The Wise Maiden *All unexpected in the spring appeared / Baskets of blossoms left at the back door, * In Praise of Iris Beautiful messenger, / born of raindrops sparkling through sun, / they say the gods and goddesses are dead. on the difficulty of growing tulips the lure of tulips / is / however / apparently irresistible Neighbor’s Garden Wife dead, / children grown and gone, / my neighbor Pierre has / all the time in the world Roots A flower lives deep in the core, / blooming through dark soil of the earth— / rich in nutrients—yet deprived since birth. / Vib… Brief Beauty Bloom on, bright beauty, / while the summer sun still shines This Life I Love As short and transitory as this life is, it’s long enough for making love. abuelita carmen has flowers in her hair. We see their smoke rising above the trees, (Padre nuestro que estás en los cielos) red rivers of blood swirl in our wine, our bread is fill… Held in Suspension Rules of the cycle dictate/ it’s time to go back to the surface/ go back for air/ back to real time/ but cycles were made to be broken/ wer… Sunswept It feels like I always belonged here, / Among wild flowers / tall weeds / lulled to sleep by an orchestra / of cicadas, crickets, and the n… The Petals of Indecision Worms take the fallen petals and they all end up devoured. CHOCOLATE OR FLOWERS Ice cream, chocolate, or flowers? / I asked the girl of my dreams. / She looked at me in a moment of glee, / And asked why not all three… Flowers for my mother Flowers for my mother / Who says they’re best / Growing in ground. The Power Of A Flower! The Flower’s are bright. / Blooming with delight. / Such, colour and texture, / amazing in sight. / Beautiful and gentle, / fragile a… I love the smell of Jasmine I love the smell of Jasmine / It has an ecstatic aroma / That infiltrates the sense / And says spring is alive. Yesterday You are in 3d from where I am Ghostly Gardens I know I irritate the cautious, alarm the careful, / shock the frightened. / That’s too bad – Untitled Living fireworks Grandma’s Quilt My grandmother has made the / Most beautiful quilt, / Sewn with stitches of love. / It’s a celebration of family, / And the Lord up a… Haiku 133 dawn strikes / temple bell stillness… / cherry blossoms! The World That Matters I shouted ’cross the chasm / yet there was no answer. / Your name dying on my lips. / No stone deemed your sacrifice / worthy of consecrat… A gardener’s delight From the East amber skies streak / Morning’s golden glory rising / becomes a giant yellow-white cheese melt sizzling / Burning down i… Daffodil Dandruff Those frail petals will taste a wind so cold / They wither, the petals do fold The Devil… The Devil… / … is in the little things seasons and flowers again winter ascends to conquer the peak of all our senses…to make us feel so much of it that we go numb in our tongues Tanka XXV after our first storm / we embrace / morning glories’ scent / rebuilding … Arum / / / / / / / Your / sophisticated, strong, curvy / stance attracts me – along / with that subtle perfumey / scent – Upr… Flowers Blooming if I couldn’t do / anything for them / then what hope / do I have now Haiku 94 red lilies bloom / such fond remembrances… / curling ribbons Haiku 87 beneath / the crunch of winter… / wildflowers Haiku 78 through lifting fog, / a plum colored dawn - / these passing years The Sign Said “Don’t Pick The Flowers” and I remembered / vases like caskets / of petals bruised / by admiring hands- Haiku 47 passing / scent of plum blossoms… / our shadows caress Haiku 31 time and time again / cherries blossom in the spring / leaves turn in autumn Haiku 21 embroidered too / on meadow’s kimono - / violets Beginnings of a Storm Pull the strings, / Let it all fall out. / Heavenly bodies, / Strangers to my hands. / Eyes stare, / Watching silent thunder. / Lightning s… Flowers I gather flowers from the fields / that smell like clumps of rotted weeds; / they crumble in my hands and fall / upon the dirty floor. Picked flowers are dead Picked flowers are Dead ‘Blackouts and Overtones’ I can recall with lucidity, / the violent beauty, / that accompanied the guillotine. / A visceral symptom, / of emotional trauma. / A chest… LISTEN TO YOUR HEART I feel the urge of holding on to something / Not knowing really why / The loss of this dear loved one has caused a well of tears I have cri… Springtime Spring is finally here, / Smell it in the air. / New life bringing cheer, / Trees no longer bare. / Colors stain the country hills, / As th… Budding beauty Misty veil lifts / revealing early morning sunrise. / Spring buds engorged with life / begin to show wonder held within, / mystically unfol… Heaven’s essence Night time ignites / fighsty violet skyline / interrupts nature / a beautiful new canopy evolves. / New exotic flowers glow crimson / heady… ‘Lights On (Between Three and Five)’ Jet lagged, / stalling out. / Bare feet, / on warm pavement. / Flowers fall around us. / Your hand in mine, / under the arches. / Eyes clos… Pink Roses…. I love every color of roses / The gardeners have created / Beauty of a rose certainly / Cannot be understated / The fragrance, oh the fragr… Day dreaming I lie there / sun baking down / upon my back / Sizzling my skin / prickled with the heat / slowly scorches. / To cool it / I move a littl… Silverly Silverly, silverly the rain patters down, / Silently, silently like the tears of a clown. / Raindrops of diamond gleam in the skies, / Soft… Flowers Pray for a peace that starts with the heart / And ends with life Field of Flowers Remembrance of things that may or may not have been… A sight, a sound, something in the vision… ~ Smoky Glass Table ~ The smoky glass table was cool and serene / The heated activity not to be seen ~ Sweet Columbine ~ Dance for me my sweet columbine / Your pretty swinging sway White Lilies White lilies for peace, / Red roses for love… Dying Colours A poem to celebrate autumn Bowing Sun Flowers These modest sun flowers bow because they are shy, / They are happy to let all of the other sunflowers have the entire sky, Ritual Cold chrysanthemums, / dead and dried, thin / and crisped by my thumb / into a fine silken powder; / the sooty remains of you / cling to my… Contemplation first line ----think of a world without any flowers Pale as the flowers of the night (Poem) Pale as the flowers of the night, / Silent in the dark. / Full of mystery and seduction. / When the harsh glare fades / And the world falls…

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