there was a beach

before the developers came / before the bulldozers rolled in / and the walls went up / and the cement spread out / there was a beach where …

The Day After – Part 2

He stepped in and caressed my hair, letting his / hand trail down to my chin

Lipstick Traces

Sublime Moondoggie / Adonic surfer with the loaded gun, / Yo Andreas quake-spasm, yo so horrible and new.

A One Night Thing – Part 1

I found myself stretched out on

Play Time

A little pug ran along the beach, dashing this way and that, when suddenly she came to an abrupt halt and sat. She had found a horseshoe cr…

New friend… – Part 2

“No, of course not!”


Fishing port as silent now / As day descends to night / When all my famous / failings and accolades / Fall under the ocean blight / The mo…

Treasure Trove

Such beauty and solitude / Found by the sea / Dunes rising from the sands / The freedom of beach grasses / And weeds flourishing at will /…

Poem #1

You are new brass; / You are coffee that smells too good to be true. / You are the first cigarette in a pack; / You are everything I’m not,

I Want

I want the ocean salt to coat your torso / So I can taste your skin will all the / Heaviness / Of the / Sea.

What Is It?

A run on the beach and what do I see / What could that be right in front of me / Curly and wet / Wiggling just right / A poke and a prod / …

Little Shell

Little Shell / by Karin Taylor / Little shell, so spherical / Pearly swirls of caramel / Silky sheen, so cool and smooth / Who has carved y…

Fire On The Sand

Nightfall fires on the sand / Soothe and warm without demand / Crackling wood and glowing coals / Ease the pain from empty souls / But as t…

Message In A Bottle

wandering footprints upon the beach / this winter’s storm draws breath / to see a round upended face / exposed by nature’s ferocity / clean…

Music Of The Wind And Waves

Spice / To tantalize the tongue / Tempting / Lips open, tasting mist. / Eyelids low

So You Want to Take Her Fishing

If I can’t fish, I might as well not breathe.

Vegan Craz At The Beach

Jaws the man eating shark / movie star was asked by TMZ ," Why out of a group of a hundred people in the water,did he attack and eat T…

The Wonder of It All…

A solitary wall of rocks juts into the water, / Guarding the beach from something unseen. / Protecting a turquoise pool from crashing waves…

A Grain of Sand

Ebbing and flowing tides / And winds constantly churning / Sugary sands into ripples / High tides and low tides / Repeatedly etching / Abs…

Ready or Not, Here We Come!

After a long winter, it is pure freedom to be on the beach- sunny warmth and bare toes, people all about… / Gentle kisses shared betw…

The Blonde On The Beach

Sat watching the waves breaking free / Leaned back to feel the breeze of the sea / Hands outstretched behind me burrowed / Beneath the s…

Sands of Time

Not a soul around… / Quietness lays heavily in the salty air as birds float lazily in the sky… / Breathe in the beauty of the…

A Snowy Day At The Beach

The snow has almost stopped falling / Random flakes still escaping the sky above / The beach is quiet with windswept sands / Until I hear l…




who doesn’t enjoy it? / blow, wind, blow; / slapping out the beats to these melodies. / don’t you feel it? / it’s in the air. / it slips ou…

Nature’s Musical Composition

The colors of sunsets sing their notes / As Nature undulates with the ever-changing drama / Yellows and pinks deepen / Oranges and reds fli…

The Beach

I’m standing on a boulder, / on the shore of Lake Michigan / waiting for you / to wake up / as the milk colored dawn rolls down / int…

A Walk Through Time

She walks alone with only memories to keep her company / Her shadow staying close to insulate her every move / The warmth of the sun and th…

Bridging Distance

if I could, you know I would / just to be holding you

Nap Time At The Beach

His friend replies, " You have always been comfortable with your situation. Why all of a sudden are you on this kick to loose weight?&…

Perfectly Messed-up.

Before you slept, you hugged me tightly and kissed me. / “I love you. I’m sorry if I can only speak when I’m drunk……

the beach in winter

my footprints weave and wander with careless ease / until the foam hurries in, tickles my toes / gathers the footprints and back to sea it …

Settling in at Constance Beach, Year Five

Here I am in year Five. Due to my wife’s problems and my own professional problems, there were only two visits last year. This means that I…

Work, Rest and Play

Street photographer, New Brighton, Homeless, Inner City Life, Social documentary.

Settling in at Constance Beach, Year Four

My years at Constance Beach (as opposed to a calendar year) begin in October of each year, in commemoration of my first visit there in Octo…

re ‘’Beach Cookie by autumnwind’…

unstoppable beauty / does just g(r/l)ow / ………….like do waves / / as the waves of her hair / as one might her mother…


The sun is shimmering / Through the clouds / And our judgement / As we swim in the sand / Bottles in hand

Telecommunications for Business Long Beach Compan…

Any business in Long Beach set up to succeed requires the professional services in IT and telecommunications using the latest technology.

The Value Of A Tatoo

Now Bill notice his friend Ted has a new tato of Mount Rushmore across the center of his fat stomach.

Scientific Ocean (King Of Cloth)

“gazing at / emerging from”

Days Such As This

The ocean mist swirls / Horizon obscured / The sun a blurred form / In the shades of white / And blue.

dream diary -poem from another time and place

looking back in all the years too far to know…. when and where / breathing in life to the grandest and all the fresh air / a sea goe…

Lying Down on the Job ~ Reflecting on Bondi

They too soaked up the sun / let it beat on their worried brows, / erasing the fears and the tears

dream diary- poem of the gift shop by the …

walking down this little dirt road / came upon a old house all lonely and cold / a little pond sitting just to the left / with very dark cl…

Paradise Lost 3

Good Friday,April 14th. / Gerry went to Kingston with Daddy, I took a bike ride into TB,stopped at Myra’s for a cold one, continued u…

Paradise Lost 2

Sat. Aug 8th / The sun & I get up together, chores, breakfast, heading for Negril for the weekend with Hal, Jude & the kids, right …

Paradise Lost – House Sitting in Jamaica

In 1995-6 I had a job house sitting in Jamaica, this was on the south coast, pretty quiet back then. / The villa I looked after was about 4…

Fireworks At The Beach

As the Child was mesmerized by the sounds of the explosions echoing through the silent air,and the bursts of bright colors ,bleaching out…


Once when the lake was closed, and there’d been a bit of overnight rain, we had to make a speedy retreat. The water had come right up to t…



Beach Access, How A Beach Angel Saved My Life

It starts out with the words, “I was on this beach…” It always starts out that way. All of the really good stories do.

Low Tide

The mother interrupted the daughter. “You mean the mermaid spoke English?” / “Yes, Mum,” the girl answered with a slight hint of exaspera…

take me to the water

clear skies for miles, / the map directs us, / beckons us, / pushes us / towards the blue


sweaty palms and first kisses, / nervous anticipation / red skies mark the beginning of endless nights

The Astrologer

The gulls had the look about them as if to say ‘what do you want us to do’ but Simon Wentletrap couldn’t think of anything except swimming …


And there was Mame / posed between two Arabs / leaning against a camel / on a Moroccan beach / winding up her watch / clothed in a red …

Underwater Dancing

With oceans, sand and underwater dancing.


Joey sees her strolling / up the beach, young girl, / smoking a cigarette, been / in for a dip, her legs all wet, / aged 9 or 10, scanni…

Little Bird

Rare, and unusual / Delicate, and in full bloom

Ants (Originally Ant Leaf)

and disappears quickly too / Nearly killed and underhat things

THE BEACH BUM a postscript to REEF DIARY

Storms do not make for good surfing. This is when things of the deep feel brave enough to bight legs.


From the Mermaid and The Cyclops, a true tale. The prettiest shell I offer to my girlfriend. The Cyclops has removed his stakes.

Jasmine Night

With a surreal like quality, / The dream-like silence, / So strange, so lonely.

Blue and wise

Forgotten myths / Lie on your sea bed, / Distant déjà vu of mine, / I know i once lived / Inside you;

California Horizon

In a never ending sea of space, / Speckled with little stars in a vast panorama of sky, / So much bigger than our understanding. / Only dis…

My Hometown

Where the full moon is slung so low / it casts a shimmering glow / upon the silent dark waters below

Dancing Mermaid

At night you seductively / Play with the moon; / Glistening with delight / Like a magical ballroom light;

“No Means No” By Ellen Hecht …

The girl laughed out loud because she knew this experience was such a cliché who would believe it?

route map

my heart in my hands / thinking of nowhere / because it’s somewhere / for my mind to go / when rain falls / and the fog is thick / an…

“Wakey Wakey”

Plunge goes the old cobber as he dives in, popping up like a penguin with delight and sinking into the ocean as if he was quietly taking a …



Soaring Way Up High

Oh the places I would go / If only I could fly. / Up just below the clouds, / Soaring in the sky. / Soaring way up high. / If only I could …

The Invisible Wharf

As I sit on the beach and ponder, / The invisible wharf, with stories old; / And I have to wonder, / Will the tales ever be told?

On a beach.

“Untouchable naked romance on some beach that outlines the sea.”

Snatched From The Jaws of History

I remember [many things] / A day much like any other, / As sunlight poured through the panes / Of my rain streaked frames / While my alarm …

Second Chance

A tear rolled lightly down her cheek, catching the fire of the rising sun. The beach had never known a loneliness such as this.

Kind and Generous

Live and let live. . / Always trying to give. . . / As the karma of living / Revolves around giving

“Out To Sea With Dill” ©2012 Sharon M…

Another story never told / Of a handsome man, not young, not old / He took to sea with a sail of red / In search of dreams without a bed

The Maiden

She tastes the salt on her lips / feels it oozing through her pores / as the waves rise in a cacophony / of muffled, mocking applause

The Dawn.

The tide is turning / Time holds no cost / You could stay here forever / Worries get lost

My Luck

and the sea wasn’t blue- / green like in the / photos, it was a maroon color. It was the red / tide, the lifeguard / said.

I want to take you with me.

I want to take you with me / on a journey to something new. / A special place of beauty; / a secret I’ll share with you. / I want to skip a…

The Road to Barricane Beach

My life was fading into A roads / A roads into B. / Oblivion came looking / and it found me.

Pt Willunga’s Edges

Alongside the sea’s / White sandy shore / Stands up infront / Against the wind / The layered soft / And weather clay / That runs / In…

Samhain Whispers

The steady rolling of ocean shores, / I think of those who walked before / Upon this earthly realm and saw / The ways in which life twists…


toward a slow whale of brown fog radial / in early light, recount it. The few houses buried / into the russet-blond collage / of land on th…

Watching Seagulls

I wish I were your beach towel, / So I could lie against your skin. / Or a break / To keep the wind away, / But let the sunshine in.


ARAMBOL BEACH / So hot is this sand / On it I can not stand / I have to walk along the sea / Along the sea / That remembers me. / It rememb…

windy beach

on a windy beach / i do not dare to preach / about the life / i wish for my friends / about our short lives / about the life / that never …


I took a trip / Some days of it / I would prefer to skip / One of them / I got on a ship / And with the sea / All around me / I watched the…

Long live love

A toss of the head / A flick of her hair / The wave of her hand / As her beauty did flare / Her bountiful step / The spring in her stride /…

Photographer’s Guide: Eden and surrounds, N…

For photographers who enjoy landscapes, fauna and photojournalism styles, you will be spoiled.


who doesn’t enjoy it? / blow, wind, blow; / slapping out the beats to these melodies. / don’t you feel it? / it’s in the …

Crash… Collide… Connect

a million years ago, / when first we burst from each others realities / a thousands stars, / upon a thousand planets / crashing wayward ont…

Schism, Glue, Misery, You.

She told you to stop taking them. They leech your soul, she said. / You could not refuse. / You went out late. / Eventually you stopped …

Tumble, twirl, with the tidal swirl

Come dance in the waters / that summer has warmed / amidst the froth of the seas / Hear the sighs that echo from tides / as the crescents r…
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