A commentary upon Man entiled " Of Man " And it came to pass that man shall lay his mark upon man. / That the tool of dispossession shall be his art. / And all that can be seen or… Sweetness, Sweetness Never Suits Me My friends and I, / we have talked of ruining you. / Musing over your / naive attempts of affection ‘Hypnotic’ It was never about the things I saw at the bottom of the glass; frankly I couldn’t have cared less about theoretical futures. For me … Models Light tricks and lipstick. Magazines. Chick Flicks. / Holsters at hips, quick. Glamour girls. Camera Clicks. / A snap-happy chappy with a c… ‘Delayed’ I’ve forged lives and too walked from them, with a seeming frequency I freely admit renders me surprised; though I swore to take the … ‘Strange’ Air most-temperate was radiant; set the world a-shimmer. Deficit of sleep and great exertion had me buckling, waking world afore me became … ‘Space’ So I went out charging, much as I had done this past decade. / The taste and scent, the textured sound, the weight and depth I felt. The my… ‘Lust and Sound’ All my favourite sins it seems I am yet to commit, there’s a fierce desire that I would love to inflict; it turns out I’ve not … ‘Wake Apart’ A crime no doubt; the world ’at’would think any less of her. / Anyone ’at’s worth their salt, sees toll the armour … ‘Admission’ Might be ironic, but infinitely true; that most often ’tis I, who condemn myself so inexorably, to the loneliness that at first glanc… Misery loves company, then never calls again. Some days, / I smile and act like I think you care, / while wondering what it must feel like to breathe / in the arms of someone who reall… the girl with the long golden curls where did she go / the girl with the long golden curls / laughing at life / dancing with love / every heart beat / filled with glory / thin… a mere child of thirteen she listens to our conversations but no longer joins in / she pays them due attention but it’s easy to see / well, she just doesn… ’ A Part’ I scrape the dust and dirt and grime, from all my seconds lost; and force myself to smile again, at what this war will cost. Falling I’m peeling them back these days / past the cuticle / to the pink shiny flesh beneath / begging them to become something more / then… Lay with me, softly… Lay with me, softly / your heart for mine / bare all those secrets / that hold you captive / Loosen the chains that bind / and stretch fort… Following on Behind (Quotes from the Unwritten No… I helped construct the coffin but… feeling cynical ….. A wealthy socialite male I know is off to a third world country, / commended for what he is going to do there. / I don’t find it co… Cynical Too many talk without saying a thing / and too many listen / to the sounds that go unspoken / too many feel / the numbed fingertips of fal… Avarice & Malice Why is this bugging me so much? That guy is just a bitter old crank. Clearly, why else would he give those kids names like that? I should&#… THE DEVIL’S IN THE DETAIL The devil is in the detail / The detail we don’t see / Advancing corporate imps / Dancing their gluttons jig Cynical? (another angle) For love makes all men fools mess age a message in a bottle / can you read it? ‘Moved-On’ It’s not that you don’t care anymore, / that stupidity or cowardice has taken you; / you’re simply sick to death, / of wh… Typical Fairy Tale Once upon a time a girl / was oft rejected by the world. / She happened to be hot and tall, / though noticed she was not at all. / She met … Cynical Baby Downtown The mistress of rude assumptions, / cynical baby downtown, / is trying to give us a clue, / displaying the bodily functions… A Cynical Desperation It is the penetrating feeling that pulls me the most. / Though the horror of it all still drives a bullet into my heart. / It is the in exi… Cynical and Sarcastic cynical and sarcastic is how you see me. / logical and thoughtful is how you want me. / but I drown in dreams / and languor in music and /… Fading Expectations Forty days and forty nights and more / Since that glad news was shared / That soon the smallest token for my toil / Would pass from wild fa… ‘A Picture Taken’ The midnight son, / with the haunted eyes, / and the ready smile, / that could bend the light; / is the fleeting shadow, / of a rampant fla… Snake Traps When I speak, do you hear the echo of something hollow? You must, because your eyes look through me as if I’d lost my substance. A moment in time, a decision to narrate A moment in time is but a sound bite, a split second, / of sound,… A gesture of hope for better days, far from our thoughts / when a… Are You Cynical “A cynic is just ……

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