les amoureuse by ojoblanco The Moon Reality by Gabriela Mesa-Jonassen reality by eon . Where Reality and Daydreams Meet by SynappedPhoto Santorini, where the line between art and reality blurs by Francesca Muir reality series: friendship by ravns1touch Close to reality by ngilka Reality Dream by MaxineTing Open Your Eyes Why can’t you see what is right in front of you? Having shown you what can be given you still choose to ignore. Choices Just as I was becoming happy / things all started to get worse. / Another vehicle all black and shinny STAINED REALITY TAKE A DEEP LOOK IN THE MIRROR Reality by dominiquelandau Calendar reality is not ..... ???? by cubeCUBED Reality Check You want change and individuality / but you refuse to stand out / You refuse to help / You refuse to step aside / From all that you know / … The reality of freedom And yet with / This new age / Fear gathers force / And new laws / Are written / To curtail our / Thoughts… It was’nt just a dream…it was also re… A gush of wind… / Throw’s me, to the otherside. / Nearly, crashing me into a window. / Of a shop, near by. / Rain, crashing dow… Cottage Life is Over..back to Reality by yvonne willemsen Flight from Reality by Elaine Game Reality... The Escape! by Naylan Astral Forest by Rebecca Tripp As Reality Melts by nannyogg Dancer by Jeff Burgess Stonetown Alley Zanzibar by Amyn Nasser Detached from Reality by johnwesley79 Marrying Reality by William Hixson Alternate Reality 17-3 by Lenore Senior Behind My Eyes Behind my eyes I see alternate reality / Based upon my twisted morality, / It haunts, it teases, it drives me insane; / The way I see this … altitude Is there nothing in this world Poem titled “A Weakness” Now only an illusion and thickened soup, / Gruel and cruel to predator and prey. Freedom’s just another word That’s a pretty scary thought, What if this is it and I’ve spent my whole adult life striving for this? Reality Prosaic, ordinarily meaningful and, my life. The Reality of a Split Congress Split Congress reality art the book by SNGLTANG THE SOMBER REALITY OF Waking Emma I / The weeks since my father’s death I have cried myself to sleep, spent the rest of the nights with eyes that cannot close, writing… 3 windows, one with actual reality by awefaul 01-18-11  A Dose Of Reality by Margaret Bryant Realtà parallele e nuove realtà - Parallel realities and new realities, 2010 by André Bonon Four Planes of Reality by Arie Intveld You are always on my mind... by Alain Christopher Walking out of reality by Graham Farquhar KNIGHT GAMES by JaneAParis The Scars of Reality by Aaron Lafreniere surviving reality gates by eon . Alternate Reality 20 by Lenore Senior Alternate Reality 2-2 by Lenore Senior Dream of reality Dream of reality / I dream of rusty cannons, / bullets that fail to maim, / of guns that shoot their makers, / or backwards have their a… San Francisco reality by joke71 My Twisted Reality I keep growing older / My days constantly fade / Feels as if I’m losing touch with reality / And hating what I’ve made / Fill i… The IGNORANT And The IGNORED Why do we ignore rape The Reality of Rotund by Rotund-San Adjusted Reality by teresalynn A Widening Gulf Between Perception and Reality by Jim McDonagh Breaking Free From Reality by elsha Fairytale Reality by RudolfKarpati Dreams of Reality by LionsRoar Questioning The Dreams Please don’t let the details slip, / I wish to dig into the earth of my mind, Summer-field Mystery Then….., the air changed. With air everything changed. All of a sudden everything changed to something else… MV Reality by fotomanaz Life’s Reality Bitten by the evils of man / I close my eyes in disbelief / Where the innocence of a child is buried / Where the fantasies of a child crumb… Reality The world as a decoy / From the beginning to the end / From the cut of umbilical cord / To six feet under / Human race doomed released into… the brutal reality it’s easy to be sentimental when not confronted with the brutal reality The Fall “My brothers, we have been used since before time to do the biddings of our creator. Now he asks us to step aside and serve this new race o… Make your Dream Real But the dream was still there, subconsciously REALITY What happened to the moral absolutes, / My generation was raised up on? / Don’t look for them in the Congress, / They are a long time gone!… Reality Our world vs. they’re world. Reality vs. myality. Lunar Vortex by Leemonster I Dreamt of You I dreamt of you last night We made love I tasted your sweetest taste Windows with actual reality by awefaul Life of a Child by Beca77 Reality of Society by KRASH (Ashlee Fensand) fabric of reality by catealist Penoric Reality "Rising Sun" by David  Piko Reale, surreale, irreale - Real, surreal, unreal, 2010 by André Bonon Chicago in an alternate reality by amak "The Edge of Reality"  by Ilze Coombe Piece 15 by Anders Lidholm Paler than Reality by PictureNZ Escaping Reality by AnimiDawn Ocean City Painter by Jim Sells You Are A Mystery You are a mystery / Something out of a dream / A hallucination / Of my imagination / Playing creatively / You are a dream / Something not o… You can choose your reality... by su2anne The reality of illusion by su2anne Pulp Fiction Just to fill some time in, she sat and wrote some words; / alone and in the gloaming her mind it went a roaming / thinking things absurd. … Formality Ive been broken down to the point im animalistic / My thoughts dont make sense, yeah i’m going ballistic, / You’re all smiling … I never thanked him My eyes were wet he disappeared in fire. Behind the mask When I searched for truth / I lost my faith in it / Instead of playing theater games / Where I act the part to fit the scene / I found you … My lost reality The ache / Means I’m real / So why do I despair? / The need / To feel your arms about me / So tangible / Mayhap I’m just crazy… The Amazing True Story of “Pablo’s Mi… As soon as I saw the painting, a strange feeling came over me. At first I didn’t understand why… then it hit me… I couldn’t bel… Intuizione - Intuition, 2010 by André Bonon Childhood Realities by LukeConroyPhoto "I'm just going to go wash my face off.." by Liam Gee Virtually real really by Paul Davies Reality TV with Broke Royalty by GolemAura Reality Not a care in the world at all Medical Reality Shows Ever been in real pain? You know, the type of pain that sends you to the Emergency Department? What it is to be afraid… Close your eyes / Walk / Beside yourself / And see / All is well / With the world / And just be. / Fear is but a / Feeling. / Don’t …
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