Nature is my Goddess Nature is my goddess- / take me back, make me foliage, / and let dampened moss come envelop my organs. / Filing-cabinet morgue rent to pay… Happy, Calm and Focused We are health-conscious people! This attitude allows us every possibleness to savour animation, fruitfulness, longevity and well-being. / B… Finding your place in the art community As a great man once said when the hounds are silenced it is the mad dog who barks.. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom What I wouldn’t do to be able to pick up the phone and give my mom a call on Mother’s Day. Hopefull happy ending Bitter blue eyes / Tainted with disapproval / Points and demands / With such an acrid tone / Insecure and premature / From an impenatrable … Smile Be happy I made a Sale : ) I Just Sold A T-Shirt: / Sandy Wet And Clam Happy Look at you / You make me laugh / Dance in your tides / Fall down and lie back / Smiling at the clouds / Get up and spin around / Gather t… Happy Sometimes I see you / As a different person / Not a person / At all / An exhausted soul / Battered by the fall / You had no idea was comin… Bubble Gum Is Yummy Yum Bubblegum is sweet and chewy / Blowing bubbles can get gooey / When it pops inside your hair / Trying to pull it out with care / Doesn̵… Welcome to My Happy ….bliss unexplainable.. Happy Easter. . . lily oh. hello. you all by yourself? / you the only one left? / hmmm . . . you look so wilted and dried out. / Okay hang on. / Be careful. Let m… Happy Easter Everyone Have a Happy and peaceful Easter Brief tribute to good things which make me happy I like celebrating good things, like love, tenderness, family, happiness. After the Fall I cast my eyes to the tapestry of night. / His voice calling me from emptiness to emptiness, / Those penetrating eyes following me… /… Things that make me happy [Video] / Things that make me happy: / 1. Love; / 2. Friends; / 3. Family; / 4. Parents I admire; / 5. Grandparents with grandbabies; / 6. … Simple Tastes I once was asked, / Which flavor I favored, / Of the Neopolitan design. / Do I favor the chocolate, / The strawberry, / Or vanilla, of … The Call of Ormo Your voice ever present in my ears. / That endless hum of song, / The restless tune from within, / That stirs and fevers my blood. Yourself You cannot try to be yourself, you just have to be. A Rainbows Love The colors of a rainbows scheme / Reminds me of you when I dream / They are colorful and bright / Shining like you in the night / The yello… Happy Valentines Everyone Happy Valentines Day. Enjoy the magic you’ll make and the magic spinning around you. Take it into the rest of the year. It’s a … THE BIGGER PERSON … Helps Always………… What is Love? Love is loving you more than the universe can hold stars and makes your heart race faster than a bundle of speeding cars. Be my friend, blue sky blue Beauty is / telling a complete stranger / you love the color of their eyes. / I mean, we all walk in clumps / with our arms at our sides, /… No Arrival I charted once a course to gold / A place wherein I might take hold / Of everything I ever wished / Retire there; enjoy the bliss / But eve… Take me away, Love There is this girl I know / with hair, golden, / in perfect hue / like a sunset over sand dreams / of easy east coast beaches / she sees in… Happy Old Year! I scold myself / A fond-noose of times, / Guilt by words / (The poet’s nemesis) / If not outgrown / At least, a longer rope / In order one… Midnight Blue As I look outside my window, my gaze wanders, across the way from me lights come on as people come home The Quest for Contentment- a Reflection What is life? / Really, why are we here? happy christmas chemist CORRECTED Oh! late!, now script! these, / thoughts! of christmas! rife! / each time i see, through, / already all’s here / fibre ‘sthough… Happy Birthday To Tho Ngoc And Merry Christmas Happy Birthday To Tho Ngoc Happy Birthday To Tho Ngoc Happy Birthday To Tho Ngoc Happy New Year! A stone denies / Not only exit / But entrance just as well— / We roll away the stone / Reprieve both Heaven / And Hell; / Releasing as with… Happy Whatever Am I politically correct to say Merry Christmas? / Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanza to you and you and you / Am I wrong to wish you a happy what… Happy Completion / In where you are / In creation Life is a segment, not a ray. Life is a segment, not a ray. / No one’s forcing you to stay. / Death is more than a place in time, / it’s the only point that … Happy Diwali to all RB friends Troubles as light as Air, Love as deep as Ocean, Friends as Solid as Diamonds, And success as bright as Gold. Happy Diwali to all…… Anniversary reminising ,fun happy times Happy? I want to give you a piece of me, / Offering my body wouldn’t do, / This useless shell that traps me. / An empty carcass of devotion,… Created To Be Happy (Mature) HAPPY The current era of corporate as well as metaphysical and self-help marketing jargon have already developed new-fangled techniques to be … But Baby I never meant to make you cry / I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings / But baby I was scared / Coz things never go my way / I’ve… “Not at Farm happy day dad’s” Hello friends as I am / Not back at the farm yet / Trust to be there in early / 2014all going good.. / I thank you all for your comments / … Faith ….What Else…. Craving Your Daydream You stop time again. / You’re sweet, you’re sugar skin. / Wake me up; winter and cinnamon. / I’ve had it, Love, / just le… Happy Suicide If I could die tonight, / driven my car off the road on the way home - / I’d be happy. What to Do?© All the thoughts running through my mind, / I don’t know what is real and what is a lie. without you, my little boy with you / i am / everything good / smiling clowns / lions cleaning their cubs / diseases in remission / a heart in submission The Fire The fire burning / The people are singing / I look around the flame / There are smiles abound / A hand pulls me up / Dancing to the beat / … Happy She reads the random mind of the last child / Her words pour out on paper / Like the ocean floods the shore / She asked her joy / The child… GET HAPPY … be content and inspired… Dream Shot #14 “Once upon a risk factor of your dreams; the ones you are living and …” BEING HAPPY DOESN’T CUT IT, OR PUT FOOD ON … she’s a / big girl / when / the door / is / closed / all / puckers / and / sways / i’m down / to / 60 bucks / to / save my / l… Love is Summer The sun is still out, / but just barely. / It matches the mood / of the jazz groove grooving in my head; / as smooth as a lake surface from… Lament No. 2 …….patient, calm, focus… He likes the way….. He likes the fact she is unencumbered by rules / He’s humbled by the special delivery——her heart ‘Transcendental’ It is quite something to extricate oneself from the wreckage of the past, to battle relentlessly and against all odds; find a way to move f… Happy Easter | Karin Taylor I rather like Father Bob / cos he’s not a total knob / and I love a lot of people / who are different / I’m a seeker / I like m… Happy “I love you,” he said desperately, and Hecate grinned broadly. But he wasn’t talking to her. He was talking to Persephone. It’s a real Jewel – I have tremendous… It’s a real Jewel ? ? ? ? series. Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles Morte… miracles . ALTERNATIVE …. choice of the inevitable… You Are To Me A poem for mom. no fear of flying it was a dream I had, / yet so much more than a dream Tripping (poetry) Tripping / through life, / on my tongue, " Happy Valenties Day . Shalom – A Dan… " Happy Valenties Day . Shalom – A Dank Ojch Zejer ! was featured in ? Artists Universe ?" was featured in A Place To Call … " Happy Valenties Day . Shalom – A Dan… " Happy Valenties Day . Shalom – A Dank Ojch Zejer ! was featured in ? Artists Universe ?" was featured in Country Bumpkin Happy Valenties Day . Shalom – A Dank Ojch … Happy Valenties Day . Shalom – A Dank Ojch Zejer ! was featured in ? Artists Universe ? by AndGoszcz UPSHOT …. do you love me ? ? ? Happy Valenties Day . Shalom – A Dank Ojch … Happy Valenties Day . Shalom – A Dank Ojch Zejer ! was featured in ? Artists Universe ? by AndGoszcz as sad as being happy I talked to someone today. / Someone who’s paid to listen to me. / Because people don’t actually listen. / They’ll pump y… The Happy Drowning Drown in you? Dont mind if I do. Sending You and your family special wishes from t… Sending You and your family special wishes from the GALICIA… Merry Christmas & Happy… Merry Christmas & Happy… featured in ARTISTIC… Views: 8502 …..Featured artists – Art Of Nu… Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door . by Brown Sugar . Views: 8502. Buy what you like! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013 LIFE IS GOOD ……………………………………. BETTER NOW Don’t try to deceive or refuse to believe / …You like to admit, you won’t let it fit… / …….Like fair to accept, lif… just lie with me tonight man / cannot love / but only himself / because we so quickly and / with ghosts and whispers / forget in MinE MinD Believe in Yourself… He Was More Than Content, He Was Happy. “Well hey there, little darlin’.” A huge grin spread across her face. “Hey there, good lookin’.” She tr… Happy New Year! Happy new year! Happy New-Year to all Dear RB members, / I wish you Health… / So you may enjoy each day in comfort. / I wish you the Love of friends and family… / An… Don’t worry the recession – Kamasutra… Kamasutra for Happy ! / Happy New Year 2013 ! Happy New Year. Peace on Earth and goodwill to al… Happy New Year. Peace on Earth and goodwill to all men. Share Favorite Santorini. by Brown Sugar (Doctor … Happy New Year. Peace on Earth and goodwill to all men. ‘Tis that time of the year again ‘Tis that time of the year again, " Sending You and your family special wishes… Merry Christmas & Happy…" was featured in Country Bumpkin Le?ajsk God`s Mother . Matka Bo?a Le?ajska Pani P… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013. " Piccola e fragile . Merry Christmas and Ha… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013. Friends are the greatest gifts of all ! Pass this… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013. Brown Su… Piccola e fragile . Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013. Brown Sugar with Evita KittyCat. Low Life Imperfect / In the perfect picture. / I look around me… / Just things, / Vaguely familiar treasures / Collected, / Discarded. / The … Happy Thanksgiving Leaves colored in red, yellow, orange, green and brown / A whisk of the wind bringing them to the ground / Night falls earlier with a chill… Gently Into the Night Say not my lover, / That these deeds be true / My faith, I had bequeathed to you / How could I not see past your hazel eyes? / Has all th… Happy Veterans Day! To all who have and continue to serve! / THANK YOU / Happy Veterans Day! / Stay safe and healthy and come home soon! happy day maymay i’m thinking as loudly as i can… and for once i think you actually heard me. just the other day there was this thing that remin… A poet’s death scene: Happy Halloween ̵… yes, i think this is how they will find me: a poet, dead from unspoken words.
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