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too human for sea bed too deep for my own Get to know me (Mature) So then what is love? Ah the beauty of giving and receiving of love / To what extent do we give love? / To what measure do we receive love? / We need love to br… Notions of the wandering mind Butterfly!!! / ….frolic rainbow fairy dust / Blade of grass / Dew drops / Sprinkles / Candy rain / Amazing ladybug creeping / Stead… Reverse Oscillation – Part II Forget the time / Six shots from a bottle / Pedal-grinding-metal / Drop altitude, lose thr- / -ottle Reverse Oscillation – Part I The hollow gap between your skull / And brain, is where the dreams / You dream / Are born, a subtle rush of steam / To fill the space (R… Never Mind What if / I became an astronaut? / (I’m claustrophobic, never mind.) / What if / I became the first female president? / (I despise p… Time’s Up covering her naked body ‘Ready / Able / Willing’ That yes I am unstable <too damaged to function as others do, and this compounds; taking not only further toll on myself but also inadv… TOP TEN Placement in the Heroes & Villains Ch… TOP TEN Placement in the Heroes & Villains Challenge. / A World Of EOS Secret Wall. Her laughter seemed quiet but it must’ve triggered something in the wall because one of the little pink people shot a tiny arrow into Sadie… NEED CHALLENGE ENTRIES in Art with Scripture One of them is a Voucher Challenge where you could win a $20 voucher from Redbubble! ‘Vctr/2-5_Act’ Am become, unconcerned, with their concept of the world; how I could ever have fit into it. / Fixated on securing the next contract. / Star… ‘The Red Letter’ A battalion of colour, salient through my window; brings about the rain. / As all potential and actual realities, past, present and future … 30 Day Letter Challenge #5 Letter: My Dreams Dear Dreams, / A dedicated list has pondered through a mind shaft. Too many dreams have existed-too many that still are afloat,but then aga… 30 Day Letter Challenge: #4 Letter: Siblings Dear Sister & Brother, / Today is the day I write to you and express all my thankfulness for having you in my life. / I’m thankfu… 30 Day Challenge: Day 3: ‘Parents-Mother… It’s your wisdom, your words and love that has sheltered me, protected me and that is why I know I’ll be okay in life. You̵… 30 Day Letter Challenge: Day 2: ‘Future Hus… I sometimes feel like the character Bridget Jones- But even in the end she found true love with a genuine guy. 30 Day Letter Challenge: Day 1: ‘Your Best-… A friend who I can count on, trust your opinion, even though I don’t always want to hear the truth- But you are wise and strong and I… The challenge of sentience the / Constancy of / Change is the / Evolution of / Self… It is the / Gift bestowed… it is / Self-awareness… It / Must not be / Squa… ‘Frontier’ Hell only knows I have felt far too much, but it seems that I’ve not seen enough. The hardest thing I’ve ever learned; was that… Description Writes: Canoli. At the counter of the sugar station, I stood forth in line behind a lady buying a box full of delicate cakes. / Then after a few moments it… A Solid Character Man. You Rock / Beg pardon? / Nah Man. Not insultin ya. You Rock. As in …. You rock. / No idea what you are talking about young fellow. / J… ICC challenge – Betting in Cricket and Spot… Betting in Cricket and Spot -fixing should be illegal and punishable and players should be protected. Sunilism In The Face of god Like two chess pieces we played, / Creating things with equivalent exchange, / Or out of nothing, / But neither of us could make life, / Ea… Mysteries of a New world What kind of man would / sail off the flat Earth? / Who ventures into the unknown mist / where your worst dreams can come true? Finally Leaving Miss Farwell-Burke Stepped onto the jetty, fabric covered suitcase in hand. The supply boat was due soon. Actually it was an hour away but… The Plans of Brothers. I’ve been reading this book Bro. This Leo Da… Vin… Kee has some great ideas. / You’re not gonna throw me out of the tree house again. / … ‘Adept’ I’m in the relative ( see common? ) position of being a man who has known exactly what he wanted; but was completely incapable of nai… BELLS ARE RINGING I picked this card out just for you, / My sweetest love who is always true. / My Valentine’s wishes now are ringing through, / ItR… Caught Something The water was calm with only the slightest of breezes moving the tinnie gently sideways. The silence on the lake was just lovely with the o… The Challenge I’m a wet dog and I did it for a knife. / I’m dripping because I wanted to say yes to life. / To prove that I’m not afrai… Betrayal Tom brought scotch / this evening / a whiff of late afternoon scandal / still clinging cherry red / to his proud collar / starched ripe, /… morning meeting your flame-red cloak – it taunts me! / i am no bull prepared to charge / at anything that stands before me. / i can’t; i am a coward of th… BRING IT If you’re coming / Come insane / Come with all you have / All you’ve ever had / And all you think you’ve ever had LOVE EVERY CHILD! Jesus loves all little children, / From the smallest to the very tall! / He even loves my baby sister, / Even though she cannot talk at all… Are you Living?… Truly? What is life without Endeavour? Butthead Don’t stare at me In Truth, It’s a Challenge Already absorbed by the idea, I mutter a goodbye to closing doors. Seconds later I watch, detached, as my body automatically steps onto my … Oxymoron, Light-Weight “Pass me another cheese biscuit,” I demanded of my blind date-from-hell, forgoing pleasantries and pleases. / He was a giraffe! Even the sp… flash challenge fun Oxymoron. / Bill put down his book, the fare was simple, he would start with a cheese biscuit and a carafe of light-weight red finishing w… Broken but never alone I’ve lead a life in hiding, / torn from things that could be… change if you change the way you see the world, / the world will see you in a new light…. Paper Cut Boy I mean I shelled out a lotta bucks for this suit. Paper Cut(outs) I believed I needed to clip these things of old, / needed to extract these intricately woven fibers / from my soul in order to remain in th… One Single Tear with / one / single / tear / I / swallow / my / heart Word Tree Challenge (six words, eight lines) Along the forest trail, / Little Red could only wail, / as she smelt lupine flesh / succumb to firey death. / When the pyrotechnic display … Word Tree – Challenge / Loves Fire As she breaths the Smoke filled air / she lets her Firey temper give way to Love MOTORBIKE PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART GROUP challenge win… Top Ten Challenge Winner Placed in the top ten in Squirrels and Chipmunk “Tails Up” challenge. I am so honored, my thanks to the people that voted!!!!!!! The Challenge of Ordinary Days What did the warriors of old do with themselves when there were no more wars to be fought, or they were simply too old for the fight and hu… Absolute Pin The race was on. Who would win the title of Life of the Party? / Myface’s news feeds spit out one status update after another, each one out… Challenges of Life I’m so tired / Tired of these weeping eyes / Endless lost desires / And continuous lies / My soul lurks in meaningless living / I los… The Perfect Teenage Daughter I can do anything. career accelerator But, what are you expected to do to gain all this luxurious fame and attention? You will be expected to eat an exclusive diet of locally gr… Flight of freedom she wiped her eyes, belw her nose and walked away from the empty cage with a heavy step. Just Like Daddy Ever since he could remember, young Evan dreamed of being just like his dad. He wanted to ride horses just like him, to laugh like he did,… Forced Meditation My mom says it’s something not to know, but to feel, but I don’t feel anything, or maybe I do but it’s just my imagination, made-up just li… Not just any imaginary friend She was real, not just someone “my over-active imagination had invented”. Go rot in Hell Doctor Finkelberg, I was right all along THE TWELVE What are the qualities / Something in their heart / That helped you choose these few / That set twelve apart One Last Challenge All the outside forces are gone / All of the tormentors / Bullies / Fake friends / Are gone / Quickly forgotten / I’ve come so far in th… Bad English he was going to split up with Delisha cause she’d admitted that she was just stimulating organisms The Struggle to Destiny Gentle knights, comfort us with your presence. / We are yet untouched, though our safety is shattered; The Human Condition Safety reached has shattered the illusion / Like presence of the knights who are mere men Sweet Dreams A presence enfolds me in warmth serene / Soft breath upon my cheek, / Untouched yet sensed in a dream Twilight Moments Serene is the twilight hour / when I wait for you to wrap me up / in wordless conversation Grand Finale Not Mickey, nor Pluto, he wanted to see the magic act! Challenges Images of mine that have placed in the top 10 or have won challenges here on RedBubble. / • CHALLENGE – TOP 10’s • / (one or mo… Word Eight: Innocence Rebecca stood waiting with her hands beside her body, head titled. Her green eyes sparkled with a curiosity that Charlotte loved to see. Word Seven: Heaven Once filled with fear, she now stood her ground. My TOP TEN + CHALLENGE WINNERS IN 2011 Horse and Rider; Avatar Challenge: / Cee’s Fun Nikon Group – High Quality Photography; Nikon – The Color Purple: / Down … Tall Trees trussed in twine, he / bit the trunk / with bright blade Word Six: Breaking Away Devon never dreamed he’d be part of something so frowned upon, something so despicable. Word Five: Seeking Solace A gust suddenly ripped through the trees, catching his attention. Looking up, he saw a light, and curiosity grew within him. Dark He knew that precious time was being wasted. He grabbed his face mask, threw it on, and ran out the door. Light Rachel didn’t know how to react at first when she came face to face with the intruder in her home. She knew that if she wanted to protect h… Love Folding her hands and squeezing her eyes shut, Alaithia would lay and quietly speak to Jesus Introduction His eyes fell to his wrinkled hands, and the glare from his gold wedding band seemed to mock him. Life had changed since Mary had gone. Blood & Barbara She would not lose this one, but if fate were to be cruel, better to lose him to the Dark Mistress who claimed all men at the end, rather t… challenge 2011 1 the seamstress Her skill as seamstress was unchallenged the blouse possibly even lovelier now she had mended it. Daphne, the owner of the blouse told Be… Sunshine morning … pleasure waves, / fire floating yonder, / volcanic… My First Challenge Win What a surprise! My photo “Solitude” was the winner of the “Snowstorm of November 2010!” Challenge in the Group:Pac… Letting love find another way home (Written for t… The doors in my eyes / could never hold you— / you were born / the minute / you flew. / I will / my chains / to not follow / what the … Jeff Wayne No Relation – Personal Hystory Okay, we’ve managed to piece this much together from various sources, including his very odd sister, his deaf old aunt, and numerous ex-co-… MY CHALLENGE WINNERS Here are my CHALLENGE WINNERS since I’m a RedBubble member: / Dutch Touch; Like Anton Pieck………… / Cee’… DRAGON SPHERES Over at A.R.S.E where all the best challenges are held I’ve decided to throw my hat in the ring. / It’s based on this story by … Rousing senses stirring soundlessly / to dreamy moistened / waves floating, soaring / limber in liquid love / covetous cravings / quickened bre… Never dare another bubbler for a prompt on a twi… I must not dare Alison to make twister prompts. / I must not dare Alison to make twister prompts. / I must not dare Alison to make twister … Slowly the Lights “Each ludicrously tiny against the engulfing night / Yet / Pushing back its suffocating vanguards / Just a little…” Caida del Cielo This sin was not yours / Wounds wide open that sting and burn / Pulled from the whomb of a pink craddle / Now in darkness you toil The Vampyre Sonnet Written for a challenge; my 11th sonnet. :) Showing a sympathy for those eternal beings! Rhymes with Orange There are some tasks exceedingly hard / For even a sage or a wise old bard. / The worst is to find a rhyme for oranges. / I can, with no to… Chrono me this. I am issuing a challenge to all of Redbubble. Create the greatest Chrono tee that anyone could ask for. And I just may buy it. Hell Breaking Loose They were dark suits and hats, and their eyes were covered by dark sunglasses even though they came in the night. I pushed my whiskey glass… I could feel it behind me. Some people are capable of manifesting their terrors, I know I am one of them Devil’s Revenge Stupidly, I turned my head to see what he was pointing at – and then it hit me. As my spirit left my body I looked down, hoping he’d feel t…
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