a boat from paper notes

your letters swam

So You Want to Take Her Fishing

If I can’t fish, I might as well not breathe.

Nai Nai 奶奶(grandma)&Boat- my 渡 to the gorgeou…

I memorize my grandma, because she was the real true woman who took over the task to pass down Chinese culture and literature

Nai Nai 奶奶&Boat- not finished but begins

God bless all.............the God that guided life and death....

little red boat

hear him feel

Don’t rock the boat

A boundary had been crossed / No eye contact made where an awkward silence ensued / Her knitted brow an almost cardigan…

The Sea Took You Away From Me

Whenever I see a boat / My heart sinks and doesn’t float / From heavy pain being caused / The day a huge wave has tossed / Your love …

The Boat

They stood watching The glowing / boat moved quietly through a vast, still ocean. / Both of them were unsure when it would return. / Time…

River Dreamer

Alone he stands / Sweat on his brow / Working the long oar / To and fro / Steadfast his thoughts / Of freedom to wander / The sweet river&…

The First Fleet

Spend some time with those least fortunate / walk the streets / play in the park / look at all that is beautiful around you.

My Shark Encounter: A True Story by Karin Taylor

The boat rocked gently side to side on a sea of black-green-blue, an overcast day with a slight swell, not much chop, just rock, rock, rock…

a conversation on the last boat . . .

‘What if one misses / the last boat?’, / asked my friend. / ‘You will be sent / another one’, / I replied / while w…

Sailor of the Northern Lights (Poem only)

Wind blusters through, / His tousled locks, / As he prepares, / To leaves the docks. / He fly’s out free, / Towards shining moon, / T…

My Journey on the All You Need is Love: BeatleGon…

He took us out to sea with gongs, Beatles music and songs of his own. / In the night we rode the current listening to this holy instrume…

The Lady of the Lake ~ inspired by snapitnc’…

She will call to you with voice ghostly silent / Hypnotising you with the melody her soul sings, / Daring you to step into the freedom / Th…

River Boat Sex

She smiled, coyly. “Well the fact you live on a river boat sounds infinitely more interesting than my basement flat.”

The Love Boat

Here’s a ship / to save my bacon. / Climb aboard! / Commence love makin’!

Three Sheets to the Wind

Dark dark night, / Wide wide water, / No matter how much / I push or I pull, / The oars won’t do / What they oughta.

One keel over …

… ocean of tumult

“Out To Sea With Dill” ©2012 Sharon M…

Another story never told / Of a handsome man, not young, not old / He took to sea with a sail of red / In search of dreams without a bed


this is about being saved from the lonley sea of my mind by a magical love

Were all in the same boat!

Were all in the same boat, / when it comes to the high’s / and the low’s. / Where ever it take’s us, / nobody know’…

All of a Sunk In

A girl sat knee to chin / And shore to shore / Letting the bedtime sun

The SS Cuppaty

Night has fallen / and all at sea, / with broken sails, / I’ll make some tea.

On a sinking boat

So they think they are so tight / To talk and preach all night / Telling us what to think / With out a single blink / Oh they are the best …

Rock the Boat

Scarborough boat harbour sits / quietly aside the bay shore / The sun beats down / on graceful vessels / Yachts floating / masts swaying / …

Do As the demoniac To The Glory of The Lord Jesus

When The Lord cast the demons out of the demoniac in Mark 5. / The naked man now clean and freed knelt at the feet Of The Lord

Water’s as smooth as Glass!!

as you never / know / what lies / beyond / of

Past, Present, Future

My Father, Myself, My Son / We’re all but three, we’re one

The Beast inside

Oh yes, there is a beast out there / Stalking us all


Can’t stay here / Have to go

A brave new world

Close your eyes, Close your ears, Close your mouth, Open your heart.

Invent a Life…

When I was born I was a king, / but years from now I’d know the sting / of being born a human being / and all that this would mean.

~~The little girl boatfloatsinkthinkfreesee~~~~~~`

i need to find the words that are lost in my throat / what good is a swan if she won’t sing a note / anything i might write i ’…

Missed your dreams?

When you’ve missed your dreams, / and there’s no-where to fit, / when the pieces can’t lie, / and there’s no quick-…

Here there be Monsters

“My God…” He dropped the compass when he saw where they were. His finger had traced their trajectory a foot and a half… The map ended af…

moral of a boat story

Whatever you say / to explain yourself / becomes justification. / Whatever I say / to explain myself / is the ultimate truth. / Should we b…

stillness (reflections on a photo by RR)

“Frozen in calm, click of a shutter, a breath / Look…stillness speaks, answers the questions / I can feel it, now, …

My boat of life

The world around me has sucked me into its trap and stripped my mind away from me. I’ve paddled a few too many strokes into the flow,…

Stepping Out of the Boat

“Faith is the first factor in a life devoted to service. Without it, nothing is possible. With it, nothing is impossible.”

Kashti Chhoot gayi !

The woods are lovely, dark and deep / But I have promises to keep / And miles to go before I sleep / Robert Frost

The Queen of the Boat

Epilepsy fictional story of love and loss.

“Abandoned Boat” Featured!!

I’d like to thank the group Realistic Paintings About Water group. It means alot to me, as always, when my work is acknowledged. A sp…

“Tales of a mouse & his hat”

Mr Butterworth was unaware of the trouble that would soon erupt.

the way chopin did

i would paint myself a river / into black oblivion

p a p e r b o a t

to the edge of eternity / i sailed

Paper boat tears

[Video] / Tomorrow when I wake / I am starting something new / I will make some paper boats / and ready them for you / .. / I want my tears…

paper boat

Life moving fast / Like storm cell rain / Washing, running / Torrent and quickly / Through the drains. / Some daze, / In this cold and cons…

I missed the bus/boat/train/plane.

I missed the bus. / I missed the boat. / Now I’ll just head / back on down home. / Watch the cars passing by, / like all the years, …

The Set of the Sails

My boat set sail some years ago and at the time I wasn’t even aware of it. I was too busy taking in all the practicalities of life and di…

Once I Had a Boat

Once i had a boat full of crazy dreams.. / ..a box of foolish songs.. / ..a book of magic words.. / but the colors ran when the rains be…

Thanks for featuring “Solitude on the Sea&#…

“Featured” whoop whoop xx

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oink Oink Oink

They’ll be no better than Poms who whinge and bitch / Locking them all away will never be seen a sin


Splashing into a whirlpool of worry / Pounding fists foreshadow storms of self-pity / Big gulps of bile, pointless gasps for air; mania

Spooky Creek

The smell of damp was as thick as the still air

Boat People

They are crammed in just to fit / Boat people are becoming a hoard

Magic like that lasts forever

It was a magic so powerful that it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.


overlookable / books / and / unread pages / rethinking / and thinking again

Rock the Boat (For Ella Fitzgerald)

Call all your neighbours / Call all your friends / Jump in this thing / Take the tin for a spin.. / Johnny get in! / Carol get in! / When y…

Half Day Sail

The tide is full, the sun lies fair / Upon the straits;- on Cei Bach Bay the light / Gleams and is gone; the cliffs of New Quay stand, / Gl…

Tall Tales (Images Project #4)

“There are more monsters around the world than you or I will ever know. Just a matter of perspective really."

man the jetty

This stretch lined like a suburban street with old weatherboard shanty houses slowly inching their way closer to damnation as the weathered…

I Went to the Boat Today

I took a walk down to the boat today / I sat at the edge of the dock / where slime from the river seeps up the stones, / and no fish come …

With Me

The world is turning in front of me / And I don’t know where I want to be / Like a boat tried off the shore / I wish release to, vent…

Washington PARK BOAT HOUSE 11/15/09

thank you for featuring this in Seasonal ’Scapes!

They cant jump into the boat!

“Oh, don’t worry” he beamed through perfect teeth “they can’t get into the boat.” / “YES THEY BLO…

paper boat

pens for paddles

The Boat to Greece

I feel somewhat obliged to burst into a Disney showtune. / But the Venetians probably wouldn’t appreciate that. My theme-parkifying t…

Changing Colours

Ghost from his haunted past lingered in the pressent day and conflicted like two colours that clash. Read for its poetic content.


And when we got there we were all pleased to find, / that their was other new creatures unlike all of our kinds,




I am empty now

Start Line

The starter has them on the line. / The gun glints in the bright sunlight. / Silence.

Canvas Wings

Gliding briskly, atop white capped waves, / Seemingly floationg through the sky. / The cool refreshment of the constant spray. / On canvas …

The Course of the Queen

Queen of Scotts-vessel or ship of legend

My Rescue Boat

How I get into these situations is beyond me.


I have a boat, I have a hope / and a paddle we can share

“A ladder for a thief”`

… please read from the bottom and imagine you climbing up a ladder in front of a sailboat… / We Can Find You-! / You’ll B…

Celebrity Millenium T-Shirt

Celebrity Millenium T-Shirt may be of interest to people who have travelled on this beautiful cruise ship. / I took this photograph during …

The Storm

we sat / balancing / in a / reeling / pitching boat / fear-waves / beat / mercilessly…


It’s raining outside. Somewhere in the city, dragonboats are slicing through the river as people watch in the rain. Their reflections…

The Boat

I am a boat on the ocean / Or even just a sailor on the boat / Sometimes joyous and singing of the sea / Sometimes hanging over the side / …

In the Same Boat(Version 2)

Till human voices wake us / And we drown / For dear life / Believers carr’ing knots keep / On a manner of speaking / The same boat / …

In The Same Boat (Version 1)

Till human voices wake us / And we drown / Believers and knot keep / In a manner of speaking / The same boat / Together, drifting apart / …

Spring Voyage (Ken Goes Sailing)

The cornflower blue sky and warm spring sunshine contrasted sharply with the muddy torrent of the river. The water, icy cold from the melt…

Miracle in a storm…

Giant waves break all over the boat / The vessel is swamped / “Come on, bail her out…let’s keep her afloat!”

just a boat

why must a boat / look like every other boat? / is it a law, they won’t even say / it doesn’t matter / i sailed mine anyway

As A Boat…

As a boat displaces water, / Love displaces fear.

In George Orwell’s footsteps

As I stood at the rail of the RV Pandaw IV looking towards Katha in Burma, I wondered how George Orwell (aka Eric Blair) must have felt.


Set sail with this your guiding star / Imagination be your breeze

Is it me or what….

The storm, o’ so called perfect


How do lovers stay afloat / When waves of fear break o’er the boat? / What magic held in store do they / Dip into when they’re led astray? …

Paper Wings Part Two

He worked without reprise. The boat took him away from everything – friends, family, life. He worked through the endless night, addin…

Paper Wings

It was a moonless night and the fire was high against the darkness. The air was cold, but the heat from the flames kept back the frost and …

the Boat

She cut the wood / And set it down upon the beach

Asian Sunset

blood red sun runs / hide & seek goes the day / hard to find seek as I may / will the night kiss me the same / no not warm but cool …
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