Why the Bumblebees Dance – Genesis 1:24-27 Why the Bumblebees Dance / Some people say the beauty of a rose / Came about by chance; / And that evolution is why the / Bumblebees dance.… Raven’s Song – page 24 Captain Gordon was a man of few words / and those few he spoke it was well to heed. / To outsiders he appeared stern, aloof, / but to his m… Dark Angel II, 24 He sat in the padded chair, she knelt on the rug, the tea-tray on the small round table between them. The way she poured the tea made him … 24 hour blink the sun begins its shift. / Awake with eyes closed, / memories, trapped behind closed eyes, / eye lids mechanically, pneumatically / open. … on standby open all night 24/7 or song for a blin… one of these days baby / one of these days / one of these days baby / one of these days / rivers gotta run rain’s gotta fall / sorry … The mead maker Part 24 How easy it would have been to defile her. To strip her of any dignity she might possess, make her marked for life. Hadn’t the same happen… A blessed Moment – Dec 24, 2012 aahh… / did you feel it / the wings of eternity / the turning of the tide / the spinning of life / into an infinite moment / seasone… dulcinea 24 let’s slip into each others’ / pantings / we can communicate the / longest like / six nined telephones tied up / this way/ that / rubbe… chapter 24 in the “Mundoo 2” series We can’t just delete feelings we have for people we’ve loved in the past. MY BLACK BOOK 24 TO 28 24th installmet / xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx / HERE THIS PROJECT SEEN AS DECIDED UPON EARLIER…. / I have just this minute worked out why I … The past 24 hours. In the past twenty four hours, / I’ve been to 3 parties / and worked both days. / I was home for only a / handful of hours / and near… 1. B. this one is a true story and i thought abou… one time i started giggling and i couldn’t stop / but that wasn’t the problem / the giggling was a bit disruptive / and out of … #24. don’t . . . don’t! / don’t you? / don’t YOU!! / don’t you ever? / DON"T you EVER!! / don’t you ever let . . . / don&… In 24 hours…I will be…… Dead. Death may not be the dark dead end  / Not one that nature could ever intend / Life is all in a matter of distance.  / As death is just anot… The Bloodaxe Saga, Book 2: Of Dreams and Fate Ch.… Chapter Twenty Four / (Respites and Revelations) / Prince Tallor of the Lyktalfar gazed out at the moonlit landscape steeped in thought. Fr… 24 Eye of the opal And thus the nose; the one who knows / Two nostrils there to seek the rose / And there’s the breath to hum the sound / A note so loud it ca… Geelong Photographic Exhibition – opens feb… Exhibition at Boom Gallery, Newtown. Opening night February 24, 2012 A 4:24 Selectric A 4:24 Selectric / At the coffee club / I asked for your core / Like Quasimodo or Frankenstein / (Although I was really like the 1931 Bela … 12.24.11 It was December / like no other. / The waves of heat created, distilled and ultimately dispersed / kept parsley growing / in / her back ya… In 24 Hours from here to there Roast pork with a nice tasting chardonnay was enjoyed while my neighbour on the left was playing with her knife The Godkeeper 24 Got herself infected with the GOD virus and what it’s transforming her into scares the hell out of me. day 24 It was a typical hot, November day. 24/08/06 24/08/06 / I need sleep. / I want to sleep. / So the pain can go away. / It’s a whole new experience. / An emotional I’ve never felt before… For My Mom (June 26, 1921-March 24, 2010) Guess she wasn’t anybody special… 24 January 1990 we who were so close / sat apart / even when we sat / together / watching each other across / the universe / strange attractor / can we eve… Your only 24 Your only 24  / but your hanging on a tread / Living in a purgatory  / with a man mistake you wed / Your swimming in a whirl pool  / ItR… 24 hours I am ignoring several of you / It is the best thing to do / To free my mind / Peace again I want to find / I need a break / There is only s… From Here To Eternity And Back Again (24/06/06) From here to eternity / And back again. / Show me all of your integrity, / Open your mind, / Release your fears, / And show me all, / That … Dark Angel 24 “Oh, I’m more nasty than nice.” laughed Maggie, then narrowed her eyes at Cam. “What about you, Cam?” 24/03/2011- 180 Over soon 2 b….. over…… b pressure Spares 24 “What are you doing, Izzie?” he demanded, though the wicked gleam in her eyes told him exactly what she was about to do. “my blue primrose” april 24, 2010 i woke up from a dream / with teardrops to my eyes / i’ll say a blue primrose / with scarlet hair put / shame to golden skies. “better to have loved & lost” aug… you lovers / stop your fighting / instead embrace what’s worth fighting for “this is my occupation mom” may 24, 2… if i felt like i could change / who i am & all my ways / i would have heartaches to save / & lots of thoughts in my mind space Haiku Himmel 24 Today, I added / one more string to Narcissus. / Surfeit ere presence. / . / . / juddarwin functionalism 24 It is in the dawn of innocent l… (Mature) The German Jockey and the Wild Pony Lost and Never Found, My Innocence -Challenge #24 I lost my virginity down at Gully Creek. Carla and Coot (for Flash Fiction Challenge #24) that boy was madder than a mule with a mouth full of bumble bees Take 24 . . . . An Accidental Alphabet Inbetween – 24 “I’ve seen what Sage can do, saw him heal the dog and she was in much worse condition than me so …..” 24. madness In my method lies madness / And… / In my madness lies method / Am I afraid? / No. / For in my madness I find / freedom, as the sane /… Western Australia and Wildflowers, so Far Away 24 An easy day touring our relatives farm, and some local wild-flower spots. Densities 24 I am thinking of painting the floor gray / and remembering being close to you / I renamed you / and the castle with a mailbox / we are hiki… Richness of my life 24/4/10 (version en espanol i… People look at me / And they think / I don’t have much, / For that is all they see. / But if they would look / With open eyes /… Nunca es muy tarde 24/1/10 ( English version incl… Todos deseariamos / poder volver a veces / a algun punto de nuestra vida. / Nos gustaria / poder hacer desaparecer / las palabras que hemos… Bad enough So 24! / Where will/ are/ have you been at 24? 24/12 I miss you. / I wish you’d come back. / I’ve nearly been without you longer than I had you – / how can that be? Passion of Love, chapter 24 “Into the Spide… “No Need” Logan informed as he gathered his gear , opened the helicopter’s door and jumped out without a parachute someth… OAR know someone born or married 22, 23 or 24 may… this is creepy 24 She’s 24 / stupid / looks pretty / is practical / a good lover / a giving girl / got a boyfriend at home / I know him / he’s pretty / he’s … Haiku 24 captured / in the curl of this shell… / distant sea I HAVE HAD 24 FAVORS IN THE PAST 24 HOURS TODAY I HAVE BEEN HONORED TO HAVE 24 FAVORS IN THE PAST 24 HOURS THE MOST SO FAR. THANKS TO ALL MY NEW AND OLD FRIENDS THAT THINK SO MUCH O… 24 7 FREAK SEE SHE’S ALL WET LIKE ITS RAINING ON THE INSIDE / RAIN LIKE TEARS THE TEARS SHE WOULD HIDE / FROM AN UNCARING WORLD AN UNFORGIVING M… Depression 24/12/2009 I know this feeling, / The constant companion / That holds my heart / In its fist, / And crushes it / With its grip… / I lurks in the… Haiku 24 Bears are hibernating, / Strong gusts are nearly frozen- / Stars linger above. 24 Hours I only wish the wind / could take you to me / on cloud of gold / and give me something that hasn’t been sold Birthday Boy Birthday boy tomorrow. You would have been 24. / Can’t believe you won’t be here to celebrate it. / So in your honor, my darling Sean, / I’… 3rd PLACE IN DOMESTIC AND PEDIGREE CATS CHALLENGE… IS THAT ME? CHALLENGE Loud Stripes – Featured In DSLR Users Only … Thank you very much to the hosts of this group for featuring my 1st Zebra image. I am delighted. Swine Flu Virus – H1N1 – Alert, Treat… Swine influenza (swine flu- H1N1) is a respiratory disease of pigs caused by type A influenza but if you survive you will lose at least 10… 24 hours.. Velvet chattering shroud on day,s memory. A VIKING IN MY DUSTBIN. (24) The Sweet Smell of… Corsham was dreamlike alright, most likely because everyone, students and locals were in fact constantly stoned 24 hours of love 1 One so lonely without you around / 2 Two is the way we should be found / 3 Three is the blessing a child can bring / 4 Four seasons to… Hurray Two Top Tens On 6-24-09 Thank you all my dear friend for the top ten win in one Country Roads around The World my picture ’Puddles" ! The second to… 10/24/07 Everybody is done / A collage of sounds / Talk of girlfriends soon to be / Secrets from best buddies / “you’d better not snitch” / Game pl… 2nd PLACE IN ALL PETS GREAT AND SMALL CHALLENGE 2… CATS ONLY – MAIN FOCUS CATS CHALLENGE Features and Top 10’s 4/18/09-4/24/09 I am always honored when my work is featured or placed in a top 10. Thank you so much to all the wonderful group hosts who featured my wo… FEATURED PHOTO – THE FACE – IN PAWS N… Thank you to the Moderators of the group for selecting my photo for a feature. FEATURED!!! IN THE IMAGE WRITING 2/24 GROUP &quo… I am really excited that you chose my work to be featured in your group. This is especially meaningful to me as this work is intensely pers… Shattered. (Dec 24, 2008) Shattered, broken, torn & bleeding / My heart has stopped, has lost all feeling / The clouds cover my Sun, I am only numb / The Moon sh… The Top Ten 24 02 2009 The Top Ten Gorgeous Germany group / The Challenge Germany in Snow and Ice #3… 24 02 2009 FEATURES and Top 10’s- 1/24/09-2/1/09 I am really pleased that my several of my images have been featured this week in several group. /   “Historic Mission” was feat… 4:05pm 24/11/08 What I smelt today will haunt me every time I breathe…..What I heard today was gut-wrenching silence of helplessness Gingerbread Fantasy 12 24 2008 (newspaper articl… With visions of sugar plums dancing in their head, patrons of the Kearny Library entered in to be greeted by eye candy too tempting to ign… Medical Eye Unit 12 24 2008 (artcle for newspap… Keep Your Eye Peeled For The Eye Unit / On a clear day, certain someones can see forever, though for many it’s hindsight that’s… Part 24 – Previously. Mr. Blanc had arrived in Ethiopia several days ahead of the band and was setting up his plans to take back and destroy the Epiphany Stone. … “Abandoned” Featured 11-24-08 Thanks to the folks the Abandoned, Dark and Creepy group for featuring my work! Featured Work in Americas~Rural, Urban, Wild, Fre… My image, “Chiricahua National Monument,” has been featured in this wonderful group. I thank the group hosts for featuring my… My first 2 sales within 24 hours of each other. I have now sold 2 items. I sold a card 20 hours ago of “Sugar Plum Fairies,” and I have now sold a t-shirt. “Jet Silhouet… July 24, 1986 You know I can’t resist your charms, the sweet wetness of your mouth, the warmth of your sigh. / You’re so fragile, like a butt… It’s been a long day! SEX, FAST CARS, MONEY, BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, HUNKY GUYS are not mentioned in this writing. Chapter 24 Nan plays a game She really wants me to go against HIM. 24 hours at Rock Hollow After sitting on a plane for 3 hours flying back from Sacramento, it was a pleasure to come home to Rock Hollow Lodge… our 10 acre refuge f… Part 24 The Performance Mr Blanc was pleasantly surprised when he arrived at the post tour party with Boris and his partner, (some scrubber he picked up on tour no… 24/7 Roll it, pack it, hit it, smoke it, inhale it, exhale it, feel it. / Dazed, amazed, blazed, hazed, clouded, blinded, reminded. / Chronic, … 24/05/08-The Explanation Challenge to myself / Haiku a day for one year / Redbubble website Makes sense……… Wisdom, 24 hours, wine, not enough , makes sens, professor, philosophy , golf balls, pebbles, sand, importance, pay attention, happiness… Psychic Detective Chapter 24 I was ‘back’ with the Inspector and Clarisse. / ‘Someone said there had been almost a fight between yourself and Margot, … The Incident – 24 The Incident – 24 / + 9 Days : 5 Hours : 50 Minutes / Hey, Mark / …Yeah, I was just about to head out the door. / Have you and Anna g… Wake Up! This is not what God wants for you… / This is not part of his plan… / He is the key to your box of pain… “Where do U get off?” 1985-10-24 Scheming / To gain at the expense of others / Perverse dreaming / Y don’t U treat them like brothers. / Have you no feeling, / No sen… Santa’s Helper- C 12-24-91, By Dennis Knecht Light a candle for me- cause I won’t be home for Christmas…. / Light a candle for me- cause I can’t make it home this yea… “All U want…” 1985-11-24 When U’ve never had a heart / And never been broken / U wonder where the lies start / Where the truth is spoken. / Feelings U wish fo… 24 hours and you will see 24 hours of a feeling of bliss / the law of attraction, working like this / taking it’s hold with immediate effect / changing my mind… 4-24-02 I can’t eat nor can I sleep / why were your promises so hard to keep? / I close my eyes, all that I see / Visions of you next to me /…
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