For a Day We are lent to life’s season for a day / In a world disconnected and detached / We yearn and we love along on the way / Even when we are co… The Tranquility of Winter The snow drifts softly, silently. If you look close enough, you may see the earth shiver in anticipation of winter. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom What I wouldn’t do to be able to pick up the phone and give my mom a call on Mother’s Day. Grounded Love (Mature) Lasting Love Do not turn from me / Embrace all that I am / Accept my every thought / For there is no perfection / Except when we are together / Do not t… Thanks to the mystery buyers I would like to thank the two buyers (or maybe its the same person) who bought my work. / Thank you very much. I hope you enjoy them. The Wise Maiden *All unexpected in the spring appeared / Baskets of blossoms left at the back door, * Flowers That Speak The Day Good morning to good friends and those that are parents to me, / This garden that you visit me everyday is the place to welcome thee. / Flo… In Praise of Iris Beautiful messenger, / born of raindrops sparkling through sun, / they say the gods and goddesses are dead. on the difficulty of growing tulips the lure of tulips / is / however / apparently irresistible “Deep In Their Roots” … … “all flowers keep the light.” / Theodore Roethke / :) Beautiful World Of Flowers, Plants And Trees Flowers of blue, red, orange and a thousand shaded in a touch of gold, / Growing in richly manicured soil for the beauty of sight and to be… 19 years of spring. Even in the early springtime / when the trees have been so dead for so long / Little lost birds still find reason to sing. Yellow Flowers I walk in the field / Surrounded by the tiniest of yellow flowers / That seemingly move about my feet / Kissing me with the tenderest of… Good Bye Jack Frost Inch by inch the snow piles high / The land is blanketed white / Cold air shivers the inner space / There is no grass about of any trace. /… The Passion Passionate! so sultry! / . . . / The Passion of Life! Santa Claus is coming I can here the birds singing, / I can feel the gentle breeze. / Soft grass beneath my feet. / The earth has yielded up it’s fruit, fo… Neighbor’s Garden Wife dead, / children grown and gone, / my neighbor Pierre has / all the time in the world Roots A flower lives deep in the core, / blooming through dark soil of the earth— / rich in nutrients—yet deprived since birth. / Vib… Brief Beauty Bloom on, bright beauty, / while the summer sun still shines The world is a rose: smell it and pass it to your… It brings me great happiness to be able to share my art and roses with you my friend ! THE UNCOMFORTABLE LENS Looking at yourself through a lens, would you like what you see? This Life I Love As short and transitory as this life is, it’s long enough for making love. flowers and charms the flowers of evil a dreadful infant lost in the solitude of childhood / suspiria de profundis unearthing unatural forces / the blood was bled no matter how t… A Campfire story for my little one… a story written to my grand daughter whom is camping and missing me as much as I miss her. Dopeless Romantic god’s in the phone book, look her up (The Last Poem Before I Die) i’ll remember you Gallery walk gallery walk, photography, art Beauty I am a flower / One day i will be beautiful / For my ugly little stem / Will blossom / And i will bloom / My petals are dainty / And when … abuelita carmen has flowers in her hair. We see their smoke rising above the trees, (Padre nuestro que estás en los cielos) red rivers of blood swirl in our wine, our bread is fill… Thoughts on The Photograph Titled “Wood Duc… Young children love to roam woods and fields, ponds and streams finding things—flowers, pine cones, beetles, frogs, yes, even snakes. Can You Come Out And Play? So you don’t have to play it safe . / You can buck against the hypnotic beat that is echoing through the radio and the television sta… Cleveland i’ve told everyone about her Flowers my friends invited me to tag along at the last minute, i was unprepared Sending You and your family special wishes from t… Sending You and your family special wishes from the GALICIA… Merry Christmas & Happy… Merry Christmas & Happy… featured in ARTISTIC… Held in Suspension Rules of the cycle dictate/ it’s time to go back to the surface/ go back for air/ back to real time/ but cycles were made to be broken/ wer… Little Black Flowers Little black flowers in the night / I made a promise “cross my heart and hope to die” / Little black flowers bloom at night / Still, I cou… the last roses of fall this black hole is just pulling me apart / memory is loosened from fact / and sleep is replaced with nightmares of being seasick The Daisy & The Rose By Carol Hynes / Written this morning / at 10am 17th Nov the beginners guide to making flowers. i found a websight – that is called – “the beginners guide to making flowers”. / please click following web-site! … Into the Blue The field was a sea, I believed it to be / It turned and it waved / It was waving for me HONEYSUCKLE AND BUTTERFLIES On one of my early morning walks through a field of honeysuckle, I met a butterfly. She was of exceptional beauty; she had large, lovely, f… Atrophic Last Spring… a short fairy story Fairy Dress photograph by Karin (taken 16/9/12 early Spring) / … / One day, it was close to the first day of Spring I remember, Franc… Sorry your flowers are late Sorry your flowers are late / I purchased them each one and the color was representing the many individual friends a delightful blue / Iri… ❤❤❤ Frasi Belle Sulla Vita . Mellow yellow. Be su… I must have flowers, always, and always… Claude Monet !!! and Andrzej Brown Sugar ! Playing with petals with each purposeful pull of the flower Flowers of Freedom Flowers in the nighttime sky / Blooming purple and red and green / Possibly the most beautiful sight / My blessed eyes have ever seen Sunswept It feels like I always belonged here, / Among wild flowers / tall weeds / lulled to sleep by an orchestra / of cicadas, crickets, and the n… Deceptive her beauty “A smile like no other, / Looking into those eyes / Was as if looking into / The avenues of spring, / And those, it’s color / Changin… Elation – The Poem … it feels / so very good / to rise up / and fly / free / in the wind. Deep in the Woods Nature is a wonderful place, walking and hiking . enjoy the smell of the tree’s. Come walk with me deep in the woods. mirror images. I could tell you wanted me / when you told me I looked pretty under the sun light. Friendly Thoughts I found this poem written in an old book of mine, so I thought I would share it with all my friends here at Redbubble :- / Life is… All the Flowers for You True beauty is a small framed window when / you and your stolen muse are looking at each other once more, / when a seed looks upon the clou… my mind space is clear vast and empty “How is your mind space?” you ask / “Clear” I reply Natures Make-up Alarm clock ringing, 8AM… The Petals of Indecision Worms take the fallen petals and they all end up devoured. Today The super moon made me shiver, / the night the fear / the bad dreams, / the morning bright and near, / in hours of quiet before runners da… I shot a werewolf just for you and placed dead fl… you know what? / i guess i will write a poem, / yes, / that’s what i will do, / to impress / no one in particular, / but you, / you and you… Flowers i pluck flowers / as careful as / i watch the news / with dad / they dont belong / to us, i dont / deserve this. / i attempt amends / by of… Bluebell Dreams – video Have a look at the beautiful bluebells covering the forest floor and enjoy the music. Bouquet Horribilis fragrance was dying by the moment / a stench began to fill the room / as time elapsed Wild flowers do not move towards the sunlight &#… Love is eternal hope and endures all / amongst this fractured play of life / There is forever a reason for hope / love intertwined with lov… Pengin (Green Strawberry) My Japanese chrysanthemum, / My English rose! / Our love is a / Green Strawberry. / Green strawberries will grow. The Garden The garden was filled with nature’s fine song, and I came to realize exactly how full of life my garden really was. The flowers, the birds,… Flowers in the garden. “In my eyes makes you a nut cracking whore” Breathe Pink petals erupt across grassy leas in spring, / The swift odour of lavender lingering – in you breathe. / And autumn brings leaves that … My Valentine Cut flowers / from the shop, / just for you, / that survived, / just to show / that the way / that I feel / is alive. TN Passion Flower/ TN Volunteers Oco-ee, Oco-ee, Oco-ee, / ’Twas here he won my love, / Your flowers were my bridal bed / Blue as the skies above If You Should Ever Give Me Flowers Spend your time, not your money. / Gather what you find according to the season / and I will treasure what you bring me, always. The Green Green Sea A ROSE ARCHED VISION OF BEAUTY AND SUN BEAM, / A GLASS FILLED WITH WATER THAT CAME FROM THE STREAM, / THE FLOWERS ARE LILTING AND I AM FEE… One Still Moment I walked down the hill through the mist and the rain, / as the phlox waved goodbye from the garden’s edge. / On grey wood-post next to the … 46 years of flowers It’s love like never before, / sixteen, / just enough to break you, / she’s perfect, / you’re not, / that way it evens o… Two Flowers Fight by Laura Lawrence The daisy put down it’s petals to the rose’s beauty as it climbed everyday taller. / The rose through down little gestures but … CHOCOLATE OR FLOWERS Ice cream, chocolate, or flowers? / I asked the girl of my dreams. / She looked at me in a moment of glee, / And asked why not all three… pages in a book All my love / fades and dies / You are the page / left alive Flowers for Grace She was sweeping through the land like Napoleon in his One Hundred Days, devouring the earth and the people and the towns as only despots k… Encouraged By Thought Inspiration taking its hold on my world / That is what I am / That of what I am is all that needs to be / Thoughts so confusing before but… Sweet Surrender you simply dance / in the wind / as our lips brushes / together / with gentle touches funeral flowers funeral flowers / the scent lingered / roses and lilies / lying upon a grave / in the cemetery / with the big weeping willow / standing tal… Other Night 2011 I dreamt about you the other night Spring Joy new life whispering…vitality beckoning The birds and the bees and the flowers and the tr… lavender florettes, gracing the canopy like a crown on the head of a queen – as they flit like emerald fairies – zip and hide a… Goodbye, Dear Aunt, Goodbye Flowers for the deceased. / The flowers are dead. / Death for the dead. / I’m sorry you struggled. / I’m sorry you had pain. / I’m sorry I … September sing ‘n lied. Son en lente…uiteindelik! Dit was ‘n lang winter. ‘n Koue winter. Hardehoutstompe in die stofie, baie moue aan. abundance languorous, laid back leisure Hidden Flowers Love hides flowers / Between the teeth of the moon / Beneath the briars / And above the breeze… / Petals on the wind / Like so many forgott… Gilt M is for Marushka / who had slim skills / and lesser Powers; / lacking style to limn an ikon / she / was / martyred / to / Gilt / and bu… Wicker Chair …Into the garden filled and grown / spilling everywhere / flowers in their clumps / fragrance for the share. Does He Bring You Flowers ? Just a casual day, / doing the laundry, and feeding the kids…… / Does your loved one bring you flowers? / Just a lovely surpris… Flowers for my mother Flowers for my mother / Who says they’re best / Growing in ground. Classic Nude …Billowy clouds against azure. / You can almost hear the playful / notes of the flute and strings / plunking from the lyre. / At a c… It’s A Lovesome Thing….Illustrated The poem starts:“A garden is a lovesome thing” and everyday when I walk through my gardens, (there are two gardens, one in the … Wild Flowers Today while you were sick in bed I sent you wild flowers, / I picked them fresh from the natures trail of our earth. / May they bring you c…
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