Please save the baby by Maestro Hazer DONT WORRY BE YONCÉ by HELLACOOL Acceptance by Kari Sutyla The flaw of RAW. by wazrom Flaw-Less (Beyonce) by kaildelrey Imperfection by heavenriver SUPERPOWER - BEYONCE by HELLACOOL Beyonce by HELLACOOL I woke up like this by HELLACOOL No Flaw  by sbonet93 Filly Flaw by Nik Watt Rain by Kloftus A Rosy Green by clayclaytonton A Builder's Crack  by PictureNZ Counting to infinity I have a crooked shaped face. / I have a crooked jaw. / Sometimes the words that escape from under my tongue / are also just as lopsidedly … Pink Marble With Flaw by pjwuebker Third Flaw of Invulnerability by OutsideFate ‘Eva’ I’d not ever intended to be so uncouth; has the roster of the unappreciative garnered one, or ’ave I always been so out-of-line… Date Rake (Critical Flaw) by Khail Anonymous Favorite flaw by Aurélia Berényi The flaw in the open plan prison by Graham Farquhar Express yeller flaw-er by Monte Roberts Fatal Flaw What is Wisdom / Without the fatal flaw? / Therefore / Wiser to avoid to say, / Because it is wise / We should flip / Not one switch more… M-3 by Georg Stadler M-2 by Georg Stadler M-1 by Georg Stadler H-1 by Georg Stadler Perfection Reflection by AuthentrikART The Flaw of Perfection Sometimes / I think myself / fonder of the dream / than the dreamer / (including myself); / and the perfect dream, / without the self, an o… Between the Cracks by Cynthia Decker Writing upon your wall. “Some shall be in awe- / Looking for a flaw- / But in the end they shall see the writing upon your wall.” There's A Flaw In Your Iris by phardunaway the fatal flaw by Loui  Jover 99 Imperfect love by littlearty Curiosity is a gift, not a flaw. by BonnieRose Flaw Your evening is mapped out in your brain / sending images that flicker and stutter, / halting in jerky gestures like the / nudie picture sh… Pobody's nerfect by digerati Third Flaw of Invulnerability by Dots Beauty with a Flaw by TrixiJahn Concrete So when compared to what is, / and what might be, / dreams come and go nightly, / but all dreams, / for all their wonder, / are unsure, One So Small by bendrawslife One So Small (Without Text) by bendrawslife Flaw in Beauty by Ashley Christine Valentin My flaws only make me human My flaws makes me stumble, slip and fall over again.. / & that my baby…only makes me a human Freely Naked Behold, / I stand naked before you Fatal Flaw – The Setup Last week I heard for the second time words to the effect of: / I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep you, but it was a hell of a ride wh… Perfection Being perfect isn’t about being flawless / It’s about not wanting to be any different. Frosty Overlooked One Fatal Flaw in his Escape Plan by yvonne willemsen Something to Cherish Majestically and Not Let It … Another slow scenic Sunday ride with my dog and myself, / I was feeling humanly lonely and in very poor health. / We were on our way to see… without a flaw by 1busymom Untitled by alyssa naccarella flawed by jayview flawed but beautiful by vpiombo Imperfect by Kelsey Williams Imperfect 10 Dressed down to the 9’s / Waiting for your naked figure 8 Can you see the flaw? by Courtney Leigh Imperfect - or not? by quirkyquirks The Best Flaw You can’t cook and your coffee is bitter, / But I can put up with that, / You forgot how to boil water, / And that gets on my nerves… NATURE: .. WITHOUT A FLAW by Aritheeagle Your Heart Fell Into My Hands And Now My Palms Ar… This life which we live… / These vast, shiny, pretty things which we build and marvel at, conscious of our self-conscious desire to h… the flawed design by Deathjork Curled Petal by Belinda Piffero The Flaw by Tommy Seibold Adam's Flaw by Tipptoggy . by B M

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