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Galaxys For Hire!!

Space-based sci-fi action built around a female cast.

This Little Piggy

Isn’t that what happy memories are made of, and, ultimately, what life is all about?

Silly Cow

I really wish they’d do something / ‘Bout that silly cow next door. / She’s really getting on my nerves. / I can’t …

Wonder Woman – American Sweetheart feminist icon …

The underlying sub conscious manipulation of our views on society, formed by the comic book creators, is reminiscent of the evil plots in t…

Potent 2: Listen


Simple Solution

One day I was feeling so ill while I was at work,I thought I might be having a heart attack.

Doggy Santa

You ever come a cross one of those dog lovers that has a screw lose in their head?

Comic Book Hero

We met in the Summer, I was single and free, / So fragile and sweet, he took care of me. / He was so much fun, exciting and new, / It was a…

Tshirt Spotlight feature

What was your first professional design? / I think the first one that sold was Don’t Mention the War!! A Fawlty Towers piece and still does…

Nine Fingered Nan

Let me sing you a song of my nine-fingered Nan, and the tales of her derring-do! / Like the time that she captured a crocodile that escaped…

Work Makes You Free – Connie the Comic talk…

You know being on welfare makes us aspirational voters – we take an aspro, every time we get called in to Centrelink.


like an old time movie / thats how it should have been / instead of growing stronger / all you got was a holder / something out of a co…

The Muse; or, Where do the Ideas Come From?

“I don’t actually write my own work, in fact its a Chinese gentleman by the name of Zhiang Miao who is responsible for my scrib…

Who doesn’t love comic books?

I used to pretend I was Ozymandias man, who had the superpower of making people realise all greatness is futile against the relentless pass…

Top reasons to get rid of your pet Walrus

Lawyers fees are mounting as Wally has been labeled “A Mammal of Interest” in a string of seafood burglaries

Top signs you’ve said “Gobble, Gobble…

Today you had to sign an insurance policy in which Farmer Jones is the beneficiary

Top reasons you are a Facebook junkie

When your dog needs to go to the bathroom he has to post a request on your Wall

Top least liked Thanksgiving Day Parade performan…

The National Rifle Association’s helium balloon marksmanship contest

Top reasons your dog has a eating disorder

The word “gravy” whispered from 300 yards away makes him leap up even while under anesthesia

Top reasons you’re getting nothing from San…

Sadly the economy has changed Santa’s’ “Ho Ho Ho” to “Lend me some dough ho ho”

Letter To a Friend in Jail

The whispy little granola girl with glasses named Michelle is now named Mike, has a beard and she mentioned, she has a renewed interest in …


Walking through the doors of this place simply thrills / A whirl of color and strange creatures / -of whom all are known by name / with, …

The Frightened Little Snowflake

The two little girls were still staring up into the night-sky, expectantly.Their little button noses were turning a lovely shade of blue. B…

Wake Up Call (a ghost story in about 500 words)

“Manifestation takes sooo much energy. Easier to show up in a dream, but you kept drowning on me!”

Embers of Another Crash – A comic script by…

You don’t know what you’re dealing with my child. Don’t do anything stupid…


“Life is priceless and not everyone can afford it."


But his eyes don’t smile. They only hate. Hate me most of all i think. Last of the great misanthropes. And he looks back at me and kn…

Black and Blue Monday

I dragged the man on to the pavement and wasted precious seconds arranging his body into the ‘I’m a little teapot’ pose.

Comic Pop Art

I do love Poppy Commic Book Looks / [Video] style / [Video]

Ink Is No Substitute

No, he’s not Spiderman, / He says an outfit like that’s for the gays.

The Admin Issue 1


The Comic Adventure

What was that? Did you fall? Are you hurt?


One day, as I was walking down Sowerby New Road, I met Geoffrey who was coming up the road towards me. / “Hello Dick”, he said,…

Graff: Breaking Down Synopsis

When love,reason, and consequence are gone you end up with something amazing and dangerous. This is the world that Graff thrives in, the re…

Confessions of a Red Bubble Addict

Here I sit on a Friday night. / On this lovely Red Bubble site. / Just one click of the mouse was an instant hook. / I just opened some pic…

Back to My Root

I’ve been going right back to my root / Although I suspect that you never will guess / That the particular root that’s in question / Is sig…


Biting, stinging things abound / Disturbed by fork and hoe / And everywhere this gardener went / Those hungry insects go.

Notice my Notice

Well at last my time has come / And I must say goodbye / I will hand my notice in / With just a little sigh / Maybe if I’m honest / Perhap…

My newest Comic Strip – Critique Please!

My newest Comic Strip – Critique Please! / “The Interview Question” ComicStrip by Lisa C. Weber ©2008

wittle archies new twactor

mud and yuck and screams and check it out

The Life of an M&M

“Should I just accept it then, and not try to escape?” / “No!” Mother’s eyes blazed… / “Let your voice be heard by as many as possible and …

Three Friends at a Bar

“….and right in the middle of the whole thing, HE says, ‘Hey man, a friend will give you an alibi, but a TRUE friend will…

Thank God I’m an atheist!

One fine night, in the middle of the day, / two atheists knelt down to pray. / Hymn books opened upside-down, / in Top Hat n Tails, and t…

Queen of the Nerd Prom

Every year, I look forward to it. It’s the one place I can dress up and be beautiful. But the comic book convention never fails to di…

Its Only a Bloody Cold

‘Twas the week before Christmas / All was silent and still / If only poor Richard / Was not feeling ill / The mood was quite festive / Most…

Glove in a Cold Climate

It’s this time of year that you find / There’s something that oft comes to mind / When out in the cold / You’re feeling so bold / And there…

Praise, Burns and Plagiarism

Perhaps all over the world / Where tributes to Burns are unfurled / There are thousands of verses / Penned with thousands of curses / By b…

Tres Froid

Some curtains thick with ancient nap / Slow the insinuating chill

For Better and For Worse

I used to be surrounded by many bits and pieces / Things that I could look at, pick up and touch / They were hard and soft, red and yellow …


It was a day / Not like any other day / A day when a strange shade of orange / Changed to something more revealing / A day when the broads …

Is It Just Boys?

My teenage boys are so sticky / I wonder just what it is that they’ve done / Its not that I am being quite picky / And I’m certainly not ha…

Distance The Final Frontier

The bit in the small of my back / Is getting further and further away / Perhaps its the length in my arms that I lack / But I think that it…

My Garden

Its gone and done it once again / Its caught me unawares / It was fine some weeks ago / When I was without cares / It didn’t do a lot you k…

Keep Right On To The End Of The B road

Taking the A’s train / By making it B right / May make you C leave / Which could make you feel D riven / When you’ve left you E loped / You…

What Is It With Children And Doors?

Doors can make such gentle sounds / When closed by gentle hands / But when slammed against the frame / An earthquake shakes the lands / “It…

If Its BAD its Back

No creaking boards for us this year / Neither creaking plots / No thought of where the action is / Or when the laughter stops / No matter t…

To a Faggot (With Apologies To Rabbie Burns)

Where once the mighty faggot roamed / Was also where the ocean foamed / And now where each of us is homed / This ancient level ground. / B…

A Cornishman’s Lament (Getting our own back)

La France, it always seems to draw / We Cornishmen abroad. / I wonder if old Breton men / Found solace without sword. / Perhaps the open…

Gone West Young Men (Titter Ye Not)

Hitch your wagon to that old dog star / To find out what you really are. / Now you’ve gone and tied that knot / You certainly now know what…

Even Small Things Can Be Hard

He finished the roll and was happy, / To replace the paper to bring, / Contentment to the next sitting chappie, / ’Cos paperless is n…

What, No Feathers?

The weather was cold and it snowed / It was on my neck that I felt it / What I needed to make it so warm / Was a scarf or something to si…

Chicken or the Egg?

What came first is often asked / The chicken or the egg / And many people have been tasked / The answer for to beg. / How can it be that o…

Another Spring Again

Spring again / Spring again / That’s what I find / When I turn in my bed / Pierces my behind. / Spring again / Spring again / Bouncin…

The Gospel According To Tonkin

Which would be made manifest on the sixteenth day / When that mysterious healing was to take place

Have a Nice Trip

But now I’ll tell the very worst / The laughter comes in gales

Burtle Village Hall

Dear Village Hall you show your age / What’s left of you is creaking

To My Dear Little Mobile Phone in its Delightful …

It was in father’s wash bag along with the soap / And the flannel, to add to the mess

The Bath

And whilst you bathe and wash and slosh / Read Tennyson or Spike

Poet’s Block

That you can play / With words all day

Postponing Ferrous Heaven

So it was off to mighty Mark / The wizard of the motor

Man Talk

Good luck with your goals and your par and your odds / Although you will seldom agree

The Soakaway

You can tell by the way that they pinch their nose / Go green at the gills and curl up their toes

Broadband (Reprise)

The excitement is too much to bear


One day perhaps when I am old / In cyber space I’ll play / And all my bytes will be so bold / But never go away

The Mutter

It doesn’t matter if you mutter / ’Cos mutterings alright / But to mutter when you stutter / Can give the kids a fright / I met…

What’s at the Bottom of Yours?

It was time to have a party

Charity Shops

Dear father they shout / We know that it’s true

The Poundling

The pound in my pocket / Grew smaller each day

In Praise of Gameboys

What did we do before Gameboys / Before silver and gold and leaf green

Caveman to Braveman

In the days when skins were quite the thing / Did cavemen have much choice / About his nether ware

With or Without You

She’s all I have. Even when she’s gone. Even if she never comes back. I have her in my heart. I am all her… / …And …

Way below in this pit I squat.

Way below in this pit I squat, / Bound to be that which I cannot. / The floor is flat, the wall is smooth, / The light is dim, it tends to …

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