Madness Oh no, you can’t come out. / Go back inside and wait. / You’ll make me say or do / something, I am going to hate. / Please don’t come out /… WHAT I REPRESENT ………..(KOLLAB W… MARKEZZACKUI / . / RICARDO PEREZ JR. / . / TRENCHTOWNROCK Reason is a Thunder Word to an Idiot Girl I want to run my toes up his pants / under the cover of white table linen / caress that beautiful organ between his legs / surrounded as we… reason shaken, but not stirred It takes a life time to write a poem. / For we are that poem. / We are that lifetime. / Borne untouched. / We leave the safety of a warm co… a lover’s reason has no rhyme Far it was, mere yesterday / In tuck of dream to sleep. / Awoke the gentle morn remind / of thought that travels deep. / In coax of hope to… IF YOU HAVE NO REASON FOR JOY If you have no reason for joy, / then dance because the sky is blue / and the growing grass is green. An idiosyncrasy- raw energy why don’t we learn from past! The Beginning Nothing but thick, black air surrounds me. I see nothing. I feel nothing. All I hear is the uneasy, rapid pulse of my heart. This feels lik… wings of love Wind whispers empty words / air lies / tragic melody .. The gypsy has stopped running In a time of hot and cold, of sweet and sour, a young and hesitant swig, a hated taste of bitterness, a desire to annihilate the pain, the … I have untamed thoughts I have untamed thoughts. / I’ll drive fast razor red cars just so I can screech corners. / I’ll go places I don’t need to be. / Places I … Christmas – The Reason for the Season What is the reason for the season?…For some this will sound hokie and cliché…Don’t be fooled by false messages…I cannot r… PRIMARY SCHOOL: A GOOD REASON NOT TO TURN FIVE A friend once told me that he considered school to be a prison for children. / When I thought about it, it did seem like a good analogy. / … Hope she is embarressed, ashamed / that for her to cope There is a reason for every Season love in four seasons with soul mates, how they bond with it. Bloom To bask in the blushing dawn of a fresh new reason, a soulful season, your long-awaited rain giving life to the dormant soul-seeds that bur… Dethroned Moods and perceptions seesaw, / cascading wildly back and forth, / and I’ve lost the reins Cancer… CANCER / Crushed… / Torn…. / Wanting more. / Caner… / Holding on come hell or high water… / A mom loosing her first b… Empty Court How do I fill these hours, these days, / when no one’s here to listen and respond? metaphor the darkness of the metaphor destroyed its effectiveness / some stories are large in scope and dark in substance / concealed and thousand s… Vivid Dreams eyes gleamed in the dark / the darkness gleamed as it caught the light / can we gathered together / changed into ray of light / give yourse… One Reason That’s not the whole story / Well it scares me anyway / I don’t know what I need to hear / To make me stay “Everyday you have less reason not to give … “He was right, for when we choose / the way by which our only life / is lived, we choose and do not know / what we have chosen, for… 6 word story – a momentary lapse of reason Sanity forgotten. Sons of Reason “There are two types of people in the world, those that take credit and those that actually do the work. Take my advice and follow th… A Wild Heart A Wild Heart flies to places / Beyond the edge of reason, / Embracing each moment new / And every changing season. Quantum Secrets There is a secret life behind things. A sacred right to the space occupied by every morsel of matter in both substance and in spirit. / All… BEYOND EVERY REASON A face appears over the horizon. / Light blinds the brain! There is a reason… If God blesses me tomorrow there will be a reason why I wake. Reason eight legs of reason / spin webs of intent / solid yet somehow….. / changing / a dew drops awareness / spectral refraction / left wit… Work in progress – Confessions of a Depress… So I don’t understand a reason to be living in this world. The Light God is she who tears a hole, Release Drifting into sleep … The reason I bubble and beware of adding side ima… Well of course its about the wonderful creative community wonderful creative souls numero uno …of course. / But the main reason I cho… Making Sense of the Senseless there must be a reason Reason For A Poet. One million 3 inch tall people. Sam and I / His habit of winking at you for no re… He prayed to a god he didn’t believe in. His name was Samuel (link to God?). Yes we lived together and yes there was sex but we weren… This is me ~ who am I? This is me / This is who I am ~ / and who I am to become / But who am I to become? / I do not know — One more reason why women outlive men. I woke up late one night to use the bathroom. I needed to pee. Sleepy and with my eyes closed, I got off the bed and as was my habit, I did… REASON We Often fail to undersatnd the / Feeling s of the one who is very CLOSE / our HEART / bcz the BOOK / when held very close to / our EYES /… The Madhouse Show… Inspiration left the buliding, / Motivation opted out. / Realisation was the party killer, / Along with Listlessness and Doubt… / Opt… Fear Called Love A kiss that lingers / On the lips of its victim Reason Built My Barricade Reason built my barricade / With defensive walls resist / A ghost through them floated / The moment that we kissed . / A lonely heart bleat… beyond the point of reason burnt all my books then read ashes / romancing the talban in the hindu kush / a time of atrocity in a surreal nightmare / mona lisa moth… Reason Do you not find that everything happens for a reason, / Things change,so we can learn to let go, / And things that are good sometimes need … Reason to Smile t took no thought. Death would come easy. One pull and it would all be over. Who would care? Heart:A reason to live The falling short, / The not stepping up, / The guilt, / The blame, / All that you shoulder alone, / You own. and For That Reason.. Words. / Fill fields, / that spread over vast roaring red hills far beyond our eyes can see. / Your mouth doesn’t allow a chance for air, /… ~ two poems ~ (one inspiring art piece) swing neath the tree of reason (&) In the field of knowing The Reason For I am the Water / that brings You the Fire / when the Air / touches the Earth The reason for Alice’s Wonderland. “Ah! My dear Doormouse, the wonder is no more. Poor Alice is gone and my heart… it is sore.” Death’s Garden Death’s garden with her unyielding sorrow beckoned me / Her Mephistophelian eyes lashed at me as I rejected the Siren’s call / … Broken Promises….A Reason For Peace He was talking / before he was walking, / greeting each day with a smile on his face. / Burning daylight, in his engine of play. / Forever… It is the reason none of us can sleep Abortion is a scar over the Land, / a wound over grace / a blemish on our flag / the reason the dream is dying / It is the reason none of … reason realized you are a smile that lasts from the first light / to the last dream of you / and for you… Life’s Circumference The running man / Was stopped / Just before / He could kill the old woman Until I’ve No Reason to Hide Oh I was a hider, alright. I hid in Girl Scouts and religion, I hid in daydreams of a whole different life with an entirely different famil… Mentally and eternally scarred Mentally and eternally scarred / Physically strained and longing for death / Everything dull / Tasks strenuous / Giving up, an easy fate spotless sunshine of the eternal mind. An empty frame, an empty memory full of nothing except a man’s whiskered kiss and a girl’s insides stopping. Sometimes it scare… time of reason this time of mine, / grows mechanised , grows inhuman / times, / as if all history / is left behind, / in flames and ash. / we cannot scrub… Passionfruit’s Orgasm Plucked unwillingly from a dear home, unripened / With tempests of fear, unholy ripened! / Undesired quiver of pleasure / There was no pass… Reason for Photography of Nature Nature Essential for the Brain, Scientists Report / Boston Globe – January 02, 2009 / By Jonah Lehrer / The city has always been an engine … If Not For A Reason, Then Just For The Journey As always / When feeling scarce / I return to the desert— / There is resilience here / Unsurpassed in the lands / Of plenty; lost among / T… No Reason… I can hardly see…through this curtain of tears, / that visits only every single night and day. / They say that tears relieve the pain… Tormented souls in each of us Tormented souls in each of us / Where do we stand amongst those loved? Reason we all bend the edges of the pages in our life to come back to that moment in our life. Reason Reason, elusive, on the wing. We think we’ve grasped it in our clenched fist. But when we open our hand to be certain, we find it has slipp… The Reason Your moment is yours / and yours alone No longer with odes of adore No longer with odes of adore / But tempest fury evermore! ‘give me one reason to live…’ give me one reason to live / i deserve so much more than this / i am tired of your faceless lies / i am sick of your broken eyes / on the r… Unruly haunting, a strange love Unruly haunting, a strange love / Willful eyes mocking me / Surrogate of love / Incandescent love, scorning me! / New-found addiction, a ne… Eye Wonder Her eyes / Looking up / See me looking at her The reason for my tears I look at the traffic that killed my loved ones / I look at the ocean that swallowed my brothers alive / And at the sky of fallen ones / Bu… sweet reason there is enough of the day left, / i can see through the branches, / the first buds are showing, / though watery, the sun lives on. / it fl… NO GOOD REASON …not at all……….. reason one There are some things that I need to leave behind / The crumpled sheets I’ve laid in all these years. / A message flickers on the ‘phone, … treason against reason treason against reason / a good walk spoiled / punishable by refig’ring rhyme / the pianist left at home, alone to view / to tap into… what reason do i have to wait? There are many things I should say / I need to get over the excuse that there will be a better day / My expression is only a fragment of wh… Reason… There was never a love that was lost that could not be found. / I know if you wait love comes back around. / Sometimes love is there just … -No Reason But Me- The world hadn’t ended. / The day wasn’t over. / There were no crashes, / No deaths, no new sickness / In the family that I h… Featured Work Woo Hoo!! 2 Features in one day!! / My T-Shirt ‘Jesus is the reason for my season’ is being featured in the group Living Christianity!! / T… The Reason For Purring He hopped upon my lap / And began to purr / As if an angel harp, / I stroked / He purred without stop— / Yet I thought: / Here is the scour… Failing? Believing there’s a reason / for it all. / Holding fast / to the prize / that waits in the end. STONES HIT HARD Sticks and stones may break my bones… bricks building up…. better and honorable way… / Pfft, just read it, lol : ) ItR… What IS The Point? … I am not relieving them of responsibility and consequence of their actions – but merely reminding those who are emitting such… There’s A Reason so first let me THANK everyone who has looked in and commented on my photos and Thanks to the host who have featured various photos since t… Games Without Reason Art can turn into a game / Where some strive to claim fame / By producing creations / Without any relation / To what’s in one’s soul / And … reason for this there were tiny tremors / so subtle, fleeting embers / of the small burn / that you still carry. / but there is distance / and the telephon… Is There A Reason… heaven is waiting / hell is calling / love is god / hate is satan / is there a reason for such definite in life / is there a reason for wro… four corners. one reason. is when you experience all those things and still open your heart to that someone TEAR IN MY EYE This was a terrible time for me but I learned a very valuble lesson during those hours that I hung onto life. I came to realize, we do not … One More Reason To Save The Whales. I sing / therefore / I am. / L.Kaye 2010 / I had this thought ten years ago / When the Japanese Government / decided to resume whaling. /… The Reason Why I Thought I saw, / Then I realized I saw You. / My Life jumped Before Me. / By the time I could react, / You Were Gone. / Dream After Dre… a reason everyone we meet / reflects a little light back to us / whenever we shine / shine your light / shine your light / everyone we meet / we mee… the reason just read it and you shall know… lol Rhyme oar Reason scholar rhymes with dollar / and you know what they say / “about the love of money…”
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