E Hoeveler commenting Immo Jalass Elizabeth Hoeveler commenting Immo Jalass recent artwworks Earth’s Fine Wine When a petal plucked from a hanging bloom / Inside the weeping softness looms / Two the threads delicate and barely hung / Like strings of … Shrunk I’m sick / just another twisted kid / twisted in the ordinary / trying to find where I fit in. / I’ve been called a generic fuc… On Painting with Inks Inks do not as a general rule forget. Vista Rod Run “as taken” shots posted I posted “as taken” shots from the Vista Rod Run, California this morning. / Posted on my blog at http://wildbillphoto.blogspot… a fine finish . . . . Summer is coming . . school is almost out. Yesterday was my last teaching day for Spring 2013, a fine finish made even better by a single … Description: Kakadu Dream and money Kakadu Dream and Everything Is Fine I guess it is the only greeting / that we have all really mastered / and we are all experts at it 10030- Views . Featured artists – Art Of Nude – 2… Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door . " When I Need You I Just Close My Eyes And I… " When I Need You I Just Close My Eyes And I’m With You My Venus." was featured in Artists with Disabilities " Happy Valenties Day . Shalom – A Dan… " Happy Valenties Day . Shalom – A Dank Ojch Zejer ! was featured in ♥ Artists Universe ♥" was featured in A Place To Call … Views: 8502 …..Featured artists – Art Of Nu… Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door . by Brown Sugar . Views: 8502. Buy what you like! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013 One fine day! she will open my cage each morning, and I will close-it-each-night! Showing my portraits on Fine Art Fine Art America is a great artist website that really sells your work. I am really trying to get my work out there to get sold, so here is… India Framed Prints on Fine Art I am trying to get my worked noticed, so if you like, please go to the link I have provided below to take a look at some of my newest work … Featured artists – Art Of Nude – 22nd… Featured artists – Art Of Nude – 22nd September 2012 . Fine Art America. A Lady Of Fine Taste A lady of fine taste / hidden behind the emotions / of a good life, / She goes about her duties / of a woman that smiles / of being a g… I’m Always Fine Resiliency is key / Smiling back with bloody teeth / Confront to release / know / these blows life’s thrown / Won’t topple me fine late duke live FINE At 59 yrs. of age I found myself once again seeking employment. In three months time I applied locally and online with a carefully prepared… The Worlds A Fine Place Where the world is lit not only by the Sun. Good Morning’s Sleep for sale: wide eyed open-mouthed whale Idol Carrying The idols of my travels, / Sitting on a dusty shelf always in my shadows / Toys bled to age / As much as I try no one will trade memories, … Artistic merit is both individual and common cons… Opinions will be very subjective, so until you have exhibited sufficiently enough to form a popular consensus, you should keep exhibiting y… And we shall be just fine “This is who we are” Whispers in the Hallway It’s all a mess / when seconds rip through the unrest, / of still thinking you’re perfect, / even when you’re leaving. / … fine pieces dangled over the edge, / me and wispy you, / cobwebs clung to the little pieces, / our lives like dust. / that is what it is, / the central… Lost in a moment. “Addicted to your screams of animal lust.” And we shall be just fine. “And we shall be just fine.” A FINE ART. She had lovemaking / Down to a fine art; / Knew the nuances / Of kissing, or so / Uncle said and he / Should have known / As he had what yo… new paintings , in need of opinion Dear Friend, / I would like to wish you very happy thanksgiving. It’s very common for every seller or store to provide good discounts and d… NEO-POSTMODERNISM THE MOST AVANT-GARDE ESSAY ON ART IN THE INTERNET NEW 2011 Abstract Art Calendar It’s that time of year again … on the fine line of brain dead brain fry anyone / I think mine is about done / a matter of fact / I think it might be over done / burnt even / fried to the max / let it s… A Fine Distraction Will you be a distraction / From important matters? / Or from a film, / With endless natter? / Will you be the distraction / That sends me … Miracle Being hurt one too many times / Leads you to think / You’ll always know pain / Thinking it will never let up / Taking it from others / So… re Dominic Savio’s “[She’s fine… that’s how psychoanalysis beats all; / you do it from yr couch, / the psychoanalyst / like the priest in the confessional, / the … [She’s fine] Jesus / I know You don’t usually do this sort of / thing / but can You / knock me out and put me to / [sleep] / tonight – I can… You’re Going to Be Just Fine! She was dancing around in my brain / Sliding up and down along neurons, / From one side to the other / Tapping at just the right spots, /… My Fine Line My nails are candy apple red and half bitten remains of them around every where I have fallen today / There are some days I want to shove m… A Fine ‘Roommate’ Indeed… … Live with passion. / :) I am fine… I am fine / In my head / Think I always / Have been / I am fine / But what they said / You cannot / You will fall / Do not climb / That sil… Everything is fine i lay here / in this empty world, / full of memories and misery, / etched deep within my soul, / so alone, / a smoking gun, / sits by my si… Fine Nice New Nose Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a fine, nice, new nose. wise words from a fine gentleman ‘…. humility … is the base of self discipline …since it prevents from undesirable superiority complex which is root cause of al… Art Review “Fur, velvet, satin … stretched, torn, knotted, folded, these are the things that fire up my imagination …” More Than Fine It wasn’t enough / but it’s more than fine… / He never comes, / but I never cared. / No room for despair, / tension so th… ant bread we are lost in water / where we are To Want I wanted to write about how dark my past has been. I wanted to but didn’t know how or what to say, for so dark and alone I felt at th… one fine fall day One fine fall day, / When I was wee / Stepped off the bus / just glad to be / school-free. / Skipped and fluttered / I to the door. / The … Don’t worry everything will be fine? I read of the death, / Of a great bard, / He wrote of his own demise, / In verse, / It was so real, / Even at seventy three, / The pen was… A Fine Wine You run through my mind / like a moment in time, / thoughts all entangled / and trying to unwind. / All day it seems you’re even in m… Small Talk is Fine… Wanna chit chat? A Dram Fine View By Tim Cornwell It’s hard not to see him as the whisky business’s answer to Jack Vettriano Springtime. Springtime is like, / passionate kisses from a lover, / foretelling the heat of the summer, / the heat of passion / is everlasting / but th… Today’s Rain Today’s rain, cooling autumn’s rain / It combs the air, accompanies deepest green My art, My designs are…. Touch somebody’s Life CREATIVITY DEFINED >>Freedom Revolt Passion… Monday night and once again the beyond network is sparkling like a Catherine wheel atop a dungheap – entertaining and engrossing reading al… Feeling fine. Feeling so fine. / On red days, / and blue green nights. / Lemon trees / and the bee gee’s, / feeling so fine. / Crowd around my fri… Just Fine I’m numbing the pain / Pill after pill / Secretly to hide the shame / And for people to think I’m fine. looking at you …saturday’ll be soon / just one more day to get through / and we’ll have nothing to do… ~ Traversing the long long paddock! ~ Building the nation to nourish us all / Traversing the long long paddock! short comment about my post about nudity but I agree we should not be afraid to show the human body or see it , in an artistic , non-pornographic light… a fine afternoon at the brushfire inn ennie poked his head / into my room / and said / “if there’s any shit / ta be had / it ain’t gonna be / had by me / that’s fer sure!” / he … getting a little pussy one fine afternoon judy came / into my room / without knocking. / she was / holding a box / and wearing only / a t-shirt / that covered / half of her ass. / “… feel just fine woke up alone again / this trips been to long / miss seeing my best friend / every morning / miss having her lips / pressed against mine /… Looking at You …Saturday’ll be soon. / Just one more day to get through, / and we’ll have nothing to do. / One more day in the field, / … A Fine young Military Man Im proud of this and I like it all. There is not just ONE juicy part. Still Life Fine Art and Food Photography Happy and Honoured – Some of my Featured Works – Thanks x³ for Your empathy for them, it’s such a pleasure to experience that food art is w… potentiality is fine and dandy was it man, woman, or beast / who declared life a feast / who didn’t come away bloated and nauseous / who lost a firm grip on reality… BeyondSight – Tunnel Entrance Remember the world when you first ventured forth, you loved it didn’t you. / I remember when you went to the little hidden pool just a bit … A fine collection of haircuts. We’ve gone well beyond zippers now. Clasps are the way of the future One Fine Day A backwards Poem Just Fine When I’m even with the world / I forget the promises I made / in sorrow / I’ll build a monument vertical / I’ll take my eyes off of the hor… What’s the difference between a fine artist… Well, / A hobbyist can afford fine art, / a fine artist can’t afford a hobby….. / segismundo A fine spot of headland He looked quite different from the Alfie I’d known. / On the side of his head, an oak tree had grown, I’ve got THREE 2010 calendars for Sale!!! 2010 calendars A very fine line Where do we draw the line between / Love and death? / How far do they span in the spectrum of life? / Both are inevitable, I’d like t… Come Undone Beautiful and young she stands stripped in front of her mirror. Piercing green eyes staring deep into her soul. She sees the truth in all… A fine looking woman A fine looking woman, you know you are. / You upgrade your men like you upgrade your car. / A later model….. Fine and Mellow LIKE IT SHOULD BE Just Fine Just Fine / When I’m even with the world / I forget the promises I made / in sorrow / I’ll build a monument vertical / I’… FINE ART NUDES HOW MANY WAYS CAN A / PHOTOGRAPHER PEEL A BODY BACK TO BASICS? / FRODO 47 NUDES / BODY WORK SHOW / FINE ART LUDE / Photos by PAUL MAHDER Lurzer’s Archive:200 Best Illustrators Worl… Lurzers’s is a publication that, rather than loudly announces, quietly presents the message that an illustrator’s nationality doesn’t have … Reflections on Mistry’s A Fine Balance Your hopes are doomed, despite your illusions. / There is no Fine Balance. The fine art of making tea outside the British Is… If the stuff they put into British tea bags is reputedly the sweepings of the floor in the tea factory, God alone knows what’s left f… WOMAN and FINE CLOTHING There is JUST SOMETHING about Clothing that is really made to fit a woman and when its done with / real Flair and creativity well / ITS QUI… I won a challenge in the Fine Arts Influenced By … I won a challenge in the Fine Arts Influenced By Literature Challenge: POETRY! / With / my etching ’ Waiting ’ / and my poem… I’m Doing Just Fine © Say it to my face. / All you gotta do is pick a time and place. “Fine Wine” “Fine Wine” / I believe in ‘karma’, but haven’t got the time / Savouring the present, sipping finest wine / F… fine white powder burying my head into the warm crevice / there between your neck and shoulder / your familiar scent overpowering me~ A fine purchase from “Ash Sivils”R… Eve and the Apple Lamps versus Lashes When under the ray of a single bulb / A stripe of light lays along her cheek Time for a speeding ticket Time for a speeding ticket / I wrote a number of articles on the subject ‘time’, published elsewhere. Here is another angle. / Sometimes so… Ice Breaker Hooray! My first non commissioned sale! OK I won’t crack open the champagne, but never the less, it is flattering that someone has … Times Of Fine Lines. maybe, just maybe he will be.
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