Wrecking our planet Bleach – disinfectant / fly and hairsprays / polish – air fresheners / used everyday / In our homes / without a thought / whils… Heaven’s Treasures Heaven above or present on earth / Treasures are bountiful / In the here and now / Open your heart / Feeling the warmth / As it envelopes … Kind Be kind to the earth because / its made of all that’s died. / And when you toil through the dirt / please, remember, that someday / … I see us in the earth It was sunny today. / For the first time it was nice / and from deep inside this body of ice / I thawed like the river / in the rays, / and… Dear Citizens of the Art, Photography & Wider… Dear Citizens of the Art, Photography & Wider Community on Earth, / I hope this finds you all well, wishing you much aloha. / Since sta… A World in a Tear Drop I have been thinking of a water droplet of late and how it is held together by it’s own attraction…..and in that droplet a worl… the handbasket everyone’s craning their necks / at ominous signs in the sky the love buttons It is often the things you don’t see which are the most beautiful Passions Flight this unquenchable fire / will not consume him / he has walked in the white heat / and licked its flame / felt its purity / imagined himself… i am lost my eyes are / stern and set / on a shedding skin / of the rattlesnake water for the crickets slumber mouth earth seed good for giving the rest of me The doorman of my open window has been kind to me today. The Earth Is Like A Pie… :) The Earth in Our Earth earth, people, me, wonderfully made Mud. Mud. / Earth she. / Water him. / Where she touched his skin he forgets where he begins. / Where is sin when her skin was wine where she en… Alight from the touch of Earth Tredding earthly sod, earthbound creatures glance about. / Those whom by nature are limited by the mystery of gravity. / Some walk, some … Night Skies Door, Not limited by Earths hold Will you wade your arms into darkened night skies, / whilst your whispers rise upon a white doves sigh? / Upon fleeting mist, undaunted … Reckoning Once sat upon on a waveless ocean / Time stood still for lack of motion / No one spoke for all could see / The guardians of Eternity / For … Moonbeams Shadows sway upon the ground / The earth, in harmony with no sound / O moonbeam now where have you gone? Hide and Seek (first chapter) “Have you ever played hide and seek Chester?” / “Er,” He stared dead ahead. “No God, as it is probably a game you have just made up.” With You… I want to walk on a sandy beach / feeling the cool seabreeze / as it caresses my body / with the rays of the sunshine / warming me… / I w… Paeonia.(Growth) Subtle growth, / we intertwine. / Inside the mind of a twisted soul, / you twist to me. / This is more than love / or poetry. / More than … Mother Earth so much tragedy in recent years / so many storms as Earth rebels / the raping of her resources / the tapping her wells Planet Earth… :) The Power of She She who blows a hot and cold breath / She who sends fire creating life and death / She who screams thunderous warnings aloud / She who shed… Echoes Centuries inescapable / Undercurrent of time and thought earth castles I asked grandma why is it so / she said, “we’ve lost the balance, child / we have lost our way” / so I’m building e… Reality & Fear: The Inevitable Truth of Today I am constantly crippled with fear. / While I silently cry and try to still my shaking body, / my mind is wandering the Earth looking for a… Mother earth mother earth / foundation of nature / maintain me… / ground me in your wisdom / may my feet / tread soft in / all creation…may … The day the earth sneezed Serial killers, H1N1, / Child molesters, HIV… / She shudders with the cold, / And Port Au Prince is flattened Light & Dark Sometimes I wonder, / about the tragedy of broken hearts, / between the sun and the moon. / Can you imagine, / being separated for the rest… A Little Trip Through Space Time You always wondered where you came from and how you got to Earth. / The same way you are now leaving Earth. A Daughter of Earth and Water She, is a daughter of earth and water / a flowering rose that will grow and grow / Chloe, this daughter of earth and water / In loves stron… Tread Softly Tread Softly my dear / I welcome your presence, Happy She reads the random mind of the last child / Her words pour out on paper / Like the ocean floods the shore / She asked her joy / The child… and earth asks why why do you fear / to lie with me / to let me take you / in my arms / in deep embrace / and let / your flesh and blood / your skin and bo… Crooks There’s a part of me / that wants to curl up in a hole / stretched to the core, / dead bolt the door, / and never come out again. / I… A Gift With the over-abundant, / Looming clouds, / Trapping light, The Ego Does an eagle wonder why it kills? / We know it’s not just for the thrills, / Survival breeds in every mind, / We just drown it with a pill… (The Last Poem Before I Die) i’ll remember you ON THE SPARE OF THE MOMENT But I still rose with a cheerful face / And a bright courageous eye / And the bad spark that filled the air / Brought Wisdom and faith did … rare earth magnets goodnight visions have passed each other in their own way / plodding or flying you are deaf to it or any other noise / but the white noise,… Bards Tales for the Small Vol. 1: The Beginning He took up a couple of trees and carved with his sword animals; cows, goats and cheep he then spat on them and the animals were brought to … Children Know Not Why They Cry The baby in Babylon / At the river side / She cries / As the stars fall from / Eastern skies The Blind Leading The Blind The Earth must cleanse herself of the damage and torment / perpetuated by the men of renown, / The Earth must renew itself before a new Wo… seven lies seven stars filled the skies / seven hearts were told seven lies / each secret not to be told / each lie grew bigger as she grew old / a b… Protecting our Earth My feet are planted firm on this earth / With my direction in mind / I breathe what fresh air we have left / And drink the fresh water / T… human then and now and when earth by then was / air unblemished / waters pious / rivers clean / mountain / un visited / un polluted / animals free perpetual blue. The luminous blue from the tv lights certain areas of your body, and leaves mysterious shadows where it does not. Happy New Year. Peace on Earth and goodwill to al… Happy New Year. Peace on Earth and goodwill to all men. Share Favorite Santorini. by Brown Sugar (Doctor … Happy New Year. Peace on Earth and goodwill to all men. crashing through the atmosphere i was a falling bird now / a man unable to take flight / i was without wings or safety net down to earth. he stared, he stares. / he stares, he glares. / he glared, he glares. / he glares, he cares no more. ‘Blue Eyed Boy (Part I)’ The boy was young once, a child like many others. hair as sandy and blonde as the golden bands, the endless western desert. Empty and soulf… Don’t Be Constrained “The earth is 71% covered by the vastness of the ocean/ And 100% of your life is spent dancing with the axis in constant motion” Almost Home She will just let go / Of the commerce-trap. / Come alive! / In the forest / By the water and garden / Around her tiny home / And seed Eart… On Earth As It Is In Heaven “Daunting”. How many people may have defined the tasks God placed on great leaders of Christendom with just this one word, I wonder? How bi… Wind off the Ocean Come sit and hear a sober tale / Of how the wind and water meet / Though neither force shall e’er prevail / And neither shall admit d… Elements Thus, / Through faithlessness / Is the Phoenix made myth. Stargazing It doesn’t amount to anything because their government / only lies to the ones back home. / We usually steer them into the desert so … Pure I put my hand in the ground / the blackness of it seems so pure / the Earth is welcoming Salt Of The Earth Thou would come to me for thy healing / Sands beneath thy feet cushion thy troubles / Obliterating their ability to rise on against thee / … Barefoot Stride Wonder-filled woman / strides barefoot / through thorny ways / and soft powder dirt / that delights the feet. / She is me / and you … A sprinkle of Mother Earth… kisses the Ange… It was a lose your hard Cancerian shell / kinda day……. / I stretched and wriggled free / with a zippity doo da smile of indulg… Earth Time It is good to lie, in Autumn, / On a couch / Redder than leaves, The Ishtar Gate We have the lions carved in stone / The Ishtar gate is a memory / I feel sorry for the fading blue A falling star Next time you see a falling star / Consider all, that you hold tight i wake with a bloody glove as a crayfish / from earthen / mud / i drag myself / alive / and into the / silence “Full moon Party” Moon Goddess Does History have a Direction? History is a Net, that tide us all together, sometimes we can see it, many times we don’t. But it does, constantly and in faster speed The Valve Handle ice hot lava nobody knew So it died. / It shriveled and shrunk and sank. / Into the ground. / Into the soil. / Into the soul of the earth. Dark Space … Inside matter it is all space ! Rest In Pieces My love is twisted into / This tight ball of hate… / Loathing every lie you spoke / Truth hidden in every action… / Discomposu… Perfection shakes the earth I wait in anticipation for soon his powers will touch my soul O Whitman! My Whitman! Written by: Veronica Kattoula & Walt Whitman / O Whitman! My Whitman! My dear old friend, / Leaves of Grass, you’ve left behind, and t… Consider the Earth Waves and trees / and bees / and that. / The Earth - / The earthworm’s habitat. On The Good Ship Earth… … we’re all sails-people. / ;D Fragile Fragile / When I was just a child / I did not imagine world this wild / I imagined as if it was a big old hand / holding us on its fragile … HEAVEN ON EARTH Welcome to paradise, Heaven on Earth, / Share natures beauty, all of her worth, / As a river meanders its way to the sea, / Come share the … BEDTIME STORIES These are the stories I wish to tell my children, / with campfire glow flickering in my eyes / and clear rivers flowing through my veins The Shifting Earth We are reminded that the head must bow to the heart. Children of the Sea (Sand Sea and Sky) Sand Sea and Sky / blend to perfection / children of the sea need it to be free / its for everyone to see / including you and me Remembering… to be birthed / into this world of learning / we first learn to forget / and / into a life / of striving to re-member… decayed decadence winters that weren’t and deadly droughts to come / mother nature is beating her war drum / when shit hits the fan and our kids inheri… THE FLOWERING EARTH He maketh me lie in orange pastures, / Where to my right are purple and blue. / A world where rainbows color the flowers. / This glorious g… Tears of the Son Life is too important, / It’s our shameful loss. Daughter of Mother Earth …Spoke Thus ! Tree is the most fruitful and giving daughter of Mother Earth ! Ever-so I spend my life under a load of stress and a security blanket. / The slight smell of ammonia travels in and out of my nostrils. / These bla… Earth Mother – The cow A ruminant ruminating on nothing in particular while chewing the cud.. A Heritage for the Earth “The desert air pushes my back, urging me to decide. My eyes faintly water, irritated by the stroke of steel in the air. The steel ma… On that day the earth shook the ground If I stood here back then I wouldn’t be today, / And to be safe each day I can only pray. This Earth is a stage “This earth is a stage; Each and every person must play their part the producers and the directors of the universe / Have us controlled bef… Earth Song Continued… Silence reigned, not a word was spoken as the soldier lay weeping at the mans feet lost in despair for all that he had seen and done; despa… CELLULAR THANKSGIVING CONTACT, SIMULTANEOUS,
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