The Day After I’m Gone The day after I’m gone / Nothing is changed / Yet nothing is the same / Like always. it’s Opposite Day! or maybe DOUBLE opposite… it’s opposite day / I declare / what ever that means to me! / It’s opposite DaY! / I pronounce / a pox to land upon thee! / rem… Morning within the sunroom / grey thoughts rerun the night / restlessness straying / from beds comfort / tea warms the hands / . / in early morning… Happy Mother’s Day, Mom What I wouldn’t do to be able to pick up the phone and give my mom a call on Mother’s Day. Day by Day Encased in a glass of slight envy, / Although it is not filled with spite, / I witness in brave declarations, / The passing of love into t… The Chronicles of Lucky (&) Sandy: Day 15 I have a challenge that most puppy owners do not have. I am physically challenged and I am emotionally challenged. Physically I have a r… The Chronicles of Lucky (&) Sandy: Day 13, L… Please trust me to learn from my mistakes and bad choices. Sift the Stars See the stars in all their glory / Splash the sky with solemn story / Sense and sing and split the atom / Pin the pain and word the anthem … The Chronicals of Lucky – Day 10 So, have any of you raised a puppy from age 6 weeks? I’ve been around a few puppies, being raised by humans, and I’ll tell you … The Chronicals of Lucky – Day 9 – 3:0… (Mature) The Chronicals of Lucky – Day 2 to Day 8 Day 2: Monday July 28, 2014 / Bought a large crate for Lucky to grow into and a pen I can attach to it. Also, better dog food, training tr… The night of day Two make altogether more / For without the moon / Where would be your tides? / No sunshine / Where would be my light? Oye, what a day I had today Went out to mow the lawn today, got about two acres into the 4.5 acre job and got hopelessly stuck in a wet spot about as far from any reas… This will haunt you forever I will invade you, / poison your blood, / make you sick, / stop your heart… / You’ll be a ghost, / suffering a very human pain, / sa… A New Day Wings folded back / With such amazing grace / As a new life now / Begins to take place / Stop but for a moment / View all the hues / Bre… Wrecking our planet Bleach – disinfectant / fly and hairsprays / polish – air fresheners / used everyday / In our homes / without a thought / whils… ANOTHER DAY Echoes of Karl Marx Sunlight Filtered on a City Summer Day Leaves rustle / dapples the sunshine / imprinting on the back of my eyelids / shapes and shadows shift / momentarily / that illusive feeli… solitude…with smiles. It is / unselfish / in its own way / unbridled / and forthright / at the end of this day / such is / what it was / a life always led / a sm… the day the spirit left I was there the day the spirit left / from behind shattered glass I watched her go / silent in sorrow and with head downcast / she walked t… A Blue Day Today I feel all undone, / unable to move, get begun / I am under procrastination’s lock and key / Imprisoned by the sick headed me / Made… Flowers That Speak The Day Good morning to good friends and those that are parents to me, / This garden that you visit me everyday is the place to welcome thee. / Flo… Another day, another… After a six month onslaught of a bit of this and a bit if that, I drive down this perilous road only to discover that a good portion of my … EACH DAY I DIE A LITTLE MORE Death has taken you from my world, / knocking me to the floor! / Tears ever flowing down my face, / and each day I die a little more. FATHERS DAY MESSAGE TO MY HUSBAND We have held each other / through the storms of life / while all the time clinging / as man and wife. I SHALL SAY NO MORE ABOUT IT it was good to feel / her / against me / lying there naked / on her side / I gripped her thigh / with / life saving force / and my … This is my brand new day! Somewhere in love / Between where the grass is greener / On the otherside / Where things look bright / Like a rainbow in sight / Underneath… Memorial Day The flag fly’s high today / In the land of the brave / I salute those that have served / And to those who gave / Freedom! / Oh yes / Freed… Soliloquy of the Dead and in the brief light of day, / upon my face it came to stay, / a dark shadow spurned by naught, / ’cept the the conjurings of thoug… Wake Up Today you woke up to nothing, not to the sound of nature nor the sound of the city but to silence… A Brighter Day Ahead A smile did not greet me this morning when the sun arose, / So I went outside and turned on the sprinklers and water hose. / Right then my … a sunny day in may your letter came a sunny day in may / late afternoon delivery Dear Mom, I do not know if they celebrate Mothers Day in heaven but if they do you will be the guest of honor. The USAF had us moving away from frien… If I would have one more day with You If I would have only one more day with you, / I would hold your hand and take you with me, through that day. / we would go where you are th… Day Old Dreams the softness of your hand Thirty seven minutes in a two dog sort of day Thirty seven minutes in a two dog sort of day / Was all that it took / In that little time / Was all that he needed / For all that he said … I takes you to dream scenario moon… may day… I akin many a many / offers tons of lip service / illogical sweet sound advice Day dreaming! The world is a blur without you, / You are my full focus, / How do you reach inside and squeeze the very essence from my soul! / drink me i… Day Of… Writing in cursive to hide / my disbelief of / my own reality / i wish i could play the keys / like the ones who can read / inevitable fata… It’s a Sunny Day ..breath in life.. Day of Silence Day of Silence / They say that silence is golden / And children should be seen and not heard at all / Some say “only speak when you are spo… A Day with Gastroparesis I woke up this morning / Outside the sun was shining / Nothing seemed to be the matter / Yes, I also felt somewhat better. / Then I got up… Every Day They Walk In The Park Every day they / Walk in the park. / Some days they / Walk close together, / Hand in hand. / On Sundays they / Pass by the dog walker / And… Wedding Day Happiness Black or white, blue or green / Tuxedos make a handsome scene / When their by the side of / A pretty girl that they love / Dressed in lace… The day that brought the Cliche’s in…. Apple of my eye / Time of my life / Calm before the storm / Out of the blue / At the speed o of Light / Scared out my wits / Touch and go /… Mockery of the Ormo Let us sing the songs and praises of the Ormo. To get through the day the mare groaned and pushed and another dark this time foot came out it stuck out really long and then there was a nose and a gush of fluid… One day I will write a book…. But that day is not today. Maybe tomorrow. Or the day after….. Presidents Day Indeed… The American dream… Touch A loving touch / So gentle and kind / A lyrical arch / Your body and mine / Transcending the present / A song without words / With tender … Valentines Every Day – Another Dream! Blood Red encircles my heart / Brilliant brown of your eyes / warms me with your iridescent power / Rose bud opens to heat / of your stare … My Favorite Day of The Year… :) A Dream of Connection on Valentines Day Close my eyes / and I can feel you near / all other voices and faces fade / and all distraction disappears / Your heart so magnificent so w… big day Sweat bullets / Up high on my plat / Scull drag the redundant copper / Yet to be energized / Mechanical mind / Electrical mind / Make it al… Knight, Day and Goliath I remember when everything was simple. / Getting up and making it through my day was easily done. / I had you at my side. / I could of been… fitting day for a bat funeral I’d rather pick up a live bat than a dead one. An Artist’s Prayer – Give Us This Day… :) A Snowy Day At The Beach The snow has almost stopped falling / Random flakes still escaping the sky above / The beach is quiet with windswept sands / Until I hear l… Alas For Love It was a bonny dawning that May morn, / Fair fit for merriment and rustic glee New Day Have you ever come to the end of the day, / and can run the clock back play by play, / and can add it up that supposedly / it was the day … Prayer Of The Modern Day Pharisee Sinners, Publicans – Pharisees, Scribes / Unto neither of these could I ever subscribe / For I read of both groups in the scriptures each d… That Day In June I sat today midst the happy smiles / Of a children’s song, and for just a while / I was happy too, for what else should come / From a happ… The Day After It’s different now… / All the world around / Grey / Yet cool in the shadow / Void of sound / Yet quiet / Reliable / Predictable / Sure / Ye… to eat on a grey winter day Eat grapefruit, that carnal pink fruit that one must rip apart in order to enjoy. Notice each juicy aril popping in your mouth; notice the … the last perfect day you think your life / is a hallmark card / everything smooth An Aging Day An Aging Day / To smell the fresh air of a morning glory, is like going back in time to tell a story. I stand behind a rectangle shape win… Midnight Blue As I look outside my window, my gaze wanders, across the way from me lights come on as people come home Night & Day. Arachnid fingers crawling across the keyboard night lingers forward descend with me / for just a little / while longer / as we half-close / our drunken / eyes / to block-out / the burning night / from our… The Passion Passionate! so sultry! / . . . / The Passion of Life! Gemini – A Perfect Day i have seen the breeze of a summer’s day caress a field / free flowing corn swaying as ocean waters / if i could but see the spirits that d… A drinking day To drink it away. Passing the T-Day Torch . . . we’d never cooked an entire T-Day banquet. It seemed our choices were either a) move to North Carolina, b) order KFC take-out, or c) … Last Day of Your Life Will you waste away the hours wondering if your new dress makes your bum look big? / Will you have just one more burger and your last favou… … Without the turmoil’s of every day … My brain is running all over the place / so many thoughts and idea’s , / Inspiring to be brought to fruition, / Oh my, what am I goin… today will be another day wrapped in the mist the chimes of the fairy wrens woke me up / to a day where the clouds are still hanging about / I forget how many days now it’s been /… when day ends we broke open the ginger jam, / I made toast, / we laughed about things as we spoke. / that was how it ended. / days were like smoke, / I c… an egg a day What’s that, mate? / Sorry …. you gotta speak a bit louder / I’m a bit deaf in both ears …. / You wanna know my se… That Day As this day goes on relentlessly / To it’s devastating end. / “there’s nothing that can be done” The Lad With Two Good Eyes And when it’s all over, the sun has set, / He ponders the life he has now as a vet. / And remembers when nothin’ caught him by surprise - /… A great day to be pedantic Let it storm / let it rain, / let the weather reflect my pain. / Winter is here to stay. / Intercontinental love affair / BEWARE / hearts b… this day sometimes the day begins like this / a monochrome world softly hazed / in sepia tones from dark to light / where graceful silhouettes of tr… Poppies what does a poppy mean? The day of atonement A silver cross / Held in the cleave / A woman once / Now ravaged to the bone / Skeletal / Pared back / Haunted / And hungry A Day Out In The Country. Putrid cow shit glorious smelling / Banging birds breading eggs / Farmer’s daughter dangl’y legs End of day Intense, / Passionate, / Extreme, / Deep, / Inexplicable, / Mysterious, / Dangerous, / Out of this world, / Illusory, / Congruent, / Love, … what happened that day is blocked out by the nigh… they do not speak of the outside world / what happened that day is blocked out by the night / inside this room, there is just the two of t… A day of In School Suspension Time ticks by / Just sitting in a room / Looking at the clock / Maybe I’ll listen to a tune / Waiting for the hands to move / Two and a ha… The Four Day Dream Here I stand, smoking my last few cigarettes, under the foyer of our hotel as the rain pours down around me. She’s been here for thre… First Day of School Laconic bushman hoists small child on top of horse / he passes her the reins but they are not needed / this horse knows the way to the firs… Autumn Day Autumn Day / I love the fall weather when the leaves turn colors / The leaves have a beautiful smell in the air / Pumpkins are on door ste… EACH DAY I DIE A LITTLE MORE You’ve been snatched away from me / to another place, an invisible door, / and since you’ve left me here alone, / each day I di… Catch of the day. Gnarly teeth that chattered. A secret that’s only heard in my head, it’s like a secret cupboard filled with my eternal thoughts… On winters Shortest Day Meet me on winter’s shortest day / To unbuckle the song that lays / In the hollows of the soul / Its desert seed waiting for / The rains … “Not at Farm happy day dad’s” Hello friends as I am / Not back at the farm yet / Trust to be there in early / 2014all going good.. / I thank you all for your comments / … NEW DAY Play nicely with the muses / They are here for our entertainment / They come to us with no agenda / Asking nothing in return / Simply givin…
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