Synonymous Soup

Frontier of the acid test / Kaleidoscopic dinner set / The secret from the daily fuzz / I’m hooked to the minute buzz

Ode to the Ancient Psychonaught

From the colours of space, / To my uninhabited ghostly estate. / Comes the lightness of one being.

Of Chaos and Man

Sometimes I wonder. / While man in general seeks / clarity in a world of chaos, / some deliberately put themselves / into a chaotic state /…

politics \ strategy / drugs / death (updated) …

if they are all really in it / alerting the indonesian / customs about the drugs an’ al’ / even if now hunch alertment / (behol…

politics \ strategy / drugs / death 2 \ p…

seeing indonesia on its own it be / witnesssing an oddity seeing both / not only reforming themselves but worse / helping reforming the oth…

Ayahuasca at Tiffanys

I know that Imago is Latin for imagination and the ancients like our dear old Romans converted invisible data into images we can see and le…

The War on Drugs

I have a piece of string / Around my wrist / It represents / A bond / A connection / That we can’t see / Exists

Fevers with silver lining

Pumped up to my fucking knees / A cracked up poet with a social disease / In my trilogy of flyby love affairs, / Are sojourns in a Deser…

You Don’t Know My Story

My hearts been chopped, sliced and grated / By everybody who has hated / The way my life has been going / True feelings never showing / Hid…

Denial Is Destroying You

There’s split personality / But you take it to extremes / From one day to the next / You leave everyone perplexed / Never knowing how…

Behind Dark Forgotten Doors And Walls.

To shed some light on the real live horror of abuse that I personally experience while attending a private boarding school for the emotiona…

The Prey

This is our commune, / our kibbutz, / our ‘other’ address. / This is where we come, / to become. Exposed.

The Merry-Go-Round

Some were naked! But with so much fun who would notice? / I screamed your name, my eyes blurred – I couldn’t focus!

Children Paying The Price For Addiction

Sad or happy / Mean or nice / Children always pay the price / When parents argue, scream and fight / Because addiction grabs them tight / L…

My Children Will Never Know The Pain I Did As The…

Here’s a tale about me / Born into a family / Wishing that I did not know / Love for me they didn’t show / Drugs and alcohol we…


he was buried in his ashes / not unlike so so many others / those with nothing much to say / always they’re running for cover / even …

Up, Up and Away

Pray / Pray for a miscarriage / Pray it away / Fuck this week / Fuck this day

drugs or me

i’ve seen the progression / from somewhat innocent to badass / from eyes open to eyes closed / from priorities to smack / i’ve seen the pro…

Hands of the Heavenly

Opening up I surrender myself to the light…As this state accumulates the furore becomes so overexcited, expanding and writhing with e…

out for a night drive again.

i fell behind on breathing, but i’m catching up and leaving as i’ve got a lot of ground to cover. the car is gassed up on a gen…

Work place Bullying

These private parts are not meant for show. / Keep it in your pants unless you need to pee. / But no “its ok to have a look / It’s on…

Buried Alive©

The debt is piling up, the pay going down. / People always ask me why I’m wearing a frown.

that good old fashioned reason to keep going on

what fun / what sinister fun / grab the sunshine sitting on the shelf / and take a few too many so as to relapse

Protecting Angels

a feeling of excitement the fun with dad, / time stands still, / right then I’m glad.

judge kitty McMittens, presiding

your legs are broken, your smile is only slightly crooked, the way you wave your hands and wiggle your fingers when you grin, and the 17 or…

I often think of dying

The cold is sobering. / I’ve fallen victim to it’s prey. / My limbs are filled with snow, / it’s time for me to go. / I&#…

No I am not on Drugs

Mark my words said the poet / The rhyme time is just fine time / Ed-it the words if you must / Make it an Ed-itorial as well / These are no…

Like Shrooms.

Those cigarettes burned down / in the brush fire of his depression / have yet to give the lesson / that they’d be the last to teach.

i can’t tell you apart from me

like all the rest / the million others who’ve been / caught in a valley of / remorse / for so long / so long / with no goodbyes


Statistics can be used for good and evil. See how


Violence, Drugs and out of control drinking are taking over our youths.

The opposite end of the exchange

A woman left twenty dollars / in the room she had stayed / the previous night, / for me, / the housekeeper / as a welcomed tip / along wit…

Do Not try This


Dear Mary Jane

Our insulating relationship had to be reviewed, / Like all young love, reality took the back seat / As we prioritized endorphic vice over …

Have no fear, I’m here

The drug Rockdrawal is coming

Addicted to Education

I pour myself a shot of English 101 and taste proper sentence structure, / feeling the sting of predicate nouns in my throat. / I chase it …

chain reaction

that damned angry wasp in you / can’t help but sting again / rotting apart everything we do / going crazy in your lone den

properly titled fragments

i can confidently say, murdering these minutes is not something i’ll apologize for.

Auto Air Condition Powered by Candy Bars

Well one sizzlin summers’ day while I was in the car with my dad , we were melting away as our car inch it’s way every ten minu…


two windows, opaque and / grey, strangle the / sunligh

Over-Thought Thoughts


Broken Crutches

The room was crowded, the mourners mourned you, / lovers laughed, the angels scorned you. / I sat front row, naked in the ashes, / as if I …

Life goes on ?

A glimmer of light in the shadows, / and I just know you have gone, / Your life has ended, / yet my life carries on .

(SOBER) Son of a Bitch, Everything’s Real

I walk in, / feeling dead on / the inside. / I sit down, / they ask for / my story. / I’m not special, / just couldn’t contr…

pestilence (part three)

along many foul / alleyways; up / cracked and broken / steps: / a dwarfish creature,

pestilence (part two)

here crawls one on / bandaged stumps, a wooden / block in either hand / against wearing out / hands as well as / feet.

The Fugue.

He came down like crash landing life, / waking to see that nothing changed. / The name he painted in flames stood out / on wallpaper in ma…

pestilence (part one)

the city sleeps. / sin rises like a dirty / vapour from off the crazed / paving stones / and permeates the darkness

bound and boosting blasphemy

made an island from pocket change and a bent pin / hate what you don’t understand, who’s really sinned? / if i could feel the s…

Tribal rites at a 21st Century dance club

Games without frontiers / No names, no hang ups, no fears / In Armani and Gucci, intrepid cave dwellers from Pablo Escobar’s S &…


It was a room / at the top of the building / music being played / from some hifi system / and Judy said / you dance quite well / thanks …


“A serenity from the sky / A feeling from the space / Between men”

Sins of the Father

…Seems to me I’m the devils crush…

happy house

baby i like the way you remember / all my pretty lies / the way you pretend / you believe them for me


Chocolates and cigarettes? / Julie says / as you sit in a chair / opposite her / in the rest room / of the hospital / in the psychiatric…


Sometimes I feel as if I’m / contently slipping off the edge of sanity, / like my life is an infinite syringe; / an overdose of her…

" The lure of Hollywood "

For shame the drugs.

As real as it gets

What you see. / Its not what I see. / What you see is salvation, magic and a cure. / I see death, disease, famine and war. / You see prog…


the mirrors are empty and / the clocks tick through / floors of ice,

Drugs Are Bad

Arms aching / Alarms ringing / Bones cracking / Skin peeling / Numb feeling / Dumb Believing / God or Satin / Hell is waitin / Heaven is d…


That may as well as not be true, he said, / right here in our home state, but you know well / as I they’ll laugh at me / in Hollywoo…

Just One More.

I’ve never felt more than this. / I’m so numb, / I just need another hit.

Medicinal Affection

Fuck writer’s block.

apostles of the streets

the streets, / empty / as a killer’s / dream, gape like / the dispossessed.



unwrap your skin like a christmas gift

slap me slap me slap me / with your most pedestrian / of work / your words are ninja tacks / and keep on digging into my ass / like gro…

in piles of splenda on the dirty counter spaces

stars going light speed / in the alley ways / the dealers are slipping in / and remembering mother’s / birthdays a day too late

by drugs i only mean sleeping pills

the drugs, the wine, the / better emotions are / false and mutually / divorced of feeling

No Regrets

PROLOGUE / When I was young, my mother would tell me that no one could make my decisions for me. She said that no one could take control of…


Take me for a ride / Get my brain receptors fried / Everything I say is a lie / Let it go with a sigh

another refill

another refill / the sky elevates / into space / warmth replaced / with degrees too low / to recount / now / sitting here / propped u…

Today (in a material world)

Child pornography, sex for sale; / Kid’s in foster care, mother’s in gaol.

Understand This

Understand this, / K.I.S.S / Even pretend, / How simple I’m keeping this, / Placing ink,

Understand This

Understand this, / K.I.S.S / Even pretend, / How simple I’m keeping this, / Placing ink,

I will catch you when you fall

I wish you were still my baby / I rushed that part / not knowing what to do / or how to cope / I wish you were still my two year old / When…

Drugs Or Me.

i’ve seen the progression / from somewhat innocent to badass / from eyes open to eyes closed / from priorities to smack / i’ve seen the pro…

I Stand

The deadbeat, / Drugged upped, / Nothing but a fuck up,


There is always those days. / The air seems different, / the sky dark and overcast, / the smell of bodies lingers / close by, seemingly d…

Shattered ( Drugs don’t work !!)


Defining the fairytale ending

I never wanted a fairytale ending.


It was a good trip or maybe / It was a dream she couldn’t / Quite tell it seemed all sensibility / Was pretty much muddled and / Her la…

if this is not an emergency

…Is this an emergency? Are you on her list? / Do you have her code? Press… / The extension you are calling is not answeringR…

Beauty Devastated

but life can seem so complicated / medicated, roses all around, / driving minds all the way from heavens to the ground


She always had that, Let It Be, album / On the turntable, with him, the latest uncle, / Sitting beside her on the couch or in her bed, /…


“With these drugs I now can bare / I have found my manufactured need / And now I hide from the Devils lair / But what I need must not…


The lion stares with his cold dark eyes’ / a person shrivels when they die.



The Petal’philles Chapter VI Familiaritas

before I felt the pain I tasted the blood. My eyes so focused on his watched black irises which darted from my eyes to my lip,

The Petal’philles Chapter V Tabellae

…forced me to lie down so he could sodomize me with a Swiffer Sweeper.

The Petal’philles Chapter IV +Diluculo: Mil…

“Nothing on the fucking tele then, eh Fuckface?”

The Petal’philles Chapter III Satus

Her veins which I’m sure trembled in anticipation seemed to become more vibrant in hue.

The Petal’philles Chapter II Minuo

I dragged her into the bathroom and slammed her head in the door to calm her down.

The Petal’philles Chapter I Genesis

one prod to the gelatinous heap that was the hefty bag, renewed my confidence in a job not only well executed, but…

that house



They won’t never ever fuckin stop, / So you can keep callin on the cops, / Bar the windows, deadbolt the locks, / These drugs got me …

“Just say no to drugs” (Demons)

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