 8.6.12 Does History have a Direction? History is a Net, that tide us all together, sometimes we can see it, many times we don’t. But it does, constantly and in faster speed History Eraser these clothes were manufactured to fit around me Parramatta Park . . . the swaggie casts his crusts to the four winds, and Pemulwuy’s Dreaming flues and lives and sings . . . hell’s own rock (dreamscape) o grayblock razorwired mother, / what secrets does your ancient womb sequester? THE DAY THE CLOCKS TURNED BACK Further up the road a burning horse momentarily causes the cars to slow down. The Fuhrer does not feel sick. Not a bit of it. Most Popular Song in History There are many songs which has gained its popularity throughout history and maintain itself for long periods and sang occationally as peopl… A Brief History of Love She was bright and kind, he wild and out-of-control. It was love at first sight. Warning One day you will open your eyes and awake to the realization that you are surrounded by an endless concrete jungle, and the only thing you … Frantic History Walking these streets alone, past midnight, / and I can’t tell if I want you here, / and I can’t tell if I love him, or loath him, / or bot… Goodbye From passions depths, / A succabus escaped, / From the depths of hell, / Stemmed our wicked embrace, / Blossoming with sin, / You took my h… 5:40am lullabye I haven’t had a drink in a while, / But the life that I had, turned all good dreams bad, / I’m not proud of the choices I made, / Please Lo… Regrets?Non, je non regrette rien. A Quill to curb your macabre curiosity, / A scratching stylus bleeding the ink into the page, / The crimson flow, flows from artist to art,… Once upon a time, there was a bird and a bee̷… There once was a bird, and a bee, / Not one, but two, not three, / They blurred as they buzzed underneath their sacred tree, / Chauffeured … Once I was asked why I write? Sometimes we write, / When we are alone, / Little words, marching together, / Whilst we sit on our linguistic throne, / The sentences that … Oil uber alles Achtung citizens of war, / You helped build all the guns, / Those that murdered and maimed, / You bought all those bombs, / That set whole… Closure Lost in the moment, / Lost in the dream, / Surreal flights of fancy, / Where nothing is real, / And nothing is free. / I embrace the darkne… Son of God Take my body, Take my blood, / Your cannabalism shall purge your soul. / Make me famous, make me immortal, / Eat my body, And drink my bloo… Love’s not real The blood drains down, / Like the devil’s rain, / We will bathe tonight, / In Heaven’s pain. / We are the haters, / Full of con… Addiction It’s nearly midnight, and you can feel the burn, / The rum is kicking in, you are beginning to learn. / You can’t escape your d… A feminine love story Every rise and fall of the water / Crystalline and beautiful / Mesmerises and captivates / Any who look without purpose / To imagine how th… Taken too soon A kiss from the stars, shining above, / Sprinkle down from sky, / Showering me with your love, / Is it too late to say goodbye? / I never r… Exiled to the scheme I promised to my wife and children, that I would not touch another drop as long as I lived. But where are they now. / I stumble to the kitc… I miss you As I stood alone outside your store, / I realised that you were more, / Than all the other stupid whores, / You were something akin to me, … Made of Wicker Just as the raged river storms, / My love for you was truly born / Now I must find a way, / To make you pay, / For your sins against me. / … Wahre Liebe She loves him. Of that she is almost sure. It hurts too much for it not be love. She remembers a few lines from a long forgotten folk song;… Nameless The girl came fleeing from her mud-brick house, and he mowed her down with a rapid fire from his M4 carbine. / It seemed as if everything h… On my knees Do you want to be my side, / Do you want our love to survive, / The love that we shared, / Should be spared, / From this great controversy.… Gott ist tot All hope is gone, and blood is running down the streets, / As the river rises, we are flooded by the heat, / Cowering in defeat, we struggl… The tree of life Once again, here I am, / Sitting beneath my Judas tree, / The irony is apt, / This will make me free, / I’ve spent my whole life bene… Last writ I am wondering how I could leave my heart behind, / Then these feelings would be gone, / These thoughts would not be in my mind, / I seem t… Deep Waters A poem dedicated to the lost brave fishermen of Gloucester, Massachusetts and their families. The Cyclops Child: a story of Ancient Greece I had another reason for believing the scroll was valid and not some work of fiction. I also found a skull. The skull was perhaps the tru… Willow Weep . . . Of women lovin’ their men / clinging to what’s been, / A longing ancient / in our soul. The Great Smoky Mountains / Rhododendron & so… fortunate to live in the Great Smoky Mountains, I learned to work hard and do the things I enjoy most. The White Rhododendron, to the shel… Oral History Stories of life. / Episodes of love. / Happenings, mischiefs, secrets. / This morning on the bus. Traffic held up, unknown distortions o… The World But nothing ever gets done / Nothing ever changes / Always check the author / From all of history’s pages History of people History of people / The stone walls and vaulted ceiling held memories the light seemingly superficial human identities have / Passed in an… Where it began, a breif history of the FX2000… The FX2000 and its closely related variants (FX Tarantula, RWS Excalibre, Rapier and Timberwolf to name a most of them) originally started … Home Is…. (A Short Story) A young lawyer was elated to learn that he had inherited his family homestead in the mid-West. Apparently, his grandfather had failed to c… Snatched From The Jaws of History I remember [many things] / A day much like any other, / As sunlight poured through the panes / Of my rain streaked frames / While my alarm … THE MYSTERY OF HISTORY (cont’d) ENVIRONMENTAL OCCUPATION / I / 1.1 “a quiet system lost in space / a safely ordinary place! / a temperate distance from its sun / a… THE MYSTERY OF HISTORY-alex glanville AUTHOR’S NOTE / These books are designed to be used in different ways by different readers. / In Groups Take turns reading aloud or appoint… Yesterdays History The way you held me / Your arms tight around me / I’ll never know / Just why you let go / Like i’ll never know / Why you nev… In the Way of Life Trapped beneath notebooks and scribblings, / decades of creativity / left in the wastelands of dust and rubble. Success Story (Mature) HISTORY BLISTERY Someone gets injured so they put up a light. / Coffee gets spilled, during any bar fight! / Who’s drinking coffee when sitting at Cheers? /… Brotherly Uncle Big Meeting He stood there,his waist was so small that was called noodle like, and yet his got wide smooth shoulders, with soft feet, i often looked at… radio news&the moon and heavenly skyB He was the Siemens man, personally, a sports man. Who would say: I love this game!!! on me. Ghosts of the past She watched him / undressing history / through the window / of his past. / Releasing ghosts / to play / in the present, / instead of hau… HISTORY BLISTERY History Blistery, / All that’s in the past. / Everything I could tell you / Is something that did not last! / Yesterday Festerday / Was to… NEO-POSTMODERNISM THE MOST AVANT-GARDE ESSAY ON ART IN THE INTERNET The Quilter, Nellie Clouse She and a couple of her quilting friends used to hold quilting bees about 5 days a week in Nellie’s front room … Buried In The BackGround of my History… the vision of fabrications as I run from who I am, I’ve lost myself, or did I really ever find her?
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