The Long Goodbye And I felt like putting my foot down, flooring it and not stopping until I hit something solid, then the hurt could be physical. DREAMING OF MEANING DRIFT INTO TIME WITH ME REALITY vs FANTASY  by squeekypants Dream or Reality by 73553 Reality Hello. Is this a nightmare I am living? / Is this a dream I will awake from? / Is this a fantasy I could right about? / Is this a life long… Reality/Dream by Dom Lyne FREEDOM I by dominiquelandau Edge of reality by Robert Bemus Reality by JuliaWright animal of light by nielsspanjers  Selfs, saints, souls and ghosts VI by Ina Mar What is reality? by su2anne Reality in Michigan by iwonttell Bliss exists in your fiction I think he is wrong / He is a / Negative / An abstraction / To believe euphoria lies in somewhere but here / For him to pursue / a state … back to reality it looks as if I going / to die / alone / without a hand / holding mine / in the end / not from any lover / not from my dead parents / no… Timeslip by StrangeHarbour FRIENDS? I have no real friends, just a bunch of people that get off on leaving an infection in my body on purpose and pretending they are not doing… Untitled by PocMan High speed communications by flexigav Reality by rudeboyskunk Hot Air Balloon *I wish a hot air balloon / Could take me away / To a place full of golden sunshine / To a place without pain / A place full of love and a … Exit by Jonathan  Sexton I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon by FuriousEnnui My Distorted Reality (SP) by Jessica Hardin Reality by JuliaWright Reality by onlyhuman "Reality bites" please, take my with you!  by gurskov foodFormyMother Series: A Separate Reality 1-9 by chrythmnove THRICE PERSON TWICE AWOKE A part of neither realm / Dream is produced by? Reality is produced by? / But reality is really real / Hopefully dreams take over / What is… Reality by Ultradialectics Semblances of Reality by chrythmnove my virtual reality – chapter 13 from the ic… I was posioned from a kidney infection, I ran away from hospital FLOWERS OF FACES by DerrickP48 Someone Has Changed I’m sitting in my loungeroom / I’ve been promised the world / It’s gotta be coming soon / I’m laying here in my bed… Reality My reality will be what I want it to be / Not the vision that you want me to see / If that’s a problem don’t complain to me / B… Reality by sorryforjuly Reality multiplex no.413  by Lawrence Alfred Powell Worlds Within Worlds by Julia Styles Anti-Reality Vacuum by Saikat Babin Biswas vertical reality by Bruce Miller Look beyond the hole of reality - faith is waiting for you there - Prayer Card No 6 by skippygirlgraphics Reality Only Comes When The Sun Appears by Greta  McLaughlin Memories of a great loved aunt When first you’re born your parents visit a lot / Showing off this little bundle that they have got I ask myself I ask “will you guide me in the right way?” / Teach me not to stray. / I ask “will you show me to be kind?” / Teach… Under My Wings by meliha bisic Calendar Life Can be Roadblocks Gwendolyn is ready ‘Reticent’ It’s been Ten years. / You would come to me, / while I was between worlds. / I’m still escaped by the notion / of exactly what … Are you addicted to boredom? by Leigh Blackmore reality art the book by SNGLTANG And Alternet Reality by GeraldU1 ✿♥‿♥✿YOU GAVE ME LIFE IPHONE CASE✿♥‿♥✿ by ╰⊰✿ℒᵒᶹᵉ Bonita✿⊱╮ Lalonde✿⊱╮ Two Storks and an Owl by Daneann Haunting Dreams And so you came in a dream- / A haunting / n i g h t m a r e / that scratches at it’s head. Just one day If for a day we two could be / To share a breath, to maybe see ‘The Desert Bell [Part II]’ The torches flickered vainly afore the brilliant death of Sol. Stood upon the edge of westernesse, I watched the veil of eventide; a great … Imagine That… Making just a ripple / That can somehow bend reality / When we all know that / There is no spoon Tear in Reality by Mylojs POLITICALLY REALITY IS. THE GUYS WHO JUST GOT US $750 BILLION LIVE THIS MANTRA Still I think. / And all the Financial types in Europe who are getting a further $20… "A ROSE BORN ON CHRISTMAS DAY" by SNGLTANG Exist to exit Like to just smile / For a long fucking while / And complete the guile The Rearview Mirror Dimension My attention to / Literal flaws . Are paid frequently, / Held around / Glossy worlds. my reality by vampvamp Reality of Winter Snow by Larry Llewellyn reality——-2 (to____.) (must work backwards / ……………………………….[too, out of a cage?] / and rea… Argentine Tango Dancers by maltanetworkres Dreaming my Reality by pmn-photography What’s on TV? Voices, Idol…competition or chance? / Celebs that…no,yes…can’t dance! betting advice by GuyAmazed Thirst by Adam Howie Distorted Reality by lucy92 Alternate Reality 17-2 by Lenore Senior True Reality of a Lake (III) by Mojuba foodFormyMother Series: A Separate Reality 1-9 by chrythmnove Percezione ed Interazione - Perception and Interaction, 2010 by André Bonon MY FANTASY’S REALITY I WRITE THIS FOR THE LADY / WHO MEET’S ME EVERY NIGHT / SHE TAKE’S MY HAND AND LEADS ME / FROM THE DARKNESS,INTO LIGHT Twenty-Five Year Wife You were always happy with what you owned and never / ask for more than I could supply, / Your main happiness was your Faith in God and how… Euphoria Lopsided, / An epidemic from one point of view, / Speaking of which reminds me of the city in the afternoon and this relentless struggle to… Wittgenstein by jlisme Sensoriale ed extrasensoriale - Sensory and extrasensory, 2010 by André Bonon a photo of a photo by Matt Bishop Warped Reality by HeadturnerArts A face of Reality by Shreedeep Rayamajhi THE KNIGHT by JaneAParis Port Botany When by djkphotoart Dead Elm Tree in Brooke Park, Derry by George Row True Reality of Autumn Leaves by Mojuba WHO CONTROLS YOUR REALITY? One can never get enough of what really makes it all happen. We each hold a lot of power, it seems…. its a case of What you percieve … reality is overrated by spankdesign Reality by sediousmonkey obscure reality it’s hard to see yourself , / when you always stand behind the mirror / afraid to see, / what others see / i chose candlelight / ove… foodFormyMother Series: A Separate Reality 1-9 by chrythmnove sugar in reality meeting sugar in painting by Nora Fraser Until the Ship Brings It what is it like to be intense / who do you hide from in the night / when is the best time for regrets Reality? by Jonathan  Sexton It's Real by MadebyJenni Urban Gem No1 by MissLadysmith
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