Collaboration: Into the Heart of the Matter in reply to owlspook’s image Larry wrote: / “The heart may twirl and spin / Love balances on the head of a pin / But feelings w… Dragon’s Tail “… and a lonely night it was when last I saw that dragon move off into the dark …” / OK OK … lol … I realize … Inspired by “old faithful” old faithful by shadowlea / old faithful by shadowlea / . / Once in a dream walking down the road I came across this place .. / old worn o… See me as I am….(a collaboration)   / Imagine finding a kiss afloat on the street. . . /   / It is said that we dwell in either of two places / . . . the Place of … Of all the things Of all the things / I choose / Choices that are being born / While we are asleep / Protected, togethered, deep Nocturnes By Xochiquetzal ( With JinnDow ) A collaborative effort with the incredibly talented JinnDoW aka Giovanni Dicandia formerly known as John Dicandia and affectionately known … What Is The Warriors Dream? What is the warriors dream.. / Not of anguish but of peace Details of the Co.lab: Words & Art exhibition… cleaning her bedroom / ahead of plans to repaint Out of the Cosmic Rain A place where I can shield you, / protect you, / envelope you, / bathe you with my love, / and keep you safe; / out of the downpour… /… Music is My Life And the sound that came out was / captivating, / mesmerizing, / irresistible, / beautiful, / Life-affirming Plague & Pestilence Reality is a labyrinth Alert & Alarmed Future dystopia: outlook – myopia. “Perhaps” ….a collaboration of … Hungry seagulls falling on the beach confused, weird scenes in that we prefer not to gather, feelings left best alone. Altar A prickly evening bloom, / Sweet and burning upon your rising / I offer myself up to the moon~ Every single day every single day / constraints are in the way / but rather than feeling a rage / she leaves the birdcage Soaring Suddenly, into that perfect peace, you hear the rising sound of tearing calico plummeting towards you from above. Secrets of the Lily The meadow’s a beauteous, bountiful green, / Laid under the sun and its yellowy sheen. / The lily’s orange head whispers as I d… Cosmic Explosion My colors exploding / attracting a star / we’re pulled to each other / like it was sin / the warmest smile on your face / I see you reachin… beyond belief [a collaboration with moonlight lov… at twlight in the eternal city / here`s a tragedy in life without no pity / crowds of onlookers pray for peace / while pagan`s look for the… Beyond Belief ( Collaboration with Charlie The T… But in the fountain of disbelief / There is generally little relief / They say the Holy Virgin Mother appears / Her blood and tears are sou… Inspired by “Yampaper 49” ! / each is but a little ship in the vast mechanical sea … movement in unison .. no other way … predetermined … tied into … a part of … a c… darkness swallows (M) drift down, closer to the darkness. / watch as the light fades. / the chest tightens, my destructive motion (P/G) Skeptical loyalty constant and abound, / Rage pulsating I hear the sound. ~ I did it all for you ~ By Teo & Donna Kneeling; crying out / seeking rest for a weary soul / Can’t go on; it’s been so long / since this bleeding heart held hope “He loves me, he loves me not” I’m going on holiday for a week or two. My friend Maree sent me a goodbye gift this morning! / Dankie Maree vir jou lieflike presentj… A Fragile Bridge Some seconds in life / are like a fragile bridge. / The unsaid becomes the only language. One Hope – Drawing a circle with words (2) Hope like a dark bird, rises / rises in my green eye / eye like the ocean, waiting Drawing a Circle with Cubist Words – 1 Shadow of a wound / wound, black and blue / blue as an old song Autumn a tender whirl, / tendrils curl Room No. 12 How many summers, how many winters have seen my eyes lost in this horizon … once again, here I am, facing myself, looking for some answers… THE WARRIOR’S LAMENT In the solitude of my grieving heart the good, the bad, the ugly. (M) Sweet words roll from my tongue. / Adoration pulsates, alive. / My smile so luminous it would bring beams to the darkest skies. DAY ZERO Every morning I meet you at the cafe. / This morning you do not arrive. The Letter Box that Swallows Nightmares In the oldest, darkest part of the city, there is a letterbox… that swallows….nightmares. White curtains Snow Queen is waltzing with North Wind death lurks (M) He waited at their favourite tomb, leaning against the grave stone. From his jacket pocket he removed a flask filled with whiskey & to… On the Edge Cold dark room,with a bed nothing more. Only webs and and dust from the past parted lips (rated – X/R, ex… White knuckle sensation / Intimate penetration. / Sweet thrill of thrust / Pitching swirling lust. Celebrate another year – 3 [writing collab… Saliva pooled on the sheets after trickling down her inner thighs. Sensuality Touch me with your sensual fingers / through the layers of blue pleasure. / Look at me with your sensitive eyes / that know the murmurs of … Dancing in the Wind Dancing in the wind…… Celebrate another year – 2 [writing collab]… He leaned into the chilly fridge losing focus, with Jane on his mind. Legs slightly apart stooped over, Dan suddenly felt a hand reach bet… Collaboration I try to capture your POV in a rhythmic poem / As you attempt to frame the silhouette of my soul Hannah’s Piano (collaboration with Maxwell… still Hannah’s piano pushed to the wall / is home to one soul / one for all Onwards Mysterious wanderings and moonlight tendrils in this collaboration with artist LisaMM Many little suns with many little suns / you get / the warmth / and the shine / wherever / you want / in this flower / on this wall / in your pocket / i… Celebrate another year – 1 [writing coll… (Mature) Goddess Rising and Falling She rises from the flowers / before the ashes have turned to soot / A phoenix star, defiant vivid, she breathes / an alchemist turning hurt… DAY OF THE DEAD – COLLABORATION DAY OF THE DEAD – ART COLLABORATION The substance of survival msdebbie sister piece to Substance (Series) #3 Uniqueness So many / Raindrops / But only one / Fell in my eye / Yes, I know / It looks like a / Tear / So many / People / But only one / Is you /… Seesaw One on the left / One on the right / It doesn’t really matter / It is not a political fight / I am up / Touching the sky / You are do… Cosy They get along / like a dog / and a cat… / It’s clear as a fog / how to call all that / I don’t have / a clue / who is who… / Is it … CATAMOUNT PROWL collaboration with vampvamp by the talented mz vampvamp / The catamount prowl. / She wakes late in the day – it had been a long night. / Stretching lanquidly, her lith… Expansion From the Core of Our Being (sister piec… I feel your pink tendrils / Swirling between darkness and light / Your brain represents kind sharing / As I look to Being free from fright.… Control Seeping, / Sleeping, / Behind the fence, Wounded If I show you my wounds, / will you show me yours? / Then will our connection be / deep enough for our healing to begin? / Will you look … Fly just fly baby Time “Life is priceless and not everyone can afford it." Haunted What is here / Calling for her / Searching for her / Hunting her… Layers Peeling Grace Humanity and Join the World Poem Come here to go and Join the world poem Journal on Disintegration Collaboration (DisCo) p… Once I started gathering items for the Disintegration Collaboration (DisCo) project, the more enthusiastic I became. It was fun flitting … 1 + 1 = 2 For you, Lisa. / . / A little universe, / for the two of us. / You could show me your world, / and, I would show you mine. / . / We would c… Humanity (A Collaboration) “that it is the inalienable right of every citizen to have a voice in making the laws he is called on to obey, that taxation without … Collaboration In love with writing Voice I lost my voice. / At 13 it disappeared / in front of 300 peers / my speech dissolved to nothing. / Mortified I wish to say something. / S… Raptor Her Italian motorcycle in your driveway, black and sculptured, fast and mean: tinted visor, tight black leathers, long legs wrapped around … You Are Love tenderly beautiful / sensually aching from / the first hair on your head / to the last piece of skin on your toe / you embody the essence … Awaken by Orange (with a divine touch ) Ultimate joy She rang – Collaboration by Sandra22 &… She rang, I don’t believe it! the collaboration maybe you write that i’m a girl with eyes so empty you can see the war going on inside of me, standing on a street corner waiting for… The Last of My Kind He will still come, creeping in his soft shoes, listening, sensing, thinking his way to me as he has with so many of us. His kind never rel… All Was Black – Quiet collab Sometimes my self just disappears sensitive A delicate round water droplet / traces the curve of a fragile green leaf / during its journey the droplet stays full / but leaves a trai… S Factor Yellow butterflies tango in the Autumn Sun / Open chakras energy luminous / Goddess Rising / Shapely curves / Silky moves sensuously st… If broken wings could fly…… I wish …. / I could fly to you / but my wings / would surely fail me / as I lost all my strength / trying to keep hold of you / I know….. /… I WILL NOT GO QUIETLY … A Collaboration I will not go quietly… / by Richard George / I will Not Go Quietly / A poem by: / Richard George / and / LInaji / 2010 / I have been… Dusky Pink Encircles Her Heart Dusky pink encircles her heart / Deep brown of his eyes / warms her with iridescent power / Her rose bud opens to heat of his stare / Her b… Phoenix immortal Mass of red and gold plumage / blood of supreme incessant immortality flows within / Only I alone can reign stronger / a fortiori / than th… paper planes and marshmallow hearts collaboration!!!! Collaboration soft tempting whispers / spiral hazy notes of smoky blue / imparting arcane secrets, / answers to all her unvoiced questions. On the dark side…. took my innocence away, / My body lays broken, / And its my turn to begin! Toxic Hammer…Hammer…Hammer / Fifteen minutes of annhilation each morning / One way transmission bombarding our minds / whilst strate… Glamour… …Trap. / You’re so vain / I bet you think this poem is about you / You’re so vain / I bet you think this poem is about y… Choice Is A Three-Way Collaboration… … between you, / this moment, / and / the choice itself. They dance around me… Echoed mockingly behind me are another set of ringing steps. / Coming closer. W to the power of 3 Waiting / Wanting / Wilting / Lost / In your face / Sold / For a taste / Gold / Such a blur / Cost / Such a price / Spread / Just like butt… The trees and me Come with me to my trees / and know life and love / and celestial grove collAboRaTion No engine brake, / My heart races for Hope’s sake. / My heart shakes like an earth-ache . / It doesn’t race to keep me awake; / It only sha… Diamond Core Don’t you try to unsettle me / I can see through to the other side / Don’t try to demean and cancel me out / I will rise again like the Pho… YES Yes to sun on my back and breeze on my eyelids / Yes to shadows that reveal the light / Yes to living fully not partly / Yes to breathing i… A Hair Story Rapunzel’s heart beat with extreme excitement, never before had she been so close to such a gallant knight. His eyes, brown and intense dra… A Spring Rose’s Requiem So pure and so perfect / We sow our seed / Requiem aeternam eis, Domine Masked Bride Once upon a time there was a creative / little girl who played with her boy and girl dolls / making stories of love and romance / where the… The Fledgling Witch ’I’m so excited, Mr Twinkles!’ Bronwyn exclaimed, scooping her tiny black kitten into her arms. Mr Twinkles purred deeply…
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