The Price of Faith (and War) G. Yesthal / There is no such thing as BLASPHEMY. Since God is a matter of faith we have no PROOF of God’s existence, so blasphemy is… Praying For Homeless Help With no shoes upon her feet / She searches for food to eat / In garbage cans and dumpsters too / Each day trying to get through / The bruta… The Red Balloon My eyes wandered the heavens to gaze upon a red balloon journeying into another life. It hitched a ride on a breeze. Gently it seemed to d… firstfruits of faith Oh the beauty of your peace! / The soothing scent of jasmine in a cup / Of oriental / Tea / The embrace of love set / Free in / Arms enfold… Sorry comforters If God is love…. He Has Gone Before Us I have often meditated on these teaching about God, and could not help to try to imagine the things God through Jesus had experienced, the … Black Hole Of Despair Sometimes life can get so deep / You feel like ti will seep / More troubles out of the ground / That pile up and bring you down / I’v… Atheist There are times that I doubt humanity, but it is moments like these After Burying Eleanor Rigby The old man in black limped slowly home, / his face well-mapped with lines of grief. / He’d blessed and buried another soul Cancer Hope Her curly hair was long and bright / Until that sad and scary night / The cancer took it all away / Leaving her sick night and day / Doctor… Stand Strong Stand strong / In the dark don’t allow your knees to grow weak A Circle Of Love That Won’t Break There’s a circle that surrounds / The trust I’ve recently found / In your friendship that is strong / I’ve been waiting r… Rays Of Light Shine On Your Pit Of Darkness When your sadness comes around / And your world is crashing down / Way faster than you can stop it / And your in a deep dark pit / ThatR… 4 Little Words To Change The World Peace, love, joy and hope / Four words that can help us cope / If we use them everyday / Bad things will soon go away / Peace needs to be w… Something Greater We acquaint our hearts with bended knees / As prayers take residence in flight / The darkest cloud of apathy / Collides and breaks with li… Chaos Can Be Controlled Chaos happens everywhere / Look and it will be right there / Staring you right in the face / Escaping from this crazy place / Can be very d… Coping In A World Of Crisis My head has been really dizzy / Cause of my life being busy / I want to let the stress out / By a big loud noisy shout / That comes from th… FOREVER FOREVER is a word that is / Loaded with a lot of bliss / For those couples who will not / Separate and fall apart / But for me it means the… Surgery Success For Happiness She was lost and so afraid / From decisions that were made / To go under a sharp knife / And change her quality of life / A very long time … the revolts tongue The Silent Monster You don’t have a single clue / It attacks inside of you / Silently it starts a war / And sneaks a virus to the core / Of your womanho… Naturalistic Observation © Emma Young 2014 The happiness you know with her / Is different to that which you knew with me, The Resurrection and the Life She introduced herself to me. “My name is Mary, Mary Magdalene.” I recognized her name, she was the one who faithfully followed the Lord Je… Revival’s Tide We are a people in dyer need… a fedora for the fallible and terse I imagine my complementing Horus to be the lover I’d like to drive through day, night and my most hidden places with, in a sleek Cadillac. Soul Searching From an early age… The End Of The Line There’s a purpose in the way that it goes / There’s a reason why things will be fine / But we tend to only figure it out… / When we come to… Miracles The Savior walked on water / The Savior raised the dead / The Savior healed the blind and lame / And then the Savior said / That those who … Returns Midst fear and doubt / When prayers have ceased / Unannounced / Without a sound / Returns the clouds / And falls the rain / Again on barr… The Thin Line A thin line extends to divide faith and fear / And so often the side you are on isn’t clear / For despite every effort to keep holding on /… Entwined Open your eyes / My darling / You can finally / Awake / Coasts and caves / Are calling / Go chase that / Sweet escape / The secrets in the … Love’s own time… It’s never too late for love… Now There’s no time like now. It is the present. / Not the past. That was yesterday. / Not tomorrow. It hasn’t come. / It is here. Where we… Follow the Beat This time, the road is harder, / Yeah, this time it’s going to hurt, / But, you have this one last chance / To prove what you’r… Temporal minds Born into a world, a world desttined to end… Sharing faith If all has been written and all has been read… Faith to be Can you not hear / Your soul song / Let it join mine / Together we will dance / On the wings of Angels / … / And so it was / That the Earth… Surrounded by His Love We are surrounded by God’s love, not by enemies. / I call and you love me - / I fall and you love me. / God, you love me just as I a… Glass Prism My artistic talent are received from One source of pure light. / Passing through me like a glass prism, expressing them in diversity of… The faith to be The azure pool evaporated / So the I / Cannot scry / The who and where / Am I / Lost though I may be / There is a constance / Of my soul s… Religion Vs Science Science vs Religion The Truth I could say I have my reasons, / And tell you I meant this to be. / Or simply speak the truth, / In the hopes that you may see. Faith No More? (Faith Is Just A Four Letter Word) i am the second hand of time / a Dead Man Walking backwards into his lover’s arms / and you, you always took your chances, didn’t you? / on… Wealth in the midst of poverty Those that bask in their… My Way to Stay Sane © Showing him the shattered pieces on the floor, / Showing him my pain, and how I was stuck there / With no windows or doors. Tales Untold Chasing the warmth / Of a city that glows / The promises of / Tales untold / She wonders / In the cool / Of the night, / How her hopes / … FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN IMPROBABILITIES If you encounter someone who believes / in a thousand improbabilities — / such as blind chance developing a protein molecule / at the odds… Inner Empires As disposable as the desirable / A distant sense of home / Running against the forces / As she leaps onto the throne / Time is all but a … Keep Watch… How far gone is the night… Experience, Faith & Fact There is no key. / If there were she would have put it in the lock and escaped by now. / There is no door. / If there were she would have… The Revelation (My Chariot Of Damnation) Nodding onto the willows of hell / trying to tear out to the dawn that awaits / for the dawn must shine on all / that follow in faith Lack of Vision What is this thing God hath done… Why bad Things happen… Grace is the nectar of God… Power of Faith It is like this, / When making major changes— / Faith an easy verbiage / Till recipient thy self; / Believing in the love of God / An… Don’t Quit Your Race 2 Timothy 4:7 Too many days and days of darkness and despair, / But You keep whispering words of hope reminding me You’re there. / Too many nights… Old man sharp humility that slices through my comfort and stability Faith Trusting is to cast one’s fear aside / And face the wind, a forward lean / And say, catch me, or I fall— / It is like this / With fa… Faith ….What Else…. Joy Incomplete And though my cup runs over… The dead line Better look to the lamb / and fall to your knees / for the Reaper / witnesses all that he sees / This fallen angel’s / made a career … A Slave to My Emotions© I’m a slave to my emotions. / I’m controlled by something / I have control over. / A paradox of the century. A Sign of Our Time© Lord, if it be Your will, / Bless me with Your grace and fill / Me with food and drink until / Your child isn’t hungry enough to kill. Faith Own as The Only,,, Divisive State Culminati… Its a state of no return … Save A Place For Me Times are tough / I hear the sound / Of hunger and sorrow / Calling out / Life is Zombies…. Another zombie movie… Allure Me I like the way / the cigarette caressed / between your desirable lips / dances with the words you speak, / as if your vernacular / has a rh… Sail Away With You Sail away my darling / Take steadfastly to the seas / These shores await your return / And won’t let you go with ease / The waters wa… Fight the good fight To all the evangelicals… Worship the Lord As the days go darker and darker, many wonder just what to do to stay in peace. The anger, worry, and nerves seem to be giving away along … LOVE TAKES TIME …. it is ‘never’ too late….. Dear God Dear God I am writing, / and I hope this reaches you, / because people are dying, / and I don’t know what to do. Anthony If Anthony can believe in the absence of luck, can he believe in something greater? Ambivalent Realization I do not believe / I do not think your conception of ‘God’ is the correct way / Viewing others as sinners because they were not… GET HAPPY … be content and inspired… watch-dog of the faith forgive me, holy brother …. / it’s ignorant and arrogant / I know / to question what you do / presumptuous / to assume I know … Of Him, I am Proud Me, I’m more ordinary than most that you know. / I have no riches, no treasures to show. / No talent to brag of, no accomplishments o… Technology Progress is progress… STRENGTH AND FAITH When your lost in the rain, / And you feel that only you owns the pain, / Dark clouds always over-head / Alone and weeping in your bed / Es… BAC IN THE DAZ! Can you think back to a time / when young love had no fear / It was definately so blind / And you never dare shed a tear. NEVER SAY DIE! All my life it seems I’m self-destructing, / I’m guilt ridden and quite disrupting. / Is it me? Or is it the others? / Because, Im Self-re… ON THE SPARE OF THE MOMENT But I still rose with a cheerful face / And a bright courageous eye / And the bad spark that filled the air / Brought Wisdom and faith did … STRENGTH AND FAITH Escaping from reality, perhaps it’s a dream / Defence from hurt, I know where I’ve been / Although Life is not always what it seems / And s… Orginized Religion I hungered for… qUiRk I LV U 4 EVR Faith, Hope and Clarity | Karin Taylor I saw a sign said ‘faith, hope and charity’ / but all I ever wanted was / ‘faith, hope and clarity’ / I sent a cha… In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb Now you know the origins of in like a Lion and out like a Lamb. My food and drink You are my food / You are my drink / You are my air / You are my movement / You are my sound sleep / You are my brilliance in the morning /… A Quiet Word The Lord looked at me and raised one eyebrow….. and I realised it was the Creator of the Universe, Faith is… You can’t climb your mountain only on your knees. Obstacles don’t move by themselves. Sometimes God expects us to be still and know He is G… Leap of Faith! when I jumped into you, I did so with wild abandon! I have since roared with lions, and cowered in despair, I have flown with angels, and c… The Super Unknown Fear of flying / Fear in dying / Happy when we bought / Happy when we fought. Fan or Follower I look at evangelicals… SMELL the RAIN … deliverance… No Sense Feeling I sensed everything going Clockwork Orange / when I took a trip through / Fear & Self Loathing in Somewhere / sleepless rest paranoia&… Not the papa, The Son. I AM The Way, The Truth, and The Life, No one comes to The Father, / except through ME. / (John 14:6) / I wa… Faith Like a Tomb When love tethers you beyond.
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