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Mill Cottage from severn weir / cross avon ham / the deluge laps / to walls of man / mill cottage sits / below church street high / on pump pavement / u… The Fiddler and The Priest But half faith is better than none at all, / So Fiddler refrains from calling him fool / And towards to the woods he walks away / With the … church of latter day saints If you tried / You didnt try hard enough / If you cared / You didnt care enough / Once my hero / Now, a faded memory / Once my hero / Thoug… I am Jesus With an everlasting kindness / I saw you before you were born / I know all your broken hearts / I saw them crack before you did In A Church i felt your presence / here…waves of holy silence / bought you gently close…a / church illumined by a choir / of candles,,,soft… Paper-Cup Porsche: True Tale from the Mental Ward True tale from the mental ward and the most lovable, endearing loon that ever existed On Hearing Bach in an Unfamiliar Church In a plain white church / we gathered, waiting for music. Old man sharp humility that slices through my comfort and stability Tear drops from heaven The gurgling sounds of a drowning people / Wake a dying world with a start, / Too late they’ve learnt that Life’s not below a steeple, / Bu… In A Church (Brompton Oratory, London 9/1/13) / entering…walking / soft in the vast church / tread frail as fallen leaves… / central altar&… Westboro Baptist Church comes to Malibu The Westboro Baptist church (WBC) is infamous for protesting military funerals saying that the soldiers died because the United States gov… time lords your batman face~runnin’ down your eyes~went to bed with a queen~woke up with a prisoner Please pray for me I urgently need you Love and Prayers! Church Supper, New England I have not worn my red shoes / to this church supper In A Church Garden Holy Trinity Brompton 4/2/13) / skeletal branches / beckon in stream / of flowing breeze / bird song sprinkled / over gathering stillness&#… In A Church (Brompton Oratory, London 9/1/13) / entering…walking / soft in the vast church / tread frail as fallen leaves… / central altar&… Statistics Statistics can be used for good and evil. See how Smoking Volcano Popocate, the smoking volcano Smoking Volcano Smoking volcano Today the Spirit Paid a Visit! …when I can testify to personally feeling and hearing the True Spirit. Today’s moment tops them all! Retinas Panorama big screen theater and rumblings brush, / Hammer the strings on an old piano in the church, The United Church of Neo-atheism. I happen to believe in some form of God. I believe. I have no concrete evidence and so I can NEVER presume to defend my beliefs, so I don&#… “ATTENTION CHURCH LEAVERS” All Church Leavers, every year in Australia / thousands of others, still physical sit in the church / seats but mentally not present. So o… JUDITH AND HER THOUGHTS ON DEATH. That Sunday / after singing / in the choir / and changing / from the blue / and white gowns / and out / of the dim lit vestry / into … THERE’S A DEVIL IN THE CHURCH. tell me what do I do with my life now / knowing I mean nothing to you / I guess you have nothing left to prove THE CHURCH OF THE HILARIOUS TRINITY NOTICE: / ANNOUNCING THE FORMATION OF THE CHURCH OF THE HILARIOUS TRINITY / I’m starting my own religion, damnit. I’m sick and… AN ANGEL’S TOUCH. It was Wednesday morning service / in the church next to the school / and Helen sat next to you / in the old wooden pew / her eyes peeri… A Tast of Pomegranate I ate pomegranate for breakfast. My fingers dug through the rind, taring chunks away and leaving my fingers stained blood red whenever I hi… Social Network I maybe slow of heart… Unshackled – Grace & Truth Missionary Baptist… Unshackled – Grace & Truth Missionary Baptist Church / by Mike Slaughter / (699 words) / As you drive along Lancaster Road in south Dal… ONE WET DAY. Jane and you stood / in the church porch / as rain fell / making large splashes / on the path / that led from the lane / to the church … The Fairy Tale Begins part 29 of “Unexpected Grace”; can be read on its own / That summer was particularly hot and muggy, but the nights were cool an… Why go to Church…. Then my mind started to wander~ to the funerals of: my wife, my Dad, my Mom, my in-laws, my cousin, school friends and co-workers. I sudde… CHURCH SITTING. You sat with Jane / in her father’s church / the bright morning sun / piercing high windows / pushing colours on flagstone floors / the… The Church does not practice sin It is deeply disturbing to me when people are attempting to make The Church over in their own image. But they are deceiving themselves beca… In An Empty Church time of calm / in the empty church… / stillness in each moment / altar table empty / and waiting… / light gentle through / stai… A spot of silliness New to church and bible / unfamiliar with Anglican ways / I recall with great embarrassment / my young adulthood days / I sat numb bum in c… Went to Church 2 Whether suspect, fugitive or refugee… Death Comes Calling Keep safe in the city … Went to Church First time in a while… THE TEN COMMANDMENTS-Gods Laws and Eternal Charac… 2. Thou Shalt Not Worship Any Graven Image / Sins of Speech / 3. Thou Shalt Not Take The Name of the Lord thy God In Vain / See Dt. 19 … why is the sky so silent one of the higher / branches lifts its bony / fingers in benediction or a / curse, BRING HER BACK. I drop a coin into the box / each time I come to church / says Mr Chipnop / and you follow him / along the side aisle / noticing he has … ~ Through Reality’s Mist ~ He whispered words of forever / vowing nothing would separate us again / I looked deep into His eyes of passion / and placed my heart into … The Grave / Mulberry Hawk Lost in the city where, nobody knows / A derelict church stands where nobody goes, / Covered with ivy that grows luscious and green, / I… sinking ships and saved rats the aft wears scars that shall not heal / teary eyed to this god we kneel / battered, beaten and losing hope / we travel onward to honor th… Church Bells The obsolete sound of / another time / How rapidly technology / has devoured / simple pleasures / In it’s bid to free us / from har… Summer Vacation Slide Show Slide 1 : Here is Jesus at a water park,walking on water in the wave pool,saving a kid from drowning,who fell off his raft. History of My life and experiences, – Home … Once thought I married into a religious family of religious freeks, GSMNP history. Nobody wants to play a rythm guitar behind Jesus. An assessment of religion within the Church …most people would rather let some one else do their (studying) for them, and sadly enough this is even more the case in most of the … Pilgrim – Hodočasnik – Deo 5 The Virgin Mary & Jesus – Devа Mаrijа sа Isusom / Veče je bilo zа slobodne аktivnosti, а ko je želeo mogаo je uživаti u turskoj … Pilgrim – Hodočasnik – Deo 4 Neki se već vrаćаju iz crkve / Vodič je znаo dа nećemo promаšiti. Crkvа je bilа u useklini između dve stene, аli ne zidаnа, već je, kаo i s… Your Body Is Glorious I don’t understand what all of this is, around me. All of the “churches”, these beautiful buildings dancing all around t… As a child as a child daily You fill me / with Your Presence / Blowing kisses to Heaven / is the child that loves and longs / to Be with her Father. Stale Cookie Another man munched on a stale cookie, / “I got this from the shelter.” / But they were full, and I couldn’t sleep ther… Rejecting the culture He is raising orphans from the dead churches / raising those who were thrown out for loving Jesus / He is dressing the ragged with Robes of… absorbed into His Presence i am not separated from Your Heart / there are no breaches, as skin, / has no divisions / Father, Son, and Holy Spirit / You are One. Church I feel so / I cant here / Because im not / The mud on my shoes / Will stain the / Holy carpets / My dead skin / Will make the wood p… Church I feel so / I cant here / Because im not / The mud on my shoes / Will stain the / Holy carpets / My dead skin / Will make the wood p… Church I feel so / I cant here / Because im not / The mud on my shoes / Will stain the / Holy carpets / My dead skin / Will make the wood p… going home (leaving polstead church) i welcome the cold stone, / grey and ivory, / it’s soothing smooth skin, / again my own. / echoes of heartbeats, / of lives and death… Madonna Lily-Lilium Candidum – Feature A pure white lily is said to have grown from the tears of Eve as she left paradise. In A Church Yard In A Church Yard / (for Mum 18/5/11) / i come here / to a space / behind the church… / my feet / calm, slow / among the stones / wearing by… Holiness is Separation From The World The Holy Spirit cares nothing of the trinkets of this age. When The Holy Spirit prays it is about eternal things. would never ask for a b… My Grace Is Sufficient For you In His Word God gave me so many passages to affirm to me that once I was His, I was His. There would be bruisings to crush the sin from me… swinging at church camp sadness is in me / i like to face the other way, swinging backwards / the stars shine bright, being my shield Weep For the Little Children! Trust only In The Lord Jesus / the brick and mortar of a building / will not cover you." / Only the Precious Blood of Jesus" Boy In Church Boy In Church / boy in church / king of your years / restless….attention / tossed around / like leaves / in an / autumn wind… / almost cons… There is Hope There are words on the walls / Of the inner city buildings / Displaying vulgar interpretations / Of life robs a church a mystery parish / bearish in temper / dared to stare / and at me… / so when he did / just because / he could, see / he saw…. /… He Drank Our Cup of Wrath He dranks the Cup of Judgment / all of the dregs, down to the last bitter / drop, swallowed millions of drops of acidic sin / He drank Our … i attach myself to You Jesus You slip me into Your Palms / engraving me / i attach myself to You / Because You First Attached Yourself To me. A shooting star… If only in your dreams… / —The Dark Knight how deep, how wide. And the most delicate brush of a hand on a thigh felt like all white things. Winter mornings, church bells and the moon rising, always risi… THE LIGHT… SUICIDE NOTE OF HOMELESS PERSON … —Author unnkown SUICIDE NOTE OF A HOMELESS PERSON II I didn’t find my dream in this life / Perhaps I’ll find it in the next one SUICIDE NOTE OF A HOMELESS PERSON… On this all hope resides… Christian Nation? the most American idol / a forgery / from gold mined by slaves / bearing the faces / of the men who owned them / whose pale straight faces … Empty Church Empty Church / slow, / hesitant / i entered the / church / nobody’s here / my footsteps slow / on the stone floor… / sense of vastness / si… Sour Fairy Floss She reminds me of sugar sweet fairy floss. It was like looking in a mirror to what I could have become. A Brief History of Cathédrale Sainte-Cécile dR… estimates put the total number of people who survived the accusation of heresy at less than ONE LAST TIME… For every eye / To see them / As they desire to be seen From Various Church Magazines Have a New Year giggle at the expense of those indomitable ladies, so necessary to the smooth running of every parish in the land, who pain… Good deeds must have good motives We are warring against our sinful nature. As a result it can be very easy to start doing a good thing with pure motives and then drift over… Rejoicing Essential Part 2 We see this rejoicing principle in the very first chapter of the Bible. Six times God saw what He did was good and one time He saw what H… Abject Religion. So if I fall to the depths of insanity / so dark I can’t see the day, / who do I blame when they send me away? A Brief History of Notre Dame de Coutances They pose, connected to the Earth by only the faintest of umbilical cords, awaiting a signal from the Commander A Brief History of Notre Dame de Laon In 1112 the city suffered a terrible uprising of the citizenry against their tyrannical lord-bishop, Gaudri. Fire has no equal, / and so it took me and the rest of the church, / and even though it hurts, / my heart and soul were free of hatred, / n… KEEPING THE FAITH (Mature) Unity In the Church 1 Corinthians 12:24-26 / But God has combined the members of the body and has given greater honor to the parts that lacked it, 25so that t… Agrumiculture in the Free World The trouble with religion in the western world, we reasoned, was that there was too much emphasis on God. The Church Not a grand cathedral i attend / nor varnished pews i sit upon / no statues carved to be a Likeness / of My Saviour / stained glass window… candy wrappers are always louder in church Sheepishly I lift my gaze / Her lips curl upwards / But her widening eyes scold / My inability to contain the wiggles Losing My Religion In a crowded pub it wouldn’t have merited attention. In that silent church it resounded as though the devil himself had bellowed a c… re lisa jewell’s “sunday” easily, footsteps, not touching the ground; / even a van gogh person, more up, than…,
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